18 October, 2021


The Birth & Rise Of The Nugegoda Man

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The message that came out – loud and clear – from the Nugegoda rally is unambiguous : a new political man has risen with a new consciousness to change the political landscape. He is also bent on changing the mistake he made in the last presidential election. Like the Balangoda Man, our prehistoric ancestor, the Nugegoda Man represents a type, a pathfinder. He can be counted as the new force of the nation. The Nugegoda Man represents the critical mass that will impact in the coming electoral contests. He is the future.

Second, it means that Ranil Wickremesinghe’s days as Prime Minister are numbered. Nugegoda represent a clear shift of power from CBKRanilSirisena bloc to that of Mahinda Rajapaksa. What the “My3” did secretly, behind the back of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Nugegoda Man did it openly on February 18 : undercut the power of the CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena combination. The Nugegoda wave is now unstoppable. Only three kinds of maneuvers can stop Mahinda Rajapaksa: 1.the legal maneuvers of the blundering government to debar him from contesting can hold him back, temporarily though; 2. Sirisena-CBK-Nimal Siripala de Silva get together to do a cut-throat kuth-thu and 3. CIA-style operation to harm him physically.

Third, the birth of the Nugegoda Man will have significant consequences. The Nugegoda Man represents the majority coming together in a formidable formation. Its force will be felt in the coming general election where the majority will have a decisive impact in determining the composition of the next Parliament. .

MahindaFourth, the CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena combination has nothing new to give the electorate in the coming election. They have exhausted all their promises in the Presidential election and the electorate now knows that their promises had not contributed substantially to their existential condition. In fact, they are beginning to feel that the presence of the pro-West, pro-Indian “My-3 Pala-naya” poses an existential threat to their future.

Fifth, the role of the minorities will not have an over-determining impact in the parliamentary election as they did in the presidential election. Electoral demographics do not add up like the way it did in the presidential election. In parliamentary elections the Nugegoda Man will play a dominant role reducing the minorities to the margins.

Sixth, the spontaneous flow of the people to Nugegoda confirms that Mahinda Rajapaksa has had only a brief set back. It represents a resurgence that I have never seen before in electoral politics – and I’ve been in the thick of politics from the time I joined Lake House as a cub reporter in 1954. I’ve seen leaders going up and down like dizzy riders in a rollercoaster. But no one in living memory has done the miracle of bouncing back within such a short span of time.

The miracle is not in bouncing back but in the speed with which he had shot into a formidable position. As far as I can recollect no other defeated candidate ever rose to political heights of popularity, on a massive wave of grass root energy, within 40 days as Mahinda Rajapaksa. This is only the beginning. It is possible to visualize this trend turning into a tsunami by the time the general election takes place in July.

Leaders discarded at elections do come back but always after a considerable lapse of time when the incumbent government has tired the voters with incompetence, corruption and failures to deliver. No one has come up within days of being defeated. The show of strength at Nugegoda questions whether Rajapaksa was ever defeated. Technically, yes, in a psephological sense. But not as a political force. He is still out there, with enough clout, to whack the Ranil-led government for a six.

Wickremesinghe has never been a match to him and never will be. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s charisma/nationalist fervor is etched indelibly in the psyche of the nation. It is overpowering enough to overcome his short-comings. He has only to give the word and then a whole new political wave will burst out from the restrained shores to sweep the nation.

Mark you, the Mahinda Rajapaksa wave has risen at the height of a massive media and government propaganda campaign hitting him and his family with the kind of accusations that would have crushed any other lesser figure. The flood of masses that submerged Nugegoda indicate that the anti- Mahinda Rajapaksa propaganda has flowed over the electorate like water on a duck’s back. What is more, the resurgent Mahinda wave leapt to new heights without the backing of the SLFP. Though some dissident SLFPers broke rank and joined the Nugegoda rally the SLFP did not throw its full weight behind the pioneering Dinesh-Wimal-Vasu leadership.

