29 March, 2023


The SLFP’s Crisis

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

The SLFP’s crisis is a crisis of ideological identity. It is also an existential crisis. The SLFP is divided into two tendencies, a Minority (‘Menshevik’) faction with 44 seats in Parliament, led by President Sirisena, not all of them elected, and a Majority (‘Bolshevik’) faction with over 50 seats, led by former President Rajapaksa.

The ‘official’ SLFP (Minority) is a junior partner of its traditional foe the UNP, and therefore has an ideological vacuum within it. It does not know what it stands for and what it is.

The unofficial SLFP (Majority) aka SLPP or Pohottuwa, has a definite ideology which is not quite that of the mainstream center-left SLFP tradition, but increasingly that of the various ultra-nationalist pressure groups that operated alongside the party since 1955 (Eksath Bhikshu Peramuna), through 1970 (Nath Amarakone-VW Kularatne pushed through Standardization which created the Tamil youth insurgency), into the late 1980s (JVP-DJV).

In the case of the ‘unofficial’ SLFP (Majority), the tail has begun to wag the dog. In the case of the ‘official’ SLFP (Minority), it no longer knows whether it is dog, cat, fish, fowl or elephant’s tail. 

SWRD Bandaranaike was a liberal, a pluralist and a populist-nationalist. His was a national liberalism and a liberal nationalism. More correctly, it was the former at certain times and the latter at certain others. It was not his populist nationalism that was the problem. It was when that nationalism was provisionally subsumed under a monolingual, mono-ethnic, mono-religious program.

Bandaranaike’s nationalism was neither that of DS Senanayake nor that of the admirable Ceylon National Congress. That was evident with his formation of the Sinhala Maha Sabha. But it was not the nationalism that he would adopt in 1955-1956 either. If not for his nationalism, he would have gone the way of the elitist Ceylon National Congress, into irrelevance as a mass democratic force.

I hardly ever agree with Prof Nalin de Silva, and we’ve always regarded each other with cordial detestation and been rightly regarded by others as bitter ideological foes, but he was quite right in his periodization of SWRD Bandaranaike’s evolution. He classifies SWRD –dismissively, as I do not–as a Westernized liberal and social democrat right up to 1955, when at the time of the Buddha Jayanthi, the Sinhala Buddhist civil society organizations, including the Buddhist monks pushed through the agenda of Sinhala Only.

Nalin de Silva identifies that as the moment of SWRD’s pivot towards and embrace of the Dharmapala movement; a pivot and re-set which resulted in 1956 taking the shape it did. For my part I regard that as precisely the moment he took a great leap backwards, and an unnecessary one because the back of the UNP had been broken by the Hartal of August 1953, the Galle Face kick-off meeting of which SWRD had chaired. However I agree with Nalin de Silva that until that point SWRD and the SLFP were well within the parameters of liberalism and social democracy, rather than Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.   

Bandaranaike’s nationalism and his liberalism were perfectly compatible with his definition of the SLFP, both at its founding and in his 1957 speech at Peradeniya, as “social democratic”, as with his chairing of the Hartal rally which heralded an unarmed popular uprising (in which the SLFP did not participate) against the UNP.

SWRD’s nationalism and liberalism were also compatible with his first election manifesto which called for “the national languages” (plural) to be “state languages”, just as they were compatible with the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayakam pact and its agenda of Tamil autonomy within the quintessentially unitary state bequeathed by the Soulbury Constitution. 

Today’s ‘official’ SLFP, starting with his daughter CBK, have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. The bathwater being Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism, they’ve thrown out the baby of nationalism. Having done so, they’ve allowed the baby of nationalism to be adopted by the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists whom they detest.

Ironically, both Chandika’s brother Anura and her husband Vijaya were truer to SWRD’s political ideology than she has become. Anura was a liberal and moderate nationalist (as he proved in July 1987 and 2004), unlike CBK who has abandoned any kind of nationalism for the embrace of Ranil’s cosmopolitanism. Vijaya was a populist and a social democrat, while CBK has abandoned any kind of populism and/or social democracy in favor of Ranil and Mangala’s neoliberal globalism and free market fundamentalism.

