25 September, 2021


Terrorist Motivations & Security Lapses Behind the Easter Carnage (21/4)   

By Laksiri Fernando –

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Two major sets of issues have merged in interpreting and finding reasons behind the Easter Carnage in Sri Lanka that has led to over 250 dead and nearly 500 injured. First relates to the questions of who were behind and what were their motives. Second mainly in respect of why this carnage could not be avoided, as the Security Alerts were available, and who is responsible administratively and/or politically for this utter dereliction. Regarding the exact death toll, there had been difficulties in counting. 

Most unfortunate in finding solutions to these and related questions is the political and/or religious biases expressed in the interpretations given by many authors nationally and internationally. 

Who were behind? 

Now it is clear that the so far identified 8 suicide bombers out of 9 are Sri Lankan nationals. The main outfit behind the attack is also a Sri Lankan organization called the National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ). However, almost from the beginning of the NTJ, they have had allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 

When the IS claimed responsibility for the attack, they identified the ‘assailants’ or martyrs in their nicknames as Abu Ubaida, Abul Mukhtar, Abul Khalil, Abul Mukhtar, Abu Hamza, Abul Baraa, Abu Muhammad, and Abu Abdillah. 

NTJ’s local leader is identified in Sri Lanka as Moulvi Zaharan Hashim, extremist religious preacher, coming from Kattankudy in Batticaloa. According to the IS statement, he is the person as Abu Ubaida who has attacked the Shangri-La hotel and now dead. However, it is unlikely that the IS would allow its local leader to sacrifice himself. The possibility is that ether he is on the run or new leaders have taken over the operations.  

The NTJ was apparently founded in 2014, Zaharan Hashim playing a major or the leading role. This was after the attacks on Muslims in Aluthgama in June 2014, apparently led by the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). Therefore as an extremist preacher, Hashim had found many follows to his cause, preaching through the social media. Kattankudy is also the place where nearly 150 Muslims were massacred in a Mosque by the LTTE in August 1990. 

The above are pointers to some of the reasons for the local radicalization of Muslim youth in recent decades, although not at all a justification for the inflicted carnage. It is possible that more educated and more resourceful youth became part of an underground organization with allegiance to the IS in recent times. The government did not heed to the previous warnings. Some went to Syria and died. Some returned and went underground. 

What were the motives? 

It is difficult to find rational motives for terrorism, whether it is left-wing (past JVP), ethnonationalist (LTTE), or religious (NTJ). However the religious terrorism appears to be the most extreme of the above three. The BBS also borders on the last category. Terrorism or the Easter Carnage cannot be explained through the ‘frustration-aggression theory’ or the ‘relative deprivation principles,’ because causes or the motives are not mainly objective, but subjective. The motives or justifications are largely within the minds of the terrorists. 

After the carnage, the IS announced “O Crusaders, this bloody day (21/4) is our reward to you.” 

This shows an international motive going beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. This is why many writers at the beginning were finding it difficult to understand the circumstances of attacking the Catholic congregations, apart from tourists in hotels. It is significant the use of the word ‘Crusaders.’ It is also significant the day symbolized as 21/4 reminiscent of 9/11.  

The ideology of the NTJ or the particular terrorists had primarily come from the Islamic State and not specifically within Sri Lanka. There are several organizations in the name of ‘Thowheed Jamath’ even internationally and there is an organization even in Australia. These are diverse organizations, the name roughly translated as ‘monotheist organization.’ Many of them are radical or agitational organizations and the Australian Thowheed Jamath recently organized a protest rally in Melbourne against what they called ‘Muslim genocide’ in China. The main slogan was to demand an independent state for what they called ‘East Turkestan’ in Xinjiang. 

The ideology of the NTJ could be traced in general to Salafi beliefs what the Zaharan Hashim has been advocating now for a long period. He apparently conducted these Quran classes as M.T.M. Zahran. Many of the attendees were young boys and teenagers. 

Salafi is a Sunni revivalist movement with political overtones from the beginning in Egypt in the 19th century. Major hallmarks are of Anti-Western or Anti-imperialist characteristics. As a revivalist movement, it is religious and sober, but in its political expressions, it has always been militant and Jihadist. 

The IS ideology has from the beginning been based on Salafi beliefs of ‘one god, one religion, one leader and one state.’ 

Security Lapses 

If the security intelligence had carefully followed the NTJ, its social media, the movements of the leader/s and the ideology behind, it would not have been difficult to identify the dangers of the movement well before irrupting it into the present carnage. Admittedly, it is also easy to said than done. 

Even otherwise, if the discovery of a huge amount of explosives and apparently a training camp in January 2019 was followed up properly, many relevant discoveries which are being discovered today, could have been uncovered. Before that in December 2018, there were incidents of defamation and vandalization of Buddha statues and Christian images by the followers of the NTJ in some areas.     

Protecting the Muslim community, their places of worship and their rights in Sri Lanka is one thing. The prevention of terrorism and the eradication of extremism including hate speech and action are completely different matters, even necessary for the protection of the Muslim community in general. 

The failure of the national security intelligence has compounded by the lackadicicle attitude taken by the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Police when clear intelligence warnings with details were conveyed from India in early April. Even before, when moderate Muslim community leaders (not political ones!) alerted the police about extremist advocacy, no action had been taken with all knowledge about the people involved. 

The information that came from India during the first week of April had very clearly warned about the planned ‘suicide attacks’ by the NTJ and its leader Mohamod Zaharan ( alias Zaharan Hashim). The Indian intelligence had obtained the information from an arrested IS member in Tamil Nadu who had apparently trained some suicide cadres in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the link between the IS and the NTJ was very clear not just in ideology but in operational terms. This was not a simple matter or a joke to ignore. 

The National Intelligence Service had given other names and their details apparently from their own files and information (detailed/different names, telephone numbers, addresses and even in some cases, ID numbers). However, the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Police had taken them lightly. 

Why the suspects were not arrested? Why didn’t their places of residence were not searched? Was it because these hierarchies were planning to celebrate the Sinhala New Year in grand style in coming weeks? Thus, were they busy with their families and friends not attending to official duties?  

Who was (ir)responsible?  

Apparently on the advice of the IGP, the DIG Special Security Range has sent a Memo to the Security Divisions of the Ministers, Diplomats, Judiciary and the Retired Presidents alerting the possible attacks. The purpose apparently had been to protect those hierarchies. To that extent the Police and the Ministry of Defence had been responsible and duty minded! 

The Secretary of Defence must have given the information to the President’s Security Division by himself. However, the President has denied the knowledge of such information although he is the Minister of Defence and of the Police. President was away in India and Singapore on a private visit from 16 April, and returned back only at midnight from Singapore after the carnage in the morning of 21 April, the Easter Sunday. 

