23 May, 2024


The Rajapaksa Search For A Suitable Enemy

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“…a regime of rare destructiveness”. Michael Burleigh (The Third Reich: A New History)

Constitutions cannot resist tyranny. People do; or don’t.

Preventing the formation of a critical-mass capable of resisting the Rajapaksa- Behemoth would be of paramount importance for the Ruling Siblings.

An opposition which unites Lankans across ethno-religious/class-caste divides would be the ultimate Rajapaksa nightmare. The Siblings would be able to deal with a Sinhala opposition or a Tamil/Muslim opposition. But a Lankan opposition can mount an insurmountable challenge to Rajapaksa power. Consequently the Siblings would want to prevent any collusion between the Sinhala poor/middle-classes (impoverished by Rajapaksa-economics) and the minorities (disempowered by Rajapaksa-politics), against the one common enemy.

A wilfully blind, ignorant and phobic Sinhala nation is a sine-qua-non for an opposition fragmented along ethno-religious lines.

The Sinhalese must not understand that the aim of Rajapaksa politics is the creation of a Rajapaksa dynasty. The Sinhalese must not realise that the Rajapaksas’ counter-Robin Hood economic strategy seeks to extract every last rupee from the poor and the middle-classes to pay for the exhibitionist projects and orgiastic lifestyles of the Ruling clan.

Most Sinhala people still have faith in the myth of the Rajapaksa development miracle. They believe that the hardships they are experiencing are ephemeral, that an economic Shangri la of Rajapaksa making is just round the next bend. When an iniquitous price hike cuts them to the bone, they tell themselves that the Rajapaksas, as vanquishers of the LTTE, are worthy of blind-trust.

The LTTE was a serious impediment to the Rajapaksa goal of absolute and permanent power; thus winning the war was vital to Rajapaksa interests. There is no such axiomatic nexus between people-friendly development and Rajapaksa rule. On the contrary; the Rajapaksas are averse to sharing economic benefits (as they are loath to sharing political power) even with fellow Sinhalese. Their proclivity for centralisation extends to the economy as well. They regard national assets (including the exchequer) as their private property, to be used as they wish. Using financial-stalking horses and dummy-organisations, the Siblings are acquiring ever larger chunks of the economy. Rajapaksaising the economy is a necessary and inevitable component of the process of fusing the Lankan state with the Ruling Family.

The aim of Rajapaksa politics is Rajapaksa power; the aim of Rajapaksa economics is Rajapaksa profit.

Take, for instance, the defence sector which consumes the biggest slice of national income. According to a recent study on global defence corruption by the Transparency International, in Sri Lanka, “executive power almost exclusively controlled the defence sector, including authorising payments that are not vetted by Parliament or other departments” (Financial Times – 30.1.2013). The report mentions opaque purchases, ‘secret payments’ and military’s un-scrutinised encroachment of commercial spaces. National defence, like everything else, has become a Rajapaksa-business, for Rajapaksa-profit.

The Siblings are begging the IMF for another loan of $1 billion (even as they plan to spend Rs.15 billion to build a mega sports project in Hambantota for 2017 Asian Youth Games). In order to qualify for the IMF loan, the Rajapaksas will have to impose more indirect taxes and devalue the rupee further (causing price hikes) while slashing social spending (quantitatively and qualitatively eroding services indispensable to the poor and the middle classes).

The withdrawal of the GSP+ is beginning to affect the garment sector, causing factory closures and job losses. As the Rajapaksas continue to flout democratic norms and national and international laws in their pursuit of absolute and permanent power, more economic sanctions will be visited onSri Lanka. (Incidentally, the cost of these punitive measures will be borne by ordinary Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and not the Rajapaksas. The Rajapaksas will not be daunted by any sanction which does not target them directly, such as a travel ban on the Ruling clan. Imagine the horror of not being able to go sightseeing/study/shop in the Imperialist West!)

