24 May, 2022


Tamils Abducted In Colombo Ended Up At Trinco Navy Camp: CID Tells Courts

The CID told courts today that 11 persons, mainly Tamil youth abducted by unidentified groups in Colombo and suburbs in 2008 – 2009, had been detained at the Trincomalee Navy camp.

A lawyer appearing for the family members of some of the missing persons told courts that they were yet to know the fate of their loved ones and as a result the family members were suffering from severe trauma.

Navy Commander Wasantha KarannagodaThe Magistrate taking into considerations the submissions by the lawyer ordered the police to speed up the investigations and bring it to a closure as soon as possible.

The CID in response said their detectives were conducting further investigations to arrest those responsible.

In this case, the CID has named navy lieutenant commander Sampath Munasinghe, the personal bodyguard of the former Navy commander retired Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda as the main suspect.

Meanwhile according to the Police, the preliminary inquiries into the abductions have revealed that Lieutenant Commander Sampath Munasinghe, who was a bodyguard of the former Navy Commander, was connected to the 11 abductions in Colombo during that time period.

Earlier CID informed courts that a group accompanied by Munasinghe abducted five youths in Dehiwela area in 2009. They have also demanded a ransom of Rs. 10 million from the relatives of the abducted youths.

The police have found the National Identity Cards of four missing youth and passports from Munasinghe’s room. The CID told that the men had been detained at underground cells at the Colombo and Trincomalee Navy camps.

The CID earlier had told the court that the former commander (Retd.) Admiral Karannagoda was aware of the abductions. A CID officer had previously said that suspects including Munasinghe would not be able to carry out such operations without the knowledge of the Navy Commander.

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    USA, Britain and Israel all do things like this when fighting unconventional terrorist forces. However, if these were innocent people it is totally wrong. If they were LTTE terrorists, or spies or suicide cadre that is a different story.

    SAS assassinated IRA suspects in Gibraltar under Operation Flavius. SAS also tortured IRA suspects just like USA does with jihadi terrorists.

    If they were terrorist targets no one should cry. If They were innocent youth or rich tamils kidnapped to make money that is immoral and illegal and a disgusting smear on the traditions of SLN. Not one country is without blemish when fighting unconventional wars with an enemy that is ruthless, tough and does not play by the rules. LTTE was not a conventional army engaged in warfare. They were the total package of terror, war, death, propaganda and superb use of brainwashed suicide youth.

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      Here we go again.

      We are not fortunately discussing the events that led to war crime investigation into Americal Civil waar, Middle East, Gibraltar, Bangladesh independence war, Yom Kippur War, Vietnam war, Suez crisis, Korean war, The Battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of Waterloo, Roman–Parthian Wars, Maha bharath war, ………………

      This is about this island’s brutal history therefore could you confine your discussion to Sri Lanka.

      Bear with me I do not have time to investigate all those wars, and war crimes. We can do it another day.

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        I wonder whether he is Potta Nauffer !

        • 50

          This Karannagoda who demanded a ransom of Rs. 10 million from the relatives of the abducted youths is stll serving as SL Ambassador
          in Japan ?

          What a Good Governance ? Why Navy Karannadoda is not arrested ?

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            “Earlier CID informed courts that a group accompanied by Munasinghe abducted five youths in Dehiwela area in 2009. They have also demanded a ransom of Rs. 10 million from the relatives of the abducted youths…”

            This is actually the real story why the “War” was prolonged. Tamil youth, both in the North and South, whose parents appeared to be reasonably well off – not necessarily rich or super rich – were abducted on false grounds they were “suspected militants” The intention, however, was to blackmail them to make big money. The peace and happiness of thousands of Tamil families was thus destroyed. It was not only the lower ranks, sargeants, Lieutenants, sub-lieutenants, PC’s, SIs, IPs, ASPs but the higher ups too joined in the hunt in this gold mine. When the large number of Tamil civilians were kept under barb-wired detention camps dozens of banks sprung up in the vicinity. This was to trade in the millions of dollars that poured in from the diaspora from relatives of these innocent Tamils to meet the ransom demands. A comprehensive enquiry into this matter will reveal at least some of the sordid details of State terror.

            Naturally most Tamils were, in actual fact, denied protection guaranteed under the Constitution. It was only because of that a good number of them preferred a separate ruling system of their own.

            Many decent, educated Sinhalese are aware of this and are totally opposed to this gruesome crime against innocent Tamil people – who had nothing to do with the insurrection against the State.

            It is understood a multi-millionaire Sugar importer – Sriskandarajah of Kala Traders in the Pettah – was abducted from the heart of Colombo 7 for a ransom demand of Rs.100 million. The family did not have that much of cash. He is believed to have been thereafter tortured and killed brutally in a detention camp in the Manampitiya area. This death was also part of a wider plan to eliminate as many able and successful Tamil businessmen in the South – hatched by Sinhala religious and commercial interests.


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              Thanks a lot for sharing these details.

              As a Sinhalese in Colombo, I knew bad things were happening in our midst. However not at this organized level and extent.

              Please make sure this narrative will not die. Make sure these gruesome stories will find their way to some sort of prosecution system in a future Sri Lanka. Be it a truth commission or something else does not matter.

              But, innocent people who met a cruel death at the hands of underworld criminals in our nation’s military or police uniform must have their story told to future generations of Sri Lankans. That is the only way we can stop it from happening in the future.

              It is hardly Justice when the crime has been so brutal. But, we must hope souls of innocent victims will find some sort of peace. In the knowledge, that we as a nation are struggling to nudge forward to a better place. To make sure these things will never be repeated on our soil ever again.

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                Dear Ben Hurling

                I was travelling in the past few days.