The failure of Lankan liberalism is the failure to build back SWRD’s nationalism while junking the ethno-religious chauvinist deviation of 1955-1956. That is not what the spirit of 1956 was all about. 1956 was neither an unmixed blessing nor an unmixed curse. It had a progressive aspect and a reactionary aspect. Of the two the progressive aspect was the primary and the reactionary aspect was secondary. The ethno-religious chauvinist deviation was the secondary, reactionary aspect of 1956.

It is typical of Chandrika that the UNP leader she was always the most hostile to, Premadasa, was precisely the one who was most sympathetic to her father and closest to his ideology (indeed my father, who knew them both, wrote of Premadasa as “the SLFP within the UNP”) while the UNP leader she is allied to always positioned himself on the pro-US/UK, free market far right of the center-right party. Ranil Wickremesinghe (who as a young politician was utterly unmoved by the April 1971 youth insurrection) formally integrated the UNP, as no previous leader did, with the US Republicans and UK Conservatives, joining and becoming a Vice-President of the global organization founded by George W Bush, the International Democratic Union.

The Budget presented by CBK’s chief ally Mangala Samaraweera envisages the dismantling of three pieces of progressive agrarian legislation (the Paddy Lands Act of 1958 and the Land Reforms of 1972 and 1975), the removal of the land ceilings, and the opening up to large-scale holdings by multinationals, all of which would bury the most progressive laws of her father’s and mother’s governments of 1956 and 1970, which CBK herself identified so closely with as the Director, Land Reform Commission and Chairperson, Janavasa Commission.

The chief economic advisor and ideologue of the Ranil-Mangala duo is Prof Razeen Sally, a member of the ultra-right Mont Pelerin Society founded by and dedicated to the ideals of FW Hayek! One wonders what CBK’s old professor and intellectual hero Charles Bettelheim would have said about all this!   

Under Chandrika’s tutelage, the official SLFP has returned to the B-C Pact and gone beyond it, back to SWRD’s exploratory 1925 articles as a young returnee from the UK, on federalism, but having junked the larger progressive paradigm of SWRD, the SLFP and 1956: national independence and sovereignty, populism, social welfare, a strong state sector, and the Spirit of Bandung i.e. Third Worldism with a tilt to Russia and China.

This is a pity because President Sirisena would have been a natural legatee of the 1956+1957 (B-C Pact) heritage of SWRD.  He has been forced to turn away from 1951-1956 because Chandrika has pushed the party away from the Middle Path into a role of tailing behind the UNP on the pro-Western Right Path, i.e. the wrong path, the path of the UNP which her father SWRD broke away from and won his greatest victory over in 1956, which her mother repeated in 1970.

In the growing Oppositional space, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Rajapaksa family, and Prof GL Peiris would naturally have been a strong, organic center-left or liberal-nationalist moderate center, but they have been pulled to or pushed by the neo-nationalist populist Right, due to the ideological gravitational effect or osmosis of the Buddhist clergy and civil society as well as Diaspora pressure groups. Thanks to Yahapalana’s Geneva 2015 accountability, appeasement as reconciliation and the drive for a new non-unitary Constitution, there is a second edition unfolding of ‘The Revolt in the Temple’ that DC Wijewardena wrote of in the 1950s.

The B-C Pact of 1957 was the corrective of the negative aspect of 1956, but 1956 is greater and more progressive than its negative aspect. Bandaranaike can neither be reduced to the Sinhala only aspect of 1956 nor to the B-C Pact of 1957 (still less to the federalist episode of 1925-6).

Instead of tracing a path back to the wrong turning of 1955 and taking the correct one back to the founding document of the SLFP in 1951, the party’s first election manifesto of 1952, and SWRD’s attempt to return to it in 1957-58 with the B-C Pact and the Kurunegala sessions, Chandrika and the Lankan liberals have tried to put the clock back to pre-1951, before SWRD’s rupture with the UNP, and bring the SLFP back under the dominance of the UNP—and that too a UNP far to the right of UNP tradition and closest to the disastrous UNP profile of 1956. 

The official SLFP stands for ‘1957 without 1956’. Under the influence of CBK, who has betrayed both the ‘B’ and the ‘K’ of her dual surnames; the political ideals of her father, mother, husband and brother; the heritages of Bandaranaike and Kumaratunga, the ‘official’ SLFP has capitulated to the supinely pro-western foreign policy and economic neoliberalism of the comprador UNP. CBK has become the Countess of Compradorefication of the SLFP.