European aristocrats sold their own land to maintain their extravagant lifestyles, and thus dispossessed themselves. The Rajapaksas, in order to maintain their rule, are selling land belonging to Sri Lankaand thus dispossessing Lankans. Currently the 13th Amendment is the only law preventing the Siblings from grabbing any land they please whenever they please. Ere long, the 13th Amendment will be replaced with the 19th Amendment and land turned into a centralised subject, amidst the collective ‘patriotic cheers’ of the Sinhala hardliners. After that, the Rajapaksas will be able to grab-and-sell land to any well-heeled foreigner at will, dispossessing Lankans (including many Sinhalese) of their homes and livelihoods.

The Sinhalese must be prevented from seeing this dystopian reality.

As the Sri Lanka Human Development Report 2012 warned, “Unless more and better jobs are created, unless the fruits of growth are more evenly distributed…..it might be difficult to contain social discontent”.

That discontent must be channelled away from the regime.

Thus the search for a suitable enemy….

Sowing National-disunity to Save Rajapaksa Power

A gaudily opulent public recreational area called the ‘WetlandsPark’ was built in a public land in Nawala, at the cost of Rs.81 million of public funds. After a few days of egalitarianism, a ban was imposed on three wheelers and motorcycles using the car park. By this means, access to the new park was restricted to the poor/middle classes. The new ‘affluent’ face of the park is visible in the parked vehicles and the promenading owners.

Religious/racial populism is needed to hide this anti-popular nature of Rajapaksa rule.

President of Ecuador Jose Pepe Mujica, addressing the UN, asked, “Is it possible to talk of solidarity and of ‘being all together’ in an economy based on ruthless competition?”

In a county characterised by gross power and wealth imbalances, unity is possible only in the face of an overarching threat and against an omnipresent enemy.

For any despot threats and enemies are indispensable. They enable the normalisation of the abnormal and the justification of the unjustifiable; they create a siege mentality, which makes people act in ways which are in total variance with their humane instincts and enlightened self-interests. Threats and enemies are invaluable in persuading a populace to acquiesce in their own subjugation; when people feel threatened, they tend to implement/tolerate deeds they would not countenance in psychologically less exerted times.

When fate is not considerate enough to provide a despot with a suitable enemy, he conjures one.

Take Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s self-declared modern day Pharaoh. In 2010, the Mubarak regime accused a fundamentalist Islamic group (linked to Al-Qaeda) for a drive-by shooting in Nag Hammadi and the bombing of the Al-Qiddisine church in Alexandria. Subsequent information indicates that these attacks were orchestrated by the Mubarak regime. “The diplomatic papers, first cited by Al-Arabiya Arabic news channel, allege that former interior minister Habib El-Adly established a black ops unit in 2004, supervised by 22 security officers, with drug dealers, Islamic militants and security personnel on its payroll. The unit’s role: carry out false flag acts of provocation and sabotage around the country aimed at diverting people’s attention away from the regime’s corruption and unpopular political manoeuvres” (IPS/ICH – 13.3.2011).

As economic conditions worsen, the Rajapaksa-need for a suitable enemy will intensify. Who better than a racial/religious other?

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    Uncle Sam holds 75% of the USD 3 Billion worth Rajapaksa LKR Bonds.

    These are well respected Pension Funds that are desperate to get a good return for their long suffering investors.

    Latest issue was 3 times ovesubscribed.

    Why would Rajaspaksa beg from the IMF?.

    Per Capita Income is fast approaching USD 2600.

    Unemployment is only 5.7%,

    Thisaranee’s own cheer squad is whinging that the domestics are asking up to LKR 15 G to migrate to Colombo.

    Ms Thisaranee’s powerful and well connected NGO mates in Colombo have issued challanges and submitted restraining orders to the SC against the Nation’s Parliament and its decisions.

    Yet they cant go to the same court to prove that the Rajapaksa clan has banked most of our USD 60 Billion Economy.

    75% of the great majority of the inhabitant population are rural poor ,who are mainly Sinhala Buddhists.

    Besides enjoying the freedom and peace post Nanthkadal, they are quite happy with the progress the country is making to give them a better life, which has been denied to them for three decades.

    They are well aware who the people were and are behind this disruption or sabotage.

