1 October, 2022


Syria Crisis: Video Of The UK Prime Minister’s Questions Time

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, answered questions from MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 4 September 2013.

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    Dear Mr. David Cameron,

    Some questions for you.

    1. How many were killed by the USA and UK in Iraq based on the lies of WMD?

    2. How Many are you trying to kill in Syria based on planted Chemical weapons Charges?

    You need to do a balance sheet of:
    Killed and by USA/UK During the same period and compare that to the British Colonialism through the ages and compare to the other killings.

    Then we can compare and punish.

    Until then, it is Double Standards by you and the UK.

    To begin with it was the British, yes British, who gave independence early to Ceylon without the proper checks and balances, courtesy LORD Soul-bury commission and lead to the Rise of Sinhala Buddhist racist Hegemony and the reactive Tamil Racism.

    Similar problems were created or messed up globally by UK.

    Is it true Sir Winston Churchill wanted to attack Russian after defeating Nazi Germany?

    Is it true that UK, France and Israel attacked Egypt in 1956 to capture the Suez canal?

    For heaves sake, fix problems rather than creating more and more problems.

    Britannia Rules the Graves. Is that your policy?

    DeJa Vu…

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      Amarasiri, you questions and comments are true and make me ashamed to be British.

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        So, with Iraq and many, many, lies to their credit, nobody believes the liars any more.

        Putin claims Kerry lies.


        But Mr Assad has blamed rebels for the attack, and China and Russia have refused to agree to a Security Council resolution against Syria.

        The US and France are the only nations at the G20 summit in St Petersburg to commit to using force in Syria. China and Russia insist any action without the UN would be illegal.

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    Saracen September,

    Dear Mr. David Cameron,

    Here is your buddy, Kerry’s lies.

    “1. How many were killed by the USA and UK in Iraq based on the lies of WMD?”


    MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a liar, claiming he had denied that al-Qaida was fighting with the Syrian opposition in that country’s civil war.

    Speaking to his human rights council, Putin recalled watching a congressional debate where Kerry was asked about al-Qaida. Putin said he had denied that it was operating in Syria, even though he was aware of the al-Qaida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra group.

    Putin said: “This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them (the Americans) and we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad.”

    It was unclear exactly what Putin was referencing, but Kerry was asked Tuesday while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee if the Syrian opposition had become more infiltrated by al-Qaida.

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    The role of the world community, people and governments, in respect of the Syrian civil war, is to support the overthrow of a monstrous dictator. A one-shot strike, as Obama is said to be planning, serves little purpose. What is needed is for the world to help arm, train and supply the Syrian revolutionaries, with the long term objective of assisting the overthrow of Assad. (Obama has still not made explicit his immediate tactics, nor his long term starategy).

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    All in the interest of The big time world crooks and their Mother USA and their ill begotten Child Israel, whom all most the the entire west & east Europeans are willing to father and feed at the cost of making thier people the milking cows & not forgetting the poor Asian countries ,where most of the leaders are trying away out of the trap they got in from The more powerful members of a society of parasites ,named UN .

    If there was any better a moment to grab the opportunity of an Asian leader to re-live the nonalignment nations of Tito once again, it is today, this very day ,and the best man to do it still is only Mahinda Rajapakshe who still has some little room left in the hearts of the oil rich Muslim leaders , with all the Muslim bashing in Sri Lanka by his almighty brother & his brother’s groomed fanatic Buddhist monks & gangs,, will he realize it and bring them together with the rest of the other countries with similar interest or will his Ego hold him back & let him be deceived by one of the world’s tiniest illegitimate child known as Israel begotten by its mother Us and its many ill fathers of east & west Europe deceive him and his people towards an end result of destruction rather than the often trumpeted phrase of all politicians my country’s destiny is in my vision for peace ,harmony and prosperity?

    Time & time will alone tell us…. let us wait and hope ,it is better than dying in despair.

    The whole world got to pay just for Israel’s survival, and today it is in the open of Israel’s massive budget deficit amounting in Billions of dollars ,someone has to be the scapegoat ,who is better than ones who are prepared to be so ,thier half ignorant brothers ,the Ishmaelis..

    Please click here;


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    Dear readers please take time to watch,

    Syria what is really going on and why on Youtube,

    hope CT will permit & publish this Youtube message.
    Thank You,

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