2 April, 2023


TGTE Wants Human Rights Chief To Present “Oral Report” On Sri Lanka War Crimes

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) has again written to all members of the UNHRC expressing concern and disappointment by the UNHRC High Commissioner, to delay an important report into human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. TGTE believes that the mandated resolutions of the UNHRC and Human Rights issues should never be compromised or dictated by any third party.

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran - PM – TGTE

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – PM – TGTE

It also expressed its disappointment that the Tamil victims and witnesses were not consulted and UNHRC did not lay any conditions on the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), to adhere for this delay, such as:

allow unrestricted access for the OISL team into the NorthEast and to gather information from victims and witnesses
access to AI, HRW and international media into Sri Lanka and the NorthEast.
Strict adherence to protection for witnesses and victims and for Human Rights activists
Release of all political prisoners
Immediate release of all women and children from custody
Provide list of all those in custody
Release all land grabbed by the army
Stop immediately the colonization and the structural genocide.
Remove the army from the Tamil areas.

It stated that the new GoSL continues to prevent or accept UNHRC resolution to complete its mandate, and wants to promote another “Internal Domestic Commission”, with international technical input. This is a deliberate attempt to protect the past and current perpetrators from the international community, to slow down and delay the processes for accountability and justice for the victims, and should not be allowed to derail and undermine the UNHRC mandated OISL.

Only an Independent and credible comprehensive international investigation will be accepted by the victims, their dependents, to other victims worldwide waiting for justice and accountability and to safe guard humanity.

It is the believe and expectations of many that the OISL investigation, reporting and recommendation would be a strong deterrent to any current or future regimes, that war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide against minorities by state sponsored terrorism will be accounted for, and perpetrators will be brought to justice.

TGTE and Tamils worldwide still have faith and trust on the High Commissioner and the UNHRC, that this will be the once only “extension of time”, and that a final strong report with recommendations to Council will be presented and with a referral to ICC or UN security Council.

It also brought to their attention that:

A mass rally of protest was held in Jaffna against the delay, and is expected to continue in various districts.
Continuing genocidal intent – cultural and structural by the vast majority of Sinhala people and by Sri Lanka military, need to be stopped immediately.
Continuing military presence to instil fear and terror on the people. Reports of human rights violation including rape by the Military & Para-Military.
Preventing Humanitarian Assistance from the Tamil Diaspora
Tamil Refugees(IDPs and from overseas ) are still waiting to return to their homes and land
Restricted Political Space, PTA and 6th Amendment is in place.

The TGTE says, that an “Oral Report” be presented by the High Commissioner to Council in March, on the OISL findings so far, as per the original schedule, with considerations for any actions that need to be included or addressed for inclusion in the September report.

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  • 12

    Reality is UNHRC which danced to the tune of Diashora during Navi Pillay time is no more. Sooner the Diashora fathom this reality and change their attitude and approach they may be able to prolong their asylum claims for bit longer.

    Wonder why Diashora are not taking part in the biggest liar competition held every November in The Bridge Inn at Santon Bridge

    • 9

      Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – PM – TGTE

      Earlier, the Mootals wanted a written Report,

      Now they want an Oral Report

      Next they another oral, then a blow job.

      Changing times… Have you heard of Realpolitik? Or is it that you only know Mootal Politik?

    • 12

      he he he still licking after what happened in Aluthgama?…..dont you know many SL Muslims are seeking asylum in the west?

      • 25

        “asylum in the west?”

        they deal with Iranian heroin go to jail come out educated use addicts to sell their heroin buy false documents marry a white junkie and get their new identity with the support of iranians.

        It’s the muslim modus operanda in the EU so far.

    • 6


      Who knows, if people like you had kept their mouths shut, most probably the crimes alleged to have been committed by the previous SL regime may not sound as credible. Here is the ball game. With the witness programme in place and when the UNHRC team is given access to the victims, it is going to be laddu and jalebi.

