17 August, 2022


The True Story Behind The Abduction Of Dogs At The University Of J’pura

By Hasini Silva

Hasini Silva

The true story behind the abduction and probable killing of missing dogs at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

As the representatives of animal loving community of University of Sri Jayewardenepura we thought to address a few false claims that were made by the Vice chancellor in the media regarding the abductions and probable murders of the dogs inside the university premises.

1. The Vice Chancellor’s count of dogs is  from a five years old project proposal I myself as a student at the time submitted, asking the help of the university authorities to control the dog population, vaccinate and sterilize them for the safety of both the dogs and the students. This proposal was completely ignored and seeing how futile asking for help from the university authorities the students at the time sought outside help from Animal welfare organizations such as Adopt A Dog in Sri Lanka, Embark, Ray of Hope Sri Lanka, Blue Paw Trust to vaccinate and sterilize the dogs living inside. 132 surgeries were conducted  by embark in one camp and the ones who could not be vaccinated due to being pregnant or lactating were later vaccinated and sterilized with help of other organizations.

Currently there is only 83 dogs inside the university. This count was taken weeks before this tragic incident took place, in order to conduct a sterilization camp, again solely on the interest of students and outside organizations. After the abductions, now there are closer to fifty dogs left in the premises.

2. The dogs are not a nuisance to the students, academic, non- academic staff, the cleaning or security staff. Apart from a few exceptions most of them love the dogs and treat them as companions. The first few days after this inhumane act, students and staff were seen to be openly weeping for the loss of their beloved companions.

3. According to unofficial records (we are in the process of getting the official records ) there is less than five bites for the whole last year recorded in the Colombo South Teaching  Hospital ( where all the students typically go for treatment.)

4. The vice chancellor had stated “parties with vested interests had spread rumors that the animals were being killed”. If so, we kindly request him to show us where the missing dogs are,  since the sole purpose of the media campaign that was started by animal lovers worldwide was to find out what happened to them.

5. University authorities claim that this inhumane act was carried out by a private company , which now we have uncovered as Ultrakill, a pest management company, who had no authority to do so in their business scope, being paid by the Vice chancellor through a contract of Rs. 350,000/- to “get rid of the dogs.”

It needs to be noted that even if there had been such dog bites as the VC claims the university authorities have gone completely against the health ministry protocol for rabies eradication by  (if they did )dumping the dogs somewhere else and creating a public health hazard,  and also not waiting for the mandatory period of observation to see if the dog dies from rabies they have put these allegedly bitten people at risk for rabies as well since the last stages of the rabies vaccination will only be administered based on the observation of the dog who bit.

6. It was also mentioned in the newspaper articles by Acting Registrar of the University Wasantha Perera that “Some organized groups had spread rumours through social media that dogs were being killed at the university. He said those groups had done nothing for the dogs.”

Without a doubt we can prove that “these organizations”  being referred to have been observing, taking care of the well-being of these dogs, with the request from students.

The initiatives include;

• Adoption programmes( for the past five years more than 97 puppies from university grounds found their forever homes with the help of these organizations)

• Rescues for the dogs with illnesses and who met with accidents

• Annual vaccination and sterilization programme

• Feeding programmes during vacation and holidays

This is how we managed to bring down the population from 132 to 83 in five years. Humane and responsible management of the dogs is the only solution. It should be noted that none of these activities were funded by the university authorities.

All we as animal lovers are requesting from the authorities is that the safe return of the brutally abducted dogs and ensuring the safety of the remaining ones. All animal welfare organizations are still willing to help if the university authorities can come in to an agreement to do so.

*Hasini Silva – Past Student of University of Sri Jayewardanepura, Animal welfare activist and Senior team member Ray of Hope Sri Lanka

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  • 15

    83 dogs at the Uni !!

    Gosh what has the authorities done over the years ??? Is the Uni a dog compound or an educational institute?

    Many thanks Sampath for the clean up done.

    There were dogs many years ago but not to this extent.

    Please clean up the garbage the same way and it will be a beautiful place for learning.

    Keep up the good work Sampath. Well done.

    • 7

      It is better as a dog compound since students are definitely not doing any studies

  • 7

    I am a graduate of SJP. Really the VC did the correct things. Many peoples around the university use to unlace all unwanted pets to the university. There were large number of dogs in the uni. Their existence really disturb to the day to day work of the university. So, it was a correct action. We must admire Prof Sampath for that.

  • 6

    These fake dog lovers should take all the stray dogs home or to a shelter which they can build with the dollars they receive from abroad. According to the VC much more than 5 people have been bitten. Dogs are alright but stray dogs are a sign of immature, irresponsible third world malady and as pets they should have an owner.
    VC did the right thing and commendable work.

  • 6

    It was a problem when I worked there too long ago. Now let me play Devil’s advocate. All these people who talk about “dog rights” what happens if a Rabid dog bites a human or a human child? WHO will be responsible? Are you going to pay for the terrible series of shots? what if the kid lives in a poor neighborhood and succumbs to rabies? There are so many Dogs on the road leading up to USJ next to all the eateries. Some are emaciated, full of mange and others with even terrible disfiguring illnesses with bowels hanging out etc.

    So when did Dogs supercede humans?
    Will you and Embark PAY for rabies shots if we are bitten?