The Prime Minister has also claimed that he was not given the Memo or information. However his Security Division apparently knew the Security Alert to protect him. Doesn’t he and other Ministers communicate with the personal security personnel on a day to day basis on security matters? If not, it is strange in a terribly insecure country like Sri Lanka, although the civil war ended ten years back in May 2009. 

At least two Ministers have boastfully revealed that they knew about the Security Alert and one even Tweeted the Security Memo to the whole world. Strangely, it was not marked ‘Confidential.’ The latter Minister even boasted that he first came to know about the possible Church attack in Colombo from his hospitalized father in a private hospital. 

Being a faithful Catholic, he prevented himself going to the targeted Church. But he didn’t try to prevent the ordinary churchgoers getting killed by passing the information to the Church-leaders, or getting the security to protect the Church. He is not an ordinary Minister, but a Cabinet one. He is also the one who first initiated the partisan political interpretations, Prime Minister vs the President, about security lapses, now vociferously taken up by the opposition members in Parliament. 

The other Minister is the one who is in charge of National Reconciliation. It is not clear how many other Cabinet Ministers and past Presidents knew about the possible attacks, but didn’t do anything to prevent the situation. 

There were clear information in the Security Alert from India that Catholic Churches would be the main targets. The Catholic community apparently wonders whether the security to them was neglected because they are Catholics in this divided society?  


It appears that the Government was ‘Sleep Walking’ on security matters that led to the Easter Carnage at least of that magnitude.  

Many of the root causes are not national, but within the religiously polarized ‘international community.’ The possible link between the Christchurch Massacre (15 March) in New Zealand and the Easter Carnage (21 April) in Sri Lanka is not a figment of imagination, but within the intelligence information received from India through the IS operative in custody. Obviously, preparations for many suicide attacks were in the offing before the Christchurch Massacre. But the targets possibly have changed after that incident. 

Therefore objectively speaking, there are many sides to the Easter Carnage in Sri Lanka that the Western or the Christian countries also should take into account. The pacification of extremism on the Islamic side might not be easy through religious/ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka alone, unless similar or more fundamental efforts are taken internationally. 

Inside the country, affected Catholic communities should be compensated and given counselling as necessary. The Muslim community should be protected from all possible backlashes. There are already unfortunate pressures for the ordinary Muslims, women and their children. Security can be an immediate priority without going into the extremes. There can be suicide bombers still on the run. 

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Latest comments

  • 5

    This is in connection with my other two comments appeared on the news about Hemasiri’s resignation (page 1).
    What I said on the day of the suicide attacks (21st) itself that the slave government, the US and India were behind this, has come true by now.
    It is pretty obvious that the TRIO expected religious riots between Sinhalese and Muslims followed by Tamils and Muslims in the aftermath or even in parallel to bomb attacks.
    Also I said in another comment on the 21st itself for Sinhalese to not to be provoked.
    As mentioned in another comment a few days ago, a large number of explosives and detonators were found in Nochchiyagama and Pettah giving the impression that the government has plans to accelerate religious riots by themselves.
    After that, there were many more instances where the Police has found sharp swords, locally made hand grenades and more detonators which proves my initial assumption. Do I have psychic powers? Of course not. I said all these since 21st, just by closely observing the situation.
    I have more to say.
    I think I know where this could have led, something shocking, which did not happen.

    • 15

      The latest news from the President.
      A JOC ( Joint Operation Command) will be in operation soon. What Joint Sir??
      Since when you want a joint operation. ??
      It’s been you , you alone? One man show with some of the dead ducks from the JO s ? Is it not President?? You , You And You alone in this government who is ruling the country and driving us all into early graves??
      Thankyou, thankyou and good bye.

      • 8

        Dr Laksiri Fernando,

        You are a gentleman of advanced years who has had a long career …… please don’t try to make another job application to Sirisena over the mangled and twisted bodies of these poor innocent victims. You at least owe them that.

        Just think of the plight of their loved ones irrespective of their religion/race.

        Don’t try to advance your position at the cost of their plight ……… if you have an axe to grind please hold it at least till the dead are buried.

        We owe the dead the truth ……… don’t twist it to your advantage ……. or to the whims of your twisted mind.

        • 9

          Nimal, the current High commissioner to Australia is completing his term very soon and that post is due to fall vacant.Naturally this unprincipled person is trying for it.

    • 6

      The shocking news is now-failed US’s plan to land their troops in Sri Lanka.
      I am talking about the GRAND PLAN OF ENFORCED OCCUPATION IN SRI LANKA by US Troops in the aftermath of suicide attacks masterminded by themselves.
      The plan to extend attacks from churches to tourist hotels is clearly to kill foreign tourists with an aim for US to directly intervene in investigations.
      As I said in the day of the attack itself, given the race-riot history of Sri Lanka under the same government, Ranil and the US seemed to have anticipated large scale race-riots.
      This was the exact time where US’s offer to help Ranil to curb riots was meant to take place.
      If there were riots, which could have been uncontrollable, US’s plan could have been to send troops to Sri Lanka under the temporarily extended ACSA agreement which expired in 2017.
      The possibility of instigating extremists for race riots followed by landing of foreign troops is one of the political predictions made by Wimal Weerawansa (precisely at a seminar in 2015 as a guest speaker).
      The President has betrayed the country by temporarily extending ACSA in 2017.
      “Prioritize the completion of new SOFA and ACSA agreements” was the key point in Jeff Smith’s “Backgrounder”.
      US’s plan of occupying Sri Lanka under the guise of military assistance to curb riots could have been to achieve many goals;
      – To sign SOFA and the new ACSA.
      – To establish their permanent naval+air+land presence in the Asian Region easily (America’s new Diego Garcia – Wimal Weerawansa said this years ago).
      – To be PHYSICALLY PRESENT in Sri Lanka when the next Presidential Election is held.
      – To secure Ranil Wickremasinghe’s Presidential candidature and make him the President.
      Their plan was derailed as my Blessed Land is protected by powerful Unforeseen Forces.

      • 3

        By NOT resorting to race-riots in the aftermath of suicide attacks by Muslim extremists, Sinhalese have defeated SUPER POWER America’s attempt to MAKE SRI LANKA ANOTHER SYRIA.
        As Mano pointed out in his comment elsewhere, the presence of American Navy in Hambantotata when suicide attack was taken place is also a part of the plan.
        A massive devastation and a bloodbath WAS AVOIDED purely due to the tolerance and patience of Sinhalese.
        One of the suspect has said that there were plans to make a large number of explosions in North and East too. How could that be without the support of the government and foreign elements?

      • 6

        What/where are these “Unseen Forces”?
        Why is there no Minister for these “Unseen Forces”?

        You are living in a twilight of imagination.

