20 June, 2024


‘Nugegoda Rising’ – A Revanchist Rock Concert

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

Forty days after the dismantling of the family politburo Mahinda Rajapaksa has demonstrated that his orgburo is well oiled and running.

With absolute fascination this writer watched a microcosm of Sinhala society hailing the event as a turning point.

‘I am beaten but not defeated.   I shall not decline the outstretched hands of affection of my compatriots. What the country was experiencing was not a defeat but the consequences of a conspiracy.’

The trenchant proclamation by the former President confirms that he has an enormous war chest. He has the machinery in place to manage dozens and more such risings. The drone cameras captured the images of spirited youth, both male and female with well coiffured hair styles dressed in Paradise road attire waving  posters of the Mustachioed Macho Patriot Supremo.

His expressed consent to return and the simultaneous call for mobilization was a mercurial synthesis of a thesis and an antithesis. The master of ceremonies at the Nugegoda concert was at pains to repeat over and over that the wildly cheering crowds were genuine concerned citizens who represented the 58 lakhs or 58 % of the Sinhala majority.

It was an efficiently executed logistical enterprise that sent out a significant political message to the reformers relaxing in graceless and graceful indolence.

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka in his new discipline of Spin Science outperformed Marlon Brando’s Mark Antony. In a subsequent commentary he accurately and appropriately quoted the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen ‘Come on up for the rising, lay your hands in mine’ in conveying the spirit and purpose of the Nugegoda Rock Concert.

It was magnificent in attendance and deficient in content. The star performance was that of Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka who read out the message of the former President. The message was crisp. Mahinda was willing and able. He loved them all. Crafted in meticulous syntax it was classical Hegelian Marxist.

He insisted that his removal from the seat of authority was a conspiracy. He challenged the enthused participants to take a side. Obviously it was on the side of the hero plotting return from enforced exile- the perennial message of the epic from Rama to Ulysses.

Like it or not Mahinda Rajapaksa is more than a person- a phenomenon. When he says, though beaten he is not defeated he relies on the single asset that he holds intact- his authoritative charisma. Unlike any other leader in our modern history he was fortunate with an opportunity to carve for himself a place in our history.

Nothing alters that unique legacy however tarnished by subsequent villainy. It is this privileged perch on the consciousness of a nation that now permits him to distort a popular mandate for reforms as a conspiracy hatched not only against him but the country. To his mind he and country are one.

To this writer Mahinda Rajapaksa is an Autocrat, villain and Pagan monster. To a large segment of our populace presently frozen at 58 lakhs by head count and 58% of the total Sinhala constituency he is hero unmatched. In this cult worship Mahinda Rajapakse is associated with a set of values convenient to him. A section of the public perceive it as beneficial to the nation’s well-being or its very survival.

The Orwellian project of producing patriotism is best demonstrated in the text books given free to every child. All text books have a message from his Excellency the President .

SDAHis Minister of Education in the same text books informs the children that they are decedents of great generations whose creative power enabled them to carve statues of loving kindness and compassion out of hard heartless rock and compose graffiti of great literary value on the ‘Mirror wall’.

The Gobblesian purpose of the two messages to the innocent children is manifestly unambiguous. This urgency has been brilliantly summed up by Professor Nira Wikremsinghe in her paper ‘History as heritage in postwar patriotic Sri Lanka”

“Today more than ever, nostalgia permeates heritage practices in Sri Lanka. The return to heritage in myth-building and historisation is a process that was not born in the post-civil war years but received more state sanction in the ideological setting of a triumphant Sinhala-Buddhist state victorious over un-national secessionist forces” .

The patriotic project of the ‘Nugegoda rising’ is the first post defeat Rajapaksa initiative of re-tribalising the presumed balance 42% of the Sinhala majority.

It was a great afternoon for the fans and perhaps rewarding to those incentivized to attend.

To this writer it was stark reminder that Sri Lanka is yet to discover its place in the world. ‘The paradox of our times is that humanity is simultaneously becoming more unified and more fragmented.’ It is the principal thrust of change.

The unelectable coalition of left- outs of the Left and the Sinhala supremacist see the resurrection of the Mahinda Rajapaksa strategy of nationalist autism and international isolation is a reasonable price to regain their lost privileges and power.

The post war   Rajapaksa rhetoric relied on folklore as history and insularity as a creative process.

The only overt concession it has made to globalization was the widening of pavements and McDonaldization of the nation’s eating habits.

Traditional Sinhala red rice is classified as Gourmet rice known as ‘Kalu Heeneti’ commands a premium price with a discount on one’s credit card. The rice that ‘Andare’ wanted the ‘Gama Rale ‘to feed him with before he lifted up the rock in the paddy field is an upmarket luxury. Had President Rajapakse won a third term further research could have been undertaken to produce the same grain in Maroon and offered at Independence arcade as an alternative to the Two hundred Rupee Hoppers.

