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Subtle Business Interests More Damaging Than Anti–Democratic Regime: Dhanapala Should Answer Conflict Of Interest Questions – Dr. Nirmal Ranjith

The former president of the Federation of University Teachers’ Association has strongly criticised the unethical behavior of the Dialog Axiata PLC board member and the key co-signatory of the Friday Forum and the former Under Secretary General United Nations, Jayantha Dhanapala for his continued lying over Colombo Telegraph blockade.

Dr. Nirmal

Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri urges Dhanapala to be “equally outspoken when business interests are cooperating with the anti-democratic regime.”

“This is a serious allegation. As a key public figure who is in the frontline in defending democratic rights in recent times, he has a duty to defend himself against this allegation. While acknowledging his role in raising his voice against the growing authoritarian tendency in Sri Lanka, I would like him to be equally outspoken when business interests are cooperating with the anti-democratic regime. Perhaps business interests are more damaging for freedom of expression and right to information than the state repression because the former is more subtle. I think, therefore, that The Colombo Telegraph has every right to ask Dr. Dhanapala for a clarification on this serious matter, and we the readers of the Colombo Telegraph too should do the same.” he said.

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