      I feel elated and have decided to appoint you as our representative to represent us, all liars, in that competition. You are given a free pass to shout at the top of your voice. Just beware if the organisers don’t brandish a whip at you. Good luck and cheers for your consent.

      • 18

        Army Boots from the crow shit junction,
        Yakko just shut your trap and reinforce your ambude for the electric.

    • 1

      “Wonder why Diashora are not taking part in the biggest liar competition held every November in The Bridge Inn at Santon Bridge”

      They are coward. They don’t have the courage to compete with you.

      If you are not there, one day, they may come out of thier holes.

    • 3

      Dear Rudra. What nonsense are you talking. Americans and the UNHCR do not give a shit about genocide of Eelam Tamils any longer, They are up against Mahindar and and now that man is out, Americans have no use of Eelam Tamils.
      You and other idiots got the Tamils to vote Mahindar out, He was our only hope and you lowlife scumbugs could not realize it. Mahindar is Sinhala modaya, that is why pur great Thalaivar did not let Eelam Tamils to vote in 2005, making sure Ranil can not win.
      You do not have an iota of brain of our great Thalaivar. You are a disgrace to Eelam struggle, if Pottu was alive, he would have sent Kumaran to Washington to bring you and you will have a hot iron rod in your anal cavity.
      Great Thalaivar died like a jesus, suffering as genocidal Sinhala military violated his rectum with a hot iron rod, after he was sodomized by a dozen of genoicidal military war criminals, according to RAW. You should know that. Thalaivar suffered for Eelam Tamils, and not for you to spend our hard earned money contributed to Eelam on your cocktail circuits.
      You, the Charleston should resign and let us decide the future of Tamil Eelam. If you are a patch of Great Thalaivar, you should now planning our sea borne invasion and recapture of Eelam land.
      You are simply pathetic. Get lost

    • 4

      Look at the mugshot of this pathetic creature. Can he be the leader of Tamil Eelam? This man does not even give a try to promote Eelam. Any idiot should remember how glamerous and awe inspiring was our great leader V Prabakaran in his combat uniform and the cyanide pill, firmly on his neck, next to the elem flag. This man should at least take on rent a combat uniform from shop. Will the youth join our struggle when they see this man starring into camera like having wallowed several c*COKS?
      Eelam needs a real leader.

      • 19

        Quest of Tamil is Elam

        Could you find him a day job.

        • 0


          “Quest of Tamil is Elam Could you find him a day job. “

          Still many Mootals முட்டாள், left.

    • 21

      “Reality is UNHRC which danced to the tune of Diashora during Navi Pillay time is no more.”

      Why so?? She is Indian origin and not from polygamy tip cut breed. You need the full wrath of Hindia the present day key player.

      What is the the UNHRC of today but a Pan_Islamist with an Anglo Saxon pussy in the front line but definitely a polygamist like Bin Larden and his tainted knickers.

      May be as per the policy at the next meeting some of them would not be eligible to vote while new members may be able.

      Only the one who does not row the boat can rock the boat.

      When the wind blows how do tip[ cut muslims or sihal or tamils carry on white water rafting as we do??

      Morals are for humans not for camels or for Alla/God.

  • 5

    UNHRC will give an oral to Americans only.

    • 6

      It’s always the other way around from it’s inception to former arse licking government servants and politicians who on close to retirement (because of first time) or fresh because of connections form the UNHRC worldwide- its a mafia like the Vatican- no own police, or army but just invertebrates sucking funds worldwide.

      The Americans have always done the telling never to be told after the sleeping was woken up by fascist Japanese.

      Boston Brahmins prevail not his stupid working class slippery wife,

  • 2

    Major problem faced by Tamils, now, is the 6th amendment created and imposed on Tamils and TNA by the UN and UNHRC.
    Don’t Talk! – From UN to Tamils and TNA.