Meanwhile, in an inside-out, upside-down mirror image, the anti-government SLPP as well as the ‘outrider’ Eliya and Viyath Maga formations, stand for ‘1956 without 1957’. They have deviated from the Middle Path of moderate nationalism and social democracy and succumbed to a discourse of nativist neo-conservatism, fighting shy of defending President Rajapaksa’s heavily documented stand on devolution, and criticizing devolution/power-sharing (“balaya bedeema”) as such, not only beyond 13A or in its federalist form. An Eliya spokesperson recently resurrected the antiquarian ‘Sinhala/Tamil place-names’ discourse of extreme Sinhala nationalism. The dominant ideological undercurrent is a return to pre-1987, a latent rejection of the Indo-Lanka Accord and the 13th amendment, and a lurch away from pragmatism in the dangerous direction of nativism, Sinhala exceptionalism, unilateralism and neo-isolationism. 

In the current global situation and given regional geopolitical realities, a ‘1956 without a 1957’ built-in or attached, would be unsustainable and disastrously self-destructive, while in the present post-war, post victory national context, a ‘1957 without a larger 1956’ would be no less unsustainable and violently self-destructive.

Who then will stand for ‘1956 plus 1957’, the true policy and legacy of SWRD and the SLFP, and the authentic project of a Sri Lankan social democracy inspired by a liberal nationalism, a nationalist liberalism?

What Sri Lanka needs is a return to this vision of SWRD Bandaranaike and the founding ideology and program of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, which was an anti-UNP eclectic fusion of the ‘Five Great Forces’ (‘Pancha Maha Balavegaya) of ideas and ideologies: liberalism, nationalism, pluralism, populism and social democracy. There lies the New Middle Path.

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  • 1

    Explaining and understanding the future political moves in terms of all these dead leaders, different initiatives or victories in different years also are BS. If any of these leaders that we talk did anything good Sri lanka would not be in this position. We do not have any Fidel Castro’s or duterte’s. gotabaya Rajapakse has shown his abilities. So, there is no question he has the desire to do something if he comes as a Politician. Only dis advantage against is all other rajapakses who have lot of baggage in their closets and the hyenas in the Jackal opposition who hide behind G.L. Periris. G.L. Peiris is also dumb. As far as I know he was not a thief. In that respect, Maithirpala is doing a difficult manuever in very rough seas. You know, how the west is trying to take full control of Sri lanka and is India looking at us. Modi is in similar troubles. I think, We can trust Maithripala sirisena even though hawks like DJ are explaining it in different ways. My opinion, as an political analyst you are not doing anything good except you are stuck with your concepts. You need to have out of box thinking in order to face a difficult situation. Remember conventional war did not get LTTE and needed unconventional and imaginative thinking to get them.

    • 2

      Fascist piglet Jim Softly,
      “LTTE needed unconventional and imaginative thinking”. Yes I bet genocide and pounding with MBRL’s did the needful. We are coming for you Sinhala racist pigs in Geneva and from the Hague. There is no escape piggies.

  • 2

    Maithripala sirisena has to have courage and forget SWRD – BS. forget all other things and focus on the difficult situation right now the country is in, because of 225 experienced rats. MY3 has to move away from conventional politics and get people under him. If not lock out the parliament. Declare emergency. Understand that he is the president and he understand where he is heading. It is the Jackal Opposition which is trying to hang on to UNP. I think they are still trying to move around Maithripala and get him. What is important is not SLFP or UNP, a new political front which can solve the needs of the country. My3 also has to be aware of the situation that IMF, MCC like organizations, civil society have put the country in. civil society is called different names indifferent countries. They are western NGOs and in some countries they are called Open society

  • 8

    It is not a crisis of SLFP..rather one family try to dominate it ..
    It is MR and family e.g. who wants to dominate it …to bring back family domination line of kiskstocracy..but luckily MR was defeated..
    All measures have been taken to dislodge this unity government and yet they could not do it .
    Now …you say SLFP is in crisis but who faulty is it ?
    Why is it ..
    When you are defeated you should concede the defeat and go home with respect..
    But it did not happen..
    Do we need another Mugabe in Sri Lanka

    • 2

      Hi Singhalese Pundit

      why people behaves as if they have beeen fed with Kirimati ?

