26 June, 2022


Prejudice Against UNHRC And Human Rights Is Part Of Our Problem

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

There are frenzied protests organized by the supporters of the government against the impending resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), inside and outside the country. All these are by and large orchestrated by the government. Instead what they should have done is to negotiate the terms of the resolution diplomatically, both behind and open doors, to safeguard any national interests that might be jeopardized as a result of the implementation of such a resolution. The draft resolution allows ample opportunities for such negotiations directly by the Sri Lankan government.

Instead of negotiating themselves, the matter has completely been left for the friends of Sri Lanka, quite dubiously by the government. This is not the picture however given to the people in Sri Lanka. At the informal consultations held on the 18th, the Russian Federation, China and Pakistan have proposed some changes to the formulations of the resolution, undoubtedly favorable to Sri Lanka, but they have not touched very much on the operational paragraphs. It is reportedly Cuba, backed by Vietnam that have objected to the key operational paragraphs, but those objections will not take the resolution or Sri Lanka anywhere.

Possible Negotiations

Three of the phobias created by the government on accountability investigations are (1) that they are going to be arbitrary trials (2) they confine to the last stages of the war and (3) only the government actions will be investigated and not of the LTTE. If the above created phobias are correct then the resolution or the actions of the UNHRC would be ‘selective,’ bias and harmful to the country. However, these are far from the reality as can be seen by the section (b) of the key operational paragraph 8 of the draft resolution pertaining to an investigation.

“The Human Rights Council… requests the Office of the High Commissioner… To lead a comprehensive investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka and establish the facts and circumstances of such violations and of the crimes committed with the view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability with assistance from relevant experts”  

There are very clear rules and principles emerging regarding the investigation in that draft resolution. The investigation will be on both parties. It will not confine to the last stages of the war. The investigations will be on alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes. It will be comprehensive led by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR) and not by any other international body. The scope of the investigation will be to establish the facts and circumstances of such violations. The purpose will be to avoid impunity and ensure accountability.

It is my view that whatever the weaknesses of UN system, this is the best for Sri Lanka under the given circumstances. In addition to avoid impunity and ensure accountability, I must add that such an investigation with the full cooperation of the government and the civil society organizations could and should ensure the halting of the recurrence of cycles of violence and conflicts in the country. In the absence of such an initiative, another cycle of conflict and violence might recur. There are all signs of such a situation at present in the country. Already the government is talking about a resurgence of terrorism as a scapegoat for the ongoing and intended human rights violations unleashed for political and authoritarian reasons.

Objections and Defiance

There have been opinions expressed in recent times against an ‘international investigation’ arguing that ‘foreigners’ can be prejudiced against Sri Lanka, particularly on the government or the Sinhala side. These are the views expressed in some of the protests, in addition to the sovereignty argument. It was during our school days that we learn from Harold J. Laski in his (translated) “Desapalana Viyakaranaya” (Grammar of Politics) that the state sovereignty is limited both internally and externally. He wrote the book before the UN was formed in 1945, and under the UN Charter, there are more limitations on state sovereignty when it comes to human rights or international crimes. That was the whole idea of the UN, after the atrocities committed particularly by Hitler and Mussolini or their regimes.

If the government strongly believes that Suddhas, as some of them call the Westerners disparagingly, cannot understand our culture, customs or history, then the best thing that they could have proposed was an investigation composed of both the UN OHCHR and the GOSL appointed experts, even fifty-fifty. I have suggested this before. The experts on human rights or investigations can come from anywhere, not only from the West. Darusman who headed the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts was an Indonesian. Navi Pillay who is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at present is a South African. But when it comes to people like Pillay, she is branded as Kottiya or Tiger because she happens to be of Tamil ethnicity. This is a clear cut racial prejudice or vilification. Anyway she is leaving her position in August.

Culture and customs don’t have much to do with investigations, except the culture of killing or culture of impunity that we all should abhor. The Sinhalese advocates accuse the Tamils or the LTTE as killers and the Tamil advocates accuse the Sinhalese or the government/s as killers. But when we come to think of it, both are the same. Some are killers on both sides, but not all. But all have to pay the price unfortunately. We fail to understand that since 1971 major cycles of violence have erupted in this country involving the state as well as non-state actors. The lives lost in vain have been enormous. I am not giving a number arbitrarily.