    • 16

      I believe it was the president, who as Minister of Defence, Minister of Law and order (Police) should be made responsible for not having done the due, neglecting his responsiblities as no any head of states in the region/in the world.
      At the time, he left for INDIA (further wasting the costs of tax payers, then to Singapore).
      he had not appointed any acting MINISTERs for the posts.
      Almost everyone is becoming clear, that President’s donkey nature, not giving the priority to the NATIONAL security, do what he thinks is right as proved on the 26th Oct 2018, also by appointing ILL FATED, unexperienced officers to be DEFENCE secretaries made it worse.
      Now we should all move to the common feeling, if this president ‘s sanity is questionable.That pettion, made by one lanken, asking to medically check about his psychology – should Let alone today be made.. else, with an impeachment, the man to be removed from his presidency. He has done lot more HARM than any other leaders done to the nation sofar. It is all because his wrong decisions and lack of knolwedge. Even a HEALTHY minded senior administrative officer could do lot more for the nation, than this president.
      He seems to have the audcity to stay MUM today, not even making an apology from the people WHOSE innocient ones had to be pay with their lives just because of president ‘s lack of wholeheartedness with national issues. This president is not even APPROPRIATE to be a CLERK in a higher institution.
      He proved it

      • 6

        Well said Mr Gunawardhana

        Any decent leader would be quick to apologize for the lapses & show empathy to hundreds of people who were directly affected but I have yet to hear from the President, who, in fact, is the head of the security forces. Therefore, the ultimate responsibility lies with him but in his customary way, has passed the buck & is demanding the heads of lower officials down the line. Our leaders have to learn from responsible heads of state, such as, the PM of New Zealand, who courageously stood firm in solidarity with the minority muslim community subjected to a terror attack. Last night, when interviewed by Channel 4 News, a smiling PM when asked the question as to what he would say to the families who were affected, responded by saying ‘… what can I say ..?.’ which I thought was a callous way showing sympathy. Maybe he did not have words to express his sorrow, & though he offered his condolences, as expected, his body language did not seem to convey the message. On a previous interview, the Minister of Telecom stated he was aware of a possible attack but whether the the intel was from reliable sources or ‘through the grapevine’, the fact that he did nothing about it, (apart from not going to church) makes him equally responsible, & perhaps, in the process, has displayed his own incompetence as a senior Minister.

        It seems that all politicians, the current leadership & those aspiring, seem to make political mileage out of a tragedy that is affecting the entire country. It’s time this sorry lot are banished from politics.

        • 10

          Not only that he leisurely returned only on Monday more than 24 hours after the carnage. If he was concerned of that he should have taken the next available flight when informed of the event. (There were three flights from Singapore to Colombo on Sunday). This makes one believe that he deliberately did not take preventive action.

          • 4

            Yes, Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam, the case against Sirisena is damning.

      • 4

        Samson Gunawardene
        Yes, the President is fully responsible for the carnage. His absence in the country when the attacks were taken place was also calculated.
        But there is no demand for him to step down right now as he will be replaced by Ranil as the Acting President, which nobody wants. Therefore, Maithri will continue until December.

    • 13

      If everyone is in the view

      1) Defence Secretary could represent the ” minister of deffence, minister of law and order” , in case the responsible minister is officially/pvt out o fthe country, there should have been well experienced ” defence secretary” and it should be stipulated in the paragraghs of the constitution….. is that the case ?
      2) Besides, Hemarsiri Fernando was appointed by Prez Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapakshe at the time, the duo architected an unexpected political conspiracy in the country last October 2018.
      3). President of the country SHOULD finally be VERY CLEAR that entire people of this country are no fools. He SHOULD resign if he cant do his job….
      4) Why the loss of over 360 with numbers being injured were not given the SAME publicity of FAKE assasination plot of Prez and former defence secreatary ?
      5) Almost the educated people are well aware of the fact that President is PROVED to be the most abusive man in current day lanken politics.::: He should stop playing with the lives of the INNOCIENT masses in this country.

    • 3

      Dears! Please find the correct answers for these questions.

      Why the Tamil and Tamil origin Christians were only targeted? Why not a single Sinhalese Catholic Church was targeted? From photos of the damages and CCTV photos of the terrorists, we could come to the conclusion that the terrorists have used RDX explosives! How and from what country or organisation the terrorists were able to get this explosive in large quantities? Why not a single Buddhist temple or Sinhala and Government institution was targeted?

      Leave all these.

      How not a single Catholic or Christian Sinhalese politician went to church and got injured or killed? Was it because the Tamil Christians were to be targeted, the Prez,. and the Government kept silent about the warning? Why the media speak about the “Killing of the Christians” and not about the mass killing of the Tamils and people of Tamil origin? The objectives of these killing could be: 1) Giving some sort of warning to the Tamil Christians who support the Present Government, a puppet of US, India and the West! 2) To prevent the country from coming out of the economic crises 3) To prevent the present Government coming to power again 4) To strengthen the powers of the armed forces 5) To get released all the Intelligence officials now remanded for war crimes 6)To make the Muslims politically inactive and passive. 7) Some sort of strong warning to the US, India and the West. Now, who could have been behind the attack?

      • 3

        Vettivelu Thanam
        “Why the Tamil and Tamil origin Christians were only targeted????”
        Make your facts correct.
        Is Katuwapitiya in Katana a Tamil area?
        Were all who killed in Kochchikade were Tamils?
        Over 90% those who were killed and injured were SINHALESE.
        Temples could have been the last in the list, with Dalada Maligawa being the showstopper, had not Government’s involvement in explosions came to the surface on the 21st itself.
        Mano Ganeshan and Harin Fernandopulle said that they had prior knowledge of the attacks.
        If you think ‘only’ Tamils were targetted, which is wrong, why don’t you ask Mano and Harin for their failure to warn Tamils?

        • 4


          What did your pimp windbag Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa say about the Jihadi attack on St Antonys Church of Kochchikade?
          Did he welcome it?
          Did he rejoice the attack?

        • 2

          Champa please get your facts right. All those killed in Batticaloa are Tamils. As for St. Anthony,s church, it was the Tamil service that was targeted and not the Sinhala one. Do you say that Sinhala Catholics also attended the Tamil service. Why other prominent churches like All Saints or one in Moratuwa where almost all would have been Sinhalese not targeted. As for Negombo is concerned the church targeted was that patronized mainly by Tamil speaking Sinhalese, where the sermon is in Sinhala and attended by other Sinhalese also. It is now being told by intelligence personnel that even Mahinda and Gotabhaya knew about it. They all kept quiet because they knew the victims will be foreigners and Tamils and not many Sinhalese. This clearly shows that these bombers were directed by some anti-Tamil country and the arrest of eleven Pakistanis should shed some clue. Pakistan intelligence agency ISA was working with Muslims in eastern province for sometime and the government turned a blind eye as they were only promoting hatred between Muslims and Tamils. It is now talked about that guns to Muslim terrorists were supplied by Hisbullah. Both previous government and this one had been colluding with Muslim extremists to create trouble to Tamils.

