4 March, 2024


The Perverse Domestic Arrangements Of Colombo Wigneswaran

By Tamil Diaspora Activist


Tamil women, nay Eelam Tamil Women have reached the zenith in their professions and business the world over, and, particularly in the West! Many have taken silk, summited the heights of academia; there are tens of thousands of surgeons, physicians, and, of course multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. Their children attend schools such as Eton College (England, whose alumni include several hundred royal princes), Geelong Grammar (Australia, Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer et. al.), Phillips Exeter (many American Presidents), Raffles Institution (Singapore’s elite) etc. etc.

Tamil wives in the twenty first century, even in dysfunctional families do not countenance being battered and raped by their husbands, or, being violated by their husband’s family.

Yet this is exactly what happened to tens of thousands of them at the hands of their Sinhalese “husbands” if you believe Wigneswaran’s definition of the relationship between between the Tamils and Sinhalese, in an interview granted to Meera Srinivasan of India’s Hindu newspaper. He says, “We will fight, but sometimes we come together. The next-door neighbor must not come and say ‘you must divorce, you must divorce’”.

The neighbour according to Wigneswaran are the politicians of Tamil Nadu.

Of course, in saying so Wigneswaran seeks to instill in perpetual bondage the Tamil people in the abusive hands of their Sinhalese “husbands”.

Perhaps in Wigneswaran’s myopic worldview, eighty million Tamils in Tamil Nadu may be just “neighbours”, but to Eelam Tamils they are cousins, family. And, when they see one of their own being egregiously violated in an abusive relationship, they recoil with natural instinct and seek decree nisi –or divorce.

Clearly, Wigneswaran will have no appreciation of this, because, unlike those whom seeks to represent, he and his family –married amongst the Sinhalese- feel more at ease with them than eighty million Tamils across the Palk Strait!

Furthermore, it is difficult to see how a person with such a medieval attitude to marriage, in which women are treated no different to chattel, could ever free Tamils from the oppression of the Sinhala supremacist state.

His logic in seeking the silence of Tamil Nadu politicians is utterly perverse.

He says, “In Tamil Nadu, our problems have been taken to be the ball to be played in the tennis court between the two or three parties. They [Tamil Nadu politicians] start hitting the ball from one side to the other and it is we who get hit by that”.

It is to suggest that a wife in an abusive relationship must beseech her family to be silent, for their protest could result in her being doused in acid by the husband’s family.

What he conveniently forgets to mention is that young Tamil women, who had no appetite to tied in an abusive marital bond with the Sinhala supremacist state, martyred themselves in the their thousands to win their freedom. And, Eelam Tamils got “hit” long before Tamil Nadu politicians started standing up for them and would have been totally and utterly ethnically cleansed if not for them!

One fact assured; that is, unlike the politicians of Tamil Nadu who brought the issue genocide of Eelam Tamils to the fore, the fathers-in-law of both his sons, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Gunasekara did absolutely naught! The former served as a minister in the Rajapakse regime when it unleashed the holocaust on besieged Tamil civilians in Mullaivaikal in 2009.

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    Tamilnadu politicians are nothing but jokers…they just talk, talk, talk…and do nothing.

    They cannot save their own fishermen, how can they save Eelam Tamils.
    They could not even get ban on LTTE lifted.

    The only reason they bark is that they hear Sinhalese politicians and media barking back at them.


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    Never, never did Justice Wigneswaran seek to downplay the importance of Tamil Nadu. Not for a moment has he failed to appreciate the sentiment and the fulsome support of those who sincerely committed themselves in their millions to express their solidarity. Neither is he not knowledgeable about the value of their continued help.

    Yet he told the peddlers of rank political opportunism to keep their hands off the Sri Lankan cause. Who are these fake quacks?

    By far the topmost is M Karunanidhi whose daily diet is family bandyism. Not far behind is Jayalitha whose obsessive thoughts are on stealing a march over MK. Vaiko having lost all his political fortunes through his ineptitude and time serving makes a fake show. Seeman displaying only his colossal ignorance, wants to shore up some support by trying to be more Tamil than the SL Tamils. Others are lesser minions who need not be mentioned.

    The only leader who was genuine about the Tamil cause both in TN and about SL Tamils was CN ANNADURAI. Among those living. Pala Nedumaran alone commands respect because of his patent honesty and sincerity.