                Like you, there are many decent Sinhalese who suspect there is a tenable side to the Tamil side of the narrative. They are, however, in the minority. Fortunately this grouping is slowly increasing. Of the better known names in this new development is the Ven. Maduluwe Sobitha Thero who earlier earned a reputation of being an uncompromising anti-Tamil racist. He also believed all Tamils were terrorists. This was in that sordid logic of the late SL Gunasekera whose public refrain was “All Tigers are Tamils and, therefore, (in this twisted lawyers’ reckoning) all Tamils are Tigers”

                In those terrible days in mid-2009 there was even a virtual price-list in these detention camps for those Tamil inmates who had the money to buy themselves out. There was

                (1) a price for those who will be released from the camps in which they were held.

                (2) one in which they will be taken away, in vehicles of the forces and personnel, from camp to Jaffna town or the choice destination of the “client”.

                (3) de-luxe service, at the highest price, for those able to pay very high prices that will take them out of the camps to the Katunayake airport – with transport by Forces personal in their vehicles to the airport. This is to guarantee they may not be abducted by other adventurist security men in the dozens of check-points from the North to the Katunayake airport.

                And then there was a discount for entire families as opposed to individuals.

                Yes! It was a well-organised racket where the lower, middle and upper level forces personnel gladly engaged in this lucrative “business” in human smuggling. This went on for years
                and increased the fortunes of thousands of Sinhala families.

                I have also heard that these “clients” were also guaranteed their Passport and Visas (perhaps fake) suggesting there could have been inter-departmental collaboration involving rogue elements as well.

                I might add, for the record, many Northern Tamils also are grateful that May 2009 brought them their freedom from their “protectors” – thanks to the same army.


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                  All these freedom could not have been bought without the intermediaries or the brokers of life and death.

                  Who are they?

                  • 5


                    To insist there was total absence of Tamils in this sickening
                    episode of events will be to remove the validity of the reality of that dark period of recent history that I repeat. Douglas D, Karuna and Pillaiyan are some of the latter avatars of those merchants of blood, death and mass misery who themselves amassed fortunes off their own peoples collective sorrow and tears. Rajan Hoole and friends, highly respected for their intellectual honesty and objectivity, have brought forth much information in these issues.


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                  Dear Pandaranayagam,

                  Thank you very much for your sane, objective presentation of FACTS. As you say, many of us, Sinhalese, were uncomfortable with what was happening, but we didn’t know the details.

                  Your presentation also emphasises the complexity of the issues. The pace of investigations must necessarily be slow to take account of the labyrinth, but this could also be used as an excuse to bury all this forever.

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              “”Traders in the Pettah””

              before 83 there was a chemical guy too from Pettah involved in a ship sale . The ASP hung him by the legs and demanded a 100 more having taken 64.Very swiftly he arranged the legal buddies (paid a million or 2) and came out safely but they got him again a couple of times so he kept paying them direct.

              Yakko Land Baldie Blues of the thrice blessed.
              No matter what we say all wars are economic.

              It is hi_fi kappan land making garments to growing tea and heroin.

              It seems rajapakse rule is the best folk have seen because the judiciary down to police to civil servants were and are corrupt to the core one way or another.

              Only a catastrophe can change it. sinhala tamil muslim dont have that culture to change it by ballot or revolution.

              Therefore the easiest way out is to become Hong Kong for India and lose your independence.(hong kong is still richer) See Nagaland, Sikkim and now Bhutan almost there. Ofcourse the Indian affairs are bad too but it is any day better than ala battala.
              Live life by negotiation than emotions.

          • 30

            Arrest these criminals and release those Tamil youths from these torture camps located in Giritale and Trincomalee. The Navy has no rights to arrest innocent persons and demand ransom.

            Good Governance please take note of this horrible crimes against humanity.

          • 18

            Karannagoda is a thundering SHAME to his old school. Just a political lackey, that is all.

          • 4


            What a Good Governance ? Why Navy Karannadoda is not arrested ?

            Because this Clown found the place where exactly Sangamiththa landed in Mathakal Beach, and also found the wooden Boat she traveled, and had built the remembrance with that boat in 1996, in the same place to cover up his illegal activities of the future!
            That is how they all justifies their illegal activities!!

        • 19


          “I wonder whether he is Potta Nauffer !”

          He is having a wonderful time in Badulla Prison.

        • 13

          Potta Nauffer should have a lot of time on his hands rotting in the cell. He sure could investigate all the other war crimes around the world.

      • 3

        Dear Native,

        But the same Govnts which are associated with more contemporary ” Wars ” are the ones who are going to export Judges & Lawyers to punish our brave Soldiers for not adhering to the Westminster and American Code of Ethics. in fighting insurgents, when our Armed Forces liberated the Nation from Tamil Terrorists….

        • 15

          KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

          I will be brief:

          There are no winners and losers in a war. In the long run both are losers.

          There are no heroes and cowards/losers, both are war criminals.

          I am happy that you are alive and kicking though you never fought in the war.

          Would you call yourself a hero/zero?

        • 11

          K.A Sumanasekera

          Don’t confuse the issue. UN is not worried about fighting the LTTE but they are taking to task the cowardly soldiers who had murdered the captured LTTE members blind folded them and shot and killed them at point blank range. Killed the son of Prabaharan who is only kid. Even the Paranagama report has exposed this. These are just few examples.

          If you cannot accept this as a grave injustice as a war crime something must be wrong with you, and you are a racist. Do not deny accepted and proven facts. If you are going by your religious teaching and am not sure what religion you practice then your religion should be flush in the toilet for you own wellbeing to reform as decent person.

        • 2

          KA Sumanasekeram, why don’t you f%^% off?

