19 May, 2022


Govt. Would Not Hesitate To Punish Gota: Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told parliament yesterday that despite reports to the contrary, the Attorney General was not obstructing investigations into the Avant Garde case.

The Premier said; on the AG’s advise a current probe by the CID was focusing on whether the Avant Garde Company had committed any offence under the Money Laundering Act.

2104Ranil wickramasinghe_2JWickremesinghe in response to a question raised by the Chief whip cum JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake on the controversial Avant Garde case, said that the government was not trying to sweep it under the carpet.

Instead, the Premier promised that the government will do its utmost to bring perpetrators to book, if any offence has been committed.

Explaining matters further, the Premier noted that the Defence Ministry has documents to prove that in September 2012 the then Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa had given approval to maintain a floating armoury in international waters, but not a floating armoury at the Galle Port.

 The Premier admitted that most of the firearms found inside the floating armoury in Galle Port did not have local licenses issued by the Defence Ministry and instead they had foreign serial numbers.

He went on to say that firearms found within the country’s territory should contain a valid license issued by the Defence Secretary under the Firearms Ordinance.

However, the Premier failed to explain why the AG had instructed the CID to probe the Avant Garde case under the money laundering act while discarding possible violations of the firearms ordinance, if the weapons found at the floating armoury at Galle port did not have valid local licenses.

Despite this fact the Premier went on to say that the government would not hesitate to punish anyone including the former Defence Secretary if found guilty to any wrongdoing.

The Premier also noted that there was no documentary evidence to suggest that the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Nigeria ASP Liyanage had facilitated the signing of an agreement between the Avant Garde Company and a Nigerian weapons Company.

 As the Avant Garde was a private company, the government had no reports of its financial activities. According to an agreement reached between Rakna Arakshaka Lanka and Avant Garde Company, 50 percent of the profits have to go to Rakna Arakshaka Lanka.

 According to this agreement there is a pending payment of Rs. 470 million to Rakna lanka from Avant Garde, the Premier revealed.

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Latest comments

  • 14

    Who will need punishment to them, [Edited out] rajapaksa thugs.

    • 11

      Ranil is not honest,

      why does he say Govt. won’t hesitate to punish Gota ?

      It’s a damn excuse , Just Walk the Talk

      Just let Attorney General arrest him over Fire Arms act & it’s not even bailable, he would rot in jail

      But Ranil interfered AG’s independent action & prevented Gota arrest,

      Now talking nonsense

      Ranil should know we are not FOOLS or IDIOTS , perhaps more intelligent than Ranil himself.

      • 2

        “Ranil should know we are not FOOLS or IDIOTS , perhaps more intelligent than Ranil himself”
        How could he possibly know?you voted for him,so he treats you accordingly!

    • 4

      I respect Ranil and My3 but them to allow Wimal Buruwanse to leave for abroad today is not acceptable. If the kind of issue was the case before any german parliamentarians, months will take to investigate and give a verdict- abusing passports – is the all known issue before Wimal family – but to allow him to go to anywhere out of the Island shoudl be respected by any one who respects laws. Mitigation of law and order should NOT be allowed for anyone.

      • 0

        Typo.should NOT be respected by anyone.

  • 23

    We need to culprits punished, enough talking about it

    • 17

      Talking about it is a process to delay justice – RW is well versed in such tactics!

      Under the Firearm Act, these culprits could have been remanded on the spot and not bailable?

      Knowing this, they have jointly shifted it to Money laundering – an issue that cannot
      re resolved easily and will give those involved enough time to drag the case with the
      known black-coats who are paid in millions for this purpose. So RANIL is also an

      JVP is only taking advantage of the politics it can play on such issues – nothing more.

      • 5

        Punchinilame ,

        Don’t blame Ranil or MY3 on these unresolved matters , neither MY3 nor Ranil would interfere in law & order matters , according to Suhada Gamlath ,he ,who is the solicitor general at AG department, had prevented Gota being arrested , he is the main culprit beside AG, pulling the stings. this Suhada Gamlath character was in the inner circle of the Mafia king and he would go extra mile to save his former bosses. he was on a live TV programme the other day , then FM SF called and lambasted at him for misleading the public , then this Gamlath character got very defensive and started defending AG’ s and his actions.
        basically nothing can be done unless MY3 and Ranil duo do some thing about these undesirable characters.