During the informal consultations on the 18th, some countries have wanted to give a time frame for the investigation. One suggestion has been to investigate since 1983 and that may satisfy the government’s expressed concerns. Another was to commence since 2002 which is the LLRC period. If the government wants to have a say on the time frame, again they should negotiate with the proposing countries. There may be some other matters that the government wants to negotiate and even they might succeed.

Complete defiance and rejection of the resolution is quite childish and some of the friendly countries are also becoming weary of Sri Lanka’s adamant position and that they have to run an extra mile in its indefensible defense. Many of these weary countries are in the African region. The ‘Lokay Uthum Rata’ (the greatest country in the world) mentality is not going to work in international relations and particularly on human rights. The mentality is quite parochial.

Defeating the resolution is mere wishful thinking. Since 2009, the government has antagonized the country’s traditional friends and allies, India in particular, through their bigoted policies on ethnic and religious minorities or simply by the behavior of some people who handle external affairs. There can be few countries who would still support Sri Lanka, like Pakistan, perhaps for the last time.

Prejudice and Contempt

What underpins Sri Lanka’s bigoted policy on the proposed resolution or the reasons behind that, is the present government’s prejudice against the UNHRC and human rights. This is unimaginable for a government which is headed by a President who went behind the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva and the Western countries during the 1989-91 period, as the Leader of the Opposition. I am a witness to what he did in Geneva. There can be two possible explanations to this mammoth contradiction. First is that he went to Geneva not because of any conviction of human rights, but for political expediency or to utilize human rights merely as a political weapon. He must be judging all others from the same yardstick, perhaps to an extent correctly. Even that time, there were LTTE threats and terrorism in the country.

Second is that the scenario in respect of human rights have completely changed in the country. He is now the President for the second time, and even eying for a third term after surreptitiously amending the constitution. Unfortunately, there is no leader of the opposition to go to Geneva today. At least he (MR) had the guts to do so. Two and half decades of brutal war has brutalized the minds of many Sri Lankans on both sides of the ethnic divide. People have become largely insensitive to human life and human values, quite unknowingly perhaps. Otherwise how can you explain the claim that there was only ‘zero civilian casualties’ during the intense battles that waged in the Eastern Vanni? This is not only a claim by the government but by some people. Some of the explanations can be psychological. Some Tamil extremists may say that this is the Mahavamsa mentality. But they are no different. Both extremists are the products of the same predicament. Perhaps most of these people are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The brutalization of minds is also expressed in religious fanaticism of the BBS and Ravana Balakaya (RB). Look at the way they speak and also act, and what they utter. Those are beyond accepted decency. It is not long time ago that Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, a leader the BBS, wanted to ‘shred Rauf Hakeem into pieces’(“Patta Pathuru Gahanawa me parayawa”) also calling him Paraya or bastard. Hakeem is the leader of a minority party, the Sri Lanka Muslim League (SLMC), ironically a partner of the anti-minority rights government. I am not sure whether to call this monk ‘Venerable’ or not. This is not an ordinary organization, but a neo-fascist outfit under the clear patronage of the country’s defense establishment. These are the dangers that Sri Lanka is facing today.

Consult Your Doctor!

When you have an ailment what do you do? You go to a doctor. Likewise when a country has serious human rights problems it should go to the UNHRC for proper treatment. When your ailment is related to abnormal behavior or psychiatry and refuses to take treatment it is normal that attendants may have to coerce you a little. Otherwise you may harm yourself and others.

Perhaps I am giving an extreme example. Perhaps Sri Lanka is not that insane, hopefully. It can still change its cause. UNHRC is not a monster as some people like to picture to the ordinary masses. The President himself should know better from his past experience. It is one of the primary institutions set up by the United Nations General Assembly to carry out its tasks and mandate on human rights under the UN Charter. It is not an instrument of ‘Western imperialism’ as some would like to claim although Western countries are very active and even vociferous due to the ambiguous policies of the non-Western countries on human rights.

Why do the non-Western countries are apathetic or even pathetic when it comes to human rights? If there is any imbalance created within the UNHRC that is largely due to the mistakes and faults of the non-Western countries, particularly Russia and China. Even if it is a problem, one should not throw the baby with the bath water. Within the UNHRC, over 70 percent of the members are from what we used to call the ‘Tri-continental’ countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. If we cannot convince them, what is the point in browbeating against the West?