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka heightened the drama of the day by pausing repeatedly to let the groundswells of thunderous applause subside as he read Mahinda Rajapaksa’s message. It was, indeed, in line with the best of political theatre. It is the only time I’ve seen a great political drama of Shakespeare’s Hamletian magnitude succeed without the Prince on the stage. In other words, the voters have dismissed the accusations against Mahinda Rajapaksa as some irrelevant muck that has no bearing on their political judgment.

The rise of the Nugegoda Man means that there are deeper and bigger issues than the details of personal lives of the Rajapaksa family. Overnight the electoral dynamics have changed. It means that Mahinda Rajapaksa is identified with the most deep-rooted forces that make or break leaders of the nation. This explains why it took a combination of 47 diverse parties to defeat him. If you throw in the Indian RAW, the American CIA and the Western NGOs it adds up 50. And even then he lost only a by a slender margin.

These unfolding events took me back to the second election campaign in April 1960, after the fall of Dudley Senanayake’s Short Parliament that lasted only for 33 days. He recommended dissolution and Sir. Oliver Goonetilleke, the Governor-General called for a new election. I was embedded with Dudley Senanayake as the Lake House correspondent to cover his entire election campaign. He set out for the first election campaign from “Woodlands”, Borella in January and formed a minority government. The second one was launched from the Mirigama residence of his close confidant and friend, Arthur Amaratunga.

Before setting out on the first day of electioneering he was pacing up and down the front verandah of the house after breakfast. He was somewhat apprehensive and nervous. After what seemed like a long silence he turned to me and said: “I can fight a living woman but not a dead man!” With his experience of winning the election on the emotional wave of his father’s death in the fifties he was referring to the similar emotional wave on which Mrs. Bandaranaike was riding high in the second election campaign. He was, however, banking on the report of the commission on corruption which had named leading SLFPers like C. A. S. Marikkar and Moonekulame among others. He hammered the theme of corruption exhaustively in his campaign but it didn’t cut any ice. The mood of the nation was preoccupied with the magic of the Bandaranaike legacy. He lost in July and Mrs. Bandaranaike became the first women prime minister of the world.

The parallel between 1960 July election and the coming July election is obvious. Though there will be many parties in the fray it will be essentially a contest between Wickremesinghe and Mahinda Rajapaksa in the south, if he decides to come forward, that is. Oddly enough, both will be fighting on two different narratives of the legacy of Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Nugegogda rally has already given the answer to the narrative that has won.

The mood and the issues of the forthcoming election will be entirely different from that of the presidential election. The new Rajapaksa vs. Wickremesinghe contest is going to be a whole new ball game with a whole new set of issues. Besides, by the time the voters go to the polls in July, the 100-day regime of Wickremesinghe would have lost its fizz. Already the fizz of the of the mini-budget has evaporated and the voters can’t be baited by another package of goodies which they know now will not impact on their hip pocket nerve.

Besides, there are no signs of the promised “Yaha-pala-naya” dawning at the end of 100-days. The goal of creating the “ideal country” (Manifesto) is receding every day. The failures of the 100-days will be a sitting duck for the Nugegoda Man to turn away from CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena combination. Their bungling, incompetence, internal fratricide, corruption, nepotism and the anti-national polices to reverse history will, most likely, bring the votes back to Mahinda Rajapaksa. The massive gathering at Nugegoda represents an exodus of Biblical proportions running away from the promised land of CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena. .

Furthermore, all the ha-ho about overthrowing the Mahinda legacy – from the Colombo Port City to other major infrastructure development programmes – has proved to be nothing but hot air. The ballyhoo about corruption charges – the main plank – is no longer a winning card for the CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena camp. The ad-men behind the Presidential campaign focused, in a timely move, on the theme of CHANGE ( when-a-suck ). The “change” has come and gone without yielding the expected impact. The people are still living in essence in the Mahinda era with a few minor changes in the political ambience.

Of course, it was possible, under the prevailing political conditions, to hold out promises of a new world on January 8, 2015. But that mood has changed rapidly. The “My-3” of CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena now has to go before the voters to defend the record that promised a “Yaha-pala-naya”. Other than muck-raking nothing substantial has been achieved, nor are they likely to achieve in the remaining days to make a dramatic impact on the electorate.