    If Ms Thisaranee wants her Camp to connect with them . there is a lot of serious work to be done. than spreading rumors about racial hatred , innuendos,calling the White Bogeyman and making unsubstantiated allegation of bribery and corruption against the President.

    • 0

      Not to mentioin 4×4 on the roads rich and famous.

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      “Per Capita Income is fast approaching USD 2600.” How fast it it approaching?

      If there are four people in a household, the household income would be USD 10,400. At 1 USD = Rs 126, this is equal to Rs 1,310,400 per average household. That is a household income of Rs 109,200/= PER MONTH! My question to you sir, Mr Sumanasekera, how long do you think it will take for us to reach this level of INCOME PER MONTH for an average household?

      • 0

        Please don’t confuse the idiot, Sumanasekera, with facts. He continues to live in la-la land and probably has an income appropriate to a Rajapaksa stooge!

    • 0

      Hi Wimal!

    • 0

      Per capita income increasing to USD2600. Did you leave out a zero at the end Mr Sumanasekara. If not then why is it that 500gm of fresh beans in the market Rs 300, same as in UK; the same goes for other vegetable, fresh fish and meat. Supermarket prices similar to that in UK. Diesel and petrol about half the price in UK. Property prices in Colombo suburbs about the same as in UK provincial towns. In the centre of Colombo, it is not far off from Central London prices. How you expect the average family to live and bring up their children with USD 2600 in Sri Lanka. The politcians and their business cronies and the fella at the Central Bank, cabraal, have no problems, because they live on tax payers expense and do their round the world trip enjoying themselves. Do put some figures to your statements and see how well Sri Lankan economy has done in the recent years.

    • 0

      K.A Sumanasekera,

      You and that fellow Leela Villager from Horana are of the same ilk- Rajapaksa bum-suckers. I wonder how much of the tax payers money go towards maintaining the likes of you.

      With traitors like you and your kind this country needs no enemies.

    • 0

      K.A.S is obviously highly drugged and has swallowed the Rajapassa spin hook line and stinker!
      Hats off to your Thisaranee once again. Courageous and consistent, intellectually honest and ethical unlike that slimy Dayan who is an apologist for the highest pay master… always slithering around from side to side singing for his super

    • 0

      I could only laugh at your as usual bogus figurs. Where on earth you found these other than from your Computer Jilmart Pakse Brothers & co.
      Did you hear even three days before they still find ballot papers with swan marked in the strttes……What happened to Millions of dollars of Tsunami Donations, tons of gold recovered from north, lorry loads of foreign and local currency found in North after the war.

      When 70% people live in Veddha like houses(Similar to Rizana’s parents)….when 50% children are malnourished…..when 40% youth are under employed…trying to cross in wooden boats to Australia…..when our main foreign exchange earner is Middle East House Maid slave labour….with average 250 US dollars Per month…..with highest number of suicides in the world and highest criminal activities, rape and murder…….Please do not ever give bogus figurs anymore.
      Go to http://WWW.ask.com and type your favourite minister’s name and find their ill gotten and sordid wealth.

      Finally please tell you friend MARA Big Alibaba…..after stealing the Museum artifacts ……..not to steal anymore the Gold stock, or left over foreign Currincy Reserve from CENTRAL BANK AND OTHER COMMERCIAL BANKS……and not to steal Peoples Land and wealth anymor

      Take care.

    • 0


      Can you please stop your Boasting with these fake figurs and tell your Friend President not to increase prices of essential goods on daily basis, and Petrol, electricity and house hold gas on monthly basis.

      It is we taxpayers who suffer after your Alibaba coming to power and please tell him not to take us back to VEDDA age…..and not to feed us Bagiri, Mannokka and grass…..leave alone your fake per capita income of US $2600….65 years after independence.

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    Good article. If you study the political situation carefully you will observe how MR has divided the minorities amongst themselves, again form each other and also divide the minorities from the majority.

    Muslims are divided into three or four parties and at the same time prevented from an alliance with the UNP. SLMC has been bought over by offering ministries and perks.

