8 August, 2022


Tamil Tigers And Sinhala Tigers, Reborn

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Gobi…… was actively involved in reviving the LTTE through regrouping LTTE cadres and recruiting unemployed local youth with the intention of using them for acts of terrorism. …. The detention….of Mr. Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen…..were in connection with the aforesaid investigation into attempts to revive the LTTE….” – Sri Lanka’s official statement to the UNHRC[i]

The first arrests came in January 2007. Others followed, in succeeding wavelets. Altogether twenty five Sinhala men were arrested by the TID (Terrorism Investigation Unit) and detained under the PTA.

gota-and-mahindaThe government called them ‘Sinhala Tigers’.

The accusations levelled at them sounded dastardly in the extreme to most ordinary Sinhala ears. The state said they belonged to an organisation called the ‘Viplavakari Vimukthi Peramuna’ (Revolutionary Liberation Front), a Sinhala counterpart of the LTTE. They had confessed to everything, from obtaining arms-training from the LTTE to planning terrorist attacks in the South. Journalists were shown video clips of these confessions. In one, a detainee said, “About two years ago I went to the LTTE-held area for arms training” [ii].

The military spokesman proclaimed that “6kg of explosives hidden by the suspects were found after the arrests”[iii].

The TID had a truly horrific tale to tell the courts, the first detainees were produced before Colombo Magistrate.

Sinhala Tigers “had received 1.1 million rupees from the LTTE to carry out a massive violence like bomb blasts in the country”

Their plans included “attacks on Kolonnawa oil tanks and Sapugaskanda oil refineries…”

They “….had undergone military training given by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”.

They “….organised themselves into an organisation called Revolutionary Liberation Movement under the direction of the LTTE.

“The main objective of the organisation was to lure youths with behavioural and personality disorders and to organise them into a militia to attack innocent civilians in the South.”

“The organisation has already carried out 13 operations including several bomb blasts in the South…..”[iv]

It all sounded like the truth and nothing but the truth.

The accusations seemed too horrendous and too detailed to be lies. Why would a responsible organisation like the TID concoct such a story? Would the police commit a crime by lying to the courts? Would a patriotic government arrest Sinhalese, unless these Sinhalese really were Tiger-pawns?

The South believed.

The arrests continued. Intermittently, the authorities released more lurid details. For instance, in 2008 the Sinhala Tigers were accused of “….at least two bus bombings, assassination of Minister DM Dassanayake, transportation of explosives and firearms to Colombo, providing cover for black tigers and various other smaller incidents…”[v]

When rights activists claimed that the confessions were obtained under torture, the authorities were shocked; “Police do not torture detainees”[vi], the head of the CID said.

No one sniggered.

Since the regime had so much information, and in such excruciating detail, about Sinhala Tigers, it was logical to expect that they would be indicted forthwith. But for two years not a single Sinhala Tiger was charged. The men continued to be detained under the PTA; the regime continued to make periodic accusations.

Eventually, some detainees filed fundamental rights cases in the Supreme Court. In February 2009, the AG informed the court that no charges will be filed against ten of the detainees. The court ordered their immediate release and gave the AG a month to indict the rest.

The month passed; no charges were filed. In March, the Supreme Court gave the AG another month, either to charge or to release the detainees[vii].

Eventually not a single ‘Sinhala Tiger’ was charged in a court of law of even a minor misdemeanour let alone the heinous crimes they were periodically accused of by the state.

So the explosive tale of Sinhala Tigers turned out to be not even a damp squib.

The state’s failure to charge a single detainee proved beyond any doubt that the authorities lied to the country and to the courts. The entire tale was a fabrication from beginning to end, concocted by the state. The confessions were made under duress, including torture.

By later 2006, the Rajapaksa tendency to use the war to impose economic hardships on ordinary Lankans, while enjoying the good life at national expense, was becoming clear. The trade union movement was beginning to express dissatisfaction about this obvious hypocrisy. The regime needed to nip any possible Southern dissent in the bud. The ‘Sinhala Tiger’ fabrication was used to target the Railway workers union and to frighten the other unions.