The”My-3” tactic so far has been to demonize the Rajapaksas. Has it created a sympathy wave for the Rajapaksas? Was the Nugegoda wave to get back Rajapaksa an act of public guilt? The failure of the “Yaha-pala-naya” to deliver its promises will be the biggest liability in the coming election. Besides, the Nugegoda Man has experienced the promised when-a-suck and he feels that he is still running on the highways and byways built by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

As for the promised new world nothing tangible has changed. It is the same old same old. The President has appointed his close relatives to key posts. Wickremesinghe has made similar appointment with his cronies. Even the holier-than-thou Wijedasa Rajapaksa has appointed one of his kind to his ministry. A man facing charges of money laundering (Rs. 300 million) is the Finance Minister. Sirisena who promised never to abuse his powers committed the worst offence by exercising arbitrarily Presidential powers that he didn’t have to remove the Chief Justice. He did that knowing that he was breaking the law – the law which he upheld when he acted to remove the former Chief Justice, Shirani Bandaranayake..

Worst of all, the Paskaralingams, and Mahendrans have returned, from their exile, to fiddle with the economy under Wickremesinghe’s patronage. Why? Aren’t there enough qualified Sri Lankans to manage the economy? As these exiles did the last time when Wickremesinghe was Prime Minister, they will fly out on the eve of the next election leaving the economy in a mess.

Anyway, nothing that has happened so far has strengthened Wickremesinghe’s political base. The prevailing political scenario is somewhat bizarre. The average man and the SLFPers are in quandary : they elected a SLFP President in a SLFP Parliament which – hang on! – has been hijacked by an unelected prime minister of the UNP who has no mandate/majority to occupy the eighth seat in the front row of the government benches which is reserved for the president. This topsy-turvy situation is not only farcical but thrown the political equilibrium into a dysfunctional bullock cart.

The administration Wickremesinghe runs is no better. For instance, in the critical area of education Wickremesinghe has appointed Kabir as Minster of Higher Education over the more competent and experienced academic, Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha. Kabir is poking his fingers in an area about which he knows nothing. His only qualification seems to be his excellent ability to follow instructions given by Wickremesinghe. Result : Higher Education is running like a cart drawn by three-headed donkeys, all running in different directions.

The corruption, favouritism, incompetence and the reign of mediocrities ruining tertiary education has been exposed by Alahan K. Alaharatna in The Colombo Telegraph (February 17, 2015). It is a shocking expose of Jaffna University Vice-Chancellor, a fake with fraudulent credentials, running a lawless University with her favourites recruited not on merit but on personal loyalty.

All signs indicate that Wickremesinghe is out of his depth. He wants to a run a one-man show, according to his own ministers. Wickremesinghe’s shenanigans have not won the hearts and minds of Nugegoda Man. This is not surprising, According to Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha the President has told him that he had handed over the making of appointments and the running of the administration to his two favourites : Chandrika Bandaranaike, an unelected political apparatchik who is behind the Sirisena throne and Ranil Wickremesinghe – two peas that failed to sprout in the same rotten pod. Their solutions to the problems they face so far have been to recall all the discards who had failed when they were president or prime minister earlier.

With every passing day it looks as if the nation is veering away from its historical roots into an alien path which is bound to have a serious consequences. Wickremesinghe’s obsession to micro-manage every detail in all the ministries is due partly his paranoia and partly his ambition to consolidate his position by keeping his rivals out of the prime ministerial chair. He thinks he has found an escape route to stay in power without a majority in the parliament. His formula is to turn the parliament into a national government. But he has been a failure because he could never manage his own party. How is he going to manage all parties in parliament to agree with him on his hare-brained schemes?