    Some of us of my vintage which includes Justice W, know what we are talking about. We have been reading, listening and interacting with TN Tamils for decades. With internet, in my case on a daily basis to this day. Knowing those political formations and personages I make bold to assert what I have said above. I don’t have to be a self styled ACTIVIST to say it.

    Knowing all these people all too well, W said we know best how to compose our differences. There is nothing for any activism to get peeved about unless there be a perverse personal agenda.

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    What is this arrant nonsense about the Thamil society being caste ridden and that it is dominated by the Vellalas? What about the Sinhalese society? Is it any better? The caste system in both the Thamil and Sinhalese societies should be traced to the influence of Vedic Hinduism. The Sinhalese were one time Hindus and even after conversion to Buddhism they still practice the obnoxious caste system just like the Thamils or worse. Of late casteism among Tamils (so I believe among Sinhalese) has been dented to some extent thanks to the LTTE.
    Just like the Thamil society being dominated by the Vellalas, so is the Sinhalese society dominated by the Goyigamas. In both cases it is 50% of the population. One has only look at the caste of all leading Sinhalese leaders from D.S.Senanayake to Mahinda Rajapaksa. All of them are goyigamas except Ranasinghe Premadasa who is the first so called “low caste” (washer men) to be elevated to the post of Prime Minister and later President.
    All the Buddhist Nikayas are all caste based contrary to the teachings of Buddha. The Siam Nikayas (Asgiriya and Malwatta) are imited to goyigama caste only. Hence in 1799, Walitota Sri Gnanawimalatisssa a monk from the Salagama caste, from Balapitiya on the south western coast of Sri Lanka, departed for Burma with a group of novices to seek a new succession of Higher ordination. The initial mission returned to Sri Lanka in 1803. Soon after their return to the island they established a udakhupkhepa sima (a flotilla of boats moved together to form a platform on the water) at the Maduganga river, Balapitiya and, under the most senior Myanmar bhikkhu who accompanied them, held an upasampada ceremony on Vesak Full Moon Day. The new fraternity came to be known as the Amarapura Nikaya, from the then capital of Burma.

    Several subsequent trips to Burma by Karava and Durawa monks as well, created by 1810 a core group of ordained monks and provided the required quorum for Higher Ordination of Amarapura Nikaya monks in Sri Lanka. The higher ordination denied to them in 1764 by the Goyigama conspirators had been regained and they were soon granted recognition by the colonial British government. However the radical change of ordination rules by the Siyam Nikaya in 1764, and its continuance despite it being contrary to the teachings of the Buddha, plagues the Sri Lankan Buddhist Sangha, and the Sangha continues to be divided along caste lines.

    The establishment of the Amarapura Nikaya was significant because it signalled a change in the social dynamic of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.The Amarapura maha nikaya is divided into no less than 21 sub-orders formed along cast divisions. The Amapura Nikaya consists approximately 20 percent of the sangha. So hypocrites like K.A. Sumanasekera should first take the plank out of Sinhalese eyes before trying to remove the speck from the eyes of Thamils.

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    Wigneswaran has denied making that remark about a similarity of husband-wife relationship. So, the matter ends there. I cannot understand as to why this so-called diaspora Tamil activist is resorting to unnecessary rabble rousing!

    Sengodan. M

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      Sengodan and others.
      The Tamil activist is correct. His views reflects the sentiments of many Tamils in the NP and ignored Tamils in the EP, who have once again become voiceless collectively.

      Quisling gangs have surfaced in public and they are now called “”VaalVetties”

      Sword fighters who threaten to cut peoples hands or legs off for any reason including day light private and public robberies. Our women and girls are too scared to wear jewelry in public and Police and military do not entertain the complaints or investigate.

      I am not totally blame the CM or the few TNA politicians who represent the Tamils in all the Tamashas and foreign travel/discussions, but someone needs to take responsibility. Wigneswarans ability to talk in Sinhalese to the Southern leaders was nothing but TNA poppycock. Vasudeva Nannayakara was the one who accompanied Mahinda Rajapakse to Geneva in 1989 to complain against the GOSL as a patriot or traitor. They did not accomplish anything but found our very own Tamara Kunanayagam and the rest is history.

      We are all waiting to hear from Nannayakara of the BED time stories in Geneva as well his very own in Colombo where he leads somewhat of a checkered life style. lol.

      Tamil Nadu politicians are another story and so are the “MealTicket” politicians who are still preaching that Prabhakaran is returning at the right time. This is to keep fooling the Tamil public for money, like the Cyberspace PM, Presidents, Minister’s, MP’s and Senators.

