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The Perverse Domestic Arrangements Of Colombo Wigneswaran

By Tamil Diaspora Activist


Tamil women, nay Eelam Tamil Women have reached the zenith in their professions and business the world over, and, particularly in the West! Many have taken silk, summited the heights of academia; there are tens of thousands of surgeons, physicians, and, of course multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. Their children attend schools such as Eton College (England, whose alumni include several hundred royal princes), Geelong Grammar (Australia, Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer et. al.), Phillips Exeter (many American Presidents), Raffles Institution (Singapore’s elite) etc. etc.

Tamil wives in the twenty first century, even in dysfunctional families do not countenance being battered and raped by their husbands, or, being violated by their husband’s family.

Yet this is exactly what happened to tens of thousands of them at the hands of their Sinhalese “husbands” if you believe Wigneswaran’s definition of the relationship between between the Tamils and Sinhalese, in an interview granted to Meera Srinivasan of India’s Hindu newspaper. He says, “We will fight, but sometimes we come together. The next-door neighbor must not come and say ‘you must divorce, you must divorce’”.

The neighbour according to Wigneswaran are the politicians of Tamil Nadu.

Of course, in saying so Wigneswaran seeks to instill in perpetual bondage the Tamil people in the abusive hands of their Sinhalese “husbands”.

Perhaps in Wigneswaran’s myopic worldview, eighty million Tamils in Tamil Nadu may be just “neighbours”, but to Eelam Tamils they are cousins, family. And, when they see one of their own being egregiously violated in an abusive relationship, they recoil with natural instinct and seek decree nisi –or divorce.

Clearly, Wigneswaran will have no appreciation of this, because, unlike those whom seeks to represent, he and his family –married amongst the Sinhalese- feel more at ease with them than eighty million Tamils across the Palk Strait!

Furthermore, it is difficult to see how a person with such a medieval attitude to marriage, in which women are treated no different to chattel, could ever free Tamils from the oppression of the Sinhala supremacist state.

His logic in seeking the silence of Tamil Nadu politicians is utterly perverse.

He says, “In Tamil Nadu, our problems have been taken to be the ball to be played in the tennis court between the two or three parties. They [Tamil Nadu politicians] start hitting the ball from one side to the other and it is we who get hit by that”.

It is to suggest that a wife in an abusive relationship must beseech her family to be silent, for their protest could result in her being doused in acid by the husband’s family.

What he conveniently forgets to mention is that young Tamil women, who had no appetite to tied in an abusive marital bond with the Sinhala supremacist state, martyred themselves in the their thousands to win their freedom. And, Eelam Tamils got “hit” long before Tamil Nadu politicians started standing up for them and would have been totally and utterly ethnically cleansed if not for them!

One fact assured; that is, unlike the politicians of Tamil Nadu who brought the issue genocide of Eelam Tamils to the fore, the fathers-in-law of both his sons, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Gunasekara did absolutely naught! The former served as a minister in the Rajapakse regime when it unleashed the holocaust on besieged Tamil civilians in Mullaivaikal in 2009.

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