That tale of Sinhala Tigers is particularly germane today, with the regime officially informing the UNHRC that the Tiger is reborn.

Ruki Fernando, Father Praveen and the Rajapaksa-need for Silence

The very first ‘Sinhala Tigers’ were activists handling the Railway union’s paper, ‘Akuna’.

That was no coincidence.

Impunity needs silence. That is why the Rajapaksas are viscerally opposed to a right to information act, why they are cowing/co-opting the national media and blocking dissenting websites.

That was why Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen were arrested.

The police spokesman accused Mr. Fernando and Fr. Praveen of ‘Selling information abroad’[viii]. According to Mr. Fernando, “I was repeatedly asked who in Geneva, who outside Sri Lanka was I sharing information with. It seemed very clear that they took great care for other nations not to hear any alternative information or perspective from within Sri Lanka.”[ix]

The Amnesty International says that “Sri Lankan intelligence forces may have created a special unit to monitor those suspected of conveying information to the UN”[x].

The Rajapaksas cannot strengthen familial rule without killing dissent. They need to use targeted repression against a range of dissenters, from Tamil mothers looking for their disappeared children to Sinhala villagers protesting against environmental damages caused by factories belonging to Rajapaksa-acolytes. Blocking flows of information is necessary to create an enabling environment for these acts of repression.

If media outlets did not tell the truth, the regime’s lies about Weliweriya would have gone unchallenged.

This week, the President repeated his charge that ‘saboteurs’ are trying to “create problems in the country by closing down factories and inciting school children” and that this “cannot be allowed under any circumstances”[xi]. The accidental death of Borella OIC is being used to suppress the truth about the Hanwella-protest and the Dhammika Perera-owned-factory which caused it. Exposes and criticisms must end, for these half truths/lies to take wing.

The arrest of Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen makes sense in this context. They went to Killinochchi to discover what actually happened to Jeyakumari Balendran. They tried to uncover a truth which Rajapaksas want hidden. By doing so they crossed a Rajapaksas ne plus ultra. Had it not been for the Geneva vote, they may have ended up sharing the fate of ‘Sinhala Tigers’ of 2007.

Once Geneva ends, and if the world puts Lanka on backburner until the next UNHRC session, Jeyakumari Balendran will remain incarcerated. And other ‘Tigers’, Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim, will find themselves detained under the PTA, accused of luridly explicit terroristic-crimes and jailed sans charges.

Thus the state will be free to lie about terrorists/coups and BBS-types to sow ethno-religious discord. In that information-starved, politico-psychologically fractured and phobic land, Rajapaksas will rule.

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  • 12

    Somebody must analyze the reasons for Sri Lanka ending in the satanic rule of the Rajapases merely sixty six years after independence.

    It’s mind boggling how can a newly independent country reach such an abyss.

    • 4

      Tisaranee Gunasekara .

      RE: Tamil Tigers And Sinhala Tigers, Reborn

      Yes. It is this rebirth, the Atman of Hinduism, the permanent Soul and the Anatta of Buddhism, no soul, but rebirth is the root of all Evil in the Land of the Native Aethho.

      The Para-deshis, the para-Sinhala and para-Tamils along with the other other Paras, should go back to where they came from South India. Your DNA proves that.

      Lion lies and Tiger lies. Both came from South India. They have no Tiger or Lion genes,. A;l; Myth and Imaginations.

      Parayo-Palayaw! Parayn-Pongoda!, Parayo-Go back!

    • 4

      For a Tamil terrorist SL would be “country reach such an abyss”. But for the majority, setting out to work and coming back home in one piece is like nirvana. So, don’t try to shed croc tears. If and when the people of SL think the “country reach such an abyss” they will take action through elections but never by violence.

  • 11

    Deceptions to the core ! so that the regime can fool the masses, gain vote to stay on power. Who cares about the country and pit hole it’s being dragged on to.