      It is the media prostitutes do the job for Rajapakshes even today. I think our folks have been made permanent pingonnnus by the media prostitutes.

      PM is very right saying that none of the MEDIA handlers were present when asked them to be there.
      Even in today s context, MEDIA wants to keep the people further blind.
      Then only Media men can earn their bits.

      SIRASA is equally abusive as HIRU and Derana have been.

      They select their headlines to keep people in dark.

      I think decent but passive educated FOLKS of the nation, should rise up and come to street protesting BRUTAL media men in the country.

  • 5

    Oh dear,

    Here comes the name dropping without substance, a windbag with verbose, ………………….

  • 8

    No need for a pseudo intellectual tour de force to say what can be simply said in few sentences ……………

    What we need right now is not the SLFP, UNP, MEP, …………. or any other corrupt political party that has screwed/failed us time and time again ………….but to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

    There was only one true selfless – who did not come to gain but sacrificed everything; including the entire family – patriot in SL. Veluppilai Prabakaran. ……… What a bummer for the country, the only true patriot, happened to be a Tamil ……..

    What we need right now, is a Sinhala Prabakaran, to hang on lampposts, the entire self-serving current political-establishment ………… and humbugs like Dayan, Rajiva, Milinda …………….. who feed off them.

    Then, and only then will the country be truly free …………..

    We gained independence from the white-man decades ago, but still struggling today, to gain freedom from our own Sinhalese leaders/political-setup ………..

    Like the good man said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” ……………. There are no outsiders; we are our worst enemy.

    No one is holding their breath for two-bit intellectuals like Dayan to ever realize that ………………

  • 4

    Once again you forgot to provide a theoretical base for looting, corruption and nepotism of Pohottuwa people..Or is this the one?

  • 5

    Dayan Jayatileke

    You are a humbug. Why then with all these pro-Sinhala views you join the EPRLF pro Eelam group in the 80’s? Why are you always shying away from answering this question.

  • 2

    In the case of the ‘unofficial’ SLFP (Majority), the tail has begun to wag the dog. In the case of the ‘official’ SLFP (Minority), it no longer knows whether it is dog, cat, fish, fowl or elephant’s tail.

    There was no dog. We had kept saying without a party, Old King is nothing; only thing there was New Kings Thirukkai Waal (Stingray’s’ Tail). He had beaten GLP with that. GLP is dead. He may let Old Royals in. Never GLP coming back again. The ram was garlanded with party leadership before New King swung his Thirukkai Waal and scarified GLP for the offering of Old King.

    New King knows he has only two options. 1).Take in Old Royals, surrender party control to the family, lose the next election without Tamils and UNP. Stick on UNP; UNP knows to get Sumanthiran Amude with a cup of coffee and thus TNA and thus Tamils votes. So he come back as the EP again. Ranil will not test the EP water. He only wants to be powerful Prime Minister. If he is success, he may abolish EP by 2025.

    All other “Center- angled- corner- skewed- rightist-lefts” are only balah bala. There is no difference between Neoliberalism and Archaic-conservatism for Modaya voters.

    Chandrika, the only aspect that I like of her, is she neither foolish socialist nor conservative. She just open the mast and sail with the wind. Kathirgamar bended her to West. But she did not lose the Family’s friendship with China. She reaped on that but did not turn out to be greedy like Old. If Vijeya had gained influence, country might have travelled on different path. Sirimavo put her check on that, beyond JR and JVP did.

  • 3

    UNP will come first
    MR group second
    Sirisena group 4th because Eelam Tamils will come 2nd in their areas.
    Sirisena fears the local government election far more than the UNP. Low educated, low intellectual Dumi is an idiot with no grassroots appeal outside his limited NCP region. He is simply there because he is Berty Premalal’s son; Berty was fired by MR because Berty was a CBK loyalist.

  • 2

    After a scenic cathartic ramble, DJ gives us the answer to SL needs. Well, one definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What SL really needs is for political leaders to wean their parties of the shysters, crooks, hangers on, and the plainly incompetent who are in politics to get as much as they can, rather than serve the country and the people. Looking at the current crop of leaders it is difficult to see this happening just now, given that the leaders themselves are in with reprobates.

