29 May, 2023


The Rajapaksas Should Be Dishonorably Discharged!

By Vishwamithra

“Anarchy does not mean out of control; it means out of their control.” ~ Jim Dodge

Chamal, Mahinda, Gotabaya, Basil, Namal and Shashendra, these men are all of the Rajapaksa clan. Chamal, Mahinda, Gotabaya and Basil are sons of D A Rajapaksa; Namal is Mahinda’s son while Shashendra is Chamal’s son. Brothers, uncles, sons and nephews, a genesis sourced to D M and D A Rajapaksa, two brothers in the Ceylon State council era, have come to rule Ceylon and are alleged to have made millions and billions of dollars and rupees, not by legal and other legitimate means but by plundering the national coffers of the country they happen to govern. In the sphere of nepotism they have driven the Bandaranaikes to marginal values while in corruption they are way ahead of all known and unknown crooks.

These political mobsters have come to power by accident of birth (by virtue of parental or sibling’s involvement in politics) and in their unrelenting effort to own the country’s coffers and divert whatever cascaded from those coffers to their own pockets is no fresh enlightenment either.

Their plunder has caused the country dearly. Their launch into plundering was very much tied up with the Tsunami Funds. From then on, commissions ill-earned from excessive borrowings from China for construction and improvement of infrastructure facilities in the country are not merely a catchword coined by the Opposition; it’s an authentic expression of a defined set of expenditures undertaken for and on behalf of the land they preside over. Ever since Mahinda came to power in 2005, the unrestrained spending they committed to has now come to eat them alive. The fundamentals of balancing a budget have evaded them and instead of those who committed that mortal sin, it’s the country and its inhabitants who have to suffer scarcities and brutal living conditions.

Buttressed by the bond of blood these fathers and sons and uncles and nephews ventured into a gruesome spending spree, the direction and the pace of the drift became way out of control long before the roof started coming down on the country over the last couple of weeks. When the country ran short of its dollars, it ran out of cooking gas, petrol and diesel became scarce, medicine became a luxury and agricultural output reached dismal levels.

In their mad rush to enrich themselves beyond any tolerable levels, they completely forgot about the masses; their indulgences became more focused on making more to such a hilarious extent, even the Covid pandemic was used as a financial platform from which they could launch their greedy and avaricious ambitions.

But the economy of the country did not behave the way these swindlers wanted it to behave. Economy has its own inherent character; although it is part and parcel of society, it could be independent in its interactive patterns given a specific context; its performance, more often than not, could be ascertained and fairly accurate forecasts can me calculated regarding its immediate, medium and long-term behavior. It did not matter to these uneducated brothers, uncles and nephews. They were so engrossed in the aforementioned greedy lifestyles and decadent social practices, they were either totally indifferent to or willfully disregarded the drastic effects of their political and social conduct on the mass of the population. When the point of no return was reached, the economy turned its deriding disguise more towards the people; they indeed hit them so hard and with enormous consequences to their monthly expenses; but it took a little time to dawn on the brothers and nephews and hence their belated response or lack thereof as seen during the last two weeks.

After the protesters surrounded Gotabhaya’s residence, the Rajapaksas were dumbfounded and staggered. Both Mahinda and Namal paid a visit to the besieged Gota the day after and the optics of that picture must have been very negative in that the country’s President being besieged by a mere one thousand protesters is absolutely dismal to the eye. Whoever advised the senior Rajapaksa to visit his President who happens to be his own brother had given very damaging word of advice.

Now the situation is way beyond control. Resignation of the Cabinet, declaration of curfew followed by invocation of Emergency Regulations all had their respective negative optics as was seen later. The protesters do not simply seem to retreat. The Galleface Green, usually a picturesque landscape on which many a man and woman came to work out and stretch their limbs, has been turned into a fertile ground for political protest. Its close proximity to the President’s Office has doubled its value and the measures the protesters have taken to amalgamate their protest with such a vast real estate of greenery in Colombo city is telling a most ironic story of a nation gripped by hopelessness and despair.

Yet, as one social scientist uttered on one of those television programs, the sight of the country’s youth on parade for a national cause, in another manner, is a benevolent harbinger of things yet to dawn on our horizon. Absence of ethno-religious rhetoric, interaction among the diverse denominations of the country’s citizenry and clergy and above all nearly total void of violence are all gestures of a mature mindset of a young generation.

