19 July, 2024


Tamils Lacks Political Leadership

By TU Senan

TU Senan

TU Senan

The TNA chiefs are looking for a stunt of some sort to defend their sustained inertia in the context of a profound need for clear leadership for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Of course, the current regime complies – its continued repression of some TNA leaders provides opportunities for them to escape their responsibility. In fact, the TNA leaders intended to keep to the TULF tradition of supporting the right-wing UNP candidate. However, this was spoiled by Maithiripala Srisena’s announcement as an opposition candidate.

Prior to the election announcement, the TNA put time and effort into convincing a section of the diaspora leadership to support the UNP. TNA leaders met some diaspora leaders in a not-so secret meeting in the US. It was made clear that the TNA leaders were ready to compromise on key demands, including the demand for the right to self-determination, and that this was not just a strategy but a political stand that they are taking. Sadly for them, the diaspora organisations are still to the left of the right-wing TNA leadership and refused to give into all that was demanded.

A section of the TNA who dare to speak out are supressed by the TNA leaders. The current leadership spent more time manoeuvring against their opposition within the TNA than actually developing a political strategy to advance the right of Tamils. Creating illusions in the Indian government and western governments is their only consistent policy. This serves no purpose other than to transform them into a tool of the west and India depite the claims that they propagate among Tamils in the North and East – that the west and India are coming to support the Tamils’ cause.

In fact, we are fortunate to have a candidate like Siritunga Jayasuriya who is clearly putting forward the demand of right to self-determination of Tamils – including separation.

In fact, we are fortunate to have a candidate like Siritunga Jayasuriya who is clearly putting forward the demand of right to self-determination of Tamils – including separation.

The TNA also have their right-wing allies in the diaspora. Soon after Maithiri entered the opposition scene, some of the diaspora leaders went into paralysis. To this day they are debating ‘what to do’. This section’s pathetic position can be summarised by the following doleful statement from one TGTE personality:

“Please wait for the leaders of the TNA to make an announcement about the party’s decision. Thereafter please obtain the prior approval from the Prime Minister and make a final and decisive announcement through your foreign affairs ministry”.

Such is the juvenile politics that we at times have to deal with in the diaspora. This fight about what to do is not settled yet and is likely to continue through to the day of the election. Mahinda’s cunning plan, of providing so little time for opposition campaigners, also worked in favour of those who want to remain inert. Even if the TNA makes a statement, there will not be enough time to campaign on it.

The Tamil vote is key in the coming election. Using the opportunity – a little break from the repression that is experienced during the election times – the TNA could have worked to mobilise the Tamil masses, not just to take a principled position in the coming election, but also to carry it through after the election.

On this they are a miserable failure. They don’t have any perspective to offer leadership to the struggle of Tamils. If democratic rights are allowed, there is no doubt that the TNA will splinter. The TNA leadership know this. Hence it has invested time in side-lining any possible oppositions and strengthening its right-wing base, recruiting and promoting a clique that includes the likes of Sumanthiran, Wigneswaran, etc.

Why can’t they demand the abolition of the constitution and call for the establishment of a constituent assembly? Why can’t they, at least in words, defend the Tamils’ right to self-determination? Why can’t they put forward the demands to improve the socio-economic situation for all – such as nationalisation of the commanding heights of the economy, including defending free education and health, etc? They don’t share the same conviction as the majority of us who are seeking to end all oppression. Their political ability and ambition is limited to petty games of trying to manoeuvre among governments – which themselves have abominable records of respecting or defending the rights of ordinary people. The TNA leadership call this “Rajathanthiram”- diplomacy.

There are some sections talking about a ‘boycott’, as though this will somehow enhance the struggle. Staying away may help them to maintain their ‘purity’ of Tamil nationalism but in no way will it contribute towards building the struggle. In fact, they are instead merely boycotting their historic responsibility to provide leadership.

Assuming there is no candidate in the election who represents the oppressed masses can only be interpreted as an act of wilful myopia at best, if not outright deception. In fact, we are fortunate to have a candidate like Siritunga Jayasuriya who is clearly putting forward the demand of right to self-determination of Tamils – including separation. His candidacy calls for the withdrawal of the army from the north east; the release of all political prisoners, and many other demands which would enormously advance the situation facing the Tamil masses. He takes this further, offering a future worth fighting for to all who suffer repression, exploitation, poverty, and inequality – he stands on socialist programme of defending public services, living conditions, and all rights, etc.