    Tamils are divided into indian and sri lankan. Thondaman is well and truly fixed by giving him a ministry and full freedom to get dunk. Then again the tamils are divided into three or more factions, some of which are with the govt. TNA which holds a majority tamil vote is neutralised by not holding the Nothern elections and not devolving power.

    Other wedge between the majority sinhalese and minorities is being maintained by hosting racist parties like JHU, NFF in the govt and sponsoring movements like BBS, S Ravaya etc. Issue of LTTE is kept on the boil and now Al Qaida and Taiban are being brought into the picture. The ‘Billa’of terrorism being used to frighten the Sinhala people.

    Opposition UNP has been neutralised by looking after Ranil. Give him enough perks and keep him happy as leader of the opposition.

    Policy of divide and rule while MR and family loot the country.

  • 0

    Why search for another as he is his own enemy? Another could not do better than MR himself. The day this HUMBUG is brought down, will set this country FREE. Afterall Pleasure derives from Pain for every mother. Similarly let the Public enjoy a dose of MR Chinthanaya fully, to value individuals who are Honest, Decent, Gentlemanly and Vissionery, who will do everything for the masses and the country, but not only to one’s own family.

  • 0

    Mr Sumanasekera has a point. He says that unsubstantiated allegations must not be made agaist President. I agree with it. Such allegations must not be made against anyone. I raise the issue have the politicians declared their assets as required by law? Do the public have a right to access such declarations? If both questions are answered in the affirmative then the journalists can obtain copies of such declarations and attack any politician more precisely with facts and figures. In my view it must be made compulsory to all Sri lankans who own assets to the value of more than 10 Million or say a suitable fixed sum, to declare their assets to the Inland revenue every year the first such declaration to be made together with their income for the past 10 years if they have not filed their income declarations during the past 10 years. This kind of law is confidence building and will be good for the country and the government but may not be good for those who have amasse wealth by illegal means or robbing the country!!

    • 0

      No, no, no no no!!! All politicians will declare that they do not have any assets coming anywhere near to 10M LKR. The critic is living in cloud cuckoo land hoping that they will tow the line of such new laws and legislation. Do they tow the line now, with respect to whatever the law/bye laws/ rules and regulations that is still left standing in this country? The answer is a resounding NO. They don’t.
      The problem is that our people (ape minussu) don’t tow the line, and they don’t have to according to the President. His darling, Kudu Duminda, is the perfect case in point regarding the law abiding citizens. Lack of discipline in the Sri Lankan character is well known, no matter who it is. The politicians and the rulers are at the very pinnacle of those people who consider themselves above the law and do whatever they want in contempt of the law and the very citizerns that elected them or intimidated to be elected. So whom are you going to kid by suggesting that there should be a threshold for declaring

  • 0

    Very True. The government occasionally creates enemies vilifies them through their propaganda and finally defeats them by reiterating their power. This is exactly what happened to the University Teachers, LTTE, and the Judiciary. All enemies the govt created, they fought against and defeated to reinforce their superiority. This strategy by the Rajapakse’s redefines the Machiavellian Theory to gain and preserve power. And now we see the winds flowing towards racial disharmony. The government have found their newest enemy the ‘Muslim’ Community. Im honestly not surprised if the process ends the same way as it has happened before. What my concern is on the poor uninformed people who fall prey to this clever politics and sacrifice their future’s and country ALL FOR THE INTEREST OF THE RAJAPAKSE BROTHERS ONLY

  • 0

    Srinath Gunasekera,

    Which planet are you from?

  • 0

    ka sumanaasekara is an idiot. i aint gonna explain. Big time Looser. Must be another rajapassa kiss ass. Per Capita Income my ass.

  • 0

    A Devil can not be condemened to hell.

    If Tissaranee and clan paints or sees the Prez as a Devil so be it.
    it appears with all the NGO monies & Intl clout these freeloaders are struggling to bring the Devil under control.

    [Edited out] strugling to locate his soft spot.

    Instead of making the best out the devil, these freeloaders are attempting to dispell. Which they can never do & never will.