    Why not the masses come out of the wonderland of “NO WAR” and see the current reality!

    Are we really that dumb ? There is nothing to prove otherwise, election after election same lot is voted in.

  • 8

    “When rights activists claimed that the confessions were obtained under torture, the authorities were shocked; “Police do not torture detainees”[vi], the head of the CID said”

    That is the truth and our brave Police officers do not torture at all and now there is no such a word in our Dictionary as well.(Thanks to the King and his brother) They have plenty of other works than torturing detainees. Now the Police has to do election campaign for Maha Rajaa. They have to protect Huge cut-outs of Maha Rajaa in all over the Island while pasting Posters for Local Govt. thugs. Also Police has to destroy Posters and Cut-outs of Opposition parties as they are they are not legal according to the Election Commissioner. Now the Police has more work with dangerous Sinhala Tigers such as Katunayaka pension terrorists, Halawatha Diesel Terrorists , Rathupaswella Water Terrorists,hanwella Water Terrorists, University under graduate terrorists etc. etc. and Police are dealing with Sinhala Koti the same way they dealt with Tamil Tigers in the north in “Manushiya Meheuma”. Recently SriLanka Freedom Party Police ordered 1 big Shipment of “Sinhala Koti” label from a foreign country and that would be enough for 10000 Rathupaswellas. Also Police has to make cover up stories for mishaps of sons of Ministers and Govt. higher ups. That is the reason why Ajith Rohana, Police spoke person became SLFP spoke person and he is working overtime to create new conspiracy theories for Maha Rajaa.
    Our brave Police Officers are more intelligent than the Police officers in the so-called western countries and our Police officers completely abandoned the torture. They have found some improved methods such as finding hidden Arms theory, Swimming with handcuffs, suspect died while coming out from the Toilet, suspect died while trying to escape from the Police, Accusing harboring unknown LTTE terrorists etc. etc.
    Suba Anagathayak.

  • 7

    written excellently! nepocratic regime!

  • 9

    LIES, THREAT, BRIBE,AND MURDER are four truths about the regime in power.

    • 3

      The “regime” needs what you describe above until the threat of terrorism is totally wiped out!
      If the eighties governments behaved the same way we could have nipped the bud of terrorism.

      • 2

        You can’t totally wipe out terrorism in this island until you get rid of Sinhala Fundamentalism. Terrorism is part and partial of Sinhala politics.

        • 0


          The Sinhala Fundamentalism will always exist as is the Tamil Fundamentalism. The real issue is the institutionalised racism towards the minorities. The state collectively with mainstream politicians are devoid of egalitarianism; the state machinery is tailored accordingly. The Sinhala Buddhist public is cultured such that, over and above economic necessities, they will cast votes in bulk along the chauvinistic lines. If any Sinhala were to attempt to rectify this status quo are branded as traitors!

          In my estimation, this situation will only change when the minorities, the Tamils in particular, are completely subjugated. Once this is achieved, I fear for the Muslims and Christians!

  • 3

    Ms T obviously omitted the Arms Cache, which Norway Gobi was hiding in tha backyard of this Protesting Lady.

    May be Gobi was volunteering to do some mine clearing to help to protect the fellow IDPs getting hurt, when they are resettled in places where Praba has planted Jonny Mines.

    Being an active member, Gobi knew the exact locations well and Nediyawan probably told him to clear the mines and collect the weapons, as the LTTE Rump have become the new champions of Human Right of the poor inhabitants in Lanka..

    Father Praveen and Alter boy Ruki were there to read the Bible to Gobi and the Lady to relax them after these dangerous work day in day out.

    The Govt must have been over cautious about the presence of a 13 year old .which is unreasonable.

    Nediyawan Emmanuel and and Rudrakumaran will never allow the LTTE to use Child Soldiers again , even if the hard core LTTE proxies in the TNA stage a Resurrection.