      • 2

        NV Please read carefully the last lines in Naufer’s comment……………

        “LTTE was not a conventional army engaged in warfare. They were the total package of terror, war, death, propaganda and superb use of barinwashed
        suicide youth.”

        which says it all. This exactly is what the LTTE was all about. Supported by India and arms supplied by India they were all out to divide this tiny
        island to suit their interests.

        Well said Naufer.

        • 1


          Nauffer has his freedom to say whatever he wants to say. Lets get grip of what the parties who fought against LTTE say about the LTTE. See below what the then commander said about LTTE:

          “The commander of Sri Lanka’s army, Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka, says the Tamil Tigers have been defeated as a conventional force.”

          Also please refer to Prof KMD Silva’s Sri Lanka and the Defeat of LTTE.

          “Supported by India and arms supplied by India they were all out to divide this tiny island to suit their interests.”

          Here we go again.

          There is no doubt about Hindian destabilising this island. Have you asked yourself a question, why did they train, arm and finance LTTE and sundries in the first place. Why did they in 2005 persuade Chandrika to go for all ought war against LTTE and give everything for the Sri Lankan war effort, ultimately Hindians won the war for MR. MR stated this on the record when he was interviewed by NDTV.

          I cannot help to cure paranoia.

          Where have you been living in the past 30 years, perhaps in own bunker?

          Please read:

          Tamil Tigers ‘defeated’ says army

          By Roland Buerk
          BBC News, Colombo

          The commander of Sri Lanka’s army, Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka, says the Tamil Tigers have been defeated as a conventional force.
          He said troops were advancing steadily into the rebel-held north and within a year the Tigers would lose large areas and their control over the population.
          But Gen Fonseka admitted a low-level insurgency could last indefinitely.
          His comments came as inflation figures showed a continued rise, threatening to undermine support for the government.
          Intelligence estimates
          Speaking to foreign correspondents, Lt Gen Fonseka said 9,000 Tamil Tiger fighters had been killed since fighting resumed with the effective breakdown of a ceasefire in August 2006.
          The rebels are fighting for a separate state for the island’s ethnic Tamil minority, complaining of decades of domination by majority Sinhalese-led governments.

          Even if we finish the war, capture the whole of the north, still the LTTE might have some members joining them
          Lt Gen Fonseka
          Gen Fonseka said 1,700 soldiers had also died, but that resistance was crumbling. “This present [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)] capability of fighting as a conventional army – we have already defeated them,” he said.
          “They have lost that capability, although they are fighting with us, not in the same manner like earlier. They had the defensive lines, we couldn’t move even one kilometre for two or three months. That kind of resistance is not there any more.”
          He estimated 4,000-5,000 Tiger fighters remained.
          Gen Fonseka admitted that intelligence estimates at the start of the latest chapter of the war in 2006 had been that the rebels’ total force was only 7,000-8,000, fewer than he now claims his forces have killed.
          The commander said the discrepancy was because of additional Tiger recruitment, some of it forced, as well as the deployment of home guards and police officers to fight.
          The war has been taking place in trenches, bunkers and in the jungles of the north. Artillery duels have been fought.
          Gen Fonseka said soldiers were facing mines and booby traps, with limbs lost every day.
          But troops had advanced beyond the original frontlines, deep into Tiger-controlled territory, and were now within mortar range of Vidattaltivu, the rebels’ main sea base on the north-west coast.
          “Maybe a maximum of one year from now onwards the LTTE should lose large areas,” Gen Fonseka said.
          “They should not be able to maintain their present control over the population, to be able to resist the army in the way they are resisting now. They would have to lose all that capability.”
          ‘Unnecessary war’
          But Sri Lankan government ministers had earlier predicted victory by December.
          The timescale is important because President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s support is largely based on his claim he can defeat the Tamil Tigers by force, and bring peace to Sri Lanka after a generation.
          Sri Lankans are suffering economic woes – how long they can endure is critical to the government’s hopes of success.
          Sri Lankan troops in the Jaffna peninsula
          The battle is fought in the north in trenches, bunkers and in jungles
          Inflation is soaring, the latest figures show consumer prices in Colombo up 28.2% from a year earlier.
          Last week workers at a government printing press demonstrated on the street demanding a pay rise of about $50 a month.
          “Harmful, unnecessary war,” said one man. “We have to live peacefully.”
          When asked if he blamed the war for the high cost of living he replied. “Yes. Actually I think it is the main problem.”
          The governor of the Central Bank, Ajith Nivard Cabraal, told the BBC the main reason for high inflation in Sri Lanka was the global rise in oil prices, combined with the government reducing fuel subsidies.
          The Tamil Tigers have not commented directly on Gen Fonseka’s claims to have defeated them as a conventional force.
          But earlier they rubbished the military’s reports of battlefield successes and said the casualty figures being put out by the government were false, intended to retain support for the war in the Sinhalese-dominated south.
          The Tigers also retain fixed-wing aircraft that have been used to drop bombs on targets, as well as sea forces. For years they have deployed suicide bombers to launch devastating attacks.
          There have been a number of explosions on public transport around Colombo recently blamed on the rebels, although they have denied responsibility.
          Gen Fonseka himself narrowly escaped death when a woman suicide bomber targeted him in April 2006 inside the high security army headquarters complex.

          The army commander himself believes the conflict might never be totally over.

          “Even if we finish the war, capture the whole of the north, still the LTTE might have some members joining them,” he said.
          “There are people who believe in Tamil nationalism. The LTTE might survive another even two decades with about 1,000 cadres. But we will not be fighting in the same manner. It might continue as an insurgency forever.”

          30 June 2008

        • 0

          “”Supported by India and arms supplied by India they were all out to divide this tiny island to suit their interests.””

          That is only partly true from a muslim crusaders.
          you have bad logic of buying and selling we have it too like the English.

