25 May, 2022


The COVAX Facility Will Deliver Its 65 Millionth Vaccine Dose This Week: The Time To Donate Excess Doses Is Now – UNICEF

By UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore –

“The COVAX Facility – the global COVID vaccine equity scheme – will deliver its 65 millionth dose in the coming days. It should have been at least its 170 millionth. By the time G7 leaders gather in the UK next month, and as a deadly second wave of COVID-19 will likely continue to sweep across India and many of its South Asian neighbours, the shortfall will near 190 million doses.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore

“We have issued repeated warnings of the risks of letting down our guard and leaving low- and middle-income countries without equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics. We are concerned that the deadly spike in India is a precursor to what will happen if those warnings remain unheeded. While the situation in India is tragic, it is not unique. Cases are exploding and health systems are struggling in countries near – like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives – and far, like Argentina and Brazil. The cost for children and families will be incalculable.

“The longer the virus continues to spread unchecked, the higher the risk of more deadly or contagious variants emerging.

“The clearest pathway out of this pandemic is a global, equitable distribution of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics. COVAX, led by the WHO, Gavi and CEPI, with UNICEF as implementing partner, represents such a pathway. But COVAX is undersupplied.

“Among the global consequences of the situation in India, a global hub for vaccine production, is a severe reduction in vaccines available to COVAX. Soaring domestic demand has meant that 140 million doses intended for distribution to low- and middle-income countries through the end of May cannot be accessed by COVAX. Another 50 million doses are likely to be missed in June. This, added to vaccine nationalism, limited production capacity and lack of funding, is why the roll-out of COVID vaccines is so behind schedule.

“G7 leaders will be meeting next month with a potential emergency stop-gap measure readily available. New data analysis provided by Airfinity, the life sciences research facility, and commissioned by the UK National Committee for UNICEF, indicates that G7 nations and ‘Team Europe’ group of European Union Member States could donate around 153 million vaccine doses if they shared just 20 per cent of their available supply over June, July and August. Critically, they could do so while still meeting their commitments to vaccinate their own populations.

“While some G7 members have greater supply than others, and some have further advanced domestic rollouts, an immediate collective commitment to pool excess supply and share the burden of responsibility could buttress vulnerable countries against becoming the next global hotspot.

“Ultimately, the global vaccination race will be won when Member States make sustainable plans to fully fund and supply the COVAX Advance Market Commitment, while supporting the expansion of vaccine manufacturing capacity, including through proactive Intellectual Property licensing and technological transfer. These measures are critical, but they won’t change anything overnight. Sharing immediately available excess doses is a minimum, essential and emergency stop-gap measure, and it is needed right now.”

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    It is morally and humanely necessary to share the excessive vaccines by powerful nations to the affected countries and vulnerable countries against becoming the next global hotspot. However, the countries which spend billions to military unnecessarily and use the Corona to political advantage should be given on condition.

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      There are countries issuing not just the excess, but even stock that is needed at home.
      But very few want even to know; and many who know will attribute ulterior motives to such countries.
      NY Times reported of Pfizer:
      “The company said its vaccine generated $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year.

      “The company …reiterated its previous prediction that its profit margins on the vaccine would be in the high 20 percent range.

      “The company pledged to contribute up to 40 million doses to Covax, a multilateral partnership aimed at supplying vaccines to poor countries. That represents less than 2 percent of the 2.5 billion doses that Pfizer and … BioNTech, aim to produce this year.”
      I fear that the real profit is even bigger because production has gone well past the threshold of profitability. And we know how companies conceal super-profits.
      So much for the vaccine business and charity of Big Pharma.

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        It is not only vaccine companies but also other companies that are producing medicines, arms and ammunitions, fuel or even toys and many governments and politicians make billions in profits, bribing etc.

        • 0

          Very few want even to know; and many who know will attribute ulterior motives to such countries.

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    Gothapaiya won the war against LTTE After killing more than 100,000.00 innocent tamil civilians.HE WILL ALSO WIN THE WAR AGAINST COVID-19 AFTER KILLING AT LEAST 10,000.OO INNOCENT SINGALA GUYS IN SRILANAKA.

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    It is a commendable effort by UNICEF to provide the excess vaccines from the rich countries to “Low and Middle Income” countries. However, the “Proper” use of it is very “Vital”, in that, the “Scheme” of distribution has to be monitored, especially when the supplies are limited. A good example is Sri Lanka. A well-planned “Priority” list of the recipients was drawn, but what happened thereafter? A “Hidden Priority List” overshadowed the “First Priority List” and that “Hidden” list was used to administer the vaccine. The “Politicians”, their “Families” and “Gangs” over-ran the “First Priority” and got the vaccine. Next, the “Local Politicians” such as the Provincial Councillors, Municipal Mayors and Members started drawing separate lists (e.g. Moratuwa Mayor’s List) of “Priorities” and pressured the Authorities to be guided by those “Lists”. The resultant is a “Mess” and a “Misuse” of the limited supplies. So, these countries that are Governed by “Vagabonds” (Sri Lanka included) must be monitored closely, so that the “Priority” of “Recipients” is maintained to obtain the “Best” and “Equitable” usage of the limited supplies.

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