But, of course, there is a method in his madness. His idea of forming a national government is to secure his position as prime minister, He is aiming to be the prime minister without a mandate from the people. Since he has no viable formula to rise onhis own steam he has come up with his self-serving idea of hanging on to the premiership by preserving the status quo which he describes as “national government”. His national government is not intended to put any other elected leader with a legitimate majority in parliament as the prime minister. His idea is to manipulate the President Sirisena and CBK and keep the SLFP contenders as far away as possible from his seat.

SLFPers are shrewd enough to see through the sneaky ways of Wickremesinghe. Both Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa are committed SLFPers capable of rising over their personal rivalries and sink their differences for the sake of the party. Their rivalry will only ensure the victory of their traditional opponents. It’s time that SLFPers heeded Mahinda Rajapaksa’s advice and agree to go along with known devil than the failed Wickremesinghe — the devil in angel’s clothing.

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  • 34

    Keep dreaming. He is a dead cause !!!

    • 7

      H. L. D. Mahindapala – Mahinda Shill

      RE: The Birth & Rise Of The Nugegoda Man

      RE: Nugegoda Crooks, Robbers ans Criminals CRCs Rally.

      Arrack to revive ‘union of the fugitives’


      No recognized leader of the SLFP, CP or the LSSP participated in the rally held at Nugegoda on the 18th say reports. The rally was orgvanized in a bid to build a public opinion that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be made the prime minister.

      Although the rally was organized by former ministers Dinesh Gunawardene, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Wimal Weerawansa and the Member of Western PC Udaya Gammanpila, it has been revealed that Mahinda Rajapaksa who had been behind the scene had manipulated the moves. On the pretext of uniting the SLFP he is engaging various strategies to come to power again despite a threat exists of splitting the SLFP due to the moves taken by him and his clique say political analysts.

      It is reported that senior members of the SLFP has named the organization attempting to bring Mahinda Rajapaksa to politics again as the ‘union of the fugitives’.

      A large sum of money left from funds collected for the presidential election has been used to bring people for the rally. ‘Cheer squads’ deployed at political meetings of Mr. Rajapaksa’s election campaign had been employed for the rally while more than 80% of the male participants were in a high state of intoxication say reports.

  • 22

    Happy to hear, as the Homo Balangodansis represented a Donkey Cart, The Ape Nugegodensis representing the ‘Nissan Pathfinder’ as a brand ambassador.

    • 8

      Homo? You should have told us earlier… M-Pala is cute, About 10 years back, I met him couple of times at SPUR meetings in Australia. Chen … I didn’t know..

      • 1

        Oh My god,
        Is the Same sex marriages legal in Australia?????????.

      • 2

        Alllecone, I could understand you are an Aborigenous Kangaroo. 10 years back was time forgot. Do you ail with Alzhemirs?

      • 2

        Yes, Homo Putensis, you are non other than same avatar of the Holding Mandiplarlour.

    • 1

      I am not a fan of HLDP but commentators in CT should not attack sexual traits of a person. That is a private matter but comment on the substance of this artice- Thank You

      • 0

        Okay, then what about calling all both the available genders in “it” form from now on?

  • 30

    The title should have been,

    ‘The Birth, the Rise and the Fall of the Nugegoda Man’

    There was a crowd of around 25 to 30 thousand people that day including the rush hour crowd returning home caught in the crowd. All those who benefited directly from the Rajapaksa regime made their appearance. That was the first and the last show for the Rajapaksas. MR will never be given the PM post from the SLFP to contest again. Further when more evidence begin to surface about MR, his siblings and his cronies in crime and embezzlement, this meeting will be like the friz of the soda bottle and would dampen the spirits of old codgers like Mahindapala penning foolish articles here.

    • 8

      well said gamini. A better title would be -:)

      ‘Still Birth of the Nugegoda Man’

      There is no birth of MR cult again.
      As you said MR will never PM post from SLFP or UPFA. If he wants it he need to join Weerawanse and team contest under Wheel.

  • 25

    No readers in your RAG? Why waste your time here. More you write, sicker the people get hearing about your paymaster.