    • 2

      What most of these defender of the regime don’t realize is that the process is so arbitrary that they and their kith and kin are equally in danger of getting caught in one of these dragnets. They must be thinking that their “connections” will help them get out of any tight spot but they have no idea how wrong they are on that either; you are probably not even connected enough to ask Jeevan Kumaranatunga’s brother-in-law how his “connections” didn’t amount to much and why he had to leave Sri Lanka after his abduction.

      Hope K.A Sumanasekera will someday be able to turn up here again to tell us how his cries for help and justice were received by his fellow defenders of the regime.

    • 3

      K.A Sumanasekera (Vellala)

      “Ms T obviously omitted the Arms Cache, which Norway Gobi was hiding in tha backyard of this Protesting Lady.”

      Gota is selling a car without engine, steering wheel, wheels, body, windscreen, axel ….. and other parts.

      Would you like to buy it?

    • 0

      You are a real joker, mate. In Jeyakumari’s residence the military found a metal detector – a metal detector and not an arms cache, you liar. You are a worse liar than Rajapaksa and his mouthpieces. Metal detectors are owned by many in the north and used to detect buried mines for their safety. Tell your punnakku stories to the gullible Sinhala masses in a Sinhala language rag rather than her where most people are educated and not idiots.

  • 7

    Thank you Tisaranee Gunasekara.

    Excellent job. Simple, lucid English, No hard words. There was no need to check the dictionary.

    Chronological order. Mind was easily grappling from the top to bottom. An example of educative journalism for common man.

    Somebody should hang this too on Wikipedia -May under the title of Sri Lanka Human Right Activists – The Sinhalese Tigers.

    One things is sure, if the UNHRC inquiry take place in useful manner, everybody will benefit. Country will pickup wherever it left off decades ago.

    • 3

      “Mind was easily grappling from the top to bottom. An example of educative journalism for common man.”

      Please read it as grasping.

  • 1

    “Ms T obviously omitted the Arms Cache, which Norway Gobi was hiding in tha backyard of this Protesting Lady”

    I do not know how our Aathal Sumane got this piece of information as those are highly classified information related to National Security. Since he published this information we have to reveal the truth about the Actual place where Jeyakumari and Gobi hide the Arms Cache. Actually Arms Cache were hidden under the Jayakumari’s kitchen table according to reliable inside information. We believe that story as our brave Police Officers newer lie about this kind of things. I still remember how our brave Police officers trapped “Kan Gatta”, how they catch the killer of Journalist Mel Gunasekara, how they catch thugs who broke in to Journalist, Mandana Ismail’s house and the list is very long Sumane. Don’t you remember Sumane, how our Brave Police officers arrested Chairman and ex. Chairman of Wilgamuwa Pradeshiya Saba 2 times for transporting Ganja in the Same official Vehicle?

  • 6


    There is no Tiger Revival and I am not sure if Sinhala Tigers ever existed. This is MRs dirty tricks trying to divert attention from what actually happened.

    The arrest of Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen makes sense in this context. They went to Killinochchi to discover what actually happened to Jeyakumari Balendran. They tried to uncover a truth which Rajapaksas want hidden. By doing so they crossed a Rajapaksas ne plus ultra. Had it not been for the Geneva vote, they may have ended up sharing the fate of ‘Sinhala Tigers’ of 2007.

    What actually happened in Kilinochi is as follows .

    *** The Army and the Sinhala Police officers in the North are involved in unsavoury acts where they prey on young Tamil Widows and subject them to horrendous Sexual Abuse. The Locals having had enough killed two Sinhalese Police Officers one evening when they went on their pleasure trip.
    But the Army no doubt under orders from Gotha swept it under the carpet and invented the familiar story that the LTTE are regrouping. Jeyakumari a pawn in their Game was accused of harbouring terrorist who were actually not terrorists but heroes who served notice on the Sinhalese Army & Soldiers that their crime wont go unpunished It was convenient to pin her for her role as an activist for the disappeared.

    ***Once Geneva ends, and if the world puts Lanka on backburner until the next UNHRC session, Jeyakumari Balendran will remain incarcerated.

