28 May, 2022


This Government Cares Two Hoots For ‘Good Governance’

By Vishnuguptha –

This Government cares two hoots for ‘good governance’

They think it’s their grandmother’s gift…

It is rumored in Colombo circles that Priyantha Jayewardene was once employed by a Sri Lankan business tycoon who was known to be very close to Chandrika Bandaranaike when she was President and when the current holder assumed office, this businessman managed to carve his path to the inner circles of the regime. He is a mega player in financial circles, not only in Sri Lanka but may be even in the entire subcontinent. His personal wealth, thanks mainly to the opening of the economy in 1977 by the United National Party Government, is enormous and some say beyond physical measure. Well, that is beside the point. Nevertheless, this tycoon’s money has virtually assured him of a semi-permanent place in any governing cabal, democratic or autocratic or even in a dictatorship. In a typical regime whose econo-political philosophy is ‘crony-capitalism’, this guy is undoubtedly one of the ‘star cronies’.

Priyantha Jayawardena

Priyantha Jayawardena

Catapulting one of his employees to the highest echelons of the Judiciary is no mean accomplishment, even for our business tycoon, with all his expendable cash and power. With many commercial and financial transaction litigations looming, favorable findings by the Supreme Court of the land could be made possible and even probable with his ‘agent’ garbed in a judicial cloak in court. The sinister planning and plotting, however crude and unsophisticated the whole process would have been, must have consumed a lot of forward thinking on the part of the players, bosses and subordinates alike.

Now it’s a fait accompli.

This Government is no foreigner to corruption; it’s no tyro in the art and science of nepotism; thinking that political power has bestowed on them the entire power one could possibly have in the Universe and they would be totally lost and forlorn the day that power is stripped from them. Consequently they would resort to any and all means to hold on to that power, come what may. Yet, unlike Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)-led coalitions in the past, these fellows seem to have mastered the craft so well. They have certainly studied the theories of Joseph Goebbels who was a German politician and Nazi Reich’s Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945 and other propaganda craftsmen of the Soviet-era. They are certainly not grappling in the dark. In their unholy pursuit of falsehood and deception, they have found the nerve-center of a great majority of Sri Lankans, especially Sinhalese-Buddhists. And that is this sense of false patriotism and phony Sinhalese-Buddhistness.

When the King thunders from his lofty heights of power that he is ready to mount a non-existent ‘electric chair’, for and on behalf of the Sinhala race, he is deliberately deceiving the naive listeners and viewers whose past generations have been brainwashed and conditioned for over two thousand years by the fables and fairytales of the Mahawansa. That military victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam has granted them immunity, they think, to brandish that logic to gain acceptance for every one of their ill-gotten gains in sterling pounds, dollars and any other foreign currency.

But these guys in the regime seem to forget one cardinal truth that has sustained democracy and freedom-loving people all over the world: You simply cannot fool all the people all the time. When Hitler, Marcos, Mubarak, Kaddafi and the likes of dictators fell, it’s no rocket science to realize that such a fate would befall any ruler however mighty and powerful he or she is. Especially, no democratically-elected leader would be spared the wrath of electors once they realize that the power that the ruler exercises would ultimately be at the expense of the ruled, never ever the ruler. Although such realizations might come a little too late in the day, yet it shall come, sooner or later.

Yet history has shown us that rulers usually fall from grace at the end of a process and not as a final step of one or two landmark events. If the Rajapaksas and the current ruling cabal are to be replaced, that process needs to begin now- if it has not already commenced. Great events do not spark off, owing to one single glorious event although some wishful thinkers would like to envisage so. Such events exist only among fictional pages of literature and commentary; when these fictitious writing is mistaken for actual chronicling of history, it is incumbent upon true historians to lay them out in a different but more sensible perspective and clearly indicate without any prejudice or favor towards other historical and scientific evidence, for any party to get a proper understanding of these events.