Siri has little chance of winning this presidential election but his candidacy an opportunity to express the changes the masses hope for and the idea of mass struggle of ordinary people to bring about an end to the misery of the current regime.

Why can’t Tamils register their protest vote by supporting him? Why have the TNA leaders failed to even acknowledge such a candidate is standing in the election? We must begin to understand the class character of the TNA leadership and their inability to provide leadership to the struggle to win our rights.

We should support those like Siri who have maintained a principled programme. Even more so, the election should be used as a spur to mass debate and discussion on how to build an effective and mass opposition to the brutal southern regimes and for a future of rights for all.

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    So you think putting Siritunga Jayasuriya as candidate for the Tamils that can represent the Tamils at winning polls?

    I don’t think so and this is never going to happen. Supporting Maithripala is only convincing for the Tamils and if they supported Maithripala there will be an opportunity to negotiate the issues with the UNP-led Government and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe will have full ability to negotiate with permission from the head of state.

    UNP cannot deal with the tamils during the election campaigning, As the UNP has suffered huge loss in 2010 which resulted Sarath Fonseka’s key role in war that has been removed unanticipatedly and landed him in Jail. This because he had negotiated with the Tamils for their rights which the Sinhala-Buddhist revoked it.

    If anyone in Tamils that knows this experiences, they will know the strategic plan of UNP to overthrow the incumbent President. The mainly important is that Maithripala is trying to satisfy the Buddhist vote bases which he can easily breakaway from the incumbent President as i have see on the statistics that calculated almost of 25% (Sinhala) of existing supporters from incumbent President’s vote base chooses to vote for Maithripala.

    If anyone knows this idea, please advise your leaders in North or East!

    • 4

      There is hardly any difference in boycotting the election or spoiling the vote or voting for anybody else other than the two main candidates. The final outcome of doing any of these will only help the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapakshe to win again. In other words, the curse will continue for another 6 years and the Tamils will have to live under the military dictatorship for 6 more years.

    • 5

      ” Supporting Maithripala is only convincing for the Tamils and if they supported Maithripala there will be a n opportunity to negotiate…..”

      Negotiate? Negotiate,negotiate,negotiate,never ending negotiates?

      Maithripala is with the UNP and has been put up by Ranil and his cohorts and supported by by Bandit Queen CBK who is doing so for herfor her own reasons and Sarath Fonseka tailing behind because he has his own axe to grind with Gota.The UNP has been the traditional culprits of invoking anti Tamil campaigns from 1948 onwards from the time when the disenfranchisement of the estate Tamils because they formed trade unions and were making demands for better wages and living conditions and were aligned to the left parties that were there at that time.

      The UNP was solely responsible for the 1958 anti-Tamil communal riots and thereafter in 1983 following the JRJ inspired 1978 constitution which saw the manifestation of the fascist LTTE.In between the right wing of the UNP tried to stage a coup in 1962 to gain power but was foiled in the nick of time when the conspirators involved fought amongst themselves and let the cat out of the bag.
      Now all that is past history.

      Coming back to the current subject, what this writer says about the TNA’s indecision in coming to a consensus to urge which of the two main contenders whom the Tamil people should support is of utmost importance at this juncture because, to both of the candidates their constituency is the majority community.The interest and opinion and support of the said constituency is important to them and it is natural that both contenders will bear that in mind in whatever they say or do.

      To give an example, both of them have brought out their manifestos only in Sinhalese but why not in Tamil? After all it is included as an Official Language in the constitution of the country,thanks to India for that small mercy.

      Even Douglas Devananda of the EPDP a government minister and an uncritical supporter of the UPFA has unwittingly expressed his exasperation over it.

      Why is the TNA giving lame excuses about taking a decision when the election is going to be only a few days away on 8th January 2015.

      If Sambanthan is in India for medical treatment and it is not known how long it will take for his return,cannot be contacted by phone to know his views?

      • 1

        I see only five options available for the Tamils of Sri Lanka in the 2015 Presidential election.

        1) Vote for Maithripala Sirisena

        2) Vote for Mahinda Rajapaksha

        3) Vote for the Tamil candidate

        4) Vote for anyone among the rest (eg. the candidate who did raise a voice for Tamil rights)

        5) Refrain from voting

        Let us see the possible outcome of each, bottom up.