      The fight between CM and PM are hurting the Tamil Voters and TNA leaders should intervene than running around the world or going back to their families in Chennai or for medical treatment. TNA needs to bring more young talent including leaders to the Parliament and groom them. Otherwise, Tamils will have to import old men and women from Colombo via Helicopters and Parachutes to counter the lack of proper leaders. There are twent five seats in Parliament for the TNA to contest in the coming elections in a couple of months and where is the organization to counter the Muslim threat from Pesalai to Pottuvil. The PR system is also helping the TNA to be certain of so many seats without trying very hard.


      Donald Gnanakone
      Tamils For Justice

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    Tamils always stick together. Prior to the LTTE days around the time the UNP came to power in 1977 there were whole sectors of the white collar job market in Colombo that were dominated by Jaffna Tamils. It was a commonly held belief among the white collar Sinhalese that they were being side lined wherever there was a concentration of Tamils in the work force. It is in the midst of these sentiments that the troubles flared up. India had ambitions under the Gandhis of domination of the Indian ocean. They entertained delusions of kicking the Americans out of Diego Garcia. Madam Bandaranaike had played along with not only Indira Gandhi’s agenda but also domestically by pandering the vellala Jaffna Tamils by providing the best medical and educational facilities to Jaffna thru her Tamil cabinet ministers. The UNP resented all of this but had to play ball with the TULF which was now getting even bolder. On the mere suggestion of inviting the Americans to use Trincomalee madam Indira Gandhi set about teaching Junius Richard a lesson he will never forget. When the 13 troops were killed and the trouble began Junius decided to teach Indira a lesson. He along with his senior cabinet ministers unleashed upon the Colombo Tamils the most devastating acts of violence aimed at sending madam Indira an unmistakable massage. Mess with my troops and your meddling will back fire on you since I will drive all the Colombo Tamils back to either Jaffna or Tamil Nadu. It would rid the dominance of the white collar jobs of the Colombo Tamils as well. While the white collar job domination ended it did not stop Indian meddling or the demand for a separate state. Hence the introduction of the IPKF. But then just when the second problem of Indian meddling was just about to be sorted, in came a number one moron as president of Sri Lanka and the rest is history.

    Just as Tamils have excelled internationally they will prosper where ever they go. However, Sri Lanka has no room for a separate state neither has it got room to pander to one minority over another minority. Its resources are limited and its majority race has ambitions for their children as well. It is not racist to say this since it is the practice of many countries to safe guard the rights of the majority as a first priority.

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    Wiggy says he is not into Separation in his latest press briefing.

    All he wants is to help the inhabitants, which I guess is a reference to the non Vellalas who account for 60 percent of the inhabitants there..

    His handler Sambandan in the same briefing promises to work with the Govt if TNA wins the prize.

    What the ordinary punters can’t understand is why Sambandan waited for four and a half years to help the poor inhabitants who are the ex captives of the Maha Veera who was given a Suoer Hero badge recently by none other than Mr Wiggy himself?.

    Would Sambandan do a stock take of the inhabitants chattels on the morning after the Election and compare that with what they had in May 2009?

    This may help him to do the progress reports of the inhabitants under their new Vellala CM.

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      We will tell Rajapassa clan to Increase your payment with another 5 Rs, as 2 Rupees coins are not available in the Central bank,

      All used by Cbbrraaala and Baasil them selves

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      so you say wiggys handler is sambandan

      but tell me who your handler is K A Sumansekera? ;-)

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      i say sumanasekera whats the going rate for you now to write like this…..me looking for a writer to do an advert for the next housing scheme ;-)

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    Wigneswarans’s appearance is confusing is he Wignes Kurukkal or TNA CM candidate, difficult figure out!!!

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    I cannot believe an ex Supreme Court Judge who lived all his life in Colombo among the Sinhalese Elite talk this way. And also how the ethnic Tamils in Jaffna accept him as their representative. This only the race issue. Then why do we blame some Sinhalese also hell bent with racial feelings. Like Prbhakaran this man cannot take responsibility for his own actions. Prbhakaran always had an excuse for his conduct. He killed people because that forced on you. Now Vignaeswaran says don’t let them take arms by actions of Government. On the same token why the government cannot take action on the conduct of these irresponsible people.

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    Wigneswaram has called a spade a spade. Nothing more. He is the only hope for the Northerners. He is not a rabble rouse but a rational individual. Good luck to him.

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    People are getting into silly arguments by saying that the Tamil Nadu Politicians are using the plight of the Eelam Tamils to get elected and that is simply not correct.

