3 October, 2022


The Birth & Rise Of The Nugegoda Man

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The message that came out – loud and clear – from the Nugegoda rally is unambiguous : a new political man has risen with a new consciousness to change the political landscape. He is also bent on changing the mistake he made in the last presidential election. Like the Balangoda Man, our prehistoric ancestor, the Nugegoda Man represents a type, a pathfinder. He can be counted as the new force of the nation. The Nugegoda Man represents the critical mass that will impact in the coming electoral contests. He is the future.

Second, it means that Ranil Wickremesinghe’s days as Prime Minister are numbered. Nugegoda represent a clear shift of power from CBKRanilSirisena bloc to that of Mahinda Rajapaksa. What the “My3” did secretly, behind the back of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Nugegoda Man did it openly on February 18 : undercut the power of the CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena combination. The Nugegoda wave is now unstoppable. Only three kinds of maneuvers can stop Mahinda Rajapaksa: 1.the legal maneuvers of the blundering government to debar him from contesting can hold him back, temporarily though; 2. Sirisena-CBK-Nimal Siripala de Silva get together to do a cut-throat kuth-thu and 3. CIA-style operation to harm him physically.

Third, the birth of the Nugegoda Man will have significant consequences. The Nugegoda Man represents the majority coming together in a formidable formation. Its force will be felt in the coming general election where the majority will have a decisive impact in determining the composition of the next Parliament. .

MahindaFourth, the CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena combination has nothing new to give the electorate in the coming election. They have exhausted all their promises in the Presidential election and the electorate now knows that their promises had not contributed substantially to their existential condition. In fact, they are beginning to feel that the presence of the pro-West, pro-Indian “My-3 Pala-naya” poses an existential threat to their future.

Fifth, the role of the minorities will not have an over-determining impact in the parliamentary election as they did in the presidential election. Electoral demographics do not add up like the way it did in the presidential election. In parliamentary elections the Nugegoda Man will play a dominant role reducing the minorities to the margins.

Sixth, the spontaneous flow of the people to Nugegoda confirms that Mahinda Rajapaksa has had only a brief set back. It represents a resurgence that I have never seen before in electoral politics – and I’ve been in the thick of politics from the time I joined Lake House as a cub reporter in 1954. I’ve seen leaders going up and down like dizzy riders in a rollercoaster. But no one in living memory has done the miracle of bouncing back within such a short span of time.

The miracle is not in bouncing back but in the speed with which he had shot into a formidable position. As far as I can recollect no other defeated candidate ever rose to political heights of popularity, on a massive wave of grass root energy, within 40 days as Mahinda Rajapaksa. This is only the beginning. It is possible to visualize this trend turning into a tsunami by the time the general election takes place in July.

Leaders discarded at elections do come back but always after a considerable lapse of time when the incumbent government has tired the voters with incompetence, corruption and failures to deliver. No one has come up within days of being defeated. The show of strength at Nugegoda questions whether Rajapaksa was ever defeated. Technically, yes, in a psephological sense. But not as a political force. He is still out there, with enough clout, to whack the Ranil-led government for a six.

Wickremesinghe has never been a match to him and never will be. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s charisma/nationalist fervor is etched indelibly in the psyche of the nation. It is overpowering enough to overcome his short-comings. He has only to give the word and then a whole new political wave will burst out from the restrained shores to sweep the nation.

Mark you, the Mahinda Rajapaksa wave has risen at the height of a massive media and government propaganda campaign hitting him and his family with the kind of accusations that would have crushed any other lesser figure. The flood of masses that submerged Nugegoda indicate that the anti- Mahinda Rajapaksa propaganda has flowed over the electorate like water on a duck’s back. What is more, the resurgent Mahinda wave leapt to new heights without the backing of the SLFP. Though some dissident SLFPers broke rank and joined the Nugegoda rally the SLFP did not throw its full weight behind the pioneering Dinesh-Wimal-Vasu leadership.

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka heightened the drama of the day by pausing repeatedly to let the groundswells of thunderous applause subside as he read Mahinda Rajapaksa’s message. It was, indeed, in line with the best of political theatre. It is the only time I’ve seen a great political drama of Shakespeare’s Hamletian magnitude succeed without the Prince on the stage. In other words, the voters have dismissed the accusations against Mahinda Rajapaksa as some irrelevant muck that has no bearing on their political judgment.

The rise of the Nugegoda Man means that there are deeper and bigger issues than the details of personal lives of the Rajapaksa family. Overnight the electoral dynamics have changed. It means that Mahinda Rajapaksa is identified with the most deep-rooted forces that make or break leaders of the nation. This explains why it took a combination of 47 diverse parties to defeat him. If you throw in the Indian RAW, the American CIA and the Western NGOs it adds up 50. And even then he lost only a by a slender margin.