        This was what the Tamils did in 2005. Even without LTTE influence, most had reasons to boycott elections. With LTTE reluctant to resume peace talks, from their perspective a vote for Ranil Wickremasinghe did not necessarily bring a new hope.

        Now, the environment is different. LTTE is no more. (Just assume Rajapaksa thugs do not play any dirty games on January 8), the Tamils have all the right to abstain, but why? That will not serve any useful purpose, unless if one prefers anarchy.


        Hardly makes any sense. None of them will get enough to be seen as a protest vote. Voting for Siritunga Jayasuriya to show gratitude is fine, (he is a rare Sinhalese gentlemen who fought for Tamil rights throughout his life) but after two weeks nobody will remember the votes (Less than 0.1%). If protest is what you want, make sure that is seen.


        Why should Tamils vote for a Sinhalese when there is a Tamil candidate?

        Let me tell why. Even if the entire Tamil population votes for him, he will get not more than 10-15%. (This is highly unlikely, more than 90% Colombo Tamils back UNP. Even without Thonda, sizable percentage of Indian Tamils too will follow suit.) So what? It will not make him the President. Doing so will surely show the Tamils strength but for what?
        Isn’t this the time to vote on larger political issues rather than on ethnicity?

        In the Presidential Election of 1982, the only one so far to have a serious Tamil candidate, G.G. Ponnambalam Jnr (Kumar) got only 40% (87,263 votes) from Jaffna district while the SLFP candidate Hector Kobbekaduwa was not too behind. (35% and 77,300 votes), Why did Jaffna Tamils vote for Kobbekaduwa whom they have hardly heard about? It could have been partially a protest vote, but more importantly a reflection Jaffna Tamils did well under the control regime of Sirima Bandaranaike. They vote on issues, not on people or ethnicity.

        That is what we need. Tamils should vote on principles rather than ethnicity. Who will address their day to day problems? (We have come a long way since the Sinhalese governments could ignore their pressing issues like they did in 1970s.) In terms of economy and rights Maithripala Sirisena certainly is better for the Tamils than anyone else in the list.


        This sounds more like a joke. Why should a Tamil vote for Rajapaksa? Or, for that matter why should anyone vote for this opportunistic dictator whose only interest is himself and his family? Do we want a Zimbabwe here? Can any self-respecting individual endorse the re-election of this Hitler who shamelessly violated the human rights? Have we forgotten white vans? Have we forgotten Karuna hijacking Colombo Tamils for kappam?

        Rajapaksa is also the candidate of the extreme Sinhalese Nationalist types, who think the entire country belongs only to Sinhalese Buddhists and everyone else (including Sinhalese Catholics) live as second class citizens. He doesn’t even represent the moderate Sinhalese. Why should anyone expect him to represent Tamils?

        Maithripala Sirisena, on the other hand is the only candidate that represent the minorities. See the people who stand with him. We still have a long way to go to win an acceptable political solution to ethnic issue and Tamil grievances, but that will happen only if Maithripala Sirisena comes into power. Otherwise the road will be closed forever.


        1. His INTENTIONS ARE NOT TO SERVE HIS FAMILY: Let us not kid ourselves. Why Rajapaksa wants power? To make his family grew further bigger and more powerful. Perhaps he wants to make his family the richest in South Asia. Aren’t we tired of this kind of petty politics? Isn’t this the time to give a chance for somebody who thinks about the country before himself?

        2. HE REPRESENTS A NATION, NOT A SINGLE RACE: Can Rajapaksa ever say he represents Tamils, or in that case even Muslims? Rajapaksa represents only the extreme Sinhala Buddhists not even moderate Sinhalese. On the contrary, Maithripala Sirisena‘s New Democratic Front, true to its name, represents all ethnic communities at the top level. He will be the only leader capable of uniting this divided people.

        3. HE IS ABOVE POLITICS: Unlike Rajapaksa, who is still very much within the political game (and thus not approved by nearly half of the country) Maithripala Sirisena is above politics. He is a common candidate representing almost all the major parties.

        Finally, the bitterness Tamils having with the Sinhala leaders. Whatever they are, I frankly think this is the time to bury the hatchet and forget differences. True, Maithripala Sirisena, just like Rajapaksa, primarily represent Sinhalese. Maithripala Sirisena was an honest minister who did his job well without corruption. Given a team, I firmly believe he will do more for Tamils interests than Rajapaksa. What matters is future and not past.