  • 8

    We drive lots of animals to extinction owing to our life-styles, and in the case of this animal, because male humans believe in myths:


    Unless we, humans, intervene, some species will disappear, and others will multiply until the point comes where there is no food for them. I’m not a scientist but that seems to me a simplified view of where our world is heading. A dog actually eats meat. A crocodile is as innocent as a dog. Some species are just doomed to extinction. To delay that control HUMAN population!

    We can, in this instance, spay all bitches, but it means a lot work. Are we willing to continue doing this until such time as every time a female pup is born “the owners” make a deliberate choice, to spay or not to? Will that really happen?

    All puppies are appealing to us humans, since they have had some gene that has made them, for millennia, to come to us wagging their tails. So, we feel sorry, and keep them for some time; after they become adults, some may keep feeding them, but are they bathed, given vaccines, etc?

    I have had pet dogs – just for companionship; not to present them at dog shows. Yes, they can be wonderfully faithful. But they do require lots of attention, and can cost quite a bit. I cannot do that any more, but would encourage those who can to keep and look after some animal. It gives us useful insights, if nothing else.

  • 11

    Why is this so much of a fuss With some nuts, who doesn’t have a soft corner for the animal community.Better pack up and look for a another planet to live if you are so rude to animals.Or else we could count you people also to the ‘Two Legged Dog” Count we have listed which includes the VC and that Extremist Muslim Minister who is Allergic to FOUR LEGGED DOGS to full fill his Muslim Extremist Intentions Or Rather the Ongoing Muslim Invansion Project Or else further to assist his coleagues’ in the Kudu business (Dogs Are Also Alergic To Kuddas’ ,Kudu Dealers) …..May be these are the culprits the dare Devil Murderers of the innocent Dogs Now Trying to cover up or Surely drug addicts-The Kuddas or drug dealers for whom The Dog Community is So much a headache (This Minister Made A proposal To The Government to impose a Rs 25000 fine on People who let loose their Dogs on the Street.But he did Not Give Any Proposal what to do For the street Dogs.So thats’ it)….In the other way Does any People think that they could get away killing innocent dogs….Curses would go even to their families….Now the heaven and hell both is here in this world…During Tsunami time it was revealed.So better think twice as the old saying before you PREDICT from you peoples FOWL MOUTHS….DOgS ARE MANS’BEST FREINDS’ and killing them is a great SIN….All Animals Are A Creation Of God according to the Holy Bible….Any one does not have a right to take their lives as they wish.

  • 8

    SJ University gone to the dogs? Next ,enter Pavaadeniya and his GMOA on behalf of dog’s rights !!!

    • 3

      NO. Its claiming his right to enter anything at the right hand of MR, which that hallucination showed him. With Pava at RH and NZ wanting a Kalutara seat, they hasten elections through strikes. Foolish fools.

  • 3

    VC has been taken a correct decision. That is better for students as well as staff on their betterment.

  • 11

    Dear Ultrakill,

    My area is infested with three wheeler drivers. They don’t bite but they spread illegal alcohol, Kerala ganja, harass women and kill and injure with their vehicles.

    Can I contract you to cull some of the drivers? It is easy to sedate them with arrack and ganja. After castration they should be shipped to Singapore and trained to drive a bus.

    Expecting your earliest reply.

    Mr L. Wolf

  • 1

    Why these emotive terms “dogs kidnapped and etc etc”. Low level political writing.

  • 2

    I am glad these dogs are finally being taken and culled. This was long overdue. They are stinking, some have maggots on their coats, some have rabies and some vomitting on the streets.

    And then comes the mating season and don’t even get me started on that. They don’t care who’s there, they just start having sex. Once my grand daughter asked, grandpa why are they doing that and I was stammering without an answer to give.

    • 0

      Dear Reginald,

      I don’t think that we should get mad over the way dogs have evolved, and what they have become famous for; you’ve said:

      “. . . . the mating season and don’t even get me started on that.”

      Quite simply most species have evolved in such a way as to maximise their chances of survival, and a bitch is likely to get impregnated by the first male – which is the strongest. But, in case that doesn’t succeed, then she allows the next strongest, and so forth, until all suitors are satisfied. That is what I had always imagined, but after reading you comment, I searched and found that there’s been a great deal of interest in the subject:




      I’m sure that I’ve wasted enough time on this subject. Shouldn’t we be now getting down to thinking of other species, including our own?

      We need not be concerned with “morality” in these matters. That makes sense only in human sphere.

      Meanwhile, “Spring Koha” has, as usual admirably summed up what should be our attitude. Why not move on to subjects which are crying out much more for solutions.

      • 1


        I agree with you whole heartedly on your point that attention should be focused on things other than stray dogs. One thing I’ve noticed about stray dog lovers is that they are all Jobless people.

        I was just stating the fact that these stray dogs just have no reservations when it comes to doing the dirty deed. They can very well go inside a Bush and do their thing rather than being so disrespectful. I am a veteran of the Armed forces you know.

        That’s all I wanted to say about these dirty dogs. One thing my dog will never do such a thing. Once we had come from the supermarket and placed our grocery bags on the floor when our Dog just for once attempted to do “it” to a grocery bag. I removed my belt and gave him a bloody good thrashing. And that was it.

  • 3

    In an ordered society, domesticated animals would be nurtured, cared for and looked after by someone responsible. Animals let loose in an urban environment are vermin, and should be put out of their misery. Do-gooders like Hasini Silva and her friends would have done better to find each of the stray dogs a permanent home, and solve the problem at a stroke.

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