It is not only a prejudice against the UNHRC. It is a prejudice against human rights. More than a prejudice, it is also a contempt. It is this prejudice, contempt and even distortions that have led to the conflicts, violations and violence in the past in Sri Lanka. It may be true that the LTTE or its supporters used human rights in a distorted manner to achieve some of their ulterior political objectives. That is not a reason to reject human rights. The international community or the UNHRC are not blind to see the difference between the genuine minority rights and extremist political claims perhaps in the name of minority rights.

What might be at the core of the government’s rejection of human rights is the rejection of the minority rights in the country of particularly the ethnic and religious minorities. This has been the case for a very long time, and even the opposition needs to have a greater clarification on this matter. A UNHRC involvement in the country is necessary not only on the issues of accountability but also to educate the people and even the politicians on these matters of human rights.

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Latest comments

  • 8

    It is good to discuss human rights and all the nuances attached to it in its implementation worldwide in an academic manner.

    However, the Tamil nation is like a mouse whose life is threatened by the big cat that is the Sinhala dominated Sri Lanka state and its claws.

    This is not a new phenomenon but it is happening since 1948 starting with the disenfranchisement of a Section of Tamils.

    In everyday life since 2009 the Tamil population in the North-East is facing a life and death situation.

    The judiciary is lop-sided, the law enforcement agencies – police and the armed forces are anti-Tamil, and sexual abuses of females are rampant both against the public and the Tamil women recruited as comfort women for the armed forces stationed there. Tamil lands are grabbed with impunity and given to Sinhalese, traditional jobs are taken over by the military, and their life is under the jack boots of the military.

    If Tamils complain about these ground realities, they are branded as extremist by Sinhalese intellectuals in the media.

    To be fair to both the Sinhalese and Tamils a UN peace keeping force must be stationed in the North-East to protect Tamils until an acceptable political solution is reached.

    • 3

      The problem with trolls like Thiru above (and Java, Palmsquirre etc) and compromised university teachers like laksiri Fernando is that they do not have any national pride or self respect.

      Laksiri says: “Instead what they should have done is to negotiate the terms of the resolution diplomatically, both behind and open doors, to safeguard any national interests that might be jeopardized as a result of the implementation of such a resolution.”

      What kind of backboneless behaviour is that to give credibility to a “resolution” being pushed by hymie thugs who are going around the world looking for places to take the heat of Israel at the UN?

      You should go for a backbone transplantation while you are in Sydney Dr laksiri.

      • 6

        “backbone transplantation”Thiru above (and Java, Palmsquirre etc)”

        You are the classic invertebrate,a yellow robe, pong hanging from a line- a drip dry skunk

        Nowhere in the world can they perform spine transplant as yet. Only the Chinese Surgeon qualified at California performed welding of 4 joints in one go 2007. Guinness book accepts just 2 joints.

        Shakespeare is dead and English alone does not make you Surgeon God but just another school teacher in a spice colony to teach bestiality breed to belch and fart.

        • 0

          [Edited out]

      • 5

        Thriu Maru

        “You should go for a backbone transplantation while you are in Sydney Dr laksiri.

        Where would the 20 Million stupid people go for backbone transplant who cannot or would not stand up to the clan’s despotic regime?

        When are you going for yours?

        I may have to send you a get well soon card.

      • 1

        Hi Maru Thuru
        First of all we shall try not to get side tracked from the main theme of the discussion of this August forum. However:

        Could you please get a group appointment from MR’s physician (Jeevakaya), for Laksiri, Thiru above (and Java, Palmsquirre etc) and me to get back bone transplant. You can jump the queue if your brain transplant is considered more urgent.

      • 2

        Thriu Maru,

        You say….”You should go for a backbone transplantation while you are in Sydney Dr laksiri”.

        Haven’t you seen in the media the way many Govt. ministers bend in front of Maharajano.

        Do you think if they have a back bone.

        They bend for the Bones thrown by the Maharaja.

        The deeper and longer the bend, the more bigger bone they get.

        Here’s few ways they bend to get a bigger bone.




        Similarly regarding UNHRC Geneva resolution, this is how the Three Blind Mice described and presented to the country…..

    • 3

      Thiru, You said, “..however Tamil nation is like a mouse whose life is threaten by Big Cat…”. Oh my Goodness Very Sad! Maybe you forgot recent history man.