        Let the entire Tamils vote for MAITHRIPALA SIRISENA on the 8th of January, 2015.

  • 7

    I think TNA is doing the right thing.
    Majority of Tamils are not going to vote MaRa. MaRa has killed at least one family member from each Tamil family.
    So why bother……..let the people make their choice.


  • 7

    Tamils voting for any of the 17 candidates, that is those other than the two main contenders will amount to voting for the incumbent,namely MR. Of course, one may call it a protest vote. But in practice, how effective will that protest be? Where will it get registered?

    I am glad that you are not supportive of the infertile boycott policy.

    Siritunge may get about 5000 votes in the South. How would Tamils casting their votes for him help the Tamil cause?

    At present, whether it be for the Tamils, or for the Muslims or Sinhalese the choice is between MR and MS. There could be little doubt as to who of the two will be better even though neither is going to solve any of the major problems too soon.

    Tamils cannot simply be waiting for the permanent revolution that has been ’round the corner’ for the past 100 years!

    Sengodan. M

  • 8

    Forget about what the Tamils lack for now, concentrate on beating these Horapakse fellows first in the elections, then we can worry about how to educate the Tamils.

    • 1

      I just watched a video of MR on stage at Vanni ….believe me ( maybe on YouTube by now)this is what he said ,

      ” Demalaya…..mmm ….. Pandiha Venda epa” … All decent people,this is exactly what he said…. Then went on to say
      in Sinhala …. ” listen to me or get out or I’m leaving ” nothing bad of the second part but the leader and the first citizen of this country calling it minority’ in a derogatory manner “” DEMALAYA “” ……can any Tamil including Karuna, Douglas,Pillayan ,Thondaman vote for such a person ??? Even muslims and Sinhala people with any decency should condem this guy just for that and vote against him , The whole cabinet should walkout on him for that comment alone

      I’m not a Tamil but I’m offended because who maybe next ?????

  • 2

    Your analysis is spot on

  • 5

    “Tamils Lacks Political Leadership” – Tell us something we didn’t know Senan!

    But we are buying them.

  • 5

    My goodness, what a flawed argument this guy has!! Well, this is not even an argument.

    It is very clear that with Mahinda no good things will happen for the betterment of Tamils. There is no question that Tamil would prefer a regime change than anything. In that count, voting for the Common Candidate is the ONLY option for them.

    Tamils vote as a block, but individual Tamils are not necessarily smart enough to register the first vote as a protest vote and vote #2 to their preferred candidate. Voting anything other than 1 to Maithree is a lost cause for Tamils.

    I don’t think TNA is playing a game here. On my view, they genuinely want to beat Mahinda. But, saying it openly will be used by Mahinda group for their advantage.

    As I see it, TNA should go along the Civil Society. They should say that neither party would do anything good for Tamils, and say that Tamil people should value their vote carefully and vote early. Obviously, Tamil people will go in big numbers and vote Mahinda out.

    • 1

      TNA is doing the right thing by staying low so MR don’t use that for Sinhala vote but now that MR called Tamils a derogatory word , the TNA and the Tamils should show the vedieo

      Today at a public meeting in Vanni MR shouted to some protesters “” DEMALAYA. ..PUNDITHA WENDA EPPA “”

      I just watched this video

  • 4

    Tamils should cast their first preference vote to Srithunge Jayasooriya to say clearly to India and West that they want self determination . This will also increase the Total number of votes polled by 600000 making it nearly impossible for MR to obtain 50% plus 1 vote necessary to secure victory at the first counting. If by any chance MR gets his 50% plus 1 without Tamil votes then Tamils voting for the opposition would not have mattered.
    If neither of the candidates get 50% plus 1 then the second preference in the ballots of Srithunge who will come third with the Tamil votes, will be counted and that will determine who the winner is . The TNA can bargain with the opposition for this second preference . They can demand troops reduction, freeing the occupied private land in Jaffna, removal of the current governor ect. This what an intelligent leadership dedicated to the welfare of the people whom they represent must do. Is the current TNA leadership such a one ?

    • 4

      This is NOT a place for social experiments. Tamils have done enough to show whom they trust. They voted in huge numbers for TNA, both in East and North. Nobody looks at how many voted Srithunge received. Vote 1 for Maithi and kick Mahinda out.