          RAW created it (with rights over the island in mind) not to divide like
          the muslim plunder on the west and east of india by mere belching and farting like pigs in 47. and the Bangladeshis licking the backsides of Hindu Punjabi to fight for islamic freedom in 1972.

          (the american after the election would spare no bones in bombing Pakistan that it created in 47 from Hindu Kush onwards- hopefully Donald Trump would get rid of these emotional sloths from Asia.)
          See everyone is testing chemicals at Syria- its just the beginning of the western crusade which asians would join in.

          After the assassination of Rajiv they were hunted down and are till today.

          India will never give up its claim of the island as much as it has Andaman and Nicobar. The Indo American treaty for the ocean is only getting stronger and the island a heaven for islamic militants in government is undesirable.
          Don’t be surprised if Lanka is declared a rendition centre like at Thailand for muslim terrorist of kalipate. Non aligned days are over and Putin shy of puking is following Cameron example.

    • 27


      Since when did SLN start benchmarking USA, UK & Israel for human rights practices? All three are among the worst HR offenders known to mankind.

      Apologists like yourself are one reason why this nation can never move up in the HR ladder.

      You are only willing to do the right thing, only if a Western nation does so as well. You cannot discern the right from wrong yourself.

      You are not willing to lead from the front in the HR arena. You are not willing to set an example to USA, UK & Israel.

      Your inferiority complex vis-a-vis the West is so strong & pathetic.

      You are willing to commit any crime, abduct, dump citizens in holes in the ground. Without informing loved ones. Then hide behind Uncle Sam’s Fig Leaf of best practices.

      Traditions of SLN? Wow!

      • 7

        Bent hurting, slowly straightening his back. Good, now since the navy abducted what would he call them?

        • 7


          Please read the following article, think about it and let us have your comment:

          Jason Burke in Delhi
          Wednesday 14 October 2015
          The Guardian

          “More than 40 authors have handed back major honours in a stand against ‘vicious assaults’ on cultural diversity Dozens of Indian writers have returned top national awards in a protest against what they call a “climate of intolerance” in the emerging economic power.

          The campaign, described as an “unprecedented rebellion by the cream of India’s literary talent” in the local Indian Express newspaper, follows a series of incidents of communal violence and attacks on intellectuals since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won power in a landslide election victory in India last year.

          More than 40 novelists, essayists, playwrights and poets have now given back awards from the country’s most prestigious literary institution, the Sahitya Akademi.

          One of the most prominent is the niece of Nehru, journalist and author Nayantara Sahgal, who claimed that “India’s culture of diversity and debate is now under vicious assault”.

          The row took on an international dimension earlier this week when Salman Rushdie weighed in, telling a local television network that the failure of prime minister Narendra Modi and others to act was allowing a new “degree of thuggish violence” in India.

          On Tuesday, 80-year-old novelist Dalip Kaur Tiwana said she was returning her Padma Shri, one of the most important national decorations, which she won in 2004.

          Tiwana, from the northwestern state of Punjab, said she was acting out of solidarity with those “protesting against the increasing communalisation of our society”.

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          Read more
          The two incidents that have most angered the writers are the lynching of a Muslim labourer last month, and the murder of a rationalist thinker in August.

          In the first, a mob in the village of Bisara on the outskirts of Delhi, the capital, believed their victim had eaten beef and beat him to death outside his home. Cows are sacred in Hinduism.

          In the second incident, Malleshappa Kalburgi, an award-winning scholar whose frequent criticism of what he saw as superstition and false beliefs had angered Hindu extremists, was gunned down in the southern state of Karnataka.

          “To kill those who stand for truth and justice puts us to shame in the eyes of the world and God,” Tiwana said.

          The authors, who write in English as well as regional languages, have called on the Sahitya Akademi, which was established nearly 60 years ago by India’s independence leader and prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, to publicly condemn the murder of Kalburgi.

          The upsurges of sectarian tension in recent years have often coincided with elections. Currently, voting is underway in a key state-level election in the east of India.

          Some analysts say rightwing groups allied to the BJP are pushing to see how far they can go under the Modi government.

          Samir Saran, of the Observer Research Foundation, said that “louder and more rabid rightwing groups” in India felt emboldened by the mandate won by Narendra Modi, leader of the BJP, in last year’s poll and believed they now had more freedom of action.

          Rushdie said: “What has crept into Indian life now is a degree of thuggish violence which is new. And it seems to be given permission by the silence of official bodies, the silence of the Sahitya Akademi … by the silence of the prime minister’s office.”

          However, Saran said said the greater scrutiny and reporting of such incidents following Modi’s victory obscured how such incidents had happened under previous governments led by the centre-left Congress party too.

          “It is definitely getting greater prominence now,” he said.

          On Wednesday Modi spoke about the lynching last month, as well as the cancellation of a Pakistani Muslim musician’s concert in the commercial capital of Mumbai following threats from a rightwing group. The prime minister called the incidents “unfortunate” but said his government was not to blame.

          Senior BJP officials have dismissed the writers’ protests, accusing them of being politically motivated.

          “If they say they are unable to write, let them stop writing,” Mahesh Sharma, India’s minister for culture, told reporters.

          However, he also condemned the murders of Kalburgi and Mohammed Akhlaq, the labourer lynched by the mob last month.

          The sectarian violence has had a significant impact on India’s image overseas and could undermine Modi’s drive to attract investors.

          In one case earlier this year, a critically acclaimed Indian novelist announced his “death” as a creative artist following threats and protests by rightwing Hindu and caste groups prompted by his book about a woman’s efforts to get pregnant with a stranger through a religious ritual.

          Perumal Murugan said he planned to stop writing and asked his publishers to withdraw all his works of fiction from sale.