    Since we have a Buddhist majority in this country, and in parliament, what this country really, really needs is more Pancha Sila and less Pancha Maha Balavegaya.

    • 1

      Spring Koha

      “Since we have a Buddhist majority in this country, and in parliament, what this country really, really needs is more Pancha Sila and less Pancha Maha Balavegaya.”

      What exactly “Pancha Maha Balavegaya” means apart from its outdated political usefulness? Does this mean certain categories of employees/professionals are excluded from this exclusive political club?

      Where would one place rest of the people, for example, pseudo political columnists, political columnists, diplomats, accountants, bankers, central bankers, lawyers, crooks, full time crooks – the politicians, members of armed forces, torture camp operators, ………………………..liberal non-Sinhala/Buddhists, ……………?

      • 0

        Aaah! Native Vedda

        That must be the PACHA Maha Balavegeya you must thinking of. You see them gathered on the Colombo cocktail circuit when the sun slips below the horizon. Something suitable in hand holding forth, exciting the embassy attaches straining their follicled ears, tuning in to the fake accents, waiting for little nuggets of ‘local intelligence’. As they say in Old Texas, ‘all hat and no cattle’.

  • 5

    Basil Ten Percent will lead MR down the garden path once again. UNP emerges victorious. MR’s blatant ultra nationalism of the type Trump and Bannon espouse will fail in Ceylon.

  • 5

    Please dont abuse putting beautiful pics of MR while using just any pics from My3 when addressing the issues both of them are in. That can send the message across that people are still with MR which is no right.
    DJ and th elike abusive men too have been made permament fools by SIRASA or the like MEDIA prostitutes today. So long they make DJ the – mama thamayi miniha – dj WOULD even lick the balls of anyone for nothing. Else his behaviours time to time is beyond comprehension.

    There ARE some parasites in lanken kind of MEDIA world have been made abused by HEDGEMONIC powers over the years as nothing can reverse them.

    Refering to the valuable remarks added by a week ago, I am also in the view, Lanken press GIANTs are blind and the worst above anything else in the country entire mess.
    They keep support idiots to lead the nation while blocking the truths being sides while untruths and gossips allow taking the ground manipulating masses.
    We perfectly know WIMALawathies and the like men abused the nation as nothing can help all because of MR abusive politics.

    MR et al must go from srilanken political context can save our SOULs:

  • 2

    Time for the hyenas to show up to fester on the dead flesh

  • 3

    swrd had no vision
    he was a sheep in wolfs clothing manipulated by the monks who brought him to power

    he was not a patch on great leaders like DS
    even sirima was a better leader than him
    with your usual verbiage you are trying to paint him for what he was not as you do with the rajapaksas
    read what historin K.M.de silva has to say about him for enlightenment
    don’t speak so nastily about ranil he helped your father when he was down an out in his last days

    • 0

      Nalmen: In Sri lanka all the great leaders are created by their own political party. I heard there was one bull ready for the slaughter house and that was DS.
      With respect to SOMARAMA, he had said, I did not embarass buddhism instead I humiliated christianity.

  • 9

    A simple question to Dayan the D…….


    If you don’t know the answer or pretend not to know, let me list them down for you.

    1. Eliminate from the face of the earth anyone who will cross their path, eg: Bharatha Lakshman, Lasantha, Ekneheliyagoda, Thajudeen to name only a few.
    2. Fatten their Family, Friends and Cronies at the expense of the state eg: Basil, Namal, Lalith Weeratunge, Sachin Vaas, Johnston, Mahindananda.
    3. Eliminate or Silence any kind of protests against the Govt. eg: Rathupaswela, FTZ, Negombo.
    4. Selling of Sea and Land to Chinese eg: Shangri la, Colombo Port with Sea Area.
    5. Taking the law onto the hands of MARA and dispensing justice like kele rajjuruwo, eg: judgement of Duminda, Provincial Council rapist and murderer. Not to mention sacking of a sitting Chief Justice by none other than a committee comprising of grade nine qualified morons like Booruwansa.

    If above is not enough please feel free to reply me, Dayan the D……

    • 1

      “1. Eliminate from the face of the earth anyone who will cross their path, eg: Bharatha Lakshman, Lasantha, Ekneheliyagoda, Thajudeen to name only a few.”