The desecration of the once-hallowed Judiciary of Sri Lanka, in the most indiscriminate manner by appointing under-qualified persons to the Supreme Court of the land stands among the most diabolical acts of this regime. Usurping the powers of the Executive and abusing them to the limit to place their kith and kin in the country’s final court of arbitration of law is obscene, to say the least. Displacement of the former Chief Justice, Shirani Bandaranayake, appointing her replacement, physical intimidation of the Judicial Service Commission’s officials and arbitrary transfers of the members of the judiciary were all effected in this half-crazy environment and have become a serious matter for the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. Raping the Judiciary is a grave crime against the country, amounting to almost treason, for the ultimate victim at the tail of this rape is the country’s judicial sovereignty. When the country loses its judicial sovereignty, it loses its soul and spirit, the very foundation of our two thousand-year old culture and civilization.

Dictators who ruled countries with iron fists and arrogant grandeur had to resort to this basic principle of crushing free thought and independence of the judicial system. Subjecting innocent civilians whose only crime is opposition to the governing circle’s mindset and its modus operandi, to a spurious court system whose benches are occupied by cronies of the rulers might give a technical way out to the rulers; it may even legitimize the actions so pursued but it still is grossly unfair and blatantly one-sided. An uncaring judiciary is the midwife of chaos and anarchy and a breeding ground for extreme elements in society. If this deteriorating process continues any further without any checkmate, a situation may arise that would frame the gruesome and ghastly killings of the ’87-’89-era as a ‘picnic in the park’.

The rulers do not realize it because they are so engrossed in their own orgy of corruption and nepotism. An eerie gloom has enveloped the country and those who need to see have chosen to close their eyes. An organized galvanization of masses is not being undertaken; haphazard protests without a focus on the ultimate goal would not do the job of rectifying the errors. Unforced errors committed by the Opposition and its supporters are outnumbering genuine oversights and forced retreats. The ordinary Appuhamy, Mudiyanse, Mohamed and Selvarasa are too busy with making ends meet; they are concerned with their children’s schooling or their wives’ transfers or their  lands’ government lease. And for each and every one of those tasks, he has to seek help from government quarters, so he needs the governing apparatus more than the apparatus needs him. Caught in that stranglehold, the average citizen feeds off and on the same corrupt system. Having recognized the essentiality of this perverse phenomenon, the rulers keep on strengthening and tightening the grip.

It might be apt to conclude with the following poem written by Sarojini Naidu:

CHILDREN, ye have not lived, to you it seems

Life is a lovely stalactite of dreams,
Or carnival of careless joys that leap
About your hearts like billows on the deep
In flames of amber and of amethyst.

Children, ye have not lived, ye but exist
Till some resistless hour shall rise and move
Your hearts to wake and hunger after love,
And thirst with passionate longing for the things
That burn your brows with blood-red sufferings.

Till ye have battled with great grief and fears,
And borne the conflict of dream-shattering years,
Wounded with fierce desire and worn with strife,
Children, ye have not lived: for this is life.

*The writer can be contacted at vishnuguptha2012@gmail.com

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  • 2

    Not only have they “”studied the theories of Joseph Goebbels who was a German politician and Nazi Reich’s Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945 and other propaganda craftsmen of the Soviet-era.”” the Rajapaksa clan has vowed to write the definitive twenty-first century guide to screwing one’s own people. And all with a straight face!

    • 0

      Dear Vishnuguptha –

      “This Government cares too hoots for ‘good governance’”

      “They think it’s their grandmother’s gift…”

      Want to Learn more? Talk to Anura Dissanayaka, Leader of JVP and MP.

      JVP May Day Rally 2014 – Anura Dissanayake’s Speech


      Published on May 2, 2014 JVP May Day Rally 2014 – Anura Dissanayake’s Speech

    • 2

      The question is also whether the OPPOSITION cares about good governance. The biggest problem is that total absence of an