    • 4

      Laksiri Fernando

      “It appears that the Government was ‘Sleep Walking’ on security matters that led to the Easter Carnage at least of that magnitude. “

      What if the Unintelligent Agencies decided to inform the government on a
      “Need to Know Basis”.
      What if the agencies are being inherently lazy, sloppy, complacent, …. have been in a long term self congratulatory mood since the end of the war.

      “The possible link between the Christchurch Massacre (15 March) in New Zealand and the Easter Carnage (21 April) in Sri Lanka is not a figment of imagination”

      This is what the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said:
      that she is aware of comments linking Sri Lanka’s Easter bombings to the mosque attacks in Christchurch, though she hasn’t received any official word or intelligence reports to corroborate what has been said.

      Ms. Ardern spoke to reporters in Auckland on Wednesday after Sri Lanka’s Minister of Defence, Ruwan Wijewardene, made the claim to Parliament, without offering evidence.

      Ms. Ardern also added that Sri Lanka’s investigation is in its early stages and she is “stepping back” to allow authorities time to conduct their inquiries.

      New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks on Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings
      The Hindu Net Desk APRIL 24, 2019

      • 2

        Andra Native Sakkiliya Alias coolis of Muslims Pakayas It is a proven fact that ISIS affiliated Extremist Islamic group based in Lanka carried out this brutal attacks in 8 places killing 359 people & wounding around 500 people. Intelligence services idea was that this brutal attacks might be a retaliatory attack against Christchurch massacre by a white man.You Muslim’s coolis got excited as your Muslims masters might not be able to get chance to migrated to New Zea Land if riot like 1983 take place here. Do not worry about it either Australia or New Zealand may not open their doors to lunatic Muslims from here.who are selling their excreta mixed foods to none believers as per their so called almighty’s instructions.Muslims are doing same thing in UK as well. Muslims have nowhere to go except Somalia. or war ridden south & north yeman. Everybody knows that
        Muslims are looking for opportunities to commit brutalities against none believers to have 72 virgin in their Allah’s land or heaven. That is the target of all Muslims.as such committing brutalities of this nature is the Islamic way of life. Andra Native Sakkiliya you have paid big some by your Muslim friend for your false advice It seems.

        • 5

          Ranjith(SPRRW) failed sorcerer

          Please translate into English.

    • 5

      Dr.Laksiri Fernando,

      “The President is the Minister of Defense and in charge of Police”.

      May the dead Rest In Peace.

      The President, the Sevalaya, did not want to give the Ministry of Defense and Police to the proven hero, Field Marashal Sarath Fonseka. The Indians and the Muslims, have been warning, and throwing in their faces, and they all fell on “deaf ears”.

      What a pathetic situation. The jokers in parliament won’t impeach Sirisena. We have 360 innocent people dead, and now the people want to take the wrath in the innocent Muslims who had nothing to do with it?

      Sirisena should be impeached, tried and hung. We can’t the dead back.

      Lethargy in Sri Lanka has reached the President and the parliament.

      A Land like no other, innocents die, because of the incompetence of a few.

    • 3

      Champa, did you care to find out about the targets. Batticaloa church vicitms are entirely Tamils. In Colombo despite there being several churches where Sinhalese congregate, St. Anthony’s church was picked that too during Tamil service and not during Sinhala service. In Negombo church that was picked, though the sermon was in Sinhala, majority of the people who attended were a category of people called Tamil speaking Sinhalese. Therefore it was well planned to avoid Sinhala casualty which makes one believe that the government knew that and turned a blind eye as they felt that the victims will be Tamils and not Sinhalese. The muted reaction of Archbishop of Colombo who is a well known anti-Tamil racist is because of this. Had the casualties been Sinhala Christian the reaction will be different. There appears to be a cover up in protecting Muslim politicians, businessmen and professionals who are behind this carnage for political expediency by all leading Sinhala politicians. There is news that brother of Rishard Badurdeen was arrested for his involvement, but released due to political pressure. This is the sad state of affairs.

  • 10

    Terrorism is nothing new to Native Sinhalayo of Sinhale. Around 3rd Century BC, Dravidians from Hindusthan came to Sinhale and started terrorizing Sinhala people. Those barbarians massacred Sinhalayo, burnt down their dwellings, burnt crops, vandalized temples, burnt books (Ola leaves). Although they were chased away by Sinhala Kings they kept on returning from time to time and terrorized Sinhalayo. This terrorist campaign continued until 1505.
    In 1505, another group of terrorists came from Europe called Portuguese. They too terrorized Sinhalayo until 1658.
    In 1658, another terrorist group called Dutch from Europe landed in Sinhale and terrorized Sinhalayo until 1796.
    In 1796, a new set of terrorists called British from Europe landed in Sinhale and terrorized Sinhalayo. These terrorists were the worst out of European terrorists. Their worst terrorist campaign was launched in 1818 against the people in Uva-Wellassa. British with the help of Demalu and Malays who were brought to this country to serve in their army killed all the able-bodied men and dumped their bodies into wells in order to prevent people using well water, burnt down all the dwellings, slaughtered all the cattle, burnt all paddy crop, cut down all fruit bearing trees and made elderly people, women and children starve to death.

    • 3

      They all ended up with a spear up their rear.

    • 1

      Eagle Eye ,

      “Terrorism is nothing new to Native Sinhalayo of Sinhale.”

      The first terrorists in the pristine land of Native Veddah Aethho, were Para-Sinhalayao from Bharat, Hindustan, Para-stan, and then followed by other Paras from Bharat, Para-Demala, Mara-Marakkala, Parangio etc.

      How can one get the Paras back to their native homelands?

  • 6

    Well, this clearly presents a dilemma to Moslems.

    There is a certain allure with Islam. It gives the impression a strong no-nonsence all powerful figure Allah is watching over. He takes care of your current and the needs of the after life. Although loyalty to him must be paramount he says.

    The problem is even splits within Islam become toxic . Whose interpretation of Islam do you trust? Each parts ends up accusing the other of being an “infidel” thus worthy of elimination.

    I really do not see a solution to Islam with the stars quo. Although there is a solution if Moslems begin to think outside the box.

    This world leader, the Buddha mentioned above was born and lived in the soil you walk today.

    There are two strands with the word of the Buddha. The religion of Buddhism is the most prevalent with the Nikayas and ordinary monks. The other strand is the Buddha Dhamma and the authentic one.

    Consider adopting Buddha Dhamma because the unpolluted teaching has made an appearance. Take advantage for your own well being. Click my name “Jambu” and the info is there at the bottom.