          In February last year, religious conservatives forced the removal from sale of a book on Hinduism by the US academic Wendy Doniger, claiming it was insulting to the faith.

          An editorial in the Times of India newspaper at the time condemned “the growing power of bullying self-appointed censors” displaying “a Victorian hangover with a Taliban temperament”.

          There is a long history of clashes over culture and effective censorship by parties and leaders from across the political spectrum in India.

          The sale of Rushdie’s 1988 novel The Satanic Verses remains proscribed in India and its author was unable to appear at the Jaipur literary festival in 2012 after Muslim organisations protested.

          Politicians have repeatedly sought to ban or restrict the sale or production of specific books. In 2010, MPs loyal to Sonia Gandhi threatened legal action to stop the sale of a “fictionalised biography” of the Congress party leader.

          “It’s become a question of an individual’s right to speak, to think, to write, to eat, to dress, to debate,” said Maya Krishna Rao, a playwright and actor, who returned her award to the academy this week. theguardian.com/books/2015/oct/14/

          • 4

            Thank you for this informative comment.There is something radically gone wrong in today’s India.If there is any good ,it cannot produce anything bad.One is unable to say anything definite with regard to the way things function there today,but in SL it is worse.

            • 3


              This article reflects hypocrisy of Indian middle classes.

              On the one hand they claimed to be secular on the other they are keeping a deafening silence on all forms of religious intollerance and happily vote for most repugnant party, which thrive on disharmony.

              As a citizen Manisekaran needs to address own up his inability to curtail excesses of the religious, caste concious, corrupt politicians, sex offending murderers and rapists, child abusers, ………

              Something fundamentally wrong with India.

              Will Manisekaran comment on this article?

              • 1

                Today the current news hitting headlines in India media today is the one about former General V.K. Singh’s insensitive remark following the caste violence by the so called high caste Thakurs against the Dalits in their village which saw the revenge killing of two toddlers in revenge by burning them. V.K.Singh is now a minister in the BJP. Instead of condemning he is reported to have told that ‘even if a dog is stoned in the government gets blamed’ during a the media interview and the said remark had gone viral throughout the country. It was roundly condemned unreservedly by Brinda Karat of the CPI(M) and many other ithe thinking people in the country.But the fascist RSS brigade Chief Bagat as usual tried to camoflage the who episode remarking that small incidents are being blown out of proportion and the BJP spokesperson Shania in her TV also tried her best to douse the flames …..

                • 3


                  South Asians cannot and will not bring themselves to appologise for their mistakes. Saying sorry is almost like committing suicide.

                  Here is the full story:

                  General V.K.Singh’s ‘dog remark’ on Faridabad triggers row
                  MOHAMMAD ALI


                  October 22, 201

                  Centre cannot be blamed if somebody throws a stone at a dog, the Minister said.

                  Union Minister of State for External Affairs General (retd.) V. K. Singh, on Wednesday said Centre cannot be blamed for the murder of two Dalit children in Faridabad. But what he said immediately after that, while speaking on the sidelines of a function in his constituency, Ghaziabad, kicked up a political storm.

                  While defending the Centre over the murders, Mr. Singh said the government cannot be blamed if somebody throws a stone at a dog.

                  “If somebody throws a stone at a dog, then the government is responsible. It is not like that,” said Mr. Singh, in a statement which had led to the Opposition demanding his resignation. The Aam Aadmi Party immediately reacted to his statement and demanded his arrest under SC/ST Atrocities Act.

                  While speaking to the media in Ghaziabad, Mr. Singh said, “See, the thing is, never associate local incidents with the Central government. There is an inquiry going on. There was a dispute between families. The dispute…how did it turn out… Where did the administration fail….”

                  When asked if the Government failed in view of the of burning of the Dalit family in Haryana in which two children were burnt alive on October 19, the Union Minister said, “For everything…like if somebody throws a stone at a dog, then the government is responsible…it is not like that”.

                  Later, Mr. Singh tweeted his clarification and said,”My statement was not intended to draw an analogy. My men and I put out lives for the nation irrespective of caste, creed and religion”.

                  He termed the burning of the Dalit children alive as “localised issues” and further tweeted, “We must stand united and let no one exploit our diversity by blowing up localised issues. Jai hind!”

                  Congress termed Mr.Singh’s statement as “shocking”. ” It is condemnable, shocking and inhuman to say the least. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told the media. “It reflects the mindset of the Modi government which insults Dalits and minorities and looks down upon the people who are poor and downtrodden.”

                  AAP to file case against V.K. Singh

                  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal termed Mr. Singh’s statement “shameful” and demanded from Prime Minister that he should sack Mr. Singh on the day of Dussehra.

                  “VK Singh’s statement is shameful and prosecutable under SC/ST Act. A case should be registered against him immediately,” Mr. Kejriwal tweeted.

                  “Agar Modiji sach mein Dusshera manana chahte hai to unko apne cabinet ko burai aur AHANKAAR se mukt karna chahiye. Aaj shaam se pehle, VK Singh ko Cabinet se bahar nikaal dena chahiye. ( If Mr. Modi really wants to celebrate Dussehra then he should free his Cabinet from evil and arrogance. He should remove VK Singh from his cabinet by this evening,” Mr. Kejriwal tweeted.

                  Senior AAP leader Ashutosh announced on Twitter,” AAP will go to police thana tomorrow to file an FIR ag V K Singh/demand his arrest as under SC/ST act this is a non congnisable offence.”

                  Mr. Singh is, however, not new to controversy. His remark on the media calling it “presstitude” had received lots of flak.

                  The two children — two-and-a-half year old Vaibhav and 11-months-old Divya — had died when their house was set on fire, allegedly by members of upper caste community, Rajput on October 19.

