22 May, 2024


The President Is Right

By Rusiripala Tennakoon

Rusiripala Tennakoon

A strong wind is blowing across. While there are destructive tendencies experienced, several positive indications too are in the offing. With the local government elections threateningly surfacing and plunging off and on, manifestly manoeuvred, country is forced to bear with the deprivation of an opportunity to react. While the election carrot is dangling a constitutional phantom is emerging with a “blow hot and cold” trend. The Unholy political marriage, forced due to circumstances, is showing fractures and signs of wrack up. People are anxiously waiting to see who will yield and for what objective or purpose.

It is no secret that all these are happening during a transitional period pending realignment and course correction after a long sail in troubled waters with the storm  still unsettled. Both marriage partners need a clear mandate not only from their political parties but even from the people represented by civil society and other social and religious forces. A mere continuation of the voyage for the sake of being on board will not be fancied or tasteful. In particular the voice of opinion by civil society organizations involved in the process as marriage brokers deserve to be respected. But they are now in a dilemma. Having advocated an era free of corruption and fraud they now stand astounded before the ill-famed activities of their once praised angel guardians. Can they under such a situation blindly support a perpetuation without any modifications and required changes?

The President’s recent outburst against ‘some identified few’ responsible for various base and nefarious acts, calls upon the civil society organizations to campaign for their speedy elimination before the decomposition aggravates. Fortunately the choice of words point at a situation not so grave since the concern is about a few. Compromise is easy under such circumstances. More so if those involved do not happen to be elected representatives. It should not be regarded as a disintegration. It should be considered as a purification. A semi-cultural revolution. For it is not uncommon in any system for such elements to exist hindering progress. China once went through this. Civil society has to therefore turn the direction now forgetting individual agendas and allegiances for a better course. That is the historic responsibility thrust upon them.

Country has to move forward freeing from the heinous grips and claws of dishonest and evil. However painful it may be to some to part their ways from one time  cronies and companions, the demand from the public should stand above all. The President is right. He needs to be backed wholeheartedly. For the sake of the future of the country. True, such a step will leave residues behind tarnishing the celebrated goodness of some  in their hard preserved white backgrounds. But in the long run it will be prudent for such god fathers to fall in line rather than being obstruent. The society today is much much more advanced than what they imagine to be bamboozled to be taken for a ride. Let sanity prevail and democracy flourish.    

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    I think the president was just riding the wave as a politician but he is not behaving as an experienced, decisive, visionary, courageous and determined Leader who is also the PRESIDENT and not just a minister for ribbon cutting and public speeches. Anyway, I am highly suspicious about president’s behaviour. He is just doing huff and puff to say that he is with the people. Other than that he doe snot want to direct the ship or sail. He is at the same place. —————– People say, there are 79 files, all mega million type, corruptions cases Rajapakses and his cronies. there is more than one person just an official has become a billioniare, Sajin Vass, Gamini Senerath, One transport Secretary, Avant guard, now this Bond scam. So many politicians are involved in the Avant guard. Some in Panama papers too. It is public news some nationalist -ministers are not reporting to FCID even after so many requests. Ranil is holding , even though it is proven that he was the alibaba who led the gang of looters. He is there probably to scare Mahinda Rajapakse.
    Yet, people say, 19th amendment is not gazetted. so. close the parliament. Arrest the thieves and ask MPs to get out. Select some good professionals and run the country. change the electoral map and later have an election with good individuals. don’t think the country doe snot have honest people, capable people etc., But, MY3 is not doing that. One reason is he is part of the looters and another he does not have guts eventhough he is the three forces commander.

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    MR did good job of defeated ruthless Tamil terrorism of LTTE. Its victory of democracy of all races and religions . It was not victory one party over the other Party or one race over the other race . Indeed the certain political parties that including UNP, JVP and TNA was which an underestimated reasons of victory and that role back to democracy played by MR ruling alliances has been discard by UNP leadership and as well as MS and CBK.

    The war against Tamil terrorism of 30 years that also behind many unknown political corruptions has penetrated into every cells of democratic administration in Sri lanka.
    After MR alliance lost power 2015 January 8th shifted to under MS regime has turn into peaceful path of administration has jump into unprecedented corruptions involved by UNP leader of Ranil Wicks and members of Gang of four?

    CB bond scam is claim is one form of political-oriented corruptions of that extended to War of Tamil terrorism undermined whole democracy system of Sri lanka.

    It we draw back ,we can see a much of CB bonds scam pave way for profound collapse of our national economy. People of Sri Lankan who have been an entrusted by 6.2 millions of 2015 January that mandate run the administration of nation, those who betray trust of the carry govt. by looting wealth of citizens is serious crime against nation of Sri Lanka ? To be blind to reality economy, it was to be loyal to UNP political class, whatever form that class might take.
    Hence Ranil Wicks is loyalty always trumps reality among the anti- servant of ideology of democracy. But greed UNP’s that CB Bonds scam are the standard villains of ongoing economic crisis from 2015 January 8th.
    How could the we blame to past govt. on Debt? When movement of truth comes the sort of truth that is simply an expression of reality of CB Bonds scam by UNP leader Ranil Wickmasinghe of Primer of CEO of current administration?
    Theses movers are worse than Tamil terrorism by that UNP’s undermined very foundation of structure of Democracy governances of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri lanka ???.