The young patriot returning home after the ‘Nugegoda rising’ stopped at a take away joint on Pagoda road and bought himself a Cheese Mutton Koththu Roti. The clash of metal on metal fragmenting the ‘Roti’ into tiny bits reminded him of the poetry of virulence of Gunadasa Amsarasekera promising to tear in to Mangala’s letter to Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein the U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights. To ease his mind he next contemplated the serenity of the Buddha statue erected by public spirited Buddhists on public land restricting road space. The road side shrine was causing traffic congestion due to the many busses that brought the patriots to the urban quarter of the Kingdom of Kotte made famous by the sensual and descriptive poetry of Sri Rahula and the brothers who took part in the ‘Wijayaba Kollaya’.

*Sarath De Alwis is a former Journalist and a retired professional in leisure and aviation industries

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  • 9

    This Sarath De Alwis, DJ, Mahindapala and people have got a rise seeing the crowd at Nugegoda. I wonder whether they did not get a rise seeing MR’s meetings brimming with people at the rallies before the Presidential elections? Do not worry, your rise will wilt after the next election, never to rise again not even using Viagra.

    • 3

      Can’t understand why Sarath de Alwis’ “Royal envy” (= [Edited out]) has risen again because, apart from Dinesh Gunawardena, there were no other Royalists on stage st the historic Nugegoda rally.

      poor beggar.

  • 16

    “When he says, though beaten he is not defeated he relies on the single asset that he holds intact- his authoritative charisma”.


    Mahendra has no charisma with his mineemaru and thakkadi looks and track record. He simply relies on the sentiments of the racist Sinhala Buddhist morons who will soon forget about the corruption and nepotism and rally around him. MJA

    • 6

      This fool needs to learn to think before he writes!

      “Authoritarian charisma” is a classic oxymoron.(Look up “oxymoron” in dictionary).

      It only shows the quality of support Maithripala – Ranil couple has in this country!

      Sooner this curse is over woud be the better.

  • 8

    Sarath de Alwis –

    ‘Nugegoda Rising’ – A Revanchist Rock Concert

    “The unelectable coalition of left- outs of the Left and the Sinhala supremacist see the resurrection of the Mahinda Rajapaksa strategy of nationalist autism and international isolation is a reasonable price to regain their lost privileges and power.”

    Unfortunately, the Sinhala Modaya and Tamil Mootal முட்டாள் Fractions are declining, and it is becoming harder and harder to pursue that strategy, even though the average IQ of Sri Lanka is 79.


    My Beloved Sons,

    We are now engaged in building your future,


    Mahinda Rajapaksa.

  • 9

    A scoundrel is an evil heliotrope turning always in the direction of the most powerful – can this be said about DJ ?

  • 6

    Why does the image of the letter have squiggly Red underlines under Rajapaksha and Magampura? CT, have you recreated an extract from the school text books in Microsoft Word without a legality in using the Government Insignia?

  • 3

    Now wait a minute, Paradise Road actually sell clothing? Is the cheese koththu any good?

  • 6

    Our brave hero MR done so much to the country. His enemies could not bear his stand. Westerners are successful by removing MR with the support of traitors like opposition leader and common candidate.biggest traitor in Sri Lankan history is current foreign minister. There is also extremists from east and boer part of SL against MR. People who happy about MR removal and commenting here , please check whether you parents or grand or grand parents could be a foreigner.

    • 9


      “Our brave hero MR done so much to the country.”

      Could you list all what he had done to the country.

      “His enemies could not bear his stand.”

      Who are the enemies who could not bear his stand?

      What is his stand?

      “please check whether you parents or grand or grand parents could be a foreigner.”

      Its a valid point.

      However as far as I know all Tamils/Sinhalese/Muslims/Malays/burghers are the descendants of Kallathonies from South North India. What do you want them to do, jump over the cliff and swim back to India?

      Can your family and you swim?

      If you can’t we can arrange kallathoni back to Tamil Nadu.

    • 1


      Please check whether those self same ‘foreigners’ had access to your ma at the relevant time.

    • 3

      “Percy Mahendra “Mahinda” Rajapaksa”
      Yes this mad Mahinda’s parents aor grandparents could be a foreginer. Definitely Percy and Mahendra, Mahinda are not Sinhala names. He went to Richomond college, Nalanda college, Thurstan college which are not Sinhala schools. Mahinda went against Sinhala military in 1989 to UN, So he is a traitor. He planned to bring a military government against Sinhala people. So, he is a traitor.