      It must be like this,”.. Tamil Nation is nothing but cunning ferocious Tigers,some killed,some tamed but some wild ones still roaming in the concrete jungles of Canada,UK,EU eating rotten foods and doing shitty jobs just to survive, and dreaming to come back to their native land someday as Tigers…”

      • 2

        Thiru,I’m sorry I forgot to add one more thing to my above comment. “..These ferocious,cunning Tigers now going after a South African Tigress in Geneva not to mating but to revive their lost struggle in their native land.

        • 0

          Eregal in Canada pretend to be Puligal to Sri Lankans.

  • 1

    “Our Problem” says Lucksiri !!!!.
    What problem do you have sir ?.

    Unless you have already sent a Bank draft for the new fee of LKR 200,000 and USD 25,000 to a deposit in Bank of Ceylon…

    Inhabitants shouldn’t have a problem,

    In fact they are happy to accept this one as well as at least another one to settle the Presidency for another six years and put out the UNP Christian Faction Leader to pasture..

  • 2

    There are three examples of the extremists from both the Tamil and Sinhala communities, above this comment. They probably represent the true ratio of extremists in either side; For every Tamil hardliner, there probably are two Sinhalese hardliners. This is also perfectly understandable given the population mix.

    Any moderate person with an open mind from either side would appreciate Dr Laksiri Fernando’s wise words. I do.

    We need more open minded people from either side talking to hardliners in their own communities to get them to calm down. These guys (hardliners) don’t seem to understand that the point of life is to live and let live!

    • 7


      All Tamils are asking, and have been asking ever since independence is to let them live peacefully in their historical habitat, if not also in other parts of the country.

      Sinhala dominated state actions and regular pogroms against Tamils have been detrimental to peaceful life for Tamils: Tigers were born out of these grievances.

      To top it all the state and the political leaders committed genocide of Tamils during the war.

      If Tamils pointing out these are considered extremists, then so be it.

      Has the Sri Lankan state apologized to Tamils for letting loose those pogroms in 1958, 1977, 1981, and 1983 sponsored by the state.

      People who gloss over and sweep under the carpet the injustices heaped on Tamils don’t become moderates, do they? Is that you want?

      Truth must be established and justice must be done before reconciliation, my dear Sam the “moderate”.

      • 1

        It is good that you are giving an advise to Sam.
        but understanding from your every comments, you are an extremist of tamzars.
        You have forgotten that each and every inch of this earth is historical habitats to humans,
        For any races or Tribes.

        The only problem is the Greed of Power, money and later the sex.
        As you say; “all the state and the political leaders committed genocide of Tamils during the war”.
        In sri lanka That was happening to Not only to Tamizars, but to Other Races, Casts and Tribes too.
        when you peep in to Sri Lanka’s political arena’s history, you will see the trend..

        But now it is escalating and there is no hope for an end.

        acceleration is given by UNP, SLFP,LASSP,JVP, TULF, LTTE,TNLF list goes on with, SO MANY Fs AND Ps.
        with Clowns, Dramatists and Jesters like Jarapassas, Pirabaharans , Gahndis, Nayakams, Naykas, Dhans, tamizrs Sinhalese, moors, Buddhists ,Hindus, Christians, Islamists, likewise.
        only thing is the innocent poors like us, get caught to their nets.

    • 2

      Laksiri does not want to understand, that UNHRC is a political organization controlled by the western govts and the Human rights, as the western govts and their henchmen such as Laksiri defines it, are also a political tool which means something only to the western govts and to their affiliated organizations or people.

  • 1

    Dear Thiru,
    I’m a Tamil and yes, I’m a moderate – at least I would like to think so – and I am proud of it.
    The truth is MOST Sinhalese KNOW in their hearts that the Tamils have been systematically discriminated throughout Srilanka’s post colonial history. It could be because of Mahawamsa mentality or just a historic hangover that burdened them with a distrust of the Tamils. However, us Tamils wanting a sudden and complete overhaul of this situation, unfortunately, works to exacerbate their worst fears.

    On the other hand, it is really easy for the Sinhalese to make a sudden and complete overhaul of the situation IF they collectively look inwards and realise that their distrust or animosity in extreme cases towards the Tamils is, now completely unfounded and therefore they can accommodate many of Tamils’ demands. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like happening anytime sooner.

    So, what can be done about this deadlock? Who blinks first?
    I say we Tamils can blink first, nay, I say we Tamils extend the olive branch. We have lost over a hundred thousand lives and what more can we lose, if we decide to swallow our pride and drop the haste, impatience and anger we display when it comes to correcting this situation.