These unfolding events took me back to the second election campaign in April 1960, after the fall of Dudley Senanayake’s Short Parliament that lasted only for 33 days. He recommended dissolution and Sir. Oliver Goonetilleke, the Governor-General called for a new election. I was embedded with Dudley Senanayake as the Lake House correspondent to cover his entire election campaign. He set out for the first election campaign from “Woodlands”, Borella in January and formed a minority government. The second one was launched from the Mirigama residence of his close confidant and friend, Arthur Amaratunga.

Before setting out on the first day of electioneering he was pacing up and down the front verandah of the house after breakfast. He was somewhat apprehensive and nervous. After what seemed like a long silence he turned to me and said: “I can fight a living woman but not a dead man!” With his experience of winning the election on the emotional wave of his father’s death in the fifties he was referring to the similar emotional wave on which Mrs. Bandaranaike was riding high in the second election campaign. He was, however, banking on the report of the commission on corruption which had named leading SLFPers like C. A. S. Marikkar and Moonekulame among others. He hammered the theme of corruption exhaustively in his campaign but it didn’t cut any ice. The mood of the nation was preoccupied with the magic of the Bandaranaike legacy. He lost in July and Mrs. Bandaranaike became the first women prime minister of the world.

The parallel between 1960 July election and the coming July election is obvious. Though there will be many parties in the fray it will be essentially a contest between Wickremesinghe and Mahinda Rajapaksa in the south, if he decides to come forward, that is. Oddly enough, both will be fighting on two different narratives of the legacy of Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Nugegogda rally has already given the answer to the narrative that has won.

The mood and the issues of the forthcoming election will be entirely different from that of the presidential election. The new Rajapaksa vs. Wickremesinghe contest is going to be a whole new ball game with a whole new set of issues. Besides, by the time the voters go to the polls in July, the 100-day regime of Wickremesinghe would have lost its fizz. Already the fizz of the of the mini-budget has evaporated and the voters can’t be baited by another package of goodies which they know now will not impact on their hip pocket nerve.

Besides, there are no signs of the promised “Yaha-pala-naya” dawning at the end of 100-days. The goal of creating the “ideal country” (Manifesto) is receding every day. The failures of the 100-days will be a sitting duck for the Nugegoda Man to turn away from CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena combination. Their bungling, incompetence, internal fratricide, corruption, nepotism and the anti-national polices to reverse history will, most likely, bring the votes back to Mahinda Rajapaksa. The massive gathering at Nugegoda represents an exodus of Biblical proportions running away from the promised land of CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena. .

Furthermore, all the ha-ho about overthrowing the Mahinda legacy – from the Colombo Port City to other major infrastructure development programmes – has proved to be nothing but hot air. The ballyhoo about corruption charges – the main plank – is no longer a winning card for the CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena camp. The ad-men behind the Presidential campaign focused, in a timely move, on the theme of CHANGE ( when-a-suck ). The “change” has come and gone without yielding the expected impact. The people are still living in essence in the Mahinda era with a few minor changes in the political ambience.

Of course, it was possible, under the prevailing political conditions, to hold out promises of a new world on January 8, 2015. But that mood has changed rapidly. The “My-3” of CBK-Wickremesinghe-Sirisena now has to go before the voters to defend the record that promised a “Yaha-pala-naya”. Other than muck-raking nothing substantial has been achieved, nor are they likely to achieve in the remaining days to make a dramatic impact on the electorate.

The”My-3” tactic so far has been to demonize the Rajapaksas. Has it created a sympathy wave for the Rajapaksas? Was the Nugegoda wave to get back Rajapaksa an act of public guilt? The failure of the “Yaha-pala-naya” to deliver its promises will be the biggest liability in the coming election. Besides, the Nugegoda Man has experienced the promised when-a-suck and he feels that he is still running on the highways and byways built by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

As for the promised new world nothing tangible has changed. It is the same old same old. The President has appointed his close relatives to key posts. Wickremesinghe has made similar appointment with his cronies. Even the holier-than-thou Wijedasa Rajapaksa has appointed one of his kind to his ministry. A man facing charges of money laundering (Rs. 300 million) is the Finance Minister. Sirisena who promised never to abuse his powers committed the worst offence by exercising arbitrarily Presidential powers that he didn’t have to remove the Chief Justice. He did that knowing that he was breaking the law – the law which he upheld when he acted to remove the former Chief Justice, Shirani Bandaranayake..

Worst of all, the Paskaralingams, and Mahendrans have returned, from their exile, to fiddle with the economy under Wickremesinghe’s patronage. Why? Aren’t there enough qualified Sri Lankans to manage the economy? As these exiles did the last time when Wickremesinghe was Prime Minister, they will fly out on the eve of the next election leaving the economy in a mess.

Anyway, nothing that has happened so far has strengthened Wickremesinghe’s political base. The prevailing political scenario is somewhat bizarre. The average man and the SLFPers are in quandary : they elected a SLFP President in a SLFP Parliament which – hang on! – has been hijacked by an unelected prime minister of the UNP who has no mandate/majority to occupy the eighth seat in the front row of the government benches which is reserved for the president. This topsy-turvy situation is not only farcical but thrown the political equilibrium into a dysfunctional bullock cart.