The brothers and nephews would not let go of their power-switches either. For them, leaving office in disgrace is something like a dishonorable discharge for a crooked soldier. Being ousted from power via any means other than an election bears multiple aspects with which the Rajapaksas are not equipped to deal. The youth of the country are not asking for their mere resignation; they are asking them to hand over not only power, they asking them to show where their ill-gotten wealth is and they are in fact asking the Rajapaksas to abdicate, lock stock and barrel.

If and when the cry of our youth reaches its crescendo, if and when the streets become impassable for want of space due to protesters’ marches, if and when the Sinhala New year celebrations become lackluster and thoroughly depressing, all parliamentarians who still identify themselves with the Rajapaksas- such as Johnston Fernando, Dinesh Gunawardana and the rest, would not have any space or room to run to. Their limbs fattened by the ignominiously collected wealth will give way and shades of violent revolution will color the pavements of our roads and paths. Let’s hope that the color is not red.

Two weeks have gone by and there is no end in sight for the protests. Nor are there any signs of the government making any meaningful effort to appease an angry people. The rage that is mounting with each passing day is engulfing the nation’s soul and it indeed is shining each day with brighter shades for the discipline and self-restraint on the part of the protesters is nothing but remarkable and praiseworthy.

It was March 31, when it all began opposite Gotabaya’s residence. At the time of writing this column it’s April 12, almost two weeks have passed by. On April 3rd the entire Cabinet of Ministers resigned. The country is being run by One President and four Ministers. It is fast approaching an anarchical state. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is yet to appear on public stage; he has not spoken to the people, his electors. Prime Minister Mahinda delivered an apology of an address. His reference to the way they won the war, the way the ’87-’89 revolution was scrubbed and the 6.9 million voter base was not only irrelevant, it was cruel, as one journalist penned it, sinister.

Parliament met for four consecutive days and once again proved that it is more a talk-shop rather than an assembly of people’s representatives. The youth of the country demands a complete transformation; a new change totally outside the box. In order to find any solution, the youth of the country say that the Rajapaksas have to bid adieu to politics. But the Rajapaksas cannot go, why? That is because they have no existence without power. It is not a rhetorical statement; it’s the hard truth.

What is left for the people? They are no more lured by crumbs; they are no more vulnerable to empty promises; they are certainly not impressed by yesteryear’s performances. They want results not now, not tomorrow, they want them yesterday! Driven to the extreme limits of patience, hard hit by scarcities of household essentials, crippled by lack of public transport for want of fuel, they are becoming increasingly frustrated and desperate. Their faith in the status quo is a vanishing element of life. And they are asking for anyone but the Rajapaksas.

In such a cruel context, the Rajapaksas know that they cannot accept a dishonorable discharge by the very people who elected them to power. The Head of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit has been on war path for quite some time. Buddhist clergy and the Maha Nayake Theros are joining the spectacle, one by one. Maybe in one more week, all eminent members of all religious denominations might well get on the streets, asking the brothers and nephews to go home, renounce all their belongings.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never in the annals of Ceylon’s history, has so much been (un)done by so many in so few days. That is why the Rajapaksas are losing their grip on power. What can they do? Where else can they go? Plundering has to stop; deceit must be exposed and the perpetrators must be dishonorably discharged.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com  

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    “But the Rajapaksas cannot go, why? That is because they have no existence without power. “
    Gota told that he will give his US citizenship only when he was assured full power to remove him from all cases against him. Even though it is not clear whether he gave up his US citizenship none other than him are still US citizens. He then changed the constitution to bring his younger brother Basil with dual citizenship. How can you trust that he will patriotic to Sri Lanka who did not like to give up US citizenship? Further, Easter Bombing helped his to make sure he gets power.
    We all know Mahinda brought 18th amendment because he wanted the power for 3rd time. What did he do? He bought Muslim politicians to do that but later he turned against Muslims is a different story. We all know how hw made a constitutional plot in October 2018 and became a short time Prime Minister. What do you make of this behaviours and actions? They will do anything to come to power.

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    Dear Vishwa
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
    These leaches are so used to suck the blood out of the country they wouldn’t stop at anything.
    Power is the most potent drug in the human psychic. Once this get holds of you no Power can shift you out of s..t holes they are entrenched

    If anyone thinks these vultures would change they would have to wait for ever
    The opposition is a joke another rudderless ship and no captain to speak of
    No western nation(s) would support a leftist lead government. Here I mean a NPP lead outfit. Its a shame but its the reality.
    What a state to be in and the country needs a solution now and time is not on our side folks

    • 2

      Lured by a leader of the strongest character, the polity of Singapore conferred on Lee Kwan Yew absolute power. It is decades, since he created a miracle unto the world. Absolute power granted him authority enough to make his Mother country a beacon before humanity.