  • 5


    “Why can’t Tamils register their protest vote by supporting him? Why have the TNA leaders failed to even acknowledge such a candidate is standing in the election?”

    Alas, here comes the hero who wants to give the best opportunity to Mahinda Rajapakse to slaughter the opposition candidate, as it then happened with Sarath Fonseka. Some people never grow up. With the raw and brutal history that has encapsulated the Tamils, this philosopher turned soothsayer is toying with the lives of Tamils living on the island. MR has tried all his gimmicks to slay the opposition by linking it to the TNA and Tamils but had not been successful but follow this “Socrates” and face the doom.

    The TNA is right in telling the Tamils that they should vote and can vote for the candidate they want to. We have to leave it at that.

  • 6

    Dear Senan,
    There is no right or left wing in politics today in Srilanka. Both SLFP and UNP are Sinhalese parties both do not want to hear the Tamils decision. Your motive is very clear. You want Tamils to vote Mahinda or not to vote for opposition (UNP+SLFP0.5) by voting an unknown Sri. You are trying to create an image that TNA is influenced by diaspora and west which is exactly Mahinda is looking for his propaganda. I think you should concentrate your effort to convince Sinhalese people and particularly to Mahinda supporter to give their support to the socialist Sri. Once upon a time the so called leftists were favourits among Tamils were now behind the person who massacred thousands of innocent Tamils. I think you are one of them.

  • 4

    TNA is representing the people in N & E. They are leading us.

    MR family should be out on the 9th January 2015 and for good. They should never come back to politics.

    Nowadays there is no left or right. Only Right and Wrong. MR family is wrong for all.

  • 2

    Tamils will vote for the CC as they need to progress in their political
    march within the severe limitations they have. The UNP would have sought
    Tamil votes as they have all along their history. Now with a common
    view to wipe off Rajapakse Family Dynasty, they have granted some space
    for the tamil future in a National Govt. as in MS Diary on 23-4-15. Who
    knows that this may even lead to a Federal set-up, in keeping with 21st
    century international trends? So voting for Siri is a wasted vote. I plead that the Sinhalase too make use of their votes more wisely this

  • 1

    Well said, TNA is a bankrupt party, they need new blood for the leadership and most of the comity members.
    I personal went to few meeting in US, they do not have clear understanding or future for the people or party.

    • 1

      I would not say TNA is a bankrupt party. They have nothing to go bankrupt. Why I am angry with them is that they are not truthful, sincere and cheating the Tamil people who have already suffered immensely from the Armed forces and the LTTE.

  • 0

    The Tamils do not know who Siritunga Jeyasuriya is and therefore they will not vote for him. Jeyassuriya should do his local politics supporting the demands of the Tamil people, if at all he is genuine. Of course I agree with the writer that there is no vibrant and sincere leadership for the Tamil people at the moment. There are so many parties , so many views and so many responses with regard to the Tamil problems, and for how long. The present Tamil leadership is too weak and doesn’t know what to do. They are playing a double game at the moment. The TNA is called the Colombo TNA and they are a liability to the Tamil people.
    Whoever to whom the Tamil votes go, it is doubtful whose victory it would be. Who ever wins, the position of the Tamils will remain the same. The priority at the moment for the Tamils is to go on protesting against the presence of the Army in the North. The activities of the TNA in this regard is practically NIL.There should be active protests to remove the army. Modi has shown his empty hands to the TNA and they are now keeping silent. The Tamil diaspora too is having different views. There are few groups like the TGTE, London globe Forum, Why cannot they all unite.

    Once and for all the Tamils and the Muslims of the North and East have to decide whether they would like to live in a unitary state or in a separate state through a referendum. Referendum should be the demand of the Tamil people in future. They should forget about the 13th Amendment or 13 + which is not going to carry them anywhere.

  • 3

    TNA who won the PC elections decisively, and who are trying their best to survive MR’s rule of oppression and subjugation in the north and east, implemented by the two military governors, the army and police, have decided that the better of the two top contenders is Maithri Sirisena who has dared to confront the juggernaut of his opponent and have adviced their electorate accordingly.
    But thuggery dominates the campaign.