        • 4

          these people have fully forgotten how we had been before 8th of Jan.

          I ask why the ilk cant see it right today. That bugger Kodikara went against police and the following day itself, he was arrested and brought before the court and warned him adequately. Just because he was one another finger of MR – police was not backward to react accordingly. Was that the case at the time, MR and his thugs ruled the nation ?
          Remember UNP fact finding mission was visting Hambantota.. they were physically attacked buy hired thugs…police stayed as if they were fed with kirimati… no reaction was there. Even Marfia king defended those thugs publicly. Ajith Perera was physcially and verbally attacked by those thugs. Go to U tube and check it for you guys… Today, almost 75% of justice is safeguarded.. but these guys cant see it .. since they wered used to see otherway around.

          • 3


            Don’t forget we had a Dudley before Ranil and My3
            and what happened soon after him, up until now?
            Dudley was not a role model for JRJ, mainly
            because Dudley’s successors behaved worse than
            before and even jeered when lost Dudley came to
            parliament. You think Ranil My3 combo will create
            history ? Ranil is in power not by popularity but
            by his game plan. After twenty years of UPFA
            control, UNP still knew that it can not win and
            the game plan launched .My3 Ranil combo formed.
            Previous regime was SLFP led UPFA coalition and
            all those who took part in the regime for well
            over twenty years had a collective responsibility
            either to protect the regime or to disown it. Non
            did nothing until the RIGHT TIME FOR THEM arrived
            with the miraculous Ranil giving up for saviour My3
            flanked by the ilk of great Buddha’s followers
            like Rathana Thero and Rajitha lot. Rowdism is
            jubilantly ruling the opposition,the tomorrow’s
            govt.You think they will change? Going to be My3
            Ranil followers ? Believe me the combo is playing
            a safe game.

            • 0

              Dont you think that the long held war left a vaccum of leaders in the country. U may be right. Ranil is not hard enoug to be the country s leader of the day. We need sorta guys that would rigouroulsy impose laws against and illegal activities regardless of the size. The world war is over, Germany s broad thinkers made the plan even today th enation would have no idea how they architected it. To each and every step being taken by any citizen of german soil – there is a law – privions of laws – it is like the paragraphss of A religous book they the makers have done it already at that time. That has worked for the germany s rise after the war is over.
              In the same manner we need leaders that would do good things th ename of the nation- but in a rigorous manner, law should be equal to any one regardless of the status. Tihs is being practised in China or other countries too, only success is being seen. Oour people are not civlized enoug to see it right – so only way out would be a lawful administation that work for everyone equally.

            • 1

              The major reason for the downfall of MR was his idea of succession by NR.
              The seniors of the SLFP naturally did a Brutus on that and that played right in to RW(US/Ind)game plan.
              It was not smart by MR’s standards to entertain such an idea and actions of Brutus’s were utterly.utterly stupid.

    • 9

      Wow, look how this guy has got powerful! Now we can hear him speak.

      Like Udaya Gammanpila said, this guy is behaving like “the begger who won the lottery”. His head is swolen beyond recognition.

      But does he have the backbone to carry it? Time will show.

      • 4

        who is gommmanpila.. who knows nothing but to be nationatlistc… if you the ilk respect him – there is no future for this country. For us, Ranil or My3 haave not changed themselves an inch. I see the Same Ranil who respect law and order even today. My3 said it and keep it, him being away from the ruling letting PM to serve the nation. You buggers cant see it clearly until you guys wear the right specs.

        • 1

          Very clever Samare! You seem to be wearing the right specs.

          Let us give you some facts:

          Rajapakse nepotism bad – Ravi jayawardena, Suren Ratwatte, Kumarasinghe Sirisena, Dammika Ranathunga apoointments are good, no nepotism there?