  • 6

    In 1948, British left Sinhale handing over the country to locals. Sinhalayo were very happy thinking that they can live in peace but that dream did not last long. In late 80s, Demalu who are the descendants of slaves brought to this country illegally by Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial parasites from Hindusthan launched another terrorist campaign against native Sinhalayo demanding a separate State. This terrorist campaign lasted for about four decades and ended in 2009 after the barbaric leader Prabhakaran was sent to hell and defeating his terrorist outfit LTTE by Sri Lankan Armed Forces. With that Sinhalayo heave a sigh of relief.
    The peace that Sinhalayo could enjoy lasted only for ten years. On 21 April 2019, a terrorist group consisting of Muslim extremists shattered that peace by blowing off several bombs killing about 350 people and wounding about 800. The irony is when Portuguese were slaughtering Muslims, King Senerath who was a Sinhala Buddhist saved them and allowed them to settle down in interior parts of the country. A handful of descendants from those who were allowed to settle down in Sinhale carried out this massacre.
    Terrorists come and go. Sinhalayo prevail.

    • 2

      It appears that king senarath made a collosal blunder. Also how did Muslims get represented on the flag ? They never did anything for the nation and after 48- they only built mosques and had more children than the rest.

  • 20

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

    With reference to “It is difficult to find rational motives for terrorism…….”

    JVP – The insurrection (1971) was against the Bandaranaike government and the second insurrection ( 1987 – 1989) was against the Government of Sri Lanka under J R Jayewardene.

    LTTE – To create an independent Tamil state.

    BBS – Harass ALL Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka

    NTJ – To promote an Islamist terrorist ideology

    • 11

      Very nice Ms. Serasinghe: You are correct. I remember the class envious PolPot JVP very well.

      These attacks by Islamic terrorists on behalf of ISIS or so claimed, must be condemned unequivocally. These are terrible attacks against humanity and all Sri Lankans of all faiths. No one should make excuses and try to drag in non-relevant arguments and facts. Sri Lanka did not invade the Middle-East. No Catholics and Muslims in Sri Lanka have had conflicts. People have co-existed for a long time. It sickens me to see people unable to call it a Jihadi terrorist attack by extremist terrorist who have a twisted interpretation of a global religion.

      Yes clearly it targeted Christians on Easter; but was an attack on ALL Faiths and ALL people in Sri Lanka in a sense because Muslims. Buddhists, Hindus and Christians were victims in the Three hotel attacks too. Sri Lanka should not allow people to be demonized for external or internal forces with vested interests.But it should not be a politically correct appeaser to soft peddle the ISIS terrorist actions. It is sickening to see people unable to accept the truth and trying to rationalize their hate.

      Remember ISIS has raped and murdered thousands in Syria and Iraq for their ideology. Why should they spread their hate in Sri Lanka? It is because it was a soft target. No more checkpoints, very degraded national security and intelligence services. They even hate fellow Muslims who are Shia or Sufi. They hate the Yazidi. They are demented people who have been brainwashed.

      Please I hope that this action was a one-time incident and all terrorists associated with these acts are arrested and brought to justice and maximum penalties meted out.

    • 3

      sharmini, you forgot…nelson mandela was also considered a terrorist by the US at one time.
      what was his motive?

    • 1

      Those are not rational.

      If these groups were rational……

      JVP – there is a thing called the ballot. Accept the verdict.
      LTTE – 90% of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu. No need for another.
      BBS – there is a thing called the ballot. Accept the verdict. BBS lost badly.
      NTJ/IS – people with different beliefs is a fact of life. Accept it.

      • 5


        “JVP – there is a thing called the ballot. Accept the verdict.”

        It was said the JVP uprising was initially against the 55% of the Sinhala speaking Govi.

        “LTTE – 90% of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu. No need for another.”

        Tamils were pushed too far by the Sinhala/Buddhist noisy minority to have their own Tamil Eelam.

        “BBS – there is a thing called the ballot. Accept the verdict. BBS lost badly.”

        The BBS is Gota’s Bullyboys, (Sturmabteilung, Brownshirts or Storm Troopers).

        “NTJ/IS – people with different beliefs is a fact of life. Accept it.”

        Could I ask them if I ever find them to stick their beliefs in your a**e and their bomb in your mouth. Hope you will accept both because it’s also are facts of life.

    • 4

      Typically stupid analyiss by the anti-Buddhist mlechcha corner.
      She notes the NTJ motivation is to, take this: To promote an Islamist terrorist ideology.
      So what the heck is the purpose of an deology to promote terrorism? To commit acts of terrorism, right. So the woman is circling her own jungi!
      She should not aspire to do more than being a tea lady!

    • 5

      Sharmini Serasinghe

      “BBS – Harass ALL Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka”

      Gnanasara is an admirer of VP and LTTE. He said so in one of his interviews or statements.

      “LTTE – To create an independent Tamil state.”

      Not really, VP promised heaven on earth to Tamils. He tried everything possible to achieve it and failed miserably. He found out late in his life as long as India is situated near this island there is no way he could establish his dreamland. Then he had no option but to prolong the misery of the people and die.

      Sadly he is another smart ass/clever dick/psychopath a product of this island like many before and after him.

      “NTJ – To promote an Islamist terrorist ideology”

      NTJ is like LTTE, promised lot of undeliverable things to kids but in a large scale, Islamic Caliphate throughout the entire world.
      It reminds me of how the Sinhala/Buddhist fascist minority perceives themselves and the future of this island.

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        Get over your Sinhala Buddhist Fascist Phobia.
        At least say Sorry to Archbishop Malcolm for accusing him of being a “marketing assistant” for Rajapaksa

        What your Bro VP promised to poor . rural Tamils of lower Castes are , Free Lands, Jobs , Money and Caste Free environment with Comrade VP as the executive President.

        And your current Idol Dr Ranil in fact agreed to it,
        Because your Idol was Pira’s Buddy , Pira thought he will go all the way to fulfill his other grand but hidden agenda which is the Executive President of the first Eelaam of the Tamil Nation.

        Thank God the Cousin Madam woke up and sacked Dr Ranil .
        Otherwise All Jihadists would have been in the South even in Bigger Numbers..

        Dr Ranil now says ISIS isn’t Banned in Lankawe .
        That is why Dr Ranil couldn’t save the 352 dead and the 600 maimed. Catholics and Western Citizens..
        What a pity. What a shame.

        But same Dr Ranil who even tried to ban Buddhism from our Constitution. helped His Ministers and even his Minister for Catholic Affairs to save themselves.
        And promised the Methodist Bishop in Anuradhapura to save his Congregation.

        I thought Appa Sira who learns everything from Yesterday’s Lanakadeepa is the Joke..,
        But your Idol takes the Cake.

        • 3

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          “Get over your Sinhala Buddhist Fascist Phobia.”

          Oh dear!
          Do you think I suffer from Sinhala/Buddhist Fascist Phobia?

          “Otherwise All Jihadists would have been in the South even in Bigger Numbers..”