    • 0

      I think if all NGO cash inflow was channeled through Mr 10% then there would be great love and harmony between Rajapakshas and NGOs, and Pakisa or Jehan Perera or any other alleged traitor would not be called such names; they will be well treated and could even get Sri Lankan knighthoods.

  • 0

    Rajapakse is his biggest enemy. There is nothing for him to search for a suitable enemy. All he has to do is to look in the mirror and he will see his most brutal enemy; not only his enemy, but the enemy of this beautiful Island. All he has to do is to reminisce in time to the day he erradicated the TIGERS from this land and take the turn to the right, instead of the turn he took to the left. What a golden missed oppurtunity to lead this land to the highest plane of achievement.
    Instead, it was his greed ,greed for power ,greed for money, greed for family bandism, greed for almost everything he could want, that he chose, and today we are all like this. He is TOP DOG now with his siblings, but for how long ? What will the Chronicles have on record of his doings? Will he end in NIRBANA AFTER HIS LIFE ON EARTH according to his belief ? He must know that he was the leader that lead this Ntion to “A PARIAH” STATE, in the eyes of the International World. He must know the embarrasment Sri Lankans face when they travel abroad on our Countries Passport and are diverted to a segregated queue or are grilled incessantly about stupid things. He must know that he is the one responsible for the downward trend of our Country in all spheres irrespective of the cooked up statistics his stooges in the CENTRAL BANK and all other Govt Institutions keep feeding his political media, and are mouthed by his back sctrathers.

  • 0







    • 1

      Yes, Both Saddam Husain, Gaddafi, Hoshni Mubarak and Marcos tried to suppress people and opposition with these strong arm tactics……but failed badly.

      If MARA starts next communal riots surely he will get the next Parippu drop direct into his Marble palace in Kollupitiya.

      All USA, UK, EU, Canada, India and Australia coming to Sri Lanka is that pre-warning given to MARA.

      Better be safe than regret later.

  • 1

    It is time for UNP parliament members to kick this Pin Padiya Ranil Wickremasinghe away from the Air conditioned Parliament Chamber and into the street and villages to get their support to win next election.

    Plese stop allowing this Baby face LAZY SLEEPING BEAUTY to give interviews to reporters in Air condition rooms and chase him to villages and towns to gather UNP votes and organise meetings for next election.

    He wants to be the leader in an AC room while dreaming to be the next president which will never happen the way he work.

    Get his ass into the road and make him walk six miles per day talking to people if he wants to be the UNP leader.

    RW is the one and only cause for MR to be a dictator and now he has to show his true leadership by winning next election.

  • 1

    Both USA or CW or EU should not have come to Sri Lanka if we have had a strong UNP opposition leader.

    But due to ever impotent Ranil Wickremasinghe, the only UNP leader who lost 20 consecutive elections in 14 years is no more a surprise why UNP do nothing to help people and in Sri Lankan politics to challenge MR dictatorship.

    The ever selfish, invalid and a living dead who lead the UNP party has made MR to do whatever he wants to do with the country and it’s people.

    When JRJ the uncle of Ranil Wickremasinghe used his cunningness to win the majority vote and put UNP in a strong position, Ranil is using it to get rid of top UNP parliamentarians from the UNP party, so that he could stay as opposition leader for life, while doing nothing to establish already downtrodden UNP party.

    What a shame for other UNP parliament members to have such patience to tolerate this sick man as the party leader….who does nothing to people who are looking for justice, protection and democracy and the will to live from the cursed bast…rd MR dictator.

    Both these MR and RW bastar….ds who are the top crooks in Sri Lanka history that are ruining our country. While one is Ruining and murdering people….the other is helping him to do so.

    Both these crooks should be kicked out for good.

    I shall thank again to USA Government for coming foreward to listen to Sri Lanka peoples grievences and to rescue them from MR dictator’s grip.

  • 0

    Listen stupid person writing the article, from a Sinhalese perspective there is no way on earth that the Sinhalese would accept anything beyond the 13th amendment as a political solution. It has been in existence for over twenty five years and functioning well. So the present provincial councils are the political solution as they function at present take it or leave it.

