14 July, 2024


Tamil Eelam Supporters Association Meeting Should Help Create Eelam: Karunanidhi

By The Hindu –

“DMK has never compromised on its principles”

The Tamil Eelam Supporters Association (TESO) conference slated for August 5 in Villupuram should help create a separate Eelam for Tamils in Sri Lanka, TESO chairman and DMK president M. Karunanidhi said on Sunday.

DMK president M. Karunanidhi adorned with a crown and garland of currrency notes on his 88th birthday in Chennai on Sunday.

Addressing a public meeting in connection with his 89th birthday, Mr Karunanidhi said that Tamils were discriminated against in Sri Lanka and living without self-respect in their country.

“Our efforts and the TESO conference should help in creating a separate Eelam. This will be my birthday message,” he said at the meeting held at K.K. Nagar.

The conference will be organised in coordination with the Dravidar Kazhagam and Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi (VCK).

Mr Karunanidhi, who is a partner in the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA), claimed that the DMK never compromised on its principles and had not remained silent when the government in which it was a part of pursued anti-people policies.

In the past the DMK had supported the Congress government led by Indira Gandhi. But, when she imposed Emergency, it had opposed it tooth and nail. Hundreds of DMK members and functionaries, including M.K. Stalin and Arcot N. Veeraswami, had to languish in jail.

Similarly, when the BJP-led government turned against minorities, particularly Muslims, the DMK walked out of the coalition, though it was led by A.B. Vajpayee, whom he described as a rare leader in the BJP.

He said that the DMK was committed to people’s welfare and it was due to that commitment that his party organised a demonstration against the hike in price of petrol.

“The Congress came out with an explanation for hiking petrol price and announced a partial rollback. But, you must keep in mind that the AIADMK government did not bother to reduce the price of milk, bus fare and electricity tariff though its allies raised their voice.”

Mr. Karunanidhi said that the AIADMK government had no locus standi to criticise the Centre for the petrol price hike after making the people of Tamil Nadu shoulder additional burden to the tune of over 18,000 crore in the form of taxes and price hikes. “The DMK government always presented tax free budgets.”

Earlier in the day, the birthday celebrations began with the planting of a sapling at Mr. Karunanidhi’s C.I.T. Colony residence.

He cut a cake with family members at Gopalapuram, visited the memorials of DMK founder C.N. Annadurai and Dravidar Kazhagam founder Periyar E.V. Ramasamy and received scores of party workers who made a beeline for Anna Arivalayam to wish him.

The celebrations culminated in the public meeting, which was held on a stage designed to resemble the study at his Gopalapuram residence.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and AICC president Sonia Gandhi were among those who greeted him.

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    One of the south indian corrupted political party – drama misusing our situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka to profit their local elections.

    Where were you when civilian people were slaughtered in Vanni and we all tried to convince UN for an intervention Mr Karunanithy?

    I prefer taking papers than cashnotes as this burns better and quicker

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    Who is this clown?

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    Eelam should be the final alternative if the Sinhala Govts continue to ignore the over-5-decades old plea of Lankan Tamils to run their own affairs within an undivided country. It may be noted here all other Provinces are allowed this facility.

    The Rajapakse Govt claimed last week they have spent over a million rupee per family in the Jaffna District via infra-structure developmental and employment creating opportunities. Interested parties, while welcoming this encouraging information, and working for national reconcilitation have asked for a break-up of these projects and wider dissemination of the confirmation in the country – via the media and Parliament. This is the demand at the centre of the Tamil struggle for justice now that the discrimination in the language matter – which originally triggered off the issue in 1956 – has been somewhat overcome.

    Before Shri Karunanidhi insists on seeing Eelam before he passes off he must also consider the feelings of the Sinhala people – who,naturally, do not wish to see their small country fragmented. They believe, rightly or wrongly, they have been wronged largely because of the pressure from Tamilnadu.

    Recently, Dr. P.B. Jayasundera, a highly educated official, in exasperation of the poor governance in the country and the lack of contribution from those who are at the helm of affairs (not the Rajapakses) called out to religious and civil society leaders to come out and “save the country” We add our voice to Dr Jayasundera’s and appeal to the much-considered Buddlist Prelates and Apolitical society leaders of impeccable reputation and integrity to solve the National Question – before it becomes too late. It is also clear the Rajapakses, in their own admission, are prisoners of Buddhist chauvinistic elemenets in their Coaltion Govt and are unable to do the right thing even if they wanted to offer Tamils their long denied due.


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    The military budget is @2.2 Billion dollars, most of which is spent on NP for the last 4 years.
    Many roads, bridges and culverts are being reconstructed and rebuilt in the NP on other budget and aid. That is mainly to connect the military camps to the bigger ones and inter military camps.

    They have been slowly expanding the Police stations and force.
    There has been no electricity for a continuous 24 hour basis like in other parts of the country. With 100,000 Singhala tourist coming in monthly, the NP needs all the basic facility including toilets as these tourist are using the roadsides and public buildings to defecate. Most of them do not use any of the guest houses to stay and the Navy is providing free inter island transport, especially to Nagadeepa. Over hundred Buddhist temples have been constructed and others expanded.

    The railways is being developed for the convenience of the 50,000 or 100,000 troops/police as well as the 100,000 tourist and the military family to travel. The port and airport are also military institutions which needs huge investments for the future.

    There has been a lot of foreign aid for infrastructure rebuilding and government claims it is their efforts. Similarly, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, JICA are providing additional aid for rebuilding in the NP, and the military governor is trying to pretend it is Singhala generosity.

    All above and more are charged to the 935,000 Tamils which includes women, children and elderly who survived the war and the Genocide in the NP. That is about 200-220,000 families and due to the destroyed or damaged, high security zones many families live together.

    The military governor is charging everything to the families and has come up with the figure of 1 million rupees. How ridiculous!!!!

    How many homes has the GOSL rebuilt and where does it physically show or in any budgetary allocations???

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    These Diaspora sharks who live a luxurious life on Innocent Tamils ransom money promising a Day Dreaming Tamil Ealam & supported by Corrupted Politician Clown Karunanidi.Yes,with a world wide Tamil Population of over 85 Million without a Country of their own,national flag,National Anthem & no representation at the U,has a Reasonable Jelousy with Conutries like Male (Only 2.5 Lakhs) Population,Sri-Lanka-(20 Million )have all aboue things.The best thing for them is to get the TAMIL NADU(CHENNAI) separation from India (It will never happen & that is why they have Eyes on Sri-Lanka & it will never happen in Sri-Lanka Too).Best thing for them is to buy an Atol where no human habitation From MALE & eatablish a Tamil Country creating a National Flag,National Anthem,their own currency no one would accept & apply for the recognition by UN to get a membership.Sri-lanka will definitely support it ( Only if INDIA is supporting it).That is the only thing left for the Tamil Diaspora to get their Ealam. Long Live Diaspora & Clowns like Corrupted politicians Karunanidi who were rejected by Indian Tamils.


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    The sooner the Govt clarify the matter I have commented on – and in which Donald Gnanakone takes exception to – the better. If large capital expenditure spent to maintain the forces and to facilitate their transport, boarding/lodging/salaries is misrepresented as
    being spent to improve the quality of the Jaffna civilian population this is a serious injustice on all the Tamil people. This is why I asked the Tamil political formation (the TNA in particular) Trade Chambers to confirm or deny
    the NP Governor’s elaborate claims. I hope this will be done soon and
    in full transparency vide the media.


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