    I disagree with you on the above as MR will not be allowed to continue to act with impunity after the elections in India. We wont have to wait for another UNHCR as MR will be forced to toe the line with just a Phone call from Delhi or Chennai depending on where the Iron Lady decides to call the shots from

  • 4

    What would have happened to Jeyakumari Balendran if she organized a protest against the LTTE when her two children were forced in as child soldiers and eventually killed?
    Where do you think were the Bishop of Jaffna, TUTU, Ruki Fernando, Father Praveen and the UNHRC at that time?
    What would have happened to Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen if they supported her activities against the LTTE?
    Don’t you think the Tamils are better of with Rajapakse than Parayabakeran?

    • 1

      You are just an another heartless bugger supporting to the brutal regime. That is it -BASTA

    • 1

      Eusense please stop being a nuisance with your STUPID comments on this column. We have no objection if you want to give a good blow job to MR, if that is your desire.

    • 0

      Eusense at last is accepting this government to be a TERRORIST STATE!!!
      Government is supposed to adhere to law and order. They have to be impartial and cannot kill, abduct, rape and destroy properties, burn libraries, Bomb hospitals, civilians, carry on extra judicial killings!!!All its citizens have to be treated equally irrespective of the language spoken or religion practiced. They are supposed to appoint people according to their expertise and qualifications, not because of family connections. They have to apprehend the culprits even it is your son or your brother. They are not supposed to behave like an insurgent group. They are not supposed to administer the state as if its is their back yard!!!

      Eusense is indirectly saying that we cannot expect good governance from the likes of the people who are in power now in the “Miracle of Asia”

  • 3

    Tisaranee Gunasekara ,

    soon, we will find out who you are and which agency you work for

  • 0

    Wikimedia and other spy website won’t last long if they continues to publish barbaric defamatory against Singhalese

  • 1

    [Edited out]

    • 1

      This nincompoop, first as jayt, then as j is trying to threaten TG to frighten her from viewing her opinion.

      Aney Palayang Pako Yanda!

  • 4

    I would trust the TID more than this cow .

    • 1

      TG is our voice. TG express it clearly those who oppose the srilanken IDIAMIN.

      What else we can expect from a low level applogist of MR regime.

      Coming colour is not good for you .. wait and see – time to dress tight.

      Idiots of you kind are plenty, but TGs are rarity.

      • 0

        Moo Moo ..

  • 0

    TG: So who was the Leader of the Sinhala-Terrorist. There was one
    from 1988 in Sri Lanka it seems, Watch:-


  • 1

    Kelaniya/ Beliatta Mervin says……”the synthetic Lawyer Namal Rajapaksa should take over the country after President Mahinda”


    Mervin is the Fourth UPFA mouth piece within the last three months suggesting this openly to the public.

    MR grooming the next generation Alibaba using party’s laundry cleaners for propaganda work and to brainwash the public.

    I am not surprise if KP becoms the Prime Minister, Karuna becoms the Foreign Minister and “Kangetta” becoms the Treasurer under Namal Presidency.

    Over to you Madam Chandrika Kumaratunge, Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka, Sri Lanka’s academics scholars and expatriate community.

    Jayawewa Siri Lanka.

    Once again cheers to our Golden lady Tisaranee for her contribution to great Journalism.


    We need more of Tisaranees and she should groom the next generation of talented, analytical,critical, resourceful and brave Journalists.

    Thank you again Tisaranee.

  • 1

    Tisaranee: Your comments are all to portray all the time against MR & Co. I have yet to see, and of course, longed to read a balanced analysis of current situation in Sri Lanka. Your writings are like the good old day daily paper of the Communist Party edited by Mr. Siriwardane called “ATTHA” (The Truth). It so happened, in one of its publications, carried a head line, referring to Ven. Ananda Maithriya; “Today Ananda has taken Gal in place of Pol” (Rev. Ananda has consumed Gal arrack in place of Pol arrack). He (Siriwardane) coined this head line, because the priest has said that Mr. Premadasa (the ex President) was the “Man of the Present Era” (Me Yougaye Purusaya). That was the END of the “Common Mans’ support for the Communist Party. You know where they are today.