          Rajapakse family rule is bad- Dudley Sirisena arranging meetings for My3, like with Prasanna Ranathunga and the Chinese is good. His son, daughter using governments funds to go within and outside the country is not family rule?

          Rajapakse anti-democratic – Sirisena appointing the rogues who were kicked out by voters back to paliament is good?

          No time to list them all. But by the looks of things, you are wearing your specs on the backside.

          Think moron!

          • 2

            You guys cant expect any kind of lanken state to react the way Germany or other nations would do. It takes decades until we could ever reach the levels of devleoped nation- civilized nations. At the time, Ranil and My3 took the office, what was not deteriorated inthe country. You guys stayed as if you were fed with kirimati – for not having any other options.Today you are given a chance to express yourself (if not fully to some extent). But instead of seeing it impartially to side by corrupted bunch run by idiotic men of the nation- is a greater curse as anyone with a bird brain would feel. As we know Nepatism is abusing power of the state heads unusually when appointing guys for any areas. I really dont think that unqualified ones have now been appointed by the current office as had been the case before the Jan 8th. There is a problem – that you guys would nt see it clearly, this country has no well trained professionals in some areas – there you need to consider all the options. Just because President daughter spoke publicly or his son was mistakenly accompnied the father to the UN assembly – you cant fully accused him of being part of nepotists.

            • 1

              Samare,there is a TV channel called RT.Try and watch it for a few hours at least to find out what really is happening in the countries you call developed.
              And do you really believe what you are saying?his son mistakenly taken to New york!

        • 3

          Please folks – dont allow the like to be bred anymore.

          Suffice to have Wimal Buruwanse and Gommanpila – more of less their genetics are mixed with all kind of racial feelings. Both would never allow acceptance of us all being srilankens. Gommanpila would do anything to stand on the way- as was the case occured in the multi party gathering. This man is a sick person to argue in his unique manner. He is shameless bugger born to add fertilizers to those of street boy – Wimal Buruwasne. So long we will have these both et al – nothing will be easy to convince the nation marching for sustainable solutions for the long lagged ethnic issue of the country.

  • 5

    There you go…

    Batalanada Ranil punished the whole Military Intelligence Unit while they were fast a sleep.

    Even without the help of the CID or his F******CID .,

    Because Batalanada couldn’t give his mate Pirahaparan his Eelaam..

    Isn’t it a surprise that Batalanada would love to get Got now to please Suren Surendran , UNP London and the Vellala clan in Colombo..

    • 14

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      Was Gota preparing for an armed people uprising in the event of capitalists taking over the entire universe?

      Now he has lost all those illegal storage of arms and ammunitions will he now use coca cola bottles to manufacture Molotov cocktail?


      Molotov cocktail

      a crude incendiary device typically consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and with a means of ignition.

      • 0

        Native,being an able and knowledgeable debator please don’t lower yourself to the level of the LTTE rump by calling names.

  • 21

    Then at least get Gota to shut his mouth as he shoots it off thinking he is still in power. The Rajapakse’s have great skill on how to appeal to the masses with their useless talk which has no bearing in educated and mature societies but to the poor villagers they are words of truth and wisdom. It is only we who know that the Rajapakse’s talk copy cock!!! They are nothing but down right liers, rogues and murderers of every ethnic kind found in SL including their own.

  • 29

    From what i see i think the Government is doing a huge cover up to keep Gota safe….

    From what i read there is already a grave violation of keeping unlicensed arms
    in territorial land of Sri lanka and that
    in itself is good enough to these crooks behind bars.

    Most of all If this profit making venture was initially set up by the defence forces , why on earth was this transferred to a private venture half way through and the state only enjoys 50% of the profits .

    The private owner is Mara stooge ( Infact his body Guard ) . Transfer of this in itself tantamounts to a fraud and this has to be taken back by the state ( How Sri lanka Insurance was taken back from Harry J ) . The people who orchestrated this deal have to be hauled up before courts.

    If RW can’t see through this ,all excuses he is giving will reduce his votes come what may the next election .
    8 votes will go from my family alone.