    Even Mr.Wigneswaran has got it wrong and he is playing politics.
    He was the choice of Delhi and he does not want to alienate the Centre by getting too close to Tamil Nadu so he is trying to keep a distance from Tamil Nadu because of the bad blood between Delhi and Tamil Nadu and we are paying a price. I don’t know how many of the people who have posted comments above know that Jeyalalitha does not have any respect for Madam Sonia.

    I remember when Jeyalalitha was elected as CM Sonia invited her for Tea and the time she said yes but in my own time.
    And as far as I know she has not been to have Tea with her although she has been to Delhi Many times.
    Let us get a few fats right.

    1) Tamil Nadu in the final analysis is our saviour simply by being next door with 80 million of our brethren which is a source of strength and also acts deterrent.
    2) Tamil Nadu is important to us for a variety of reasons but for the people of Tamil Nadu we don’t figure high and it is simply a Bread & Butter Issue.
    3) We need Tamil Nadu more than Tamil Nadu Needs us.
    4) If the Tamil Issue is a vote winner in Tamil Nadu by now Mr.seeman would be chief minister but he is not.
    5) Of the two protagonists Karunathi is shedding crocodile tears simply because he had a hand in the Genocide by ignoring what Sonia was up to.
    6) Where as I have complete confidence in the Iron Lady as she is genuine and has inherited the Mantle from the revered MGR who had the interest of the Eelam Tamils at heart. Despite the Sinhalese who say that JR invited the Indian Army but in reality it was MGR who influenced Rajiv to send the army and JR was forced to invite to save face.

    But I have said a number of times before and will say it again that Sri Lankas Sovereignty is limited to Indias Security and India has Total Jurisdiction over Sri Lanka.

    Just consider this MR was not going to call elections to the Northern Assembly.
    But Basil was summoned to Delhi and read the riots act and MR succumbed to pressure and duly obliged.

    The current politicians who are corrupt to the core have sold us in Sri Lanka down the river for money. But with a likely change at the top with Mr.Modi as prime Minister and the Iron Lady switching premiership ( she will command 40 seats) the Tamil fortune will change.
    We serve notice on the 21st September and this will receive Royal Assent in March 2014.

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    Just to confirm what I wrote above

    CHENNAI: The city on Sunday was abuzz with rumour of a possible political realignment as political pundits analysed UPA chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s phone call on Friday to greet AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa.

    Though Sonia’s call was part of normal courtesy, analysts chose to view it in the light of the much-strained relationship between the Congress and the DMK. They said Sonia chose to open a line of contact with Jayalalithaa — whose party is part of the Opposition in Parliament — but did not call up her seven-year-old ally M Karunanidhi to share her views on the Tamil Nadu electoral drubbing.

    One of the reasons for the speculation was that most Congress leaders — both in the State and Delhi — shared the view that the voters punished them for aligning with the scam-tainted DMK.

    When alliance talks were on prior to the elections, Jayalalithaa had kept her options open for a truck with the Congress.

    Just six months ago, she had made a dramatic offer of rustling up 18 MPs to support the Congress-led UPA government, should the DMK withdraw its backing if the Centre dropped 2G scam-tainted A Raja from the Union Ministry. That was widely seen as the tipping point for the DMK as the Centre finally forced Raja to put in his papers. He was subsequently arrested.

    The speculation intensified after rumours did the rounds that Sonia, during her conversation with Jayalalithaa, invited her for tea in Delhi. When asked on Sunday whether she would accept Sonia’s invite for a tea party, Jayalalithaa said: “She has called me to congratulate me for the election victory.” She did not elaborate.

    Rumours were strengthened as Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan, while responding to reporters in New Delhi, did not deny the possibility of Sonia extending a tea invite.

    Advising the media not to read too much into it, she said a national leader inviting another popular leader for a tea party was quite common.

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    Tamil diaspora activist is spot on. But,as this is an opinion piece one would expect him/her to reveal their identity-a name, photograph?

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    What this prophetic Tamil Diaspora activist said has come true.

    Already Wiggie has wagged his tail at the feet of the military Governor.

    Soon he will go his tail tucked between his legs when he goes begging for the cheap minister post to Rajafucksa.

    Tamils are so desperate they fall for anything. Wiggie fooled Tamils.

    At the end of this drama Wiggie will join Rajafucksa and Tamils will be left high and dry. Tamil Modayas the worst in the world. How easy to fool them!

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