    • 0

      Sam, yours is pure crass, in the extreme.

  • 3

    This guy is in the same camp as DJ. He talks about 58 lakhs of votes. Does he little think how these votes were obtained using all mal practices not permitted by any of our election laws. To list a few of them, using all state tv, radio channels for their propaganda work, use of CTB for transporting people for election meetings, providing daily lunch, dinner dansalas at temple trees (not using their money but bills sent to different government agencies such as UGC for settlement), distribution of goodies, motor cycles etc, misleading the Sinhala majority with a fear phycosis etc.

    Further, the common candidate was unreasonably being blocked in holding his propaganda meetings by not allowing him to use good public venues. There was no light or telephone posts spared without the cutouts, posters of MR even well after nomination.

    Incidentally, pictures of MR similar to the ones used by MR during elections was seen at the Nugegoda meeting on the 18th and there are enough suspicion that MR was operating behind the scene to make this meeting a show with enough racial propaganda to appease th Sinhala majority but they still fail to understand that the majority of the people cannot be misled.

  • 2

    Sam you seem be a recipient of the Rajapakse loot.Apart from winning the war at a tremendous cost to the poor village lads the previous regime has looted the country as never before for the benefit of the Rajapases.Only the Veddas can call themselves as true original inhabitants of srilanka and all others are foreigners who came at different periods. Enjoy the comforts you have now and think of the poor that have been deprived of their legitimate dues stolen by the Jarapakayas.

  • 0

    De Alwis? Which country is this man from, Portugal? Nice try, writing a comedy piece. If the crowd at N’goda was a microcosm, where did he see a macro-cosm? In the cosmos? What he has really done is pour forth a lot of bile, about someone who is popular. Hope he feels better now.

  • 1

    Very Good the risen Balangoda Sorry the Nugegoda Man will come back now in all his glory to carry out the rest of his mission including the following:
    1.Make sure that we do not have another democratic election ever or any time for the foreseeable future;
    2.Re appoint his Family members to cream out the economy and buy assests overseas sufficient to support super luxury living for another 50 generations not ours His and his kith and kin;
    3.Sell off the rest of Sri Lanka to the Chinese and pocket the commissions Not into OUR pockets ,HIS;
    4.Whip up hatred among the various peoples who together make the Sri Lankan polity and Nation on false threats to Sinhalese Budhhist(Mind you Iam a Sinhala Buddhist myself but not the Rajapakse, BBS type) interest and promote the type of third rate racist attacks on minorities simply to remain in power and pilfer and pillage the Government coffers;
    5.Possibly set up his statue and those of his eminent family members and make sure that people pay due respect daily possibly with cash donations like at the Kalutara Bodhi;
    6. Corrupt the entire Judicial and Administrative system beyond recognition to the point that the CJ will make sure that judgments are delivered on demand by the Supreme Leader and in other cases to the highest bidder if a government politician is not involved;
    5.ICE,Cocaine and every other conceivable addictive substances would be available at every corner shop imported and distributed by You Know Who and Co. possibly with some of the royalty being directed to the activities of the BBS,
    Would you reckon the vast majority of the Sri lankans will have forgotten all of the above and more to come when the investigations start unfolding the juicy details of the crass corruption that was occuring at the expense of the so called “MY Beloved Citizens” paying twice as much as they should for petrol ,rice and bread while the Mahatena and the Lamateni and the Baby Hamus were having a ball at our expense doing all of the crass things imaginable including driving Lambhorghine’s around the Sacred Temple of the Tooth disregarding the pleas of the Mahanayake Theros.
    How soon some people forget why the vast majority voted out a man who was deemed almighty and had at his disposal all of the government propaganda machinery to mislead and hoodwink the people.Forgotten the MR Astrologer???
    Is this what you and HLDM has got excited about,Is this what you wish for your Motherland.If you wish to support a Sinhala Buddhist at least check the pedigree of the one you have chosen to make sure you have the right product.
    Some of the commentary that HLD’s article has attracted shows in no uncertain terms the type of audience your views attract that is that no matter what Nepotism,Corruption and Racism is the way forward for Sri Lanka.It is that not only your glowing commentary is wrong. Rajapakse must never be trusted for public office and I sincerely hope the deities protecting Sri lanka will see to ensure this outcome for the people.

  • 0

    This Sam seems to be same guy who was wrting comments on the Lone Ranger blog during the last Eelam war. The Sam I am referring to is a man of burgher descent, who is trying to show that he is a great champion of Sinhala Buddhist rights.

  • 0

    Defeat is due to a conspiracy ! Then MR would have been part of that conspiracy by calling for an election that was not due for 2 more years!!!Nimal

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