              • 0


                It is not just Manisekaran, no decent human being anywhere in the world can keep silent. It did not matter that the deceased man’s son is an air-force personnel. The support towards the bloody murderers even by neighbours smacks of what India has always been and will always be – the ultimate “pariah” state. For those of us who do sometimes look up to “mother” India can only hang our head down in shame. Shame and shameful. The fact that many literary writers have thrown their awards in the “dustbin” is encouraging that there are a few among those bastards who still carry the flame of societal justice. This incident was not the first and it will not be the last. For those of us who can only cry from a distance for that man’s family who had to endure staring at the gory incident right in front of their eyes and inflicted by the very people who had known him all their lives, the grand display of holiness is bluff. Utterly disgusting and shameful.

          • 4

            India is a lost cause. It cannot be fixed. Ever.

            Therefore Mania Sekaran has chosen Sri Lanka to fix. Where the potential is unlimited. Being totally envious. He dreams of Sri Lankan citizenship.

            Perhaps we should be generous and offer it to Mania Sekaran as well. No big deal. We have already done so with 500 000 strong Indian Tamil Estate Workers. Unlike bureaucratic Indians, we are a liberal people, in general.

            A tiny and utterly hypocritical elite in India keeps a billion people Illiterate, unhygienic & poor. So that the elite can continue to have 50 butlers per upper class household.

            Of course, hypocrites of the middle class play along. Using religion and caste as tools. Middleclass calculates, they could also employ 50 butlers one sunny day, in their household.

            Whether Indian elites would ever pay their butlers a decent wage is matter for your imagination. Indians are masters of worst forms of exploitation on the planet.

            Question is how many butlers Mania Sekrarn would like to have in the future.


            • 0

              Hey bent hurt for a moment I thought you made a saner comments.. But bending back. May be old habits die hard, me thinking srilankan citizrndhip. My foot! I left US green card processing to come back to my land.Believe me no Tamils from TN would even prefer to visit as tourist there.. It is all your paranoid and maniac people who assume that you are on top of world. Our people silently grow thsts why even Google CEO is from TN while you silly people always roll in mud like dirty frogs and pigs thinking that’s the world.

          • 0

            NV, sorry missed your comments as here it is festival season. It is true that intolerance is growing among the two communities. I thought modi govt will be wise to go on economic reforms to uplift the millions who are downtrodden. But unfortunately his ministers fuel the rhetoric flame and leading to turbulent situation across India. We are all vehementally opposing. Only people from RSS sector is supporting. Not sure at this point whether Modi is condoning this. But there are clear signs he is unable to contain certain elements.

          • 0

            Thank you, dear Native. You not only do a service to the readership sharing with us your remarkable collection of educative material and records but also with your delightful responses. While India’s and Indians’ faults are many the dynamics within the free and plural societies of India, nursed by her ancient traditions, rooted in what is good and right gives modern democracy a new meaning and flavour. That is, I venture to suggest, may be the reason India marches forward despite its faults whereas societies based on religion and deplorable governance in the region are far behind – and, in many cases, economically backward and, often, in the process of disintegration.


    • 10

      What is your ISIS doing for Muslims teenage girls & boys ?

      Wash your dirt on your back before pointing your finger to others ok?

      In Syria it is possible to buy a 13 year Arab girl for USD 200- at ISIS boutique and these jokers are talking about Islam and Peace …

      • 2

        Ah Cholan

        Why dont you read your own hindu stories, how about Krishna the womaniser who goes around and entices young girls and molest even married women (Radha) and watch from behind bushes women bathing an ogling Voyeur.

    • 3

      Aiyo potta nauffer listen … and listen very carefully. UK, USA and Israel do not abduct suspects and then ask their relatives for ransom money.

    • 3

      There are may ‘if’s. It is the responsibility of lawful authorities to determine whether one is a terrorist or any other. No individual or group of individuals who are in some position should be given the liberty of deciding on the fate of any individual. If that is allowed it will create opportunities of take personal revenge. Let happens in other countries and other situations should not be an excuse to resort to abuses. What happens in Sri Lanka should be assessed according to the circumstances in Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      The main difference between the western governments or armed forces and third grade governments of third world countries is that the former admit wrongs and investigate the culprits and punish them whereas the latter claim until the last moment that ‘zero civilian casualties’. Unless the US instigated UNHRC resolutions forced Rajapakse governments to institute commissions to investigate the alleged war crimes and human rights violations and the voters woke up to reality in both elections white-van abductions would still continue with the culprits assured impunity.

      Not only these abductions and killings took place with the blessings of Rajapaksas but also in most cases on their orders. These murders also took place after the end of the war. The abductors became police, jury and judges and in most cases the truth might not be known unless the culprits confess to their guilt.

    • 0

      Another Butcher Wasantha Karnnagoda who killed innocent Tamil civilians.

  • 9

    All Far……T No Sh…….T again . Why CT is torturing the victims relatives and the readers and the contributors of CT?
    Just give us the good news when these buggers are caught , charged and put behind bars and thrown keys in the sea.
    Enough of it CT just cock and bull stories.

  • 22

    What lousy jokers!

    Is there any point in wearing fancy military decorations, when all you have done is conducting unlawful abductions and killings?

    Please strip both Karannagoda & Munasinghe of their misleading military titles.

    Let us call them Navy Wasantha and Navy Sampath. That way we can recognize them as common underground criminals. Rather than respected, highly decorated military officers.


    PS: Exactly under which law did “Navy Wasantha” operate holes in the ground? To incarcerate abducted citizens. What a repulsive practice.

    • 13

      Hi Ben H.

      “Exactly under which law did “Navy Wasantha” operate holes in the ground? To incarcerate abducted citizens. What a repulsive practice.”

      Thank you — and I am all the way with you on this condemnation and loathe for these brutes and maniacs, to say the least.