    Today, the visiting political representative of UN SG Jeffrey Feltman, is expected to put new pressures on TNA. 6th amendment of Lanka took away the language that they used to communicate with Colombo, mainly after Vaddukkodai Convention. So Tamils were reduced to use their mouth not to talk but to bite or tear. We show the end of it in 2009. It had to be bulldozed and buried under the earth before anybody can witness. That is what Lanka government did.

    Now UN is in full swing taking away the Tamils’ language that they are using to talk outside of Lanka. This is going to reduce Tamils nothing even as leftover ash to wipe out in their own land.

    UN walked out of north, leaving the helpless alone, blaming the Tamils of using themselves to human shield. When asked to investigate it what has happened in UN during the Tamils war, UN found crime was committed in its operation. Ban-ki-Moon released statements saying it is fixed, but only after the war over Tamils. But how? It appears to be UN releasing its own 6th amendment over the Tamil Parliamentarians. “Don’t talk about Freedom, Right, and Independence…” This is the mouth belt UN is actively manufacturing and installing on the Eelam Tamils mouth piece TNA.

    We have sighted many reasons why TNA will not be able to meet the next election challenge. We saw what happened to GG Ponnamapalam and his Tamil Congress when he united with UNP and disenfranchised Tamils. We saw what happened to TULF and Aananthasangari when he join with Old King to wipe out Mullivaikkal. Everybody is astonishingly and with surprise watching TNA joining the New Royal Government. It is not just with New Royals; In the East TNA is taking part of the Old Royal provincial government. Old Royals took SLMC to form a government with a promise of CM to them. Now the TNA is pillaring the SLMC, for Old Royals government in East. “Palam Thindavan thappividdaan, Kottai soopiyan maaddipauddan” (The one who stole and ate fruit have escaped, the one who was sucking the left over mango seed was punished for the theft). SLMC very clearly declared they will do the right thing at the right time (to keep their post). When the election comes in this April, Sampanthar will hand over his seat to SLMC. The eastern government has already started to take its toll on TNA-minister post rivalry. This may the start of the end of one time strong elephant called TNA. It has put earth on its head itself. Many of the TNA’s mistakes are improper handling of their situation they are under now. They took the political pressure of the IC community on their head instead it go on Lanka government. The shielded and featherbedded the Sinhala Government on their war crime and anti-west, anti-India policies.

    Vijenambiar like unethical officials formulated UN policies against Tamils for the bribe money they received from Old Royal Government of Lankave. UN is continuing it still. The UN has granted bail for the serial killer Sri Lanka on its last murder, on Jan 8th 2015. UN’s explanation is “Until the case is proven” Sri Lanka is not guilty. UN has bailed out Lanka to continue the murders. Its position is, nothing of the past is not proved for yet. In fact, in 2009, UN praised the slick, secret methods Lanka used to do the murders. Then UN came back and blamed Human shield operation on Tamil. Why UN did not take part in releasing the people from the human shield operation? Why did UN leave Tamils on the hand of LTTE if it were using them as human shield?
    Now UN has come out with the mouth belt for Tamils and TNA, because after the 6th amendment, Tamil are reduced biting dog not talking human being. Now the suitable and effective way to stop Tamils showing their feeling is stopping TNA’s actions unconditionally or with without any reciprocating deals with them. Just stop it- Don’t ask anybody anything. So TNA brought the New Royals to power unconditionally. It agreed to let go the international investigation unconditionally.

    In fact, UN is, now leading the roll of denying the right of the Tamils to express their opinion. Strange are the behaviors of these countries. America fought the civil was to make the slaves voice heard for the first time in American history. Britain conducted the referendum in Scotland last year. Quebec was success in have it done by Canada. These are countries actively installing mouth belt on TNA that is the legal mouth piece of North and East. Tamils demand for an referendum is not falling on anybody’s ears until they can find out another story like “Human Shield”.
    When Colebrook, Donomore and Soulbury were making the Westminster from of government to Lanka, from Ramanathan, the first Tamils modern era politician to GG opposed it. Now not Tamils, even the Sinhalese need to be bailed out of this drastic mistake. In fact the UN is actively engaged on rescuing the Sinhalese from the mistake Britain made, but the not the Tamils, who were affected by both Britannia and the Sinhalese. Now in the same old pattern, UN, without listening to Tamils, arrogantly pursues it effort of putting the final nail on the Tamils coffin.