    Most incidents like this one go unreported.
    The tamil vote maybe crucial, as the singhala vote may be split in equal portions, and further perverted by rigging, intimidation, impersonation, bribery, assault, rigging of the counting of ballots etc.
    Siritunga Jayasuriya may articulate just the aspirations of tamils, but he is unknown to them and will not be trusted.
    With all state resources being used by the president, tamils have to remain calm, avoid arrests, assaults etc. to vote.

  • 2

    Tamils are wise and inteligent people and most of them read daily papers and are aware of the political and economic situation in the country. They do not have to be told to which candidate their vote should go to. Left alone without without any direction from any political parties they will vote accordingto their concience. The decision of TNA at this point is not to direct the Tamils but to tell them to vote for the candidate they think will be helpful for their leaders to later, after the elections can reasonasbly negotiate. If TNA takes a decision to come out openly to support anyone of the main candidate, the other candidate will use it to get the Sinhalese vote. I think the leaders of Tamil in the TNA realise this position. They have learned from previous elections. Therefore they (TNA) should tell all Tamils to vote as it is their birthright and responsibility and not refrain from voting. TNA should not openly decide to take part openly for any candidate but watch the situation. This is wisest decision to take. With the type of politics in this country the parties and politicians can go to ther meanest levels. Reading the news everyday nobody is talking about solving the national problem to make this small country to live. Politicians who have talked principles and fought for the downtrodden are now silent. Our country by their mean politics chased all educated people out of their country to work for other coutries. It is a shame to the leaders. Let us wait and watch what happens after the elections

  • 0


    always you have the best ideas. I will clarify Tamil position then for you. So when you have LTTE create NPC, then obviously TNA being the only Tamil political party which was created by you as a united front will win the elections.

    What has happened is that CIA or whatever then has tried to handle the TNA not realizing the NPC was created by LTTE. LTTE let that go on for some time just so there were no problems in first elections of NPC.

    You are correct, TNA has to come to its senses and give up this handled position. IF they can not and take the what you are calling negotiated type deal to back the opposition then they are only showing how weak they are. Also they are talking about how India is friend and it is just misunderstanding on TNA’s part.

    TNA leadership has to have the courage to voice the opinion of the TNA which Mavai has. But because they are getting caught up in the CIA temptation they take a different position.

    LTTE position is same as “Tamils are wholly unconcerned about what happens with the elections” what Tamilselvan said in 2005. Except this time Tamils are voting on the premise that naturally they will vote 50:50 or something maybe even in favor of Rajapaksa.

    If TNA cows down to CIA or falls for their temptation then they will simply be removed and Senthirajah will come to power. I mean electorally Tamil people will vote them out. This kind of managing of the CIA was relecant in 2011 but not in 2014.

    LTTE basically has the position that Atlantic Federation is trying a coup same type of thing like in politics of 2004-2005. And naturally Tamils have to not back this kind of Ranil type of agenda. Also India has come around and will I think with BJP come to Tamil position as well, that Colombo has to be defended. Tamils just knowing Sinhalese, Sinhalese will get mad thinking Tamils are having some plot if Rajapaksa is backed openly to prevent Atlantic Federation, so Tamils just have to say backing nobody like in 2005.

    This probably is the best position, from the perspective that Tamils will lose out of Kotte Kandy becoming proxy or getting weaker. Colombo is not having real elections, just a coup. This will spread to Tamil area eventually or can cause problems in 2009 for example.

    So obviously TNA has no leadership because they come under pressure from CIA and don’t know what is going on. But this was used in the past to manage the CIA and still is used to manage the CIA. Eventually you will see that Sampanthan comes to LTTE position. And in the next round TNA should not even talk with CIA at least next six years. It depends on the relevant strengths.

