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The Absence Of Fear Does Not Necessarily Mean The Presence Of Courage Or Bravery, I Saw My Mother In Her True Form – CJ’s Son

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“I will always remember my 22nd birthday as the day I saw my mother in her true form. As an individual who lives up to what she has taught and instilled in me for the past 22 years. The absence of fear does not necessarily mean the presence of courage or bravery. However, today I saw that the absence of fear does constitute the presence of integrity in the face of adversity. If I am to celebrate, I do so in celebration of that integrity. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes. Veni, Vidi,…..!” says Shaveen Bandaranayake Kariyawasam, the Chief Justice’s son.

He posted above remarks in his Facebook;

Shaveen Bandaranayake Kariyawasam

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