      Eliminate from the face of the earth the only one who helped Dr Mahinda (LLD) to power, being elected the president and win the second elections, the Psychopath VP.

      “3. Eliminate or Silence any kind of protests against the Govt. eg: Rathupaswela, FTZ, Negombo.”

      How could you forget silencing of journalists who reported as one should be expected of and rewarding the lackeys who were in the clan’s amude?

      Also could I remind you, the fact that you have conveniently forgotten the minor issue “War Crimes, Crime Against Humanity”. I understand why.

  • 4

    We the ordinary citizens of Srilanka don’t want to know who the Bolshevicks and Mensheviks are. We only know That SWRD changed his dress and religion to deceive the uneducated. The people fell for his strategy.With his Sinhala in 24 hours created two countries and the war. His economic policy centered on state ownership lead growth ruined the economy and continue to do so with the SLFP Mensheviks and Bolshevicks carrying the baby.The UNP admin may be bad but their economic policy was and is right to date and the entire world has embraced the private sector lead growth policy. I wonder where Dayan will put UNPers Karu Jayasuriya and the renegades when they joined Mahinda Bolshevik or Menshevick.

  • 3

    SWRD was an opportunist

  • 2

    SLFP has been a racist party right through out. I hope it will break into pieces and be in the opposition for decades.

  • 1

    There is Joke said about a family:
    Mother :( Showed off her fancy tablet, said)”I-Pad”
    Teenage Daughter: (Showed her fancy Phone, said) “I-Phone”.
    Cute little boy :( Showed his music player, said) “:I-Pod”
    The father showing a cardboard written on that “I Paid” and crying.

    DS’s cardboard is saying: “I started the communal racism game”
    SWRD’s saying: “I poured the Oil with Sinhala Only”
    Sirimavo: “I set the fire standardization”
    JR: “I roasted on them on the fire with famous Pogroms. “
    Chandrika: “I won the war for Peace”
    Old King: “ I wiped out the Tamils.”
    Ranil: Showed of his $300 million dollar cardboard and said “I got paid for all of their great deeds of what they did to Tamils.”
    Ranil has beaten already Don Stephen on his foxy games, good enough to replace DS’s statutes with his ones. When they replace DS’s Statue on the National Freedom Square, Ranil stature will be carrying the $300 million dollar Cardboard with him. He was proudly displaying that Portrait “I got Paid” to media. He had sold Lankawe and has brought China to veto in UN SC if UNHRC referred Lankawe to UNSC.
    If there a really, really true son of the Mother comes out, most important thing he would do is taking that portrait to the Modayas mass and would be explaining how shameful that is, after few centuries of what Ehelepola did. Why Thero or Joint Comedy not ready to take this matter to Modaya Mass? Because that is what they define as their “center – left- right –front –back-middle- Up-down – in –out- on-by-above- … Smart Patriotism “. (Ultra-fools labelling them as Patriot, but doesn’t know where the country is going)

  • 1

    Dayan wants to relive his chequered youth through the use the words ‘Bolsheviks’ and ‘Mensheviks’. The difference between 50 and 44 is not thousands Dayan.
    MR a Lenin? MR Chinthanaya on par with Mao’s Thoughts?
    Dayan unwittingly stumbles on the truth – the traditional enemies were UNP vs SLFP. Now it is down to UNP/SLFP vs SLPP. Dayan just cannot realise that the struggle is now down to a few individuals.
    Dayan’s inspiration are derived from Nalin Silva and Nath Amarakone!!
    Dayan’s ‘pantham’ is down to the size used to clean a baby’s ears after a bath.

  • 3

    I always get excited when I open the home page of CT and see the wry face. After having read a few of his diatribes in the past I don’t read anymore of his outpourings.

    You may then wonder why the excitement. I look forward to reading the comments made by other folks and see whether any soul agrees with his views.

    Please check yourself. Poor chap, continuing to amuse others relentlessly.