  • 19

    H. L. D. Mahindapala -Mahinda Shill and Whitewasher..

    RE: The Birth & Rise Of The Nugegoda Man

    “The Nugegoda Man represents the critical mass that will impact in the coming electoral contests. He is the future.”

    Half the people who went for the Rally were very curious, to see what the defeater Crooks, Robbers and Criminals, CRCs, had to say. They are like the IRC’s.

    Your Shill Buddy, Dayan Jayatilaka was there.

    In Sri Lanka, whenever there is an accident, people flock to the accident, the ‘Accident Phenomenon”.

    “Nugegoda represent a clear shift of power from CBK-Ranil-Sirisena bloc to that of Mahinda Rajapaksa.”. The rally exposed MaRa more. Why did he not show up?

    A wedding Without the Bride and Groom?

    The Crooks Robbers and Criminals, CRC’s and Shills want Mahinda to be back more than Maninda Does. What a pity.

    More on the CRC’s to come..

    Honda Honda Sellam, Eli Vena Jameta..

    Reward from Mahinda to Keheliya for falling from room!

    It is revealed that former Minister Keheliya Rambukwella was paid Rs. 10,908,798 and former Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratna was paid Rs. 29,298,926 as medical aid from the President’s fund in 2012.

    This was revealed in a response to a question posed by the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka in Parliament. The total amount given from the President’s Fund to people’s representatives that year was Rs.44,149,168.

    Minister Keheliya Rambukwella was given the money to get medical treatment when he broke his leg falling from a tourist hotel room in Australia.

    Normally, loans are not given from President’s Fund. However, Minister Rambukwella stating that he would pay the amount in installments is unusual. How much he has paid back has not been mentioned in the reply however.

    • 5

      Amarasiri, it never ceases to amaze the thinking to see the amount of excreta flowing from your evil melon (on your neck) through the pen to the CT comments sphere.

      We allow you to continue simply due to the sympathy we extend to the obvious relief you would be experiencing after such defecation on the CT columns.

      Hope the diarrhea will stop soon!

      • 2

        Ram Banda Medamulana MaRa Shill and White Washers and MaRa “Dogs”

        Dogs are good learners, even stupod one, after their misytakes.

        Unfortunately the MaRa “Dogs” Never learn. See Video.

        Why can’t they learn from the “Dogs”

        PS. No disrespect for the Dogs.

      • 2

        Ram Banda

        You want to have more fun than you can have at CT? [Edited out]

        • 1

          Amarasiri, Why don’t you have a late night meeting with Ranil and Mangala to get rid of your frustrations? U will learn a lot from those two and also you guys will be a nice [Edited out]

  • 17

    The message that came out – loud and clear.

    When Mahindapala goes to HELL, the same thing will be there as he written.

    The message that came out – loud and clear.

    Mahindapala you exactly and perfectly feel and experience the same after your death.

  • 18

    H. L. D. Mahindapala –

    Mahinda Rajapaksa Nekath Gona

    Wimal Mahinda Balla

    Wasudeva Mahinda Buruwa

    Denish Mahinda Diyabariya

    Gamapila Mahinda Gemba

    Ekata Mata Hina,

  • 15

    you are having wet dreams balangoda man.

  • 15

    Both Mihindapala and Dayan have one common enemy in Ranil as PM. Therefore they are working towards the only alternative dream of MR
    People forget soon – Where is the Declaration of Assets form of MR, as
    given to the EC – as sealed and therefore declared secret! It may be a
    set of blank papers. Come on Mr. EC what is preventing you from disclosing the contents re the new “Nugegoda man” for the benefit of
    Mahindaapla & Dayan so that they can base their canvassing at the next

  • 11

    Mahindapala appears to have had multiple orgasms seeing the crowd at the Nugegoda rally and that has made him hallucinate.

    His thought process is running wild with expectations of the second coming of Rajapaksa the barbarian. He thinks the CBK, RW, MS combine are fools to let this happen. Rajapaksa is going to be exposed soon for what he truly is and that will bury him politically for good.

  • 9




  • 6

    Hope the rogue PM wouldn’t do anything stupid even with the help of his mates in the CIA.