          I am curious.
          In the (g)olden days (1983) when your brethren ambushed thirteen soldiers there was a huge riots against your Tamil brethren. A few days ago 253 people have been massacred and 500 injured why there isn’t a single incident of rioting?

          Are you scared of the Jihadi Muslims. You ought to be unlike your brethren VP you would be dealing real foreign guardians of Caliphate. VP never had foreign recruits. In this case Jihadis will travel for Jihad from all corners of the world.

          Let see how Hindians are going to fight the Caliphate Jihadis in this island.

          You should advice your Ranavirus to hide in Hindian High Commission as they once upon a time hid behind VPs bum.

      • 3

        native vedda, unfortunately for you (and some others), the entire predicament of eelam tamils can be blamed on VP, which is easy, but can offer no solutions. what do you think, the sinhala buddhist establishment along with India is going to deliver a political solution on the platter to the tamils? do you think you can restructure the sinhala buddhist state from the door steps of CT? never mind political solution, the indians are complicit in tamil genocide with their short-sighted anti-tamil foreign policy.

    • 3

      DON’T LIE!!!!
      BBS are only against NGO Christianity and terrorism 1slam. Even the Catholics are against NGO Christianity.

      • 3


        Ask her what she did after the bomb blasts to help those affected?

        Did she give blood to blood bank? Probably not.

        Did she donate any money either through the red cross or a GFM source? Most likely not.

        Did she sign a petition calling for a ban on the terrorist garb, the Burqa? I bet she didn’t.

        At least did she condemn the terrorist bombings here? NO.

        This old sow is here just for the attention.

        Let me ask one question, does she even have simple Liberal Arts degree even from an unrecognized degree shop? I bet she doesn’t.

        We don’t need these Kussi amma opinions, some Pastries for Tea would be nice instead. LOL!

      • 3

        Johnny Boy

        Tell us what you mean by NGO Christianity and terrorism 1slam.?

    • 2

      LTTE – To create an independent Tamil state.

      BBS – Harass ALL Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka

      NTJ – To promote an Islamist terrorist ideology

      SS – To come online and show her ignorance

      • 4


        It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt
        -Mark Twain

        When your fellow psychopath VP killed 13 soldiers an all time huge riots broke out and many got killed.
        Why haven’t the war winning Sinhala/Buddhist fascists start a riot this time when 253 people were killed and 500 injured?

        Are the Sinhala/Buddhist fascist chandiyas scared of homegrown Jihadis?

    • 1

      Sharmini Serasinghe,

      “NTJ – To promote an Islamist terrorist ideology”

      based on the prescient Hadith of Najd, who follow the Wahhabi-Salafies their clones such as ISIS, Iblis (Satanic) State of Iraq and Syria.

      Hadith of Najd


      According to two narrations in Sahih Bukhari, Muhammad asks Allah to bless the areas of Bilad al-Sham (Syria) and Yemen. When his companions said “Our Najd as well,” he replied: “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head (e.g. horns) of Satan.”] In a similar narration, Muhammad again asked Allah to bless the areas Medina, Mecca, Sham, and Yemen and, when asked specifically to bless Najd, repeated similar comments about there being earthquakes, trials, tribulations, and the horns of Satan.

      Scholar from al-Azhar: Wahhabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil that Muhammad Predicted


      How to debate with the so called Wahhabi-Salafiyyah, and its clones ISIS. NTJ on their Iblisic terrorist ideology.

      When they doe, their bodies are here, and the 72 virgins are in heaven? What can the do with no bodies?

  • 1

    It is Possible because of the influence of the hidden hand, govt was not taking it serious. But, our politicians are very secretive because of the lack of self confidence and back stabbers in the parliament. that is what I think. We can blame everything on the govt. But, this type of things happen else where in the world. They say they wait until the people understands it or until the program is over.

  • 3

    BBS does not border terrorism. They are state sponsored terrorist outfit. Muslim one is the reaction to that for the terrorism of state sponsored BBS terrorism against Muslim’s of 2014. 2017 and 2018. Similarly LTTE was reaction to state terrorism of 1956.1958, 1977. 1981.1983.
    One of the features of state sponsored terrorism is no one was held responsible for it. If it was against minorities perpetrators were given state recognition. Tamils used to say, if Separate was achieved, statue should erected for Cyril Mathiew.
    Even the Sinhala so called intellectuals like you did not voice anything to bring the culprits of those terrorists to courts. If someone is by accident brought justice there was cry to give presidential pardon.inisyers and representatives would meet him in Jail and receive blessings. Murderers of innocent children will get court protection from arrest and the Sinhala intellectuals
    Cause terrorism is not subjective
    Subjective feeling of majority of the group becomes objective.
    Cause of LTTE is SWRD, DS, JRJ, Gamini, Lalith, if there is reemergence of it, mind you Irish fought for 300 years against English, cause will be Mahinda,Gota,Sirisena,Ruwan.
    Cause of Easter attack is Gnanasara, Gota

  • 2

    All the fabricated BS history of some above to inflame racialism is raising its ugly head again. CT should be careful in encouraging this kind of write up at this time .
    These are requests of Rivers of Blood on CT by some authors and its headless chicks here.
    It’s not very helpful at this present juncture of Srilanka ??

  • 5

    one thing that this author fails to mention is the role of sinhala buddhist state in the birth and growth of islamic extremism/militancy in the island, from arming muslim (jihadist) groups in the east in its war against tamil militancy, promoting divisive politics among the tamil speaking peoples, to political gains.

  • 5

    Laksiri Uncle I was waiting for your alternate facts which you seem to have avoided for the major part. But as Sharmini said you remain in denial about the cause/motive. Right here you can find the cause. Read the comments of so called patriots /PSEUDOS eagle eye, champa and retarded Perera and you have the answers why we are F- – – – D thrice (not blessed).

  • 2

    You are barking at the wrong tree. When the Rulers do not respect the very laws they have enacted what sense or non-sense to be expected from those who are oppressed. What took place on 26th October 2018 and the conduct of the parliamentarians in the very House of Parliament augured disaster to this country. MS has aptly demonstrated it himself that he is unsuitable to hold the Presidency of this country.

  • 2

    ISIS just wants to expand their ideology and find new recruits to keep going.
    This is not Tit for Tat for violence done by BBS

    may be ISIS was able to lure SL Muslims based on the BBS rhetoric.

    SL Muslims and all Sri Lankans should be wary of International forces that are keen to expand their power and ideology throughout the world this will not be good for anybody especially the Sri Lankan Muslims .

  • 0

    Recent findings include maps of the area around parliament and vehicle passes to gain access . Was there a far more ambitious plan on the drawing boards ?

    • 2

      The Oracle

      “Was there a far more ambitious plan on the drawing boards ?”

      It is all about establishing a global caliphate, a huge Islamic state, its brain washing at industrial scale.