      However, we also need to realize that the buck does not stop there – it is impossible that these atrocities were conducted without the blessings, or more likely, the urging of even higher-level vile, inhumane monsters, namely the Kurunagala MP Mara and the once Defense secretary Gota!

    • 9

      A Commander with command responsibility is as culpable as Himmler was under Hitler. H was arraigned at Nuremberg and justice was meted out. So be it in SL.

      • 4


        When it comes to all the negative aspects of the war , MR and Gota are saints , they have got absolutely nothing to do with any of those atrocities , it’s all got to do with individuals , at the same time , is there any thing positive , of course both MR and Gota claims and reaps the benefits.
        it’s a done deal now , whether we like it or not , truth is going to come out soon , watch how MR and Gota going to wash their hands at the inquest.
        Booruwansa type illiterates can scream from the top of their lungs , no one can stop it now.

  • 16

    Very great and commendable on the part of the CID to have carried out the investigations so meticulously as to tell courts that the Navy has been criminal.

    IGP has courageously selected the best men for the best job! The citizenry can look forward to Police duties being carried out without fear or favour.

    CT has chosen an appropriate photo to depict venom and hatred in the unholy trinity. What is abundant in the heart, the faces portray.

  • 12

    Apart from those who were abducted for ransom many more were abducted and killed for opposing the Rajapaksas. One of the abductees was a tamil businessman from Colombo who dared to go to court to challenge his unlawful detention and torture by the so called security forces. He was never seen again. This abductiojn happened three years after the end of the war and had all the hallmarks of a state sponsored illegal act, many of which were done at the behest of Gota the barbarian, Defence Secretary of the previous regime.

    Pillayan, Kauna and Douglas were doing the dirty deeds for the state. It will be interesting to see what kind of deal Pillayan will cut to spill the beans on his masters.

  • 12

    This is not law enforcement but state sponsored terrorism. No wonder some of the key people involved in the war are stinking rich and have accumulated wealth for a few generations, pretty sure they will not be able to explain how they got rich.

    Sad for the country but the world is coming to know the real terrorists.

  • 3

    This are not violation of Human Rights??????????

    Magna Carta was dumped by the Pope in the Vatican rubbish bin in 1215.
    Today, that pathetic voice ferocious Human Rights Defender David Camergoon is on bended knees before the President of China for China’s Pounds 20b Investment in Brittain and the 50,000 jobs it will generate.
    President XI is hosted by the Queen & the Royalty is clicking glasses with President XI.
    Aiyo… aiyo… wal Aliyooo…. what have you done ????????????

    In the 16 hundreds, Irish were either killed or sold as slaves by Brittain who thereby reduced the irish population by 50%.
    Even before the black negores were sold for slavery, White Irish were sold for slavery by BRITTAIN.

    What are we discussing here. Lets by gones be bygoness.
    Let the Minority & majority community live in peace after that dreadful 30 years of way.
    We have suffered enough nothing can bring back life.

    • 3

      “What are we discussing here. Lets by gones be bygoness. Let the Minority & majority community live in peace after that dreadful 30 years of way. We have suffered enough nothing can bring back life.

      if one goes by your logic , past is past , no one can bring back the dead ones , so let’s move on , brilliant !
      it’s easy for you to utter such nonsense , because you happened to be a beneficiary not a victim , what we majority Sri Lankan people need is , thorough examination and scrutinization of each and every crime committed by the then ruling junta( under the pretext of eradicating terrorism panacea ), as to who actually authorised and who carried out those despicable deeds . as for Irish history lesson , no thanks , we already know the history.

  • 2

    Tamils(?) or Tamil terrorists(?)were abducted in Colombo end-up in Navy camp? Go back in time and remember what these terrorist were doing in Colombo, exploding bombs, carrying out suicide attacks mostly at innocent people including women and children. Over 150 got killed at central bank alone. So what else to do, let them to continue brutal murders or be proactive. Any responsible government has to do what the SL government did.

    On the other hand, where the abducted Sinhales, Muslims and innocent Tamils were end-up. The Tamils children were kidnapped and brain washed and sent to fight the war and rest were used as suicide bombers. Both Sinhalese and Muslims were murdered.

    May be LTTE terror should not have ended. Then there won’t be any UNHR resolutions or war crime issues. If MR addressed all those issues proactively we won’t be where we are today. He should take responsibility for it. Some of the people who writes criticizing the preemptive actions of the governemnt, most likely supporters of the terrorists. If any individual in the arm forces, intentionally have harmed Tamils with no reasons, they should be punished full extent of the law. Fairness and justice have to be same for all.

    • 6

      “If any individual in the arm forces, intentionally have harmed Tamils with no reasons, they should be punished full extent of the law. Fairness and justice have to be same for all.”

      That is what we are talking here !

    • 4

      According to you Sinhalese the world is all Tamil Terror supporters, Navi Pillay is that, Ban Ki Moon is that, the whole western world is that, Obama is that however China is not that and Russia is not that. The bloody Tamil diaspora that is screwing this country is “buggers”, but haven’t you ever realized with that small brain of yours that the diaspora is one created by Sinhalese themselves. The repeated riots of 1915, 1956,1958, 1977, 1983 and the big bang of 2009 where thousands of Tamil homes were burnt, businesses torched, looted, killed and injured were forced to flee the country for their survival is now this diaspora. Do you believe if I were to tell you that in 1983 riots, even hospitals with pre-dominant Sinhalese health workers refused to treat innocent Tamil injured victims; and do you still claim Sinhalese are Buddhists? Now who has buggered and who is the bugger in this?

      These were all criminal acts committed by ordinary Sinhalese with state sponsorship. State sponsorship bcos absolutely none of the perpetrators in these incidents were identified, arrested and sentenced. Now you tell me historically who is racist, Sinhalese or Tamils?