    Just like that you, as a Sri Lankan never see the elimination of the Terrorism that the people (Tamils,Sinhala,Moor) suffered under that outfit called LTTE for three decades. At least we are grateful for this Government giving that freedom to us and our loved ones. Of course, this is not in any way to exculpate MR & Co. from the mismanagement of the Governmental affairs of the present day. Yet, we appreciate the Government’s efforts in seeing to that “TERROR” is not raising its head again.

    At least, Tisaranee, please be aware that we in Sri Lanka know what all these NGOs, Human Rights Activists are getting ready to do once again and we admire any action taken to eliminate that menace too. So, please do not get included in that “GROUP”.

    • 1


      You say….. “we appreciate the Government’s efforts in seeing to that “TERROR” is not raising its head again.”

      But the real truth is we got rid of one terrorist in the North, to face many terrorists who are terrorisssing the whole country now.

      For example our war hero Gen.Sarath Fonseka was jailed simply because he contested against Rajapakse Oligarachy.

      CJ Shirani Bandaranaike was impeached because she blocked Basil Rajapakse taking over 85 Billion Rupee Divineguma fund directly under his control. We still don’t know how that money was spent.

      Over 100 Journalists and reporters including Prageeth Ekneligoda and Fredrica Jansz either got disappeared in White vans or left Sri Lanka, seeking safe heaven abroad due to fear of White van abduction.

      Human right activists and NGOs are been threatened on daily basis to silence them.

      Govt. spies are all over Sri Lanka listning to peoples conversations.

      Even Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge is followed by Rajapakse TID cronies.

      Weliweriya, Thangalla, Katunayake and many more murders without any traces of murderers.

      Arbitary arrests of Ruki Fernando and Fr.Praveen and hundreds of other HR activists, intimidate, and Jail them to silence them for talking truth and for looking for justice.

      Mega rampant corruptions and commissions from Fake Projects, billion rupee illegal Ethenol, Cocain import and distribution and Casino mafia money making.

      Judiciary, Police, Election commissions and other powers are kept under Rakapakse cartel………and many more terror activities carried out by Rakapakse cronies to supress those oppose them.

      Therefore you see that we got rid of one terror megalomaniac in the North to face another Terror Family cartel in the South.

      High Cost of living, education, health and service sector has gone to dogs while the Rulers talking about Asia’s Miracle.

      Therefore what Tisaranee writes is the real picture of whats really happening in Sri Lanka.

      Rajapakse cronies have enough and more Media Houses, press and radio to Promote and advertise their fake development projects, while spending Billions of rupees of our money and state resources on their election campaign, while depriving opposition parties from doing so.

      Therefore Tisaranee is bringing out the truth to the world and unleashing the Fox in sheep cloth.

      Hope you will understand who the real traiter and deceiver in our Sri Lanka now.

    • 2

      Jayantha, Douglas is Brainless, so he will never understand. Pouring water on a Duck’s back.

  • 0

    all these fucking shed was a result of corrupted unethical and murders political leadership this country.when bandaranayake wants to take over power he bad example with in sinhala people to treat Tamil as second citizen.he invite Buddhist monks politics.finally thanks to one monk that suffering end soon.thereafter her widow has to take over country.she was sending even 70 years old lady to India back who worked entire life in plantation sector selves under dirty british system.finally let people in the country to die without food while they were eating basumati rice import from the India.finally after country was bankrupt she left.JR took over country and created dictatorship system and singed most dirty agreement with India at gun point against the will of people.finally power transferred to hand of premadana.one of the most corrupted,murders was in the world who was hiding behind his temple theory.killed over haft a million innocent young people make blood every cover of the country.against thanks to prabakaran he stop that too.finally power when to hand of so call patthini amma ,chandrika who cried to remove executive and re install democratic value to corrupted political leadership.finally country make more bankrupt thank her mother and created record as one of the most corrupted f/b.mahinda came to power and he did his job.now time to think what he should to keep this country going.we can see ,chandirika trying to come back to remove executive president ,one thinks we can guarantee she will stay in power another 12 years and import grass and punnku from india to our buffaloes.country need change not a high way at heavy financial cost to people borrowing from china.before Indonesia economy when bankrupt under Suharto ,htey had better high way hotel and tourist indistries just one week all gone that can be next in sri lanka. while you have $19b debt to foreign country Governor of central bank appear every two week talks about his $7b severe without mentioning $19b liabilities.this is a new accounting method for sri lanka. today our people even selves to such Sudan one of the poorest nation in the world.haft a million young girls selves in saudi Arabia.great nation.