The administration Wickremesinghe runs is no better. For instance, in the critical area of education Wickremesinghe has appointed Kabir as Minster of Higher Education over the more competent and experienced academic, Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha. Kabir is poking his fingers in an area about which he knows nothing. His only qualification seems to be his excellent ability to follow instructions given by Wickremesinghe. Result : Higher Education is running like a cart drawn by three-headed donkeys, all running in different directions.

The corruption, favouritism, incompetence and the reign of mediocrities ruining tertiary education has been exposed by Alahan K. Alaharatna in The Colombo Telegraph (February 17, 2015). It is a shocking expose of Jaffna University Vice-Chancellor, a fake with fraudulent credentials, running a lawless University with her favourites recruited not on merit but on personal loyalty.

All signs indicate that Wickremesinghe is out of his depth. He wants to a run a one-man show, according to his own ministers. Wickremesinghe’s shenanigans have not won the hearts and minds of Nugegoda Man. This is not surprising, According to Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha the President has told him that he had handed over the making of appointments and the running of the administration to his two favourites : Chandrika Bandaranaike, an unelected political apparatchik who is behind the Sirisena throne and Ranil Wickremesinghe – two peas that failed to sprout in the same rotten pod. Their solutions to the problems they face so far have been to recall all the discards who had failed when they were president or prime minister earlier.

With every passing day it looks as if the nation is veering away from its historical roots into an alien path which is bound to have a serious consequences. Wickremesinghe’s obsession to micro-manage every detail in all the ministries is due partly his paranoia and partly his ambition to consolidate his position by keeping his rivals out of the prime ministerial chair. He thinks he has found an escape route to stay in power without a majority in the parliament. His formula is to turn the parliament into a national government. But he has been a failure because he could never manage his own party. How is he going to manage all parties in parliament to agree with him on his hare-brained schemes?

But, of course, there is a method in his madness. His idea of forming a national government is to secure his position as prime minister, He is aiming to be the prime minister without a mandate from the people. Since he has no viable formula to rise onhis own steam he has come up with his self-serving idea of hanging on to the premiership by preserving the status quo which he describes as “national government”. His national government is not intended to put any other elected leader with a legitimate majority in parliament as the prime minister. His idea is to manipulate the President Sirisena and CBK and keep the SLFP contenders as far away as possible from his seat.

SLFPers are shrewd enough to see through the sneaky ways of Wickremesinghe. Both Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa are committed SLFPers capable of rising over their personal rivalries and sink their differences for the sake of the party. Their rivalry will only ensure the victory of their traditional opponents. It’s time that SLFPers heeded Mahinda Rajapaksa’s advice and agree to go along with known devil than the failed Wickremesinghe — the devil in angel’s clothing.

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  • 5

    H. L. D. Mahindapala;

    The Birth & Rise Of The Nugegoda Man

    The message from the Nugegoda man is loud and clear. The infant ( I mean just born) is born Posthumously with only the Midhusbands ( no midwives) Dyan, Wimal ect around to deliver the baby. The Infant has thrown down the gauntlet to UNHCR. His cry was You can delay your report but we know how the baby was conceived and frankly it was born out of wedlock.
    With the demise of RW, CBK and the alliance ( if that were to happen)Sinhala Lankas fate will be sealed. There is no mothers milk and there wont be any Cow & Gate Milk either when Sanctions begin to bite.

    • 4

      Another” t… sucker” of mahinda.

    • 2

      The Birth, Rise and Death of the Nugegoda man as how we should write about the despotic rajapaksa. If the government had any intentions of forgiving him, he screwed it by challenging them. Its time to put him away – for GOOD

  • 5

    Thank you with acollades for your mind stirring article indeed Mr HLDM.
    So very precisely composed towards the awareness of many blinkered Sri Lankans and hopefully jar them to their senses about the folly of their wasted effort to recussitate deadbeats of the past as a result of the Presidential Election outcome who could easily pose a threat to the well being of Sri Lanka from many perspectives.
    It certainly merits a Sinhala translation for the masses to fully comprehend as its in their hands that the future of the Nation surely depends towards posterity.
    The’ Nugegoda Man’ if it is indeed part of his destiny should rise again as a Phoenix from the ashes to complete his task of redemption of the Sinhala Nation from the oppressions created by her enemies

  • 7

    Maitriplala Sirisena’s first act, as the President was swearing in a Prime Minister overlooking the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne already in place, which is in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, undemocratic and inconsistent with his office as the President elected by the people, therefore ultra vires .

    It is not whether Maitripala Sirisena honours his pre election agreements with Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunge, Madoluwave Sobhita, JHU,TNA and SLMC, that counts when he is elected the President of Sri Lanka, but whether he accepts to uphold the Constitution of Sri Lanka , honour it and respect it, and acknowledge his loyalty to the people at large which is sine qua non, and above keeping his pre-election agreements which would in any way affect his office as the President of Sri Lanka and service to the people.