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    Rusiriplala is very optimistic in concluding ~ “………The society is much much more advanced than what they imagine to be bamboozled……….”.
    The Gintota incident shows that we are exactly where we started in 1948.
    Rusiripala continues ~ “Let sanity prevail and democracy flourish”
    If democracy means elections and voting then it has flourished for 70 years. But certainly not “sanity”. Why are we in this predicament?

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    Look at current UNP leadership has covered up that CB Bonds scam by using power of state authority to protected from the Bond Commission that main culprit of Ranil Wicks.. The 19th Constitution amendment has grant to Primer will be above law of Land . The court of law and rule of Law having no legal judiciary to subject procurator the Primer-Ranil Wicks who has been that looted public funds of Trillions of Rupees of national wealth belongs public of Central Bank Bonds.

    The Ranil Wick has directly engaged and committed frauds of corruptions having ample evidence are quite sufficient to arrest Primer on ground of CB Bonds scam . He was Minister of in-charge of Central Bank. That his accountability no need to be on suspicion at all..

    Even World Bank and IMF kept silent of whole issues .The World Bank perception of that “Good Governance and Rule of Law” did not apply that case of Big Bank robbery of Central Bank -Bond scam by Ranil Wicks……..The second citizen of Primer?

    What happen to Western Media and their Western Colombo Embassies are in favor of Primer?
    Needless to say they were behind that “Democracy of UNP” since 2015 January 8th.Western and Indian political democracy are not interest of their agent are duly engaged of corrupts.
    Today that we have call for an evaluation democratic values of UNP-Democracy back by Western Media magnets.

    Once Adam Smith put this way that food for thought and see that really apply for case of Ranil Wicks “he is certainty not a good citizen who does not wish to promote ,by every means in his POWER ,the welfare of the whole society of his fellow citizens”
    See the double standard of Western and Indian Democracy ?. by advocating “Rainbow Revolution” in 2015 January under the MS rule of Governances…our choose a regime that will leads to peril of system of democracy of Sri lanka.

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    The President is Right? He does not know whther he is right, left, or centre. Like his father who was a labourer in the RASC who were given menial work by the troops of the CLI and CGA, to dig trenches, cut grass etc Sirisena Senior did not know his right from his left so had to tie a handkerchief on his left leg and March to ” dakuna Kakula , lensu Kakula “!!

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      Chum this is not a comment
      This is third degree insult
      Low and unfair

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        Then I have hit the target. Sirisena is the lowest form of life’s who has forgotten his beginnings. If not for the SLFP he would still be a grama sevaka. His people would have entered the Walauwas of those days from the servants entrance.Thats his background and people should know it.

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          Mr /Mrs Percy
          There are people with feudal minds and those who think of walluwas due to their inferior complexes inherited by their Low births
          This type of third grade comments and insults are made by such.
          They ignorant of dhamma or what is happening in the rest of the civilised world.
          May be that you r not aware of wood cutters becoming US presidents!
          A persons greatness cannot be attributed to his birth. A person becomes a vasalaya by his or her own actions
          Please go before a mirror to find such a being!

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          Mr Percy
          You seem to be disturbed about presidents actions to bring culprits to book
          Remember sans a few idiots the large majority of the country are backing the president
          You have admittedly accepted that you r attacking and insulting the president
          Is it because you r with the homosexual rouges who r exploiting the country and plundering the people’s wealth?
          God save the king!

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            Mr PUK
            You seem to be an ignorant person.Are you not aware that Sirisena boasted that his father was an “army officer” who sacrificed a lot. That is false, and a diabolical lie. My posting was to expose Sirisena. What action has Sirisena taken about RAVI K. Because of public pressure he was forced to resign and now he has abig post paid out of public funds.

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    After give once evidence that before the Bond Scam –on PC Commission, how is that that Ranil Wicks will be exonerated from all criminal frauds and charges by Judges of PC!
    What type of Law Ranil Wicks has been that learn at Law Collage as Student of Legal system of a country?
    Is that UNP leadership that think all Sri Lankan citizens are foolish?

    That is why unlike UNP leaders gang, who rule and ruin our nation last 34 months by so-called “good governances” headed by MS and CBK of Federalist of SLFP’s.? Earl day UNP was party of Gentleman’s outlet. .Ranil has change into party of corrupted one!

    These gangster of politics who robbed Central Bank public funds has nothing do with “Democracy and Rule of Law”? Its shows how is that UNP leader are dishonest to their Mandate and naked violated basic norms of Democracy and its governances of Democratic nation’s an Island?

    The right to Rule the Nation has totally lost Primer after he that appear before the PC Commission on that ground of CB Bonds scam?. All in all Primer involvement and engagement was undoubtedly given many singles by his actions of ill -Governances and misrule that National Bonds of CB

    Ranil Wick has to realized the simple fact that majority People’s of Sri Lankan has lost trust on him.
    By disappear his political credentials of UNP in last 34 months gradually loosing right to govern the Nation .!
    What is the Next Step? Decision left to Primer-dignity who has been honest own destine ?

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