  • 1

    Can this drivel change Regime?.

    Rajapaksa donates 50,000 MT of Rice to World Food Organization as a thank you for helping our inhabitants in bad times

    Colonel Sanders is feeding Jaffna kids Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    The world’s biggest Yankee corporation is about to join them to supplement it with Beef Burghers.

    Elections in the most two important turfs now, Colombo and Galle are next week.

    What does the alternative Govt, ( that is if they ever get a go ) do?.

    They are hiding behind the skirts of Ms Pillai,Ms Ananthi, and the new addition Ms Jeyakumari.

    And the Christian Faction leaders have the gall to tell the inhabitants that the tireless work of Ms Pillai is good for them.

    Feed back from the inhabitants ,I am afraid is that they are not impressed.

    In other words they are not buying this bullshit.

    Last year’s co sponsor Australia even agrees, according to their Foreign Affairs Minister.

  • 0

    Jayantha: Thank you for your response to my comment.

    I think you overlooked my comment in para 2, wherein, I clearly stated “Of course, this is not in any way to exculpate MR & Co. from mismanagement of the Governmental Affairs,of the present day.” Most of what you stated are included in this statement, although I have not specified as you have done, because those very facts were not the subject matter of the main presentation of Thisaranee.

    Hope I have cleared my position. Thank you.

  • 5

    I like to be reborn in a place where there are no tigers, lions, scorpions, religion, vetakolu, saggy pants, Hip hop, activists or Tisaranees.

    • 4

      Kutti Machan

      “I like to be reborn in a place where there are no tigers, lions, scorpions, religion, vetakolu, saggy pants, Hip hop, activists or Tisaranees.”

      Mars is the ideal planet for you to be reborn.

      I always thought you are a Martian.

      • 3

        Kutti machchan
        Who is your periya machchan?
        Is it godambha roti?

  • 6

    Rewind to Premadasa era. Tissaranee Gunasekara was hell bent on
    defending Premadasa and UNP regime. Being close to the establishment,
    she abused media freedom in her regular Lake House articles. These
    columns attacked Premadasa opponents with venom. She hit Lalith
    Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake below the belt. She ridiculed L
    and G for studying at oxford and Cambridge. Now, this pseudo human
    rights champion has joined the band wagon of Oxford, Cambridge and
    Harvard activists in their new project of regime change. She defended
    HR violations under Premadasa. All these have to be reminded as TG has
    now taken a new HR avatar. HR for these people does not come out of
    sympathy for the suffering people. Indeed, it is a sharp weapon in
    their political arsenal. We know many people who have turned out to
    be HR champions after laying theoretical work for the tigers and
    defending their killings. No wonder, ordinary Srilankans are having to
    suffer because of these fake HR activists.

    • 1

      In fairness to TG I must confess although she was in the bandwagon of Premadasa another megalomaniac, She is one person who has not alligned to the present Megalomaniac MR, whereas all others who supported Premadasa has aligned with MR starting from De Facto CJ downwards.

  • 0

    Tisaranee, you are a gifted and brave writer. You must write articles of interest especially highlighting violations of democracy in SriLanka, not only to this website but also to international media like Washington Post,New york Times etc.

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