    Additionally there is no scope for further ‘political solutions’. There is no way that over 28% of land and over 66% of the coastal resources will be handed over to less than 12% of the population at the expense of the other 88%. It is unacceptable and absurd. The coastal resources are an integral part of any island nation and critical to its existence so cannot hand over 66% to less than 12% of the population at the expense of the other 88%. So not possible. So the author should come up with fairer solutions or I don’t think anyone will take her seriously.

  • 0

    2018-2022,last battale of sinhala budhist will be,for make great ruhuna back.b.s

  • 1

    The last thing President Rajapakse want to see is a common Political, Trade union, Religious, professional and International front forming against the MARA Govt.dictatorial, undemocratic, unpolitical and totally suppressive regime.

    If any political party thinks that individually they could defeat MR govt.through democratic election, it will be a mistake. MR is already a notorious election violater and fraudster and he will continue to do so in future.

    While taking foreward the individual party adjandas to both rural and town community, all the above groupes should unite to defend any citizen whenever MR regime bring injustice to those individual without looking for his party, race or religious affiliaction.

    Inability of opposition political parties coming together……specially UNP to voice their protest against CJ Shirani Bandaranayake, allowed MR dictator to chase her from her position.

    At least in future, all the political parties, trade unions, religious leaders, professional bodies should come together and unite masses against MARA dictator whenever it brings injuustice to Citizens in the country.

    Also keeping international community informed on MARA harassment and injustice to citizen is a Priority.

    Also everybody should understand that it is a bunch of Medamulana Snake family is occupying both Araliya Gaha Mandiraya and the Parliament……where natural means of justice is not seen anymore. thereby they have to implement a different type of stratigy to chase them out.

    No more ways to win election by democratic means as MARA snakes rob elections.


  • 0

    Bonaparte has given out some interesting stats.

    Here is what he says.

    Colombo outer is on par with London Provinces when it comes to current valuations of Real Estate.

    And Colombo Postcodes are pretty much as same as London.

    What a beauty?.

    Who would have thought post nanthikadal will bring so much value to Lankan soil.

    Most of these valuable Real Estate is owned by our UNP.and TNA members.

    The rest is mainly Diaspora and a few newcomers like our ex CJ.

    Would these Landlords pour on to Galle Road to nail Rajapaksa?.

    Would they even consider hiring “Rent a Crowd” to throw objects, and shout sloagans against Rajapaksa,which would cause damage to their properties and drive down their value?.

    No wonder the UNP Leader has launched this massive drive to enroll one million new members.

    He must have taken on board the urgings of this writer and many others, both local and overseas who have been hammering the need to marshall the inhabitants to send on mass demonstrations to roll Rajapaksa.

    If Ranil succeds getting even 50% of his target as members, our Motherland must have done well after Nanthikadal.

    To get the UNP membership card ,one sould be at least be on the minimum of our current per capital of USD 2500 something. Right?.

    Otherwise it will be like our immigrants in provincial London joing Mr Cameron to become Tories.

    • 0

      What a Fool you are sumanasekara ….. I am content with Nandikadal, but I am concerned that worshippers of evil rulers like you are singing praises to them, and heling to collect exhorbitant taxes from the average people to pay for the rulers’London Postal Code style living in Sri Lanka. This is just the thin end of the wedge; wait for the wedge to reach your back side, when you will be told to pay for your well water and even a visit to the temple as they will be taxed, as freedom to pray tax. Your USD2600 per capita income, you would not be able to lift your palms together, let alone the fat bottom. Have you seen who is buying this land lately and driving your blood-related ethnic kith and kin out of the way?

    • 1

      Just for the record, Nandikadaal was the work of our heroic General Fonseka, and not his bag carrier. Everybody knows that, inclusing the one who are trying to usurp the facts of history. Too late, if they wanted the name, they should have gone out to fight and not hiding behind in their ivory towers.

  • 1


    Well said and absolutely true. But we are living in a fool’s paradise if we think that is possible. The cavalier attitude of our politicians will never allow such an alliance to take shape. It would not be in their personal interests.

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