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The Issue Of The Attempt To Transfer Ambassador Tamara Kunanayagam

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the stand taken by Ambassador Tamara Kunanayagam in defending the Sri Lankan State and the Mahinda Rajapakse regime against the US-sponsored resolution in Geneva, the attempt to transfer her to some Latin American country is not acceptable. It is an act of petty vengeance by a mafia-cabal who have usurped power.

I am one of those who condemned the US-sponsored resolution, since it was an expression of hypocrisy by the No. 01 terrorist State in the world, guilty of the most horrendous war crimes and other  crimes against humanity. The resolution was intended to cajole the Regime to fall in line with the global strategic agenda of US imperialism and its allies. It has nothing to do with standing up for human rights or for justice for the Tamil people. These issues were exploited by the US to pursue its own agenda, while also catering to the electoral lobbies in various countries allied to the US. India too exploited the issue to advance its own strategic interests, strengthen its hold on Sri Lanka and balance its internal interests. India would do good to pass a similar resolution on its genocidal policies in Kashmir and against the Maoist revolutionaries throughout the Red Corridor.

Indeed, our party has stood against a military solution to the Tamil national question and continues to strive for a democratic political solution based on internal self-determination of the Tamil nation. We have also called for accountability for war crimes and atrocities and for continuing abductions, enforced disappearances and extra-legal killings by the Sri Lankan State, not just under the present regime, but by earlier regimes as well, including under the UNP. We do not agree with the stand taken by Ambassador Kunanayagam in Geneva, but recognize that she carried out her duty and the task entrusted to her by the President in an exceptionally articulate and courageous manner, above and beyond all other official representatives .

The attempt to remove her from Geneva takes on significance not only due to the sheer injustice done to her, but because it demonstrates the extent to which a mafia-hatchet cabal has come to exercise political power within the Ministry of External Affairs, the Defense Ministry and, indeed, throughout the entire state apparatus.

In as much I have expressed serious differences of principle with Ambassador Dayan Jayatileke and have carried out an intense public debate on some core issues of theory and politics, I condemn with equal vehemence the unwarranted effort to tarnish his image and to remove him from his position as well, driven by such  malicious intentions. I shall struggle against my opponents relentlessly and without let for the sake of upholding and defending principles, but I shall struggle against any force that attacks my opponents in the despicable and arbitrary manner in which these two ambassadors are being hounded by a mafia-hatchet cabal usurping the sovereignty of the people to advance their petty agendas.

The sustained attempt to discredit and exact personal revenge from Tamara Kunanayagam and Dayan Jayatileke should be roundly condemned by all decent people who value the ethical norms of civilized, democratic behavior.

The writer is Secretary: Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)

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