      Those massacres of Sinhalese in Dollar / Kent Farms were certainly done by the LTTE, and that is the reason why the LTTE was classified as a terrorist organization the world over. The world supported the elimination of the LTTE for that reason. However, a democratically elected government cannot behave in the same manner as terrorists on her own minority citizens. While the LTTE comprises of Tamils, all Tamils are not LTTE. This is the fundamental mistake and folly of the Sinhalese and their racist leaders. Even Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew has termed Rajapakse as a racist.
      Human rights abuses happen in other countries, true, but those countries have exemplary leadership, justice and political systems to investigate such criminality committed by the State and punish the perpetrators in a transparent, honest and independent manner and provide reconciliation to the victims. Sri Lanka unfortunately has a horrible record on State Terrorism and cover-ups. This is a country where a international leader was attacked by the same soldier who was giving that leader a Guard of Honor and the perpetrator Wijemini was considered a hero. This is a country that provided a hero’s welcome to Sepala when he hijacked Alitalia flight to Sri Lanka. The Jaffna Library (one of the best in Asia) was burnt down as a punishment to Jaffna Tamils and organized by some of the highest Sinhalese political and armed forces persons. Did you ever see any investigation or justice for that? The records are endless as well as the shame. Even today, we read an extra judicial killing organized by the Police on some suspects who murdered a policemen. You are talking about 600 policemen killed in cold blood by the LTTE in Baticoloa, but you fail to mention that the main suspect and perpetrator of this act Karuna Amman is now a senior government member with the Sinhalese government.
      While the terrorist acts and abuses of the terrorist group LTTE needs to be investigated and punished, it is more important to investigate and also punish terrorism and human rights abuses by the Sri Lanka government specifically under the Rajapakse regime where credible evidence has surfaced on genocide of mass murder of Tamils. The Sinhalese need to be given a strong message that their historical arrogance and impunity of criminality and arrogance towards minorities needs to completely stop and held accountable.

  • 2

    Have anyone noticed that it is the “bodyguard” or “bodyguards” who do all the dirty work for these thugs?? The best thing is, institute a Parliamentary Act that politicos, armed forces and police personal may have only ONE “bodyguard” and perhaps a driver for their vehicle. Just think! We the tax-payers will save so much and we will not spend so much to send the cops after them and initiate judicial action. Mrs. B., JRJ and those prior to them had only an armed police-driver.

    • 3

      In the late 1980s I worked closely with Sarvodaya’s Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne (Dr.A) towards healing the wounds between the two major communities. In a meeting both of us attended in Colombo the Sarvodaya leader, in his talk, referred to the then emerging phenomena of “Security Guards” (SGs) of politicians who were then becoming a law unto themselves. This was in reference to a Customs Auction of Dr. A was present. These SGs rudely chased away or intimidated all other potential bidders to leave and ensured their “boss” – a politician who was nothing but a rogue and thug – was the successful winner. Dr. A prophetically warned this growing menace will go out to harm all the good the county so far benefited from good governance. He was referring to the growing political culture of muscle men – with guns. Much water has flowed down the river since then and these SGs have now become an ugly sore in the body politic of the country. They are, regrettably, now part of every politician’s physical make-up.

      If we are to rid the country from the many evils that have gone out to pollute our once tranquil political culture, these sub-humans must be got rid of first. As an Indian Judge recently asked “why do politicians require such numbers of Security Guards if they believe they are popular with the people. Who are they trying to protect themselves from?” The sooner these zombies are weeded out of our public life the better for all of us.


  • 4

    A day will come when all the sinhalese bombed out from the country. Only muslims should rule the world.

  • 8

    The above picture tells a lot.
    Sengodan. M

  • 5

    Even under the government committed to good governance (yahapalayanaya) the sharks are getting away and only the sprats are netted by the long arm of the law. Pillayan alias Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan was arrested by the police as the person who engineered the murder of Raviraj and Pararajasingham, both TNA ex MPs. It transpired at the inquiry the weapon used to kill Raviraj was handed over to him by a naval officer. Five naval officers are also under arrest in connection with the same murder. Pillayan also supposed to have told the investigators, he was asked by Mahinda Rajapaksa to bump off president Sirisena when he is in Polonnaruwa district. Pillayan found it the place too risky so he has suggested Colombo as the venue. The one factor that stands out is that these murders must have been committed with the knowledge of both Mahinda Rajapaksa who was the then Defence Minister and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who was the then powerful defence secretary. But the government is scared to arrest any of them; it is going after soft targets like Pillayan. People are losing faith in both president Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe for the lacklustre performance of the police as well as Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID).

  • 5

    whoever they are/were whether innocent, LTTE, Suicide bombers or criminals you don’t have right to abduct and kill. you must bring them to court of law and prove their guilty if so …it seems that small fish is going to be punished ….

  • 5

    Pillaiyan and Karannagoda appear to be operating on the same wavelength and Frequency.

  • 6

    We are just a very sad , sick society. We have lost all moral guidance.

    Lets all flee to the west like everybody else seems to be doing,

    At least they seem to have a grasp of things !

  • 5

    A picture that says a thousand words.

    Is Sampath Munasinghe under arrest ?

  • 4

    Wasantha Karannagoda is a Butcher of Mullivaikkal, who brutally killed innocent Tamil civilians including White flag surrendered LTTE members during the end of the war in may 2009.

    Let Justice prevail and those responsible should be brought to trial and punished for their inhuman man slaughter.

  • 0

    These white van abductions carried out by the personal bodyguard of the former Navy Commander were carried out as commanded by the former Navy Commander. Who gave the orders to the former Navy Commander?

    I hope the present investigations will reveal who was behind these White Van abductions!

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