      • 3

        (Part I)
        Understand where you are coming from.
        There are numerous monkeys in this world, of differing kinds and breeds making the total population of Monkeys!
        All monkeys do not behave in an identical or even similar fashion!! Even when educated identically.
        Lee Kwan Yew (LKY) of Singapore did it as you say after 10 years as the PM of republic of Singapore!
        These Sri Lankan Monkeys had the opportunity for Ten years (2004 to 2014) as PM and President!
        Without my telling you, I am sure you would discern that they did not behave like or follow the same track as LKY!
        What is the difference??
        1. Mainly LKY had an excellent educational background and exposure to the wider world of life.
        2. Latter “Medamulana conquerors”, basics didn’t move beyond 7th/8th standard attempted (?)
        Any other qualifications were collected whilst on track to become political leaders with assistance from relatives – Minister of Justice of the same government, promoting legislators to enter Law College and become Advocates not with GCE (A.L.), but by virtue of being MPs!!
        The story goes that, Minister of Justice became relative by marriage, after this individual became ‘Freebee’ Advocate!!
        Your imagination is good enough!!

      • 3

        (Part II)
        They (Uneducated lot) followed Monkeying and trickery on the masses and aggrandisement!
        Mismanaged economy by borrowing commercial loans for projects without RoI and not to enhance the quality of life of the people, whilst claiming that thy re doing that!!
        Crooks and looters of National wealth, rule by dividing the populace by setting 1 community against the other!! Singapore and LKY did not do that, instead promoted unity 4 official languages, equal number of National Anthem and amity!!! So he succeeded, and our leaders failed!! No wonder
        Both 1 and 2 had the same opportunity in time and position!!
        Lack of education and lack of garnered knowledge is the cause of Lanka’s failure!
        The latter monkeys had a 2nd coming in 2019.
        However, their Monkeying ways didn’t change for the better, so we have arrived at this moment of time in the History of our country!!
        Tigers hardly change their stripes, nor do the Leopards, their spots!!
        Whither Sri Lanka!!

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  • 18

    Not only are dishonorably discharged, they should face travel restrictions and also be investigated and brought before a court of law.

  • 16

    As Vishwamitra says , there should not be ant sympathy for looters of country. It is disgusting that stooges let one family to plunder billions of dollars of county’s wealth. Not long ago they were praising geriatric prime minister and his brother as saviors of country.
    New generation of youth can’t be deceived. It is a good lesson for future leader if the come form SJB or JVP.
    Those prominent people who went on to the stage of supporting corrupt clan will now change the side out of shame. Though it is welcome, do not let any of them take large part of the peaceful rebellion.

  • 16

    Today Mahinda Rajapakse – the Prime Minister – “The SATAN” in “White Dress” has expressed his willingness to discuss with the Protestors. In response, the Protestors have laid down FIVE CONDITIONS:-

    (1) Both the President and Prime Minister must RESIGN. (2) No one in the Rajapakse family is given any appointment in the Parliament. (3) Re-Introduce “19A” with additional provisions to make the Parliament supreme and install an Interim Government for 06 months and normalize all essential services. (4) The Interim Government must formulate a mechanism to acquire all wealth looted by the Rajapkses and institute legal action against them. (5) Take action to hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections within 06 months.

    Mahinda Rajapakse: Your days are over. The “YOUNG PEOPLE” are not going to listen to you anymore and any longer. Long Live The SOLIDARITY of the YOUNG VOTERS of all Communities, Religions, and all WALKS of LIFE.

    • 8

      Spot on Simon
      No body in their right mind want these goons back running the country
      The youth should be allowed to plan the future direction of the land and not the demented senile clowns.
      Time for talks has gone well pass the sell by date. What the country needs is action to unite the masses for the common good of the beleaguered nation
      No more feudal clans and leeches

      • 3

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      • 3

        Rathnam Nadarajah
        Spot on Simon?
        Are you guys kidding?
        These rajapaksa bastards should be hanged. That is what we need to do.
        They have perpetuated high crimes against our tiny country. They have to pay.
        We should not spare them..
        Only their dead bodies will make people get off the streets.