    With his swearing in as the President of Sri Lanka all personal agreements he had entered into previously vis à vis his election as the President, become null and void. More so, as the peoples’ vote to elect him to that high office is with the condition that his personal agreements do not in any way affect his loyalty and the service to the people, and in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka under which he was sworn in.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe who he appointed as the Prime Minister in contravention of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, is an usurper of the rightful place of the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne. Therefore Ranil Wickramasinghe’s appointment as the Pfrime Minister is illegal, Hence, the Ministers appointed by the usurper Ranil Wickramasinghe are holding those Ministerial positions illegally, therefore ultra vires.

    These Ministers of the Illegal government of an usurper Prime Minster have instead of performing Ministerial services to the people , are going out side their duties as Ministers to accuse the previous government for bribery and corruption., and doing their best to accuse the former President and his close collaborators for imagined and baseless allegations with a view to take them to court and take away their civic rights or allow the international community to accuse them for war crimes.

    They are breaking up families with the most cruel, arrogant and unsavoury members of the JVP such as Anura Kumara Dissanayake, and Vijitha Herath, and of the JHU Champika Ranawaka and Nishantha Sri Wanasinghe employed as President Maithripala Sirisena’s crime investigators.

    All these activities are illegal and the President allowing such actions to be carried out by this government which has no legal standing , is aiding and abetting grievous errors to be committed against people respect by the people of the country by false accusations, personal defamations on unsubstantiated hearsay evidence., and character assassination which the worst of crime as it is done to bring down a popular political personality from the estimation of the people and make him unpopular.

    The people of Sri Lanka on the 8th January, 2015 voted to elect a President and not elect Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister or have a UNP government in place of the government of the UPFA which had a majority in the Parliament. Above all, the people did not elect a new President to accuse the former for bribery and corruption, and all Crime imagined possible to have been committed.

    The President may visit India, China or USA and received with great honour, but what is more important is that the President is honoured and respected in his own country and by his own people, which however is not so evident.

    The 58 per cent of the Sinhala Buddhists are being neglected and the people of the country, except those Tamils in the North and the Muslims in the East, did not expect a government under Ranil Wickramasinghe which is vindictive, arrogant, and revengeful toward the former President Mahinda Rajapakse very much loved and respected by the majority of the Sinhala Buddhist and perhaps by a handful of Tamils.

    The majority of the people detest the racist Muslim Assad Sally and the Tamils of the TNA. The Sinhala Buddhists dislike Chandrika Kumaratunga , Champika Ranawaka, Madoluwawe Sobita and Athureliye Ratana, and the JVP band of investigators of corruption for Ranil’s pseudo government.

    The people of Sri Lanka except the Tamils and Muslims when they voted to elect Maitripala Sirisena for a change did not expect to have along with Maithripala Sirisena a set of uncouth vindictive pseudo Ministers making allegations against their beloved President Mahinda Rajapakse who lost by less than 4 lakhs of votes.

    On the 8 the January the people did not vote to elect Maitripala Sirisena to have a pseudo Prime Minister with pseudo Ministers doing what the people do not want them to do. They can do what they are doing now when they win an election and form a UNP Government ,and not now when there is already a UPFA government, and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and his pseudo Ministers are a Constitutional nonentity..

    The Pseudo Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera has taken the Centre stage and what he is doing is perhaps kept a secret even from the President Maitripala Sirisena. Mangala is a sworn enemy of the former President Mahinda Rajapakse and every thing he does may be detrimental to the wishes of the people, covertly aiming to eliminate Mahinda Rajapakse from Sri Lankan political scene, making the stage clear for UNP to settle down permanently in power.

    Of course USA with its most unholy, undemocratic government in the World today, which will never help a developing country to progress independently towards development and prosperity, has seen with obvious satisfaction the regime change in Sri Lanka for which they may have secretly contributed.

    USA will therefore accede to the demands made by the Yahapalanaya Government of Maitripala Sirisena through Mangala Samaraweera, with the ulterior motive of taking revenge from President Mahinda Rajapakse who did not bow his head to the USA and the West.

    The former USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton breaking diplomatic etiquettes visited the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha ( who was in jail for corrfuption), but never came to Sri Lanka. The terrorist friendly American Ambassador for Sri Lanka Robert O’Black may have discouraged such a visit to Sri Lanka. Now the path is clear and the USA State Secretary John Kerry finds Sri Lanka more civilized with a west friendly puppet government in place, and has therefore agreed to visit Sri Lanka.

    In the meantime Ranil Wickramasinghe insults China delaying taking decisions on Chinese projects, re-examining, and re-evaluating them. Sri Lanka has already been accepted into the USA-West orbit.

    Ravi Karunanayake -the Finance Minister’s much touted Yahapalanaya Budget did not give the expected relief for the people, and many commodities on which prices have been slashed are those utilised more by the Tamils. The price of rice is on the increase. The promised salary increases have not been received by the public servants and the private sector has been overlooked.