    • 5

      Ranil cannot keep G O T A under his cover for long. The web newws today traces his involvement in M U R D ER as follows:

      “Is Toussaint the hired assassin of Gotabaya and Karuna Amman had been responsible for the 16 murders, all tamils :
      MPs Raviraj and Joseph Pararajasingham
      Chandrabos Sudaharan , a journalist of Neelam magazine
      Aiyathurai Nadesan , a reporter of Virakesari
      Batticaloa district ex M.P. Savundranayagam
      Trincomalee TNA chairman , Wanniasingham Vigneswaran
      Batticaloa district secretary S.S Jeganathan
      Amparai ex M.P. Chandraneru
      Chandramohan and Shanmugalingam , the two Red Cross members who were abducted at Fort”

      Fabian Royster Toussaint is said to be hiding in Sydney?

    • 0

      You have got your facts some what mixed up my friend.
      SL navy was patroling the international waters agaist Somalian pirates but were not providing security to merchant ships individually.
      Several private companies provided individual security to ships by providing them with armed sea marshals on board and Avant Garde was just one of them. Unfortunately for them,they were based on Galle port, which was the most suitable spot for the job but some sharks in the jahapalana gov.ruined it for the benefit of their international competitors,of course for handsome rewards.

  • 18

    Gota or anyone who went high crimes should be punished – Basta. Gotas state should be no better than that of Welesuda if he really did high crimes.
    These buggers and their et als did all kind of crimes -which are not becoming aware to the public.

  • 26

    Mr. Prime Minister,

    With all due respect, actions speak louder than words.

    I thank you for the tiny progress we have made so far. Though far below expectations. It is still progress.

    Please inform the nation, who gave the orders to massacre nearly 30 inmates at Welikada Prison?

    In the middle of our capital city. In broad light and in the dark of night. One by one. Pure execution style. Who is the blood thirsty killer? Is that person above the law?

    Why is it so difficult to conclude an investigation into such a ghastly crime? Committed while the whole nation was watching.

    Who is protecting who? Why?


    • 19

      Ben Hurling

      As a religious duty Humanistas have to keep reminding the country and the world about the recurring human suffering in the name of protecting non existent sovereignty..

      Now the war crimes investigation that many wanted buried under patriotic lies has surfaced again. It should not stop here must go back to 5th April 1971.

      Hope you agree with rest of the Humanistas.

    • 0

      “I thank you for the tiny progress we have made so far. Though far below expectations. It is still progress”
      Progress,progress what progress…..whachtareyoutalkinabout?
      It also will be useful to find out who opened the prisons armoury for the rioting prisoners!

  • 20

    Kudos Ranil, for talking like a real man.

    GOTA should not be above law. If MARA/GOTA duo could indict Our Valiant General Sarath Fonseka on trumped up charges, who was in the battle front fighting and winning the war for us all Sri Lankans, there is no reason as to why GOTA should not be punished for crimes he has committed with evidence. There is not one, there may be a plenty, which will definitely include abductions and murders too.

    The interested parties will try to placate the gullible masses, saying this too is an international conspiracy.

    Our Nation was so ungrateful to our General, when he was dragged like a dog by these morons and now they don’t have the moral right to protest when real Murderers and Plunderers are punished for their crimes.They had five long years to mend their ways, but never cared two hoots for the rule of law.

    Now it is retribution time and no men or women with a sane mind will stand on it’s way, except the material benefactors of MARA FAMILY LOOT.

    • 4


      “Kudos Ranil, for talking like a real man.”

      Talk is cheap

    • 0

      “Kudos Ranil, for talking like a real man”

      Just wondering what Ansar meant by REAL MAN? Isn’t he/she/??

  • 0

    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 8

    Ranil Wickremasinghe Rajapakse should be this man’s real name. Probably, a family connection somewhere in Hambantota??

    Possession of Unlicensed weapons in Sri Lanka is a crime ONLY if it found with the known petty thugs. These Royal family members can an UNLICENSED Armoury and it is still acceptable.