        • 4

          Yes I accept your sentiments
          These goons have done so much damage to the nation and they should be punished

  • 5

    Dishonorably discharged ???? Haven’t we heard that here before.

  • 4

    Oh yes! Corruption was the chief mainstay industry of the Rajapaksas! Thus, influenced by their Cohorts, they were dazzled by the ease of its prospects, threw caution and integrity to the wind, and failed to install the intricate procedures that is need for Capitalistic Venture. Hence the sufferings of the Motherland.

    It was fine-tuned to be a high-level intellectual achievement of Lankan brain-power like no other! It was to be the Lankan right of those who had their glorious country stolen away by the colonists. It was an industry where Lankans honed their skills with deep reverence. Attempting to undercut the global monetary system by using alternate monetary networks of China and Russia was one of Lankan birthright!

    Money of the hardworking-suffering-Lankan-Masses was placed on Krypto and Offshore Accounts to Roll, Launder, Loot, and Plunder off the hard work and ingenuity of the established global entrepreneurial system.

    Proceeds would then go to the Rajapaksas to dole out magnanimously to the Masses as they wished, whilst they kept the bulk of the capital in Kingly Safekeeping.

    So assured were they of their success that hence was the carefree creation of “business-friendly” Donald- Trump-type tax cuts for the wealthy. Even if there had been no Covid and no Ukraine war, Motherland would have been in this same position, except with a bomb on her head.

    • 3


    • 2

      ramona therese fernando,
      “Corruption was the chief mainstay industry of the Rajapaksas! “

      Have you forgotten corruption in ‘Yahapalana’ Government under ‘Dr. Clean’ who came to power promising to eliminate corruption?

      • 2

        That was land-bridge Ranil. Bad as Ranil’s insider trading was, it was on a far smaller scale (has been done in other places too), and quite different from Rajapkasa’s MAD Megalomanical Corruption Industry to actually get one up on the established Global Financial Order.

      • 3

        Eagle Eye or Anus Eye
        I have always told you that you are a sewer rat, who in a world of shit.
        Rajapaksa excrement is your food.
        I will not expect you to understand.
        You will go to your grave with the Rajapaksa name in your mouth.
        Truth and decency are not your forte.

  • 9

    Dishonorably Discharged is not good enough. Nazi were rounded up after the war, even though many escaped the net, were tried at the courts in Nuremberg & punished for their crimes. The Rajapakses & their cronies have to be dealt in the same way. I am not a violent person but I wouldn’t condone the guillotine, French revolution style, just for this bunch. Whether this despicable yobs will ever face justice is doubtful & I am sceptic about karma but if there is a hell, I hope they rot in it.

    Will even a fraction of the plundered wealth ever be recovered? I doubt it but I am sure they will never enjoy the ill gotten wealth, even if they have no conscience, as the saying goes, easy come, easy go. God, if exists, can move in mysterious ways. I live in hope

  • 4

    Has anyone heard how “RODIYAS” (රොඩියා, ම්ලේච්ච, චණ්ඩාල ) came into existence?
    Yes, it was the “dishonorable discharge” of society as the final punishment for those who never obey the laws of society. (This is called Dharma-lows of nature, nothing to do with religion)
    Eventually, they become “untouchable” and no kind of relationship is permitted with the society.

    I do not know the extent to which this subject has been studied by modern sociologists. With all due respect, Dr. Nandasena Ratnapala’s work focuses on the facts, but we can certainly go further.
    The day we realize these “old theories” on the level of deep awareness, our whole society will be deeply shocked.

    Just to give you an idea, by now not only All “Rodiya” are in the ruling class of the country, but they managed to “dishonorably discharge” law-abiding people from the society to streets!

  • 4

    Economic liberation will only follow a negotiated settlement with Tamils in SL. Plundering of National coffers had been there but it had become worse over the last two decades.
    There is a great need to reduce the Defence budget. Need to make the people in the government security services WHO are carrying out ILLEGAL orders of the rulers, made redundant

  • 1

    The protests are good but cannot be sustained for ever. The protesters should look for alternative strategies.

  • 2

    What is the Protesters want to happen in SL? Ideally we want everyone in the Parliament + President to resign immediately. A neutral Judge to be made the President for one year. He shall appoint qualified people to assist in running the government which will prosecute the criminal elements in the Parliament + all the Rajapaksas

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