    I treat burning effigy as crude and horrible method of expressing one’s bitter feeling toward another. But if the Federal Party founder SJV wake from his cemetery and see the Tamils are burning Sampanthar’s effigy, the current leader of the party he created, by sorrow of the status of his party, he will jump in to that fire and commit suicide to return for his coffin.

    • 0

      By the way this Ban-Ki-Moon `s son-in law Siddarda Shanker Roy is a Bengali served with IPKF in Sri Lanka using this connection poverty India fixed Maalayali Vijay Nambiar as chief of staff post at the UN….noticed this SL butcher hired Vijay Nambiar `s brother military man Satish Nambiar ……who is the mastermind of HITLER STYLE CAMPS in Vanni….It is this Satish Nambiar prepared a report to Indian government saying that Tamil rebels should be terminated…..he he he today South India`s security is in question.

      Note.. during his two visits to Colombo at the peak of massacre this Malayali Vijay Nambiar told UN staff not to make much noise about this ..and each time he made a stop over in Delhi en route to New York to meet probably the imported woman and pleased her blood thirsty desire.

      Vijay Nambiar`s private bank accounts should be investigated.

      This Ban-Ki-Moon even after Vijay Nambiar `s retirement has given a post to him so that he can move with UN Diplomatic passport …Both Bengalies and Mlayalies hate Tamils ….and used their positions to help SL goons…

  • 7

    If a report has to be presented then a report has to be presented re: LTTE atrocities as well. Rudrakumaran of TGTE members most of them stand in front of the Tiger Flag, these are the remnants of LTTE. They also should be brought before any inquiry whether its an international inquiry or domestic inquiry. If this is not done then the majority of Sri Lankans, including law abiding Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims will not trust the inquiry as a fair inquiry. In case it is difficult to bring these Tiger remnants to the inquiry, then Interpol assistance should be obtained to bring them over.

  • 5

    Were Nazis allowed to present their view of world affiars after the second world war ?

    this is what the second in command of LTTE says about what LTTE did.

    ” Member of Parliament Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman stated that the massacre of more than 600 unarmed policemen after they had surrendered to the LTTE can be considered as a war crime.

    Taking part in the live political talk show `Sathyagaraya` on ITN, he said that while massacres that took place under Pol Pot in Cambodia and using chemical weapons against the Kurdish people in Iraq could be considered war crimes, the last stages of the war in Sri Lanka did not see war crimes committed by Sri Lankan Forces.

    LTTE could not be considered as a liberation movement as it had kept thousands of civilians as hostages at gunpoint in the last stages of the war. However, the Sri Lanka Forces rescued them and war crimes did not take place at that stage, he added.

    The massacre of policemen on June 11, 1990 is a dark chapter in the history of separatist war. The policemen had surrendered following orders and were killed by the LTTE.

    Karuna served as the LTTE Eastern Commander for years until he broke away in 2004. However, he said that he was not responsible for the massacre of policement as he was in the north at that time.

    • 25

      However, he said that he was not responsible for the massacre of policement as he was in the north at that time. “

      Saffron Coloured One now that you keep on getting pinnata atta pirikana sevura,
      There is a new generation born purely to bend in 2 and kiss the webbed feet of smelly skin heads from the day they were born- we can can them all like Iceland the first democracy does and market them as laughing buddha puddhu pudding relics.

      Arn’t you Just like Skin Head to the core a mercenary turned terrorist by proxy- Hyenas as in your flag not fit toilet wipes.