    Come on Mr. PM, you don’t have to help your brethren so much. You are occupying that lofty seat in Parliament ONLY because of the votes of the right thinking Sri Lankans.

    In fact you are the servant of the folks who brought you to that seat. Now serve them PLEASE.

  • 11

    Got is safe under Ranil. Gota is also safe with AG dept.

    Don’t worry. He will never be brought to justice.

    Welcome to SL politics.

  • 7

    ” The Premier went on to say that the government would not hesitate to punish anyone including the former Defence Secretary if found guilty to any wrongdoing”.

    So what’s holding up the arrests of the crooks in parliament and the kudu importers and known murderers?

    Let’s have some action instead of the meaningless talk we have had from Yahapalanaya in place of their pre-election promises.

    • 5

      Half Truths is the stock in trade of all Politicians. Ranil practices this to a fine art.

  • 4

    The replies tabled in Parliament clearly indicated that there were serious violations of various legal provisions relation to this floating armoury. It is now clear that the report submitted by the ASG to AG was correct and AG for some reason failed to initiate action on the basis recommended in that report. Not only that, at a recent TV (Sirasa-Satana) programme, the former President of the BAR and presently the Chairman of the Securities Commission, explained and stated that the AG referred that report of ASG to two other senior ASG with over thirty years experience in the Department, who both confirmed their agreement with the recommendations of the ASG. Then the BIG QUESTION now is: WHY DID AND ON WHAT REASONS THE AG DECIDED TO REJECT THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THREE ASG AND DIRECT THE INVESTIGATION ON A DIFFERENT ISSUE? Can the Prime Minister answer that question? He has completely “shelved” that aspect from the answer and goes to confirm the “different direction” the Investigation has been now launched. I know how to explain this stand in my own village style, but refrain to do so, because the language of it is not that decent.

    According to the legal personnel participated at that programme, including the spokesman of the Police, stated that this type of armoury must only be stationed in Colombo and the law is very clear on that. Then why did AG fail to see that provision. Also it was brought to the notice of the viewers that there were 3000 weapon without licenses and 700000 rounds of live ammunition without any identification numbers. So why AG cannot institute legal action in terms of Fire Arms Act? It is now clear that both the PM and AG are trying to “MISDIRECT” the Investigation so that the benefit of the DOUBT will be given to the SIX PERSONS to be taken into custody.

    Next question: What was the timing of this Armoury being brought to Galle Harbour, whereas, it should have been stationed in Colombo Port, with such a large stock of “illegal” weapons? IT WAS ELECTION TIME?
    That is why the ASG recommended action on the “Anti Terrorism Law”. Was the Prime Minister not informed that “Three ASG agreed and recommended the arrest of six person including the ex Secretary to Defense, Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse. It is in the public domain that the AG consulted the PM on that recommendation of the arrests and he instructed not to do so, because that would bring unrest in the country. Mr. Prime Minister, do you refute that? Please come clear on that story too, as otherwise, we can clearly lay the entire blame on AG.

    I challenge the MPs Wima, Dinesh, Vasu and Gammanpila and Somavansa, to go round the country and organize “Public Awareness” meetings on this Avan Gard and Rakna Lanka “Gillmarts”, because that involves Public Safety, Blatant Violations of country’s security laws etc. That aspect of Public Awareness relating to our own safety is much more important to us than this Geneva “Gillmart” you all have created from the beginning to the end. I hope to see you all participating at the Parliamentary debate on this matter that which is now called by the Opposition Whip – Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake. Please demand for that debate. Then you can show your patriotism.

  • 11

    Ranil, hang the Jarapassa brothers without bullshitting to the media.

  • 1


    Ane pow Gota.

    Please don’t harm or humiliate Gota. He is a national hero. Give in the due respect.

    Work with him on your nation building agenda. He did not kill the innocent Tamils and only killed the terrorists. As Maxwell says civilian deaths are the product of the LTTE.

    I am working hard in London to organise a massive protest against PM Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK.

  • 11


    So far all what you and M3 have done is proving the point that “Talk is cheap!”