    Ravi Karunanayake, who has forgotten his past Cooperative Wholesale episodes is now more keen on character assassination, defamation and making continuous false accusations against former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajappakse. It was reported that, ….Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa cannot be given equal treatment during CID interrogation because he is now an ordinary citizen and not a VIP anymore.Therefore, he was nonplussed to see the CID visiting Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s residence to question him,……”

    What can you expect from this Christgian Tamil Ravi Karunanayake who during the military offensive against the LTTE terrorists ridiculed the Sri Lanka Armed Forces ?

    He little knows that Gotabhaya Rajapakse will always remain a VIP in the hearts of the patriots of Sri Lanka, while they will be hated for generations to come for what they are doing as just 100 day pseudo Ministers..

    In the mean time it has been reported that , …….the Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court taking up a fundamental rights petition filed against the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has issued notice on him to appear in court on March 31.

    A three-judge bench comprising Chief Justice K Sripavan and Justices Priyasath Dep and Eva Wanasundera issued the order after having considered a fundamental rights petition filed by Duminda Nagamuwa, the candidate nominated by the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) for the January 8, 2015 presidential election…..”

    This is how the Maithripala Sirisena’s Yayapalana is now attempting to vilify, defame, and heap allegations against a much loved former President Mahinda Rajapakse. It is like a dog barking at the moon.

    Is this what the voters expected of Maithripala Sirisena when they cast their votes to elect him as the President of Sri Lanka ?

    It may have been the intension of the Tamils and Muslims who voted for him but there was a 58 percent Sinhala Buddhist voters who did not vote for him and they vehemently oppose all attempts at making false allegations, mudslinging and character assassination of the former President Mahinda Rajapakse who has not fallen from the respect, esteem and affection they have for him.

    I have been told that many begin to say that they will not vote for the SLFP if they do not take the former President Mahinda Rajapakse as their Prime Minister candidate.

    All actions taken so far by the illegal government of Ranil Wickramasinghe, elected the Prime Minister in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka are illegal. Therefore it is time the President Maitripala Sirisena takes stock of the situation and demand his Prime Minister to stop all actions that are being taken against the previous government and go ahead with some constructive work beneficial to the country and the people..

    The President Maitripala Sirisena had contravened the Constitution of Sri Lanka in taking legislative powers into his own hand and re appointing an already impeached Chief Justice, and declaring the appointment of Chief Justice Mohan Pieris null and void, and appointing a new Chief Justice.

    The President Maitripala Sirisena following the instructions of Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Champika Ranawaka has given into the TNA removing check points, allowing any one to enter into the North, giving 1000 acres of land around Palali Airport for the settlement of Tamils, appointed a civilian governor and promised reduction of armed forces. He has still not made a statement on Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s resolution on genocide.

    President Maitripala Sirisena has also favoured the Tamils respecting his pre-election agreement with the TNA. He has appointed a Tamil a citizen of Singapore as the Governor of the Central Bank, He has appointed a Tamil as the Chief Justice (second CJ as CJ Mohan Pieris has still not been removed in terms of the Constitution), He also took his presidential oath before a Tamil Jude of the Supreme court.

    Was all that to spite the 58 per cent Sinhala Buddhists who did not vote for him, thus sealing his affiliation to Tamils ?

    President Maithripala Sirisena can put things right if he were to meet the former President and invite him to accept to be the Prime Minister Candidate of the SLFP. He would thus be able to do a magnificent job of work as the President of Sri Lanka with Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister and Gotabhaya Rajapakse as the Defence Secretary and go down history for his services to the country and the people..

    • 1

      What a pity, you are unable to survive without the Rajapajse handouts !

    • 1

      Charles Perera:

      The new airport has only one airline patronising it. MR had to decide an animal santuary do it and now migrating birds are psoing problems to flights. The SL airlines, already heavily in debt, had to shift its operations to the old (B) airport which could mean savings of 18m annually. A number of “white elephants” to boost the ego of the fallen emperor and the loans for them are being service at 5-7%, extremely high by international standards. You can join the chorus of jokers like Mahindapala and Dayan but the reality is MR has mortgaged the future of your children and their children. Basil and the gang made a clean swipe and where do you think the money for the Nugegoda event came from? Sleeping fools, wake up the reality. One thing is for sure. Because there are unlimited fools like you in SL that kings and princes like Mahinda, Mahindapala and Dayan are making their rounds gleefully. For them the honeymoon is alive and well.

    • 2

      Chara lies Perera;

      Did you know that, Before bashing the west, David Hewawitharana became Angarika Dharmapaala.

      If you are so patriotic to Sinhala Buddhists, and to sri lanka, Why not you change your name, you racist Chara lies Perera.

      Are you a Christian or Buddhist?.

      If yes for a Buddhist, How many precept do you observe and care??.
      Do we Buddhist have any racialist with Humanity???.