    Unless Ranil wants to eliminate the whole UNP leadership team like Prabakaran’s Commanders.

    But the West will now go out all the way to drag Rajapaksa to the Hague.

    And bar him contesting the coming election.

    CBK is in London doing the ground work, Nugegodians will now increase her home work.

    Mangalan is on his way to the US to forward the action plan on how to set the trap.

    President Sira hopefully uses his commonsense if he doesn’t want to turn Srilanka in to a Syria…

  • 3

    The hatchet man of Premadasa is in a political coma.The political catchers of dictators like Hosni Mubarak and Gadaffi too tried to resurrect the image of the political masters with the plundered wealth but were a failure. Mahindas message read by his boot licker DJ refers to a conspiracy that resulted in his defeat.The architect of the conspiracy was Mahinda himself who called for an early election.The nation has to give the highest honour to the astrologer who saved the country of 2 more years of the Rajapakses who gang raped Sri lanka.

  • 11

    NGO and federal puppets are wetting their pants after seeing the rise of sinhalese buddhists in Nugegoda rally

  • 8

    divide SLFP into 2 then mile3 will always get the blame for making the cause to divide SLFP which he will never be able to clear till he dies

  • 3

    Ramblings of an old perv
    This guy should is some piece of work, at least DJ is readable, this idiot is offensive, hopefully he hasn’t procreated, it would be disastrous for the gene pool.

  • 4

    Dear Mr. Calculus.

    People are known by the company they keep they say. First you supported President Premadasa. He made you the Daily News editor. After the President was assassinated you were not given an extension by Ranil and hence your hatred towards Ranil.

    Then you supported Mahinda Rajapaksha, another despot. You seem to have a fascination for despots. Your writing also represents a the attitude of a haughty old man. Does this say something about your household in Brisbane, Australia?

    In your old age you must not hold grudges against succesfull people simply because you supported the defeated. Have a peaceful retirement. Write something constructive.


  • 8

    “The Birth & Rise Of The Nugegoda Man”

    We have to wait and see.

    Out focus is country and not anything else.

  • 2

    Here’s more on that “birth rise” at Nugegoda –
    [Edited out]

    What a bunch bankrupt politicos will stoop to (but no surprises with MR at their helm)

  • 10

    Bravo! H.L.D. Mahindapala …. an Inspired Foretelling of Events to yet Unfold!

    In other words, the voters have dismissed the accusations against Mahinda Rajapakse as some irrelevant muck that has no bearing on their political judgment.”

    “The rise of the Nugegoda Man means that there are deeper and bigger issues than the details of personal lives of the Rajapakse family. Overnight the electoral dynamics have changed.”

    “The Nugegoda Man represents the majority coming together in a formidable formation. Its force will be felt in the coming general election where the majority will have a decisive impact in determining the composition of the next Parliament.”

    “It means that Mahinda Rajapakse is identified with the most deep-rooted forces that make or break leaders of the nation.”

    “With every passing day it looks as if the nation is veering away from its historical roots into an alien path which is bound to have a serious consequences.”

    INDEED….this is ONLY THE BEGINNING! Jayawewa Sri Lanka!

  • 4

    Dear Sri Lankans,

    I visited your beautiful island around 15 years ago.
    And I narrowly escaped Tamil Tiger attack in front of Famous temple in Kandey.

    I noticed your island is glittering with so many different
    cultures and ethnic groups. Specialy Burgers, Moors and and Afrikans.
    I enjoyed Afrikan ethnic groups music call Kapirinna.

    Later I came to know your government manage to defeat the Tamil
    Terrorists and country became very peaceful.
    But, are those terrorists rising again?
    Why do you want to give a chance to those terrorists again?

    It is your duty to protect your beautiful island from
    one of the ruthless terrorist group in the world.

    • 2

      No, terrorism is not coming back to our beautiful country. Our former President was so corrupt, he was even friends with terrorists to take their funds and gold. They were helping each other to stay in power. People who love this country got together to get rid of him. He is gone for good now so is the tiger terrorism and state terrorism !