    What if we take the Gandhian or Mandela’s path? What’s there to lose?

    • 4

      “There are three examples of the extremists from both the Tamil and Sinhala communities, above this comment.”
      It’s your stupidity running haywire to put all eggs in one basket.You have never tasted like me world over so I fearlessly take exception.

      Oi FloatSam S/T means Schedule Tribe and that exactly is the behaviour of you folk.

      Freedom does not come on a featherbed and if it does then that is what you are experiencing.

      Freedom carries a responsibility and the majority do not believe in responsibility.-

      Every so called freedom fighter for 1948 independence hid in Tamil Nadu lungi.

      Even JVP Somawanse hid there before finding his way to a better life down under.

      The majority want to piggyback their freedom just like they did their independence. They are smart/buruva! (Ignorance and fraud go hand in glove-Jung)

      1985 Mossad informed the Government/Coordinator of the forces that there won’t be victory unless there is an all-out war- the Sihala have done it and the Tamils have not only given their lives but they have worked hard to be where there are to finally pluck freedom.
      That is how freedom is won- did you see India- Om Tat Sat.

      You guys know nothing about the Indian fight for freedom but just know what you are told to believe.


    • 3

      Sam from Australia:

      Who are you trying to fool with your softly softly approach. Are you suggesting that the Tamils wait for another 100 years and I am sure you have done your calculations and( We have lost over a hundred thousand lives and what more can we lose, if we decide to swallow our pride and drop the haste, impatience and anger we display when it comes to correcting this situation) you only need another 10 years to complete colonisation.
      What do you take us for ” Idiots” .

  • 0

    The reversal of the current consolidation of fascism around the state and the emergence of a deep state with its subversive process driven by greed and terror that dictates the outcomes of democratic and legal processes that is clearly evident on the island of Sri Lanka can best be reversed by a process of renewal that must begin with existing opposition politicians apologizing to the minorities and the Tamil minority in particular for the marginalization and murder that that they have been subjected to from the time of independence, asking their forgiveness and inviting them to join in building a new state based on tolerance, inclusiveness, equity and sustainability. This will have to begin with prominent political leaders such as Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Bandaranaike and all other senior willing to become part of this change of course where all people enjoy equal rights and opportunities and all are rewarded in proportion to what they contribute towards the welfare of their fellow citizens and it is they who will have to make this apology and extend this invitation to the minorities and they may invite all other citizens – especially the wealthy and most prominent and most vociferous ones – to do so too thus initiating a “Truth and Reconciliation Process”. I would like to see this happen and I hope that the key lady and gentleman will kindly oblige.

  • 1

    It is very unfortunate and in-fact a curse of Sri Lanka that the Sinhalese intellectuals (the majority)refuse to acknowledge and address the core of the problem in its deeper sense and have failed and continually failing to address it head-on. It is an accepted notion that “It is the nature of the oppression that determines the form of the struggle.” Where in the article the strongest condemnation of the recent arrest and detention of human rights activists and that of the relatives of the disappeared Tamils, under the draconian act of PTA?
    It is regrettable this duty has fallen in the hands of ordinary Sinhalese like Ruki Fernando, a few conscientious journalists and on the external pressure.

  • 2

    Well said, Dr. L. F. But will these hard truths ever enter the brains of the ‘Modayas’?

    Sengodan. M

  • 1

    Hi Maru Thuru
    First of all we shall try not to get side tracked from the main theme of the discussion of this August forum. However:

    Could you please get a group appointment from MR’s physician (Jeevakaya), for Laksiri, Thiru above (and Java, Palmsquirre etc) and me to get back bone transplant. You can jump the queue if your brain transplant is considered more urgent.

  • 0

    Most certainly time to call in the docs. We beed to maje sure that we call in the onse that specialuze in mmental diseases.

  • 2


    Prejudice is too mild a word to describe MRs callous disregard for Human Rights and Human values especially that of the Tamils. He is a born Racist and anything that interferes with his programme of ethnic cleansing is tantamount to being Anti Sri Lanka and amounts to being a traitor.
    He knows he is the only person who can deliver and colonise the North and he plays to the Gallery. He is a prisoner of his conscience and breaking out of that has dangers. 1) It will interfere with his agenda 2) It will bring about his down fall when the electorate is overwhelmingly Racist who will not accept anything short of complete implementation of his programme.