      Or As I see, you are Still Mahinda Jarapassa Saranan Gachchami!!!!.

      and a real opportunist, Who support Rapist, Heroin dealers, thugs, abductors, Smugglers, and womanisers.

      And wishing, Kill, Kill, Kill any body oppose our Rule.
      Sinhala Buddhists who did not vote for him, thus sealing his affiliation to Tamils ?.
      And You are searching all the pedigrees of people appointed by Hon Sirisena, Tamils, Christians, and so on.
      But you Forgot that Malaccan Mahendran Pecyvel Jarapassa keeping His deputy Karuna ammaan, Kumaran pathmanathan, Pillayan, under the Kurakkan Saatakaya and Are sucking their thumbs and others.
      There are many Leaches like you with him before and now who are supporting to loot public coffers.
      Now you morons are proposing Hon Sirisena to Invite moronic Jarapassa Thugs clan and looters to loot some more from people.
      Old Kojacks must prepare to pay for their sins done to the people of sri lanka
      Do not you have any SHAME to do Bad deeds.

    • 3

      Charles Perera

      “Maitriplala Sirisena’s first act, as the President was swearing in a Prime Minister overlooking the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne already in place, which is in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, undemocratic and inconsistent with his office as the President elected by the people, therefore ultra vires”

      You have a problem, its you. Which constitution did you read before you wrote your comments? Did you draft your own one? Here is the relevant chapter on Appointment of Prime Minister.


      The Cabinet of Ministers
      Responsibility of the President.

      42. The President shall be responsible to Parliament for the due exercise, performance and discharge of his powers, duties and functions under the Constitution and any written law, including the law for the time being relating to public security.

      Cabinet of Ministers.

      43. (1) There shall be a Cabinet of Ministers charged with the direction and control of the Government of the Republic, which shall be collectively responsible and answerable to Parliament.

      (2) The President shall be a member of the Cabinet of Ministers, and shall be the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers :

      Provided that notwithstanding the dissolution of the Cabinet of Ministers under the provisions of the Constitution, the President shall continue in office.

      (3) The President shall appoint as Prime Minster the Member of Parliament who in his opinions is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.


      “Was all that to spite the 58 per cent Sinhala Buddhists who did not vote for him, thus sealing his affiliation to Tamils ?”

      Aren’t the Tamil/Muslim votes as valid as Sinhala/Buddhist votes? Don’t the Tamils/Muslims have a say or rights in the electoral process, parliament, due process of law, …………….. ? Do you think only the Sinhala/Buddhist vote count?

      What is your problem? If you don’t like the constitution, democratic practices, election rules, …………. amend them by peaceful means or why don’t you go back to your ancestral home in India?

  • 4

    The current governance set up in Sri Lanka is undemocratic and unconstitutional. That it seems to have found backing from the US and the west in general exposes the hypocrisy of western powers, whose first concern is to have puppet governments favoring them in power across the world. This is a tragedy and does not bode well for world peace including peace in the west.

    • 4


      “The current governance set up in Sri Lanka is undemocratic and unconstitutional.”


      “whose first concern is to have puppet governments favoring them in power across the world.”

      Didn’t the US have two of its citizens in most powerful positions in the past 10 Years? One has already gone back his mother country just after the presidential elections.

      “This is a tragedy and does not bode well for world peace including peace in the west.”

      Leave world peace to the world leaders. Let us concentrate on domestic peace and people of this island.

      So you want a kleptocracy to run the country instead of hypocrisy.

    • 2

      Nothing is perfect. Western interference is not all powerful and Western control is not perfect. so countries can fight back. That is why they are so worried to take control in the next few years before the rise of China.

      All attempts to control and dominate the world so far have failed – England, Portugal, Holland, Germany etc. Is the US in control of Iraq? Libya? Egypt? They try to control but end up creating a mess.

  • 3


    “The current governance set up in Sri Lanka is undemocratic and unconstitutional.”


    “whose first concern is to have puppet governments favoring them in power across the world.”

    Didn’t the US have two of its citizens in most powerful positions in the past 10 Years? One has already gone back his mother country just after the presidential elections.

    “This is a tragedy and does not bode well for world peace including peace in the west.”

    Leave world peace to the world leaders. Let us concentrate on domestic peace and people of this island.

    So you want a kleptocracy to run the country instead of hypocrisy.

  • 0

    It it RW’s unpopularity as a candidate that has made it so difficult to challenge MR. Hence the back-door candidate MS.

    Will corruption be used to prevent anyone from running in the general elections? It could be done but is a risky political move, will be followed by mass protests.

    What do you predict, Mr. Mahindapala

  • 1

    If people are to make judgements taking into account the crowd attendance at Meetings, MR would not have been in the losers side today. If the assessments and the assumtions made by these writers were rightnot have made a wrong decision to have a pre mature election.Some are trying to regain lost prestige and priviledges by putting MR into further discomfort. Percy

  • 0

    ” Like the Balangoda Man, our prehistoric ancestor,”

    Balangoda Man is about 38,000 years old. So he is not the ancestor of Sinhalese , because Sinhalese only colonized Sri Lanka starting around 2500 years ago.
    If he is the ancestor of any contemporary Sri Lankan population, it is the Vedda who can claim him as their ancestor.