      BTW, Your slip is showing ?

  • 3

    Dayan Jayathilaka and H L D Mahindapala are like those who attended the Nugegodsa rising for a packet of rice. a pint of arrack and Rs 500/-. Only thing is when the common man was given Rs 500/-, local brew and a packet of rice, these two frauds were given diplomatic postings and paid as consultants.

    For all the frauds committed by Rajapakses these two should be charged as partners of crime.

  • 1

    Aiyayoo Mahindapala, your uncle MR paid tons and tons of money to load people into buses to give the hype that he was invincible. He even declared that he will win handsomely. He had to lick his wounds after being beaten. His was so drunk with power that he allegedly tried to stage a coup.

    Your shopping list of the whys will not be even worth the paper it is written on. You spoke to early. All those thieves and plunderers are simply trying to hide behind your uncle MR’s skirt. Did you read the sarcastic remark by Anura: “Did Rajapaksa Regime Make Salads Out Of Rs. 5000 Notes During CHOGM?” Contrary to your party mood, their days literally are numbered. It will be fun to see both MR and GR setting foot in UK and USA. Perhaps they may need your help to escape through the backdoor. Hope you won’t let them down.

  • 1

    the Nugegoda man gave birth to the likes of pissu men in the form of H L D Mahindapala!

  • 1

    So Mahindapala is asserting that the Medamulana Man (MM) is extinct and a new species, the Nugegoda Man (NuM), {I do not want insult NM by using the abbreviation NM} has taken over. The mechanism through which evolution works, natural selection, ensures the survival of the fittest and the extinction of the less fit. The important thing here is that MM is extinct, we hope forever, never to come back to haunt us again. Sigh!

    Secondly, rather than complaining ad-infinitum about what MM did during his existence, I hope people would appreciate what he did NOT do or could not do. For instance, he could not bring Commonwealth Games & Formula 1 racingt to his habitat (Hambantota), representing a total saving of about US$ 3,000,000,000 to us, the proletariat of this country. There is always a silver lining in every cloud.

  • 1

    Why should MR come back! To continue the enormous corruption, have drug dealers and murderers as ministers,influence the government institutions with politics, continue lawlessness, dictate the armed forces, appoint relatives to ALL important posts all over the world, get 4000% commission for the so-called development projects and make the country indebted to China for the next two decades and give China part of Sri Lanka.

  • 1

    Very soon HLDM will have to start writing his MAGNUM OPUS The Life and Times of Mahinda Rajapakse.

  • 2

    Mota …..pala is a MR crony which we all understand. There is nothing “Loud and Clear” as purprted by him. This was a meeting organised by some refracts who will not have a place in the future elections and of course, MR may have been playing his role from behind the scenes.

    Does this writer realise that these kind of meetings are possible due to the new born freedom which did not exist during MR’s time. Further, the whole concept of the meeting was to raise communal disharmony amongst the different races/religious groups.

    As brought to the notice of the Bribery Commission there are several complaints on corruption related issues but the law will take its own course sooner or later. The present government of President Maithreepala Sirisena and P.M. Ranil Wickremasinghe do not apply the jungle laws as done with General Sarath Fonseka during MR’s regime. Some family members of MR have left the country, eg, Basil to USA, Yositha on 3 month leave (?) said to have gone to Dubai.

    The present government is trying to undo all damages done by the previous regime bit locally and internationally. Already some success has been achieved in the international scene and also doing best to bring down the cost of living of ordinary people, raising salaries etc, and by the end of the 100 days , the public would realise how much they have missed during MR’s regime and there is no way of any comeback. You can anticipate a national government consisting of UNP, the real and true SLFP.

  • 0

    International conspiracy NGO representatives sabotage ,
    never ever effect MR.MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA’S genuinely leadership .

  • 0

    I agree with dcn. The very existence of specimens like Medamulana Man and Nugegoda man is due to the benevolence of Polonnaruwa Man. If the roles were reversed, one’s mind boggles at what what would have happened in Nugegoda.

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