  • 4

    Uncle Laksiri where are your buddies Rajeewa, DJ and Rohan. Are they still in SHOCK. We will like to hear some alternate facts from them. We are desperate.

  • 0

    Sri Lankans never gave dime of care about how fundamentalists Terrorism affects the rest of the world form Post IRAQ Violence to Arab Uprising which gave birth to ISIS-ISIL Sri Lankans were the humbling happy PROTECTED BY buddhism-KARAM…the Ideal blessed nation…………….It doesn’t matter how much CT-this site’s editor’s attempts to point out to readers that there is a more Sinister side for this attacks……the readers as a whole even though these are English knowledgeable people—there IQ to analytical ability is only marginally different to Low Income poor individuals…..

    so to sri lankans there is no CONSPIRACY……7 guys…6 Explosions…thank god mastermind DEAD….witn in come from next week Back to normal Life…..that is what they are…

  • 2

    Indirectly the govt. are the ones who created the suicide bombers by directing radical bodies to create fear psychosis among the minorities and by various other means. If laws were correctly followed, terrorism would not have happened. Chandrika, MR and now MS all did resort to mischief in oppressing the minority without adhering to laws. Nothing is forgotten. All three are to be blamed for the misery of today’s suffering of innocent orphaned family members and society as a whole irrespective of ethnicity.

  • 0

    You are making a COLOSSAL mistake by INDEXING Ester attacks to 21/4…Dear CT & DEAR Editor….y guys a more than well aware how dumb the Sri Lankans are right by Referring to this 21/4……what do expects to Achieve…well Internationally with passing time it Inevitably becomes valuable…but do you think these dumb…dumbest of the dumb Sri Lanka would have an Idea what the Heck that even REFERS to :

    Simple… provide a Questionnaire : Question : what are these Terms OR Numbers means …Do they have any Global events correspondent to them ? ?
    9/11 , 7-11 , Indonesia-BAli , Madrid 2004/11, charleston – US ,

    hmmmmmmmm ..hmmm …..

  • 5

    If there is no justice , country will continue to suffer. Aluthgama terrorist gnansaraya was never punished. Diganna terrorist were never punished. Jaffna Library terrorist never punished. Selective justice leads to chaos, sooner or later.

  • 5

    Another blame game Dr Laksiri Fernando! with hindsight wisdom!

    Even if the President and the prime Minister had been thoroughly briefed about the security alerts Would it have made a difference?

    Is it worth to bother about an insignificant group with overwhelming acronyms like NJT .Forget about it let us continue leisurely and enjoy.

    This is not the first time

    We had all the intelligence. Yet were we ready in April 1971, July 1983, or September 2011 (USA 9/11)?

    Numerous other debacles and intelligence agencies. Japan,. Vietnam , Israel! Surprise attacks with mind boggling causalities and nationally LTTE and JVP

    Surprises are not really surprises. Symptoms are always there and intelligence, we ignore them at our own peril and engage in blame games afterwards.

    We never learn lessons. Respect the small man, the insignificant man. He has a lot to tell Listen patiently and act.

    At micro level, suicide is another tragedy with hindsight wisdom

  • 3

    There is a separate law and order situation for Muslims in Sri Lanka. This government has encouraged those practices. The government did not take any action on those breaking the law and order situation for Muslims because of the votes.

    Recent example on beating the Navy Officers who rounded up crooks on illegal sand mining in Trincommalee. The other one is the illegal sand mining in the Pulmodai. There are many similar cases. This government has allowed all these actions through out the Island . Now the results are obvious. The Muslim politicians are first class crooks. The current and previous governments have allowed all these activities . Even in the Muslim countries, specially in the Arab World, there is no impunity for breaking the law and order.

  • 0

    The motivation for the attacks was revenge for the Christchurch mosque incident. They seem to have chosen Sri Lanka completely randomly. No doubt after Christchurch, some of these attackers would have volunteered for such a mission. The only advantage of Sri Lanka is familiarity with the terrain and the ability to blend in. Sri Lanka may also have been used as a testing ground for future attacks, not necessarily in Sri Lanka, as many ex-ISIS members are returning to Europe. Given the astonishing “success” of these attacks, it is hard to fathom further bombs not going off. ISIS seems to be much more efficient than Al-Qaeda, the traditional attacker, in terms of organization and execution. What is important for local intelligence right now: where were the bombs built (some say a copper factory), what kind of explosives training did the attackers receive, who built the suicide vests, and of course, cracking down on the remainder of the terror cell. There should also be a ban on the practice of Salafism, as this particular ideology directly promotes violence and encourages martyrdom.

  • 4

    The ‘head’ of ‘state’ & defence minister was in no hurry returning to SL, the PM and other ministers were not bothered about their exclusion from security meetings, a ‘Catholic’ minister was not bothered to inform the Cardinal, the previous regime was not bothered about JNT’s with their hooliganism. Are the citizens bothered about taking the due legal action or are they fully colonised by the hierarchy??
    What about the descendants of the saintly Vijaya who encouraged the indigenous population and culture to thrive after their Ramayana flight from Hidustan??

  • 6

    Laksiri the racist, the LTTE came into being due to state sponsored Sinhalese racism against the island’s Tamils that is still continuing. The LTTE is a child of Sinhalese state racism , it did not come out of nowhere. As for Kattakudi it was a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism long before the LTTE attack. The LTTE attacked this mosque for this reason , as Kattankudi and the Kattankudi mosque was the headquarters of the infamous Muslim home guards who were heavily armed by the Sinhalese Sri Lankan state and armed forces to kill and rape Tamil civilians in the east , loot and destroy their properties and possessions , steal their lands and ethnically cleanse them. They also destroyed and burnt many Hindu temples at times with the villagers locked inside them and burnt alive , with the Sinhalese armed forces watching this war crime. Thousands of Tamils in the east were ethnically cleansed from their lands and villages and hundreds were murdered and raped in this brutal manner , far more than the amount killed at the Kattankudi mosque. It is only after all these atrocities that the LTTE attacked the mosque , as it was a well known fact that all this evil originated from there. For your information long before the LTTE attacked the Kattankudi mosque or any Muslim , Tamil Hindus were chased out of the Kattankudi area. Local Mosques blared out of their loud speakers to chase all non Muslims out of the area. The Muslims heeded to this call and with the help of the Sinhalese police , chased all Tamils from the area , to create a 100% Muslim area. Please report facts correctly instead of omitting to suit your agenda. Why were Tamils not protected by the state?

    • 2

      siva, no point. when Laksri Fernando and the likes drop the terrorist label on the LTTE, they know what they are upto. It justifies their ‘war on terror’ state narrative against the armed tamil movement.

  • 6

    Hi Laksiri this is what your state sponsored Sinhalese terrorism did to the Tamils , far worse than Evil Wahhabi headquarters Kattankudi Mosque.