      Keep on holding hands on every thread of the forumn for years on end so that you get the seuvra toilet wipes from stupid Heynas like the Fascist Japenes who bend to the king while wriggling their own hands.- they call you the B.O. fish smell ones in the SARC.

  • 11

    All genuine Singhalese have to understand one thing, we do not want to go separate or join with Tamil-nadu like what happened in Ukraine. We were and we are quiet happy to live together but as a stat with enough power like in India. That way we can develop north and east. Like it or not after LTTE we have become more global, more educated and more wealthier. Until LTTE era we were living like frogs in a pond, only wealthy Tamils lived in Colombo travelled to west and politicians came from Colombo cheated us all the time to keep us in the pond without seeing outside world – thanks to LTTE thanks to resists politicians. Most of the western countries developed after war, so we.

  • 3

    I am sure I have a seen a photo of PM Rudrakumaran wearing LTTE battle fatigues and wearing a Smith & Wesson around his waist.

    So he definitely has credentials .

    He even now has CM Vigeneswaran as his un official rep in future Homeland aka Mini Eelaam.

    The perfectly timed Effigy burning in London and CM Vigneswaran’s condemnation of Ranil’d great uncle, the father of the UNP as a War Criminal, are clear evidence that the NPC is under PM Rudrakumaran whether Vellalas like it or not.

    The West is desperately trying to make Ranil the legit PM preferably without going for an Election., so that Ranil can give Sambandan the Homeland.

    The “National Government” which is being promoted by Ranil and Champika is to fulfil the TNA demand for separate Homeland with full Police Powers and Land Rights.

    Sirisena is safe for six years . So it doesn’t bother him.

    But Siripala seems to be in a fix.

    With 125 SLFP MPS ,Siripala should be the legit PM ,

    But he is not, because Sirisena wouldn’t let him.

    So even if he hand over the 125 MPs to the UNP , there is nothing in it for Siripala..

    Plus if Siripala does that and give Sambandan his Homeland, Siripala wouldn’t have a homeland for himself unless he also takes residence in Colombo 6 and pray to the Elite to put him on the UNP national list.

    Therefore whether Zeid gives an Oral or a full service doesn’t really matter,if Ara Kumara can’t force Ranil to declare the promised Election on the 23 April.

  • 3


  • 0

    The man who trained and sent boys and girls from poor Tamil families as suicide bombers is talking about justice and human rights. UNHRC cannot do anything for you, your terror outfit or your racist mates. You’ll get more out of by flogging a dead horse. Why not use your energy wisely and become the prime minister of your homeland of Tamil Nadu?

  • 3

    It is a good suggestion from TGTE for UNCHR to release and an interim oral report on human rights violations during the last days of the war so that it can be compared with the final report they propose to release in Sept/2015. TGTE should keep punching, relentlessly at UNCHR so that they will not play a hide & seek game with the massacre of hundreds, killed or maimed and hundred thousand women widowed. This is not a joke for UN. unless the aim of UNCHR is to say that the massacre
    did not ,in fact, happen in order to protect the perpetrators arising out of an arm twist by a powerful country. Their future actions will
    prove whether UN works for the affected or for the arm twisters.

  • 0

    Man you never learn or even take an example from others, who has drooped the Thamil elam, you keep asking an oral report, you got it already. You know because you funded LTTE to the millions of US dollars. Please stop wasting time, get a life even at this dementing stage.

  • 0

    You really do not represent tamils in sri lanka

    You want to feel important

    I am not sure who elected you. Not me I am here in UK for 40+ years .
    Do not stir up
    Please leave it the elected tamil leaders in Sri Lanka and give our people in sri lanka a chance of peaceful life

  • 1

    He is not only PM he is also the minister for jokers

  • 0

    Someone must tell this silly ass that neither he nor his pie-in -the sky organisation ( madeup of economic refugees who fled their “homelands” to escape living under jackboot of LTTE terrorism in their de-facto state) that they don’t represent any Tamil LIVING anywhere in Sri Lanka.

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