  • 1

    Dayan ha ha …”.SLFP’s Crisis is a Crisis of ideology and identity”
    Let me rephrase it. “Sri Lanka’s Crisis is a Crisis of ideology and identity” an issue deep rooted in Mahavamsa

  • 0

    The most paramount question of SLFP pioneer or founder leader that SWRD policies are wavering between Nation Independent and” power devolution” claim by that an idea Federalism of SWRD was unclear since 1926? Even though British colonial rules had no political package on Federalism in their mind before granting de- colonialized of that Island Road map at that time. Why was that SWRD has been originated such “Federalism” has been move by long before an Independent of Ceylon?

    By name of under the banner of “Sinhala Maha Saba” why was that SWRD had been advocated Federalism? No matter what lies of “Federalism” lackeys of Tamil petty bourgeoisies and other who designate as broadening the base power, its transfers to an tiny minority Tamils in Island before an Independent of Ceylon. In words it claim of federalism to popular seems to be ‘democratic’ may be more ‘revolutionary ‘. But in deeds it was an anti- majority, undemocratic and serve for counter-revolutionary ,while serve for future Neo-Colonialism. And Division of land is not that “self -determination”.

    What was political or Ethnical root cause of federalist division? History has answer that issue Federalism ? It has been not yet been settle by issues of Banadarake and CBK the crux of matter of Federalism? The crisis of SLFP-federalism to need to settle, but that doesn’t matter, even it is not too late? It is not suited land and people of Sri lanka?

  • 0

    Tamils believed and worshipped Dr SJV, GG Ponnambalam, Master Terrorist of human of that killer of Mahaveera Veupulla Pabarakan.
    An Idea support by Amthrligm of TULF Dharalagam of TULF Kam Raji Nader of INC ,MG Ramchandarn, Annduri Duri Jayalalta of Jayaram of politics these clowns born Tamil blood by decedents in many generations of homeland of Tamil Nadu Indian.

    They even hate Rajiv Gandi who was killed by blessing Tamil Nationalist support by LTTE,TELO, PLOT, EPRLF , TNA, TULF and Tamil Diasporas.
    And Tamil speaking in world of their agencies of World Tamil Congress and Global Tamil forums and Exile Tamil Govt.-base in USA? There are the bastion of so-called “Tamil Liberation.”
    They respect USA UK and White Racism of democracy to installed puppet Tamil regime in larger portion of Sri lanka.
    Denied Lenin and Mao who are NOT that their teaches of Tamil self-determination in divided Island for first modern Tamil Regime in Indian Ocean. By later established greater Tamil Regime in divided Indian Republic after 1947 ?

  • 0

    Comment by Mr Ansar
    When SLFP crisis examining idea of proposed “Federalism” by SWRD in 1927 and CBK 1997 has nothing do with that aspiration majority community of an Island. When lashing out CBK led handful of them 2017 proposes Constitution illusion of “Federalism” that we have to decided definite conditions Center of State Republic of Sri lanka.
    Ours democratic revolution or reformed after 1956 has not yet firmly established Political System of State . 1972 and 1977 Constitution was compromising with Old Colonial Constitution drafted and approved by Solasbuary version under British occupation of 150 years.

    Therefor Parliamentary system of governance was subordinated to the cause and out of comes battle between pre-colonial state and democratic modern of state.

    The capacity and the strengths of SLFP class of National bourgeoisies to strike against Imperialism was weak and vacillation between hegemonies of Westerns and national forces of Saga Vega Gura, Govi and Kamkaru since 1956. Task and era of bourgeoisies revolution still incomplete and unfinished until now?

    In between that UNP of RW , TNA and CBK counter-revolution in 2015 January 8th has determined dismantle center of state-power by hand of back to counter-revolution foreign and local Tamil separatist & Islam extremist. By and large the dissolutions of Republic State is key condition that is proposed by the “Federalist New Constitution”.

    While CBK of SLFP has bring into new height of crisis the political power, she want to be Disintegrated of political system a preset existence form of Republic state. Which is that majority has No Guaranteeing of governance by Center State of Executive ,Legislative and Judiciary power by and propose “Federal” Constitution.
    This first time history after 1957 SWRD-SJV Pact and 1987 JRJ-Rjiav Gandi -Indo-Sri Lankan Accord the state of affairs providing undermined nation sovereignty. While by UNP-RW and SLFP-CBK ongoing coalition violently conflicts nation unitary character of State by changing power balance in favoring minority an Island Republic.

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