    For me the 25th Session of UNHCR is just the beginning and a change at the top in India is the key to change in Tamil fortunes.

    ***Tamil advocates accuse the Sinhalese or the government/s as killers. But when we come to think of it, both are the same. Some are killers on both sides, but not all. But all have to pay the price unfortunately.

    I am sure you are an Intelligent and a decent Individual and my friend who started the killing and the cycle of violence. You might not agree but the fact is the Tamils kill for survival whereas Sinhalese kill for a living.

    • 2

      Great article and analysis from Dr.Laksiri Fernando.

      Yes I agree with Kali’s comment.

      At the moment both President Rajapakse and his Cabinet ministers are engaged in playing the roll of old “Andarae” during Kings reign.

      If you remember how Andarae and his son ate sugar at kings palace pretending his wife had died.

      Here’s the web story if you are not familier with it.



      Looks like at the moment President Rajapakse is Playing the same old Andarae’s roll in our country and screwing it.

      By pretending and showing to the people and to the world about a revival of LTTE, MR and his family are robbing the country, it’s resources and robbing and stealing both Majority and Minority communities and their property.

      Unless all the people realise MR’s cunning game plan, he will make everyone a Donkey until he bankrupt and screw our country using Sinhala Buddhist Extrimits including BBS, while fattening his family pocket.

      It’s time for everybody to realise this new Andarae and unite to save our country.

  • 0

    It is preposterous to even suggest that we are prejudiced against human rights which are universal and NOT government bestowed. On the other hand to be prejudiced against and hold the UNHCR in contempt is a lot easier to understand. Yet, it is NOT the only UN body that attracts such criticism, because of the way these bodies have been corrupted and undermined today and serve the needs of the Master who pays the bills. The UN apparatchiks have shown us without a scintilla of doubt that they cannot function independently.

  • 0

    I think this dodo has finally begun to realize something. Sinhalese and Tamils – with the usual few exception – do not accept the “Doctrine of Human Rights”. Most people who accept the doctrine of human rights speak English and do not question too deeply the stories that they are told. The claim that there exist some universal human rights that all humans are born with and which must be conformed to, and the ongoing attempt to brainwash young impressionable minds into believing this claim without subjecting it to deep examination and exploring its origins and logical conclusions is in my opinion another attempt to place limits on the ability to think. I can assure anyone who reads this that within a few years this “Doctrine of Human Rights” will be superseded by the “Doctrine of Sustainable Development” which will ride roughshod over the “Doctrine of Human Rights”, its evangelists and defenders.
    What does this mean? It means that Sinhalese and Tamils do not think that there is anything that is guaranteed in life and that what one wants from life one must fight for and secure! It means that Sinhalese and Tamils will always say yes and then do the opposite; they will smile in your face and then stab you in the back, they will maker promises that they never keep and give assurances that are never lived up to. They believe that might is right, fear brings obedience and conformity and that violence and murder are effective ways to remove obstructions.

    Right now the issue that is being fought over has nothing to do with human rights and it has everything to do with the “Entry Price” to Sri Lanka which held adamantly on par with India’s 40% of intended investment. The Indians are mortified at being hoisted with their own petard while big players know that such an “Entry Price” appears ludicrous within the context of the islands miniscule internal market of a maximum of 2 Million People and would gladly walk away and in fact are doing so but strategic players look at this in a different way because of the islands geo strategic position and potential.

    An entry fee of 40% of intended investment in a mass market or production base or a combination of the two or a resource bin is not incredible given that all of them can bring in turnovers many hundred times this value.

    Geo strategic positions and potential however are nor always purchased for cash. They are often bartered for goods and services and access to vital requirements. They can be demanded and are sometimes strategically appropriated. As this awareness that geo strategic positions are managed in ways quite differently to production bases and mass markets began to dawn, the Entry Price was allowed to drop to 20% of intended investment. This has not resolved the stand off and it appears that most potential beneficiaries want the Entry Fee abolished. This will of course amount to “capitulation” and what is of interest to me is “didn’t the owners of the location see this coming?” or was their greed sufficiently large to block this path from view?

  • 0

    It is mentioned that government is afraid only one party to the conflict will be investigated by the International Community.But the paradox is that government will be even more embarassed if the LTTE is being investigated, because the leaders of the LTTE are either dead and gone or they are serving the government.

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