  • 0

    Majority of Tamils are not going to vote either Mahinda or Sirisena. The reason is that the parties that form the Common alliance are not in any time in history conducive to the aspirations of the Tamils. Consider the UNP for example. It is the party that kindled the anti-Tamil movement during J. R’s time. U. N. P. supported the war against LTTE. They proudly proclaim that they were the engineers who destroyed the LTTE by hihjacking Lt. Karuna from the group. Although Tamils perfectly knew the nature of the LTTE, formers’ minority feeling is rekindled by the suppression of LTTE. J. V. P. is well known among Tamils as regards their Chauvinist tendencies. From their inception they were against estate workers who represent about 600.000 workers. They characterized estate workers as bourgeois (rich)because all of them are having houses, schools, nurseries, doctors and all the comforts of life including a monthly wage! What a distortion of facts! Sinhalese youth who had never visited a tea estate believed these. J. H. U. is the worst battalion of anti-Tamil-Muslim formation. I do not think a single Tamil or Muslim person will believe that these groups have turned a new leaf in life. Fonseka who is now like the “Lord Leuke who was deserted and left alone in the center of the paddy field” is hated tooth and nail by Tamils for obvious reasons. Sirisena with his oriental rhetoric with a disguised chauvinist blend is properly assessed by the ordinary Tamil man, although the Tamil elite is attracted to him seeing him as a representative of their class. Sirisena by his attire remembers the ordinary Tamil man of S. W. R. D. Bandaranayake who was responsible for anti Tamil movements during 1960s. An heir of Bandaranayake sitting in the stage may create suspicion and fear in the mind of the ordinary Tamil.
    Tamils have the most difficult task in life i.e. building a leadership, if they are to survive in this world, as men of dignity. “One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” – Michael J. Fox

  • 2

    Very childish write up by Senan. Now a days any body can comment on Tamil issues and Tamil Leadership without any deeper understanding of the issues or knowledge of the history of Political History of Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Senan is such a guy without much maturity started commenting on a very complex and sensitive issue.
    Not everyone is the so called ‘Political Analyst’ like Senan but they are all have the common sense and will make sensible decision when it comes to voting.

  • 0

    The write says’….class charter of TNA, in their leadership inability provide leadership win their RIGHTS..’TNA as Tamil political party is successors of Federal Party of led by SJV and TULF led by Allwalpilla Amrithlgam since 1949.

    TNA has NO change of policies of vital interest of Tamil political class of Vella cast, that demand of Seperatraism of Eealm which split Sri lanka’s Terrioritoy One for Tamil State and other for Non-Tamils. Even they go more further that accommodated to Regional power Muslim who living in EASTRERN Province which granted Muslim Regional council demand by Muslim Congress led by Hakim.

    TNA is in and out of Global Hegemony agenda led by US UK and EU countries divided and split whole Island into pecies . In fact ongoing Presidential Election campaign TNA playing decisive role to be win MS, CBK,UNP-Ranil. and JHU back by anti- Democratic anti-sovereignty coalition with secreted agreements with CBK and MS.
    They ( TNA) become most anti-Sinhalese and anti-Buddhist outfit only Tamil political class interest ground work Tamil Eealm first stage North Council of an Island.

    Their 13 A of Police and land power mean by Homeland for Tamils in Is the FIRST stage of Separatist state by CM led North Council. Defeated of LTTE by gun rule politics , being Replace that TNA asking Police Power have LEGAL ARMY WITH GUN TO RULE NORTH, THAT NOT FOR DEMOCRACY ,BUT FOR LTTE TYPE POLICE RUN GOVERANCES IN NORTH COMMAND BY CM OF NORTH COUNCIL.


    This is what immediate request and demand by Global Tamil Forum and World Tamil Congress want and LTTE Exile Tamil Government demand at this movement from TNA. How can you say, TNA not fighting Rights of Tamils?

    TNA is anti-establishment and anti-democratic political party that alliance with Western Power totally against National Interest of People of Sri Lankan. In sense, we realized that TNA is new challenge for SRI LANKA, UNITY, PEACE, STABILITY AND WAR TONE POLITICS OF LTTE after 2009 May.

    We have take into account of TNA policies, that this is global significance, will deeply effect as our neighbor Republic of India; to be split Indian after 1947 by vested interest of Hegemony power of WEST of global strategy that support by TNA politics.

  • 1

    What stupid rubbish this scatterbrain has written. What purpose is served by the writer? Why can’t Tamils register their protest…..? asks the writer. Why can’t this person stop advising?

  • 1

    There is only one options left for Tamils. They should not think about their problems and consider the current problems of the country. If we allow these problems to continue for another 10 to 15 years, the entire country would be mortgaged china and India. Everyone including majority Sinhalse will have to learn Mandarin and Hindi. There will not be any place for the official languages Sinha;la and Tamil. There are lot big big problems ahead of us. At the moment it is the tamils who are suffering under the cruel dictatorship of MR with dirty minded army personnel.

    Therefore there should be a change in the current political leadership and to reinstall democracy.

    The only option left for the tamils to vote for the opposition Candidate Hon.Maithripala Sirisena to save the country from dictatorship and Army administration.

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