    HLD engaging in blatant historical revisionism for Nationalistic reasons. Not unlike certain Whites that like to claim Ancient Egypt as a White civilization or that ancient skeletons found in North America are White.

  • 4


    You seem to be getting sillier by the day.

    Having stated that the strength of the crowd at Nugegoda questions whether MR was ever defeated, you proceed to state, ‘Technically, yes, in a psephological sense’. Now, my dictionary tells me that the word psephology, from which psepholigical is derived, means a ‘study of elections”. So, in what other flaming sense are we to consider MR’s defeat at the elections? Your recourse to the euphemistic ‘psephological’ is no more than a reluctance to face the truth. Sorry, mate. The fact is you backed the wrong horse and you lost.

    You go on to say, “Mahinda Rajapaksa’s charisma/nationalist fervor is etched indelibly in the psyche of the nation. It is overpowering enough to overcome his short-comings”. You have not told us what MR’s great virtues are or what great things he did for the nation since his election in 2010, and have tried to gloss over the terrible things of his administration by referring to “his short-comings”. Those short-comings of course include how he managed to lure MPs from the opposition to give him the 2/3 majority that the electorate did not give him, and with the support of those renegades, to get 18A in place And for whose benefit was 18A? For MR’s and his alone. It allowed him to run for a third term and delivered to the office of President already invested with substantialpowers, even more authority. Those short-comings also included the incarceration of the Army Commander and the impeachment of the CJ, through processes which were clearly flawed and denied them even a semblance of natural justice. MR also presided over a corrupt regime, uninhibited nepotism and an administration that turned a blind eye to thuggery and intimidation, when there was the routine hounding and harassment of journalists ( and not a hint at least of your feelings for those of your own tribe; even primitive societies demonstrate some loyalty to the tribe!) attacks on newspapers and so on. This list is not exhaustive.
    And you still look on MR as the messiah to come back to ‘save’ the country.

    Beats me!

  • 0

    What happened on 18 Feb 2015 at Nugegoda should be the beginning of the Long March of Mahinda. My mind goes back to similar situations and occasions that took place in history.

    Mahinda Rajapakse too should recognize importance of the historic meeting organized by the patriotic forces at Nugegoda on 18 Feb 2015 and commence his Long March back to power. For this he must be go around the country from town to town, from village to village to rally back the patriotic Sinhalese to fight off the disaster that is waiting to happen. Politics aside he should know by now whom he can depend on for his political resurrection. This will give him the opportunity to test true friendships and allegiances. Fact of the matter is that votes that Mahinda Rajapakse received in 2011 and 2015 are votes for himself and his Ranaviruwoes and not for the SLFP per se! The crowds that came to Nugegoda are not an endorsement for a repeat of the old bad ways, but to lead the nation on a reformation. This can only happen with the empowerment of the majority Sinhalese Buddhists who are the bulwark of his constituency.

    The massive endorsement at Nugegoda must be repeated many times over around Sri Lanka to gather support.

    For this he cannot depend on the self-serving SLFP old guard. They were never with him during war years. Most of them were on the Un Winnable War platforms” – Sudu Nelum and Thawalama. They remained with him only to bask in the war winning glory. Lot of them are veritable baggage, dead weight and past their use by (expiry) date. It is important that he test the faithfulness of those who follow him – especially the old and useless geriatrics of the party – for MAHINDA Lakuna is the one that will bring votes!

    If he tries to save the SLFP instead of the nation he would be doing an ungrateful and unpatriotic act, for it is the nation that is in danger and not the old SLFP – made up of back stabbers, the uncouth and self serving hangers-on. For a second time over he has no excuse but to serve his vote base first and then the rest.

    In Colombo what happened on 8 Janurary 2015 was a classic Putsch” engineered by the Western Christian countries, the Christian Churches, Western NGO hordes, the Racist Tamils abroad, Uncouth Islamists, and their lackeys, and cat’s paws in Sri Lanka. Earlier they tried without success to bring crowds onto the streets to make it look like another Color Revolution” or one similar to Arab Springs in the Middle East without success. The gullible Sri Lanka voter took the bait, hook, line and sinker all in one take. Thus commenced the Yaha Palanaya with the sweetner -100 day promise which is turning sour by the day!

    On 9 January 2015 the ruling party although still a majority in the parliament capitulated wholesale to the United Christian Party (aka UNP) bullies. Ranil Wickramasinghe the unwinnable leader of the UCP usurped the leadership of the parliament from the Walking Mummy” and appointed a majority Christian Cabinet bringing back memories of another Ngo Dinh Diem regime – this time in Sri Lanka. Some of them are the very grandsons of the failed 1962 Catholic Coup.