    The ancient Prehistoric Naguleswaram Sivan temple at Keerimalai
    Bombing by the Srilankan armed forces
    On the 18th of October 1990, while the auspicious Kedara Gowri fast was being observed in the temple by hundreds of devotees, the Srilankan forces carried out an indiscriminate aerial attack. This resulted in extensive damage to the temple buildings and priest’s quarters. The chief priest and members of the public had to flee for safety. The area was completely out of bounds for seven years. In 1997 the chief priest who was allowed to visit the area with the Additional GA and others discovered the extent of the sacrilege (Case of the missing idols – vandalism or sacrilege? -Weekend Express May 10th 1997). The reparations so far by successive Governments have been far from adequate.

  • 1

    Wijewwera’s JVP Terrorists promised our poor rural Youth a Cuba in Lankawe ,
    And make them live happily ever after…
    Our youth got duped and paid dearly with theirs and even their mums and dads lives, when Horagolla Sirimavo and Keselwatta Premadasa massacred them. wholesale..

    Thanks to Free Education , Swabasha Learning and the recent Economic Development post Nanthikadal and up to 2015 in particular ,made things better for the rural sector.
    With Wijeweera’s JVP in Dr Ranil’s pocket now, there is no chance those rural youth can be brain washed again.

    Pirhaparan indoctrinated the poor , low caste Villagers in the North and the East, promising them free land , jobs, money and caste free living, although Pira’s grand plan was to create the First Eelaam of the Thamil Nation…

    Pira’s sacrifices amounting a few thousand Thamil Ives and many more others , Sinhala Buddhists in particular weren’t in vain as far as the Native Srilankan Tamil Community .is concerned
    Pira’s Terrorism lead to one Million plus Tamils became Rich Western Citizens ,
    They also got their Lands back,.
    Their Local allies soon will be rewarded with a Home Land will Police Powers.

    Although the poor in the North are still struggling according to their new AAVA, those Youth will not become the Second Tranche of Suicide Cadres.
    Also the LTTE supporting local Tamil Parties will not like it, because it will upset their Homeland.Hopes.

    Ibrahim’s Jihadi Suicide Bombers are totally different.
    They do not want money , They do not ask for Land.
    They come from very well off families , And they are well educated with some having Degrees from the First World Unis.

    All they want is to eliminate the Infidels lead by the US. who are cause of all ills in the post Caliphate New World .
    As the main Indoctrination Subject, it is not only very powerful but also a marvelous Catch Phrase..,

  • 6

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando is trying to defend his pal the president stating that he was away so he cannot be held responsible.

    Then Dr. Laksiri Fernando goes on to say that the root cause is not national…

    “Many of the root causes are not national, but within the religiously polarized ‘international community.’”

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando …what a load of rubbish..

    how come an international terrorist organisation get a foothold in Sri Lanka without the collusion of local Muslims.

    and what is the national root cause for local Muslims to collude with international terrorist organisation?

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando is tying to paint a rosy picture for the President of Sri Lanka…

    I read somewhere that ISIS wants to make Sri Lanka their base after being driven out of Syria.

    worse is yet to come ….so Dr. Laksiri Fernando don’t be complacent

    • 1

      Rajesh ,

      All Srilankan rulers have had a responsibility to do something to
      discourage growing racism from the majority down instead of
      allowing them to growing and using them to their advantage ! And
      then leaders had been blind enough to ignore nonstop communal
      instigation for violence even a week before the blasts ! So it’s vital
      to investigate and release an impartial enquiry report on
      how even a section of Muslim community was dragged into this
      stage today . Prof Laksiri doesn’t ignore the dangers Muslims faced
      from both majority communities which seems to be ultimately ended up
      in wrong hands . It is obviously not in the interests of Muslim community
      in the country just like the other extremist’s actions were not in the
      interests of their communities .

  • 3

    do you think that hemasiri and pujith are such fools as not to share the info with yhe pm unless they were asked to do so by a higher authority

  • 4

    Ultimate responsibility lies with the Almighty – But, indeed that is only if the Almighty really exists, as must have been the belief of those who were killed while praying for him and those who killed the prayers in his name.

    So firstly, we need to find out whether this Almighty really exists. If so why he is giving contradictory orders to two types of believers, i.e. one to pray for him and the other to kill those who pray for him. Did the almighty really promised the heaven to both groups, perhaps for one group with an additional bonus of 72 virgins?. If he is not proven guilty for this carnage why being the Almighty allow this carnage to happen including murdering 45 innocent children who is hardly qualified to be sinners.

    If this Almighty does not really exists – we have to expose that truth.
    But are we ready to do it? Would our education, curiosity, freedom of thought and social status allow us to have a sincere and honest debate on the existence of the Almighty.

    Professor. Don’t evade this core question with humbugs of emotional and cultural requirements. We can always find much better alternatives to them.

  • 1

    The National Thowheed Jamath [NTJ] and the ISLAMIC STATE [IS] led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi also known as the Caliph are partners in Islamic Terror. Kattankudy, in the Batticaloa District appears to be Head-Quarters of the NTJ.
    Parliament was told just the other day that Hisbullah the Present Governor of the Eastern Province has close links to the NTJ, and there is concern how he is making use of this to make things difficult for the Sinhalese and Tamils in the region. It was Nincompoop President Sirisena who appointed Hisbullah! Therefore,
    he alone should take responsibility for the chaos we have in the country.
    Since the IS HAS SPREAD ITS TENTACLES to Srilanka through the NTJ we could expect a continuation of this Islamic Terror in the foreseeable future.

    For those readers who wish to know more about the IS pl. type…
    Islamic State group; The full story.
    By.Jim Muir
    BBC News.

    • 3


      “Kattankudy, in the Batticaloa District appears to be Head-Quarters of the NTJ.”

      Let us have some respect for names.
      It is Islamic Republic of Kattankudy.

  • 0

    Richard Butler , the man who headed UN inspection team to Iraq in 1998 said
    this about US military action against Iraq ” The spectacle of the US armed
    with its weapons of mass destruction , acting without Security Council authority
    to invade a country in the heartland of Arabia and if necessary use its WMD to
    win the battle , is something that will so deeply violate any notion of fairness in this
    world that I strongly suspect that it could let loose forces that we would deeply live
    to regret .” Nelson Mandela went on record with something similar to this . I have no
    doubt this is exactly what we are talking here with the logo of ISIS linked to the
    carnage of Easter Sunday on our soil . So , we have been forced into taking an active
    role in what’s going on in the Mideast ? How can we afford to ignore BBS role into
    manipulating or even creating an Islamic out fit for the purpose with its wild
    campaign against Muslim community ? For certain , we as a country are no more in
    control of our own affairs it seems to me ! The play has started in the name of
    religions with puppets set in motion by real actors behind the scene ? Who wants to
    call it ” this is where we are heading off in the name of civilization ? “

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