    If you are earnest, you have ample opportunities to show it by action – you have enough and credible evidence on multiple events where Rajapaksas are so deeply, sordidly and unquestionably implicated – why no objective action so far, a long ten months into your leadership?

    Also, not just Rajapaksa Family and his obnoxious and vile commanders of the forces, crony judges and filthy money-rollers who had all teamed up to bring the country to the dogs for their selfish dreams, but also their educated, conscience-less co-conspirators such as Dayan, Rajiva, GL who knowingly sold inexcusable lies to ill informed and unsuspecting internationals that allowed the regime to arrogantly and callously swell up to be such a monstrous one!

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 5

    Ranil’s parliament is full of thieves, criminals. Ranil’s right man, left hand man and every one else is theif or a criminal.

    For decades, Ranil has supported criminals both out side and inside the parliament. So, he himself can be prosecuted for that.

    So, it is who decides on what.

  • 0

    “Like Udaya Gammanpila said, this guy is behaving like “the begger who won the lottery”. His head is swolen beyond recognition.”

    This ponnaya quoting RW is attempting to get into the shoes of MR on the instructions of the Americans to impress his set of buffaloes and to subdue the Opposition.
    His arrogant lamissi talk has not taken hin nowhere.
    Walk the talk Ranil.
    All this well and good…. Ravi.K crying with no money& on the weight of Chinese loans. better get the Port City get going sats & handover that block demarcated by them and get all loans waived.

    “conscience-less co-conspirators such as Dayan, Rajiva, GL who knowingly sold inexcusable lies to ill informed and unsuspecting internationals that allowed the regime to arrogantly and callously swell up to be such a monstrous one!” Kumar.R
    This is nothing compared to the lie of that war veteran COLIN POWELL placed before the UN to invade Iraq.
    Dayan, rajiv, GL should be pardoned 70×7 times.

  • 2

    Early morning of the 9th of January this year Ranil Wickramasinghe met the deposed president Mahinda Rajapaksa at Araliyagaha Mandiraya and made a deal to protect the Rajapaksas as Rajapaksa protected Ranil for him to keep the opposition leader post indefinitely which was challenged so many times in the past. It has been reported that the cctv footage of the 8th and 9th of January has been deleted and the Judge has asked the CID to recover the deleted footage so that there is important evidence could be found regarding the coup, as well. As such, Ranil with the approval of Sirisena will never allow Rajapaksas be prosecuted and hanged.

  • 1

    If GOta engaged in Money Laundering or he kept his eyes closed when his subordinates engaged in money laundering, he should be punished.

    But, Ranil should apply the same rule to Every one else.

    Arresting Mahinda Rajapakse or Namal Rajapkse is different.

    I am pretty sure, Ranil will not do that.

  • 2

    What a joke we are and always have been.

    We are simply primitive. We have no rule of law, no code of conduct, and absolutely no manners. And yet we are so quick to look down at foreigners.

    We should all hold up a mirror and take a long hard look at ourselves.

    And if you like what you see, then Sri Lanka today is definitely the paradise that you deserve.

  • 1

    The good and the bad. Gota good far exceeds his bad. A suspended setance can be passed now on his pleading guilty. The only problem was the legistlature was not enacted.

  • 2

    Ranil you a chicken a&$%!!!. Your a weak spirit. Thank you for %#@#&/)(&$ up the party!!. Hell has a special place for your pathetic spineless corrupt a&$%. Good luck with the karma.

  • 0

    Ranil W….. has more criminal charges and violation of Human Rights by since 1977 to 1994.It has not been address by any Human Rights Commission or any other outfits and law enforcement authority since now by our land!

    Sooner or later that RW of UNP has to face this anti-democratic charges in law of Land.

    RW has no way to escape from punishment of history! That crime committed by your past need to redress by democratic Government.

    • 0

      Wrong!Batalnda commssion recommended that Ranils civic rights be suspended but cousin ‘choura ragina’ was not interested.

  • 1

    Can you just imagine the plight of a poor guy who seeks employment for his living faces a problem of this nature. Yahapalana?

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