    They have in a short span of time embarked on trips to Western Nations and India to discuss crucial Sri Lankan Policy matters with no mandate to do so. These are issues that are left best for a parliament that will be there after the parliamentary elections if the intentions are to implement Yaha Palanaya. The current Foreign Minister has no mandate to run around the world and compromise national safety by pandering to the Christian West and India. The subjects that he is overturning overnight are things over which thousands of our Ranaviurowoes sacrificed their life and limbs and the nation suffered through a 30 year war to avert.

    As Samurai says

    If the Sinhala Buddhists (70% of the population) vote en block they can have their choice as the President. Their vote was badly split at this election. Sizeable numbers of Buddhists voted against Mahinda Rajapakse for no other reason than his apparently incurable weakness for minority appeasing policies.

    Inviting the Pope, Canonizing Joseph Vaz as a Saint and recognizing him as an Apostle of Sri Lanka, allowing the multi – culturalizing of Buddhist sites and pilgrim destinations like Sri Pada, Kataragama and Buddhist citadels like Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Mihintale and Mahanuwara (Kandy), allowing new Christian Churches and Mosques to be built in Buddhist holy towns and cities and at a rate totally out of proportion to the numbers of these religious minorities in this country cost the loss of critical numbers of Sinhala Buddhist votes for Rajapakse.”

    For Rajapakse to return to power, he must humble and reform himself. The minorities have proven to be un-satisfiable. He must distance himself from the members of his family – wife, children who have helped brought the disaster of a Christian Administration – another Dinh Diem regime to this majority Sinhala Buddhist nation. He must distance himself from the Catholic / Christian Church’s influence and most importantly from the Christian / Catholic hierarchy in Sri Lanka. They worked behind the scenes to engineer his downfall from power.

    The problems of Sri Lanka are those due to non-recognition of the rights and privileges of the Sinhalese majority and their current inability to assert themselves in the political and economic spheres. There are some who blame Bodu Bala Sena for the ills of the Rajapakse downfall. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bodu Bala Sena is only a reaction to the step-motherly treatment the Buddhist and Buddha Sasana are receiving at the hands of the powers that be. It is not because of Bodu Bala Sena, that ISIS terrorists are killing, raping and plundering willy nilly in the Middle East. It is because of intolerance that is ingrained in Islam which is now making itself raising its head in Sri Lanka.

    Mahinda Rajapakse need to consolidate his powerbase and rise up like the phoenix from the ashes of 8 Jan 2015. Nugegoda gathering was a meeting of minds of those who voted for him and those who were deceived by the promises of good governance

    Nations eternal gratitude goes out to the Maha Sangha, Dinesh Gunawardana, Wimal Weerawansa Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Udaya Gammanpila for organizing the mammoth rally in Nugegoda.

    We wish a reformed Mahinda Rajapakse, the Blessings of the Holy Triple Gems to return to power in the not too distant future and save the Buddhist nation from the usurpers of power. We hope that he will have the energy and strength to complete the Sri Lanka Long March and save the nation from the new Portuguese – that is the United Chistian Party formerly called the UNP.

    • 2

      Ratnapala you must be joking! See what happens to MR in the near future. MR will be sent to political oblivion before the next Presidential Election that is due after six years. Just like what happened to his twin Premadasa another megalomaniac.

  • 3

    If you would care to take off your anti-Christian and anti-minority blinkers you would be able to see things objectively and rationally.

    You would then be able to appreciate that there was no need for any “Putsch” engineered by the Western Christian countries, the Christian Churches, Western NGO hordes, the Racist Tamils abroad, Uncouth Islamists, and their lackeys, and cat’s paws in Sri Lanka” to have brought about the downfall of Mahinda Rajapakse. The rotten nature of MR’s administration was sufficient to achieve that.

    MR gave us the night races in the very precincts of the Dalada Maligawa, just before the election he was running around desperately seeking the blessings of the deities at a Catholic church and two Indian Hindu temples, and he wanted to bring Kerry Packer’s casino business to SL. And this is the man you want to save ‘the Buddhist nation’. If you think that MR, or for that matter, any politician, is going to save any religion, you would be fooling yourself. Buddhism in SL survived 450 years of western colonial rule and I don’t think we need worry about its future either.

    BTW, you have advised MR to rid himself of the old SLFP members especially the old and useless geriatrics of the party. But you seem to forget that without the support of these people he would never got 18A or the impeachment of the CJ through parliament. Then, you have also asked him to distance himself from his family. I can just imagine that – MR without his family around him!

  • 1

    They gave free laptops at Nugegoda it seems. Not too late to get one.

  • 1

    Hello Nugegoda man will you please give something to M Pala.

  • 0

    Our greatest leader was defeated by the involvement of foreign vested interest goons. True Sri Lankans are ,well aware about that. In the next election the puppet government will be thrown out.

  • 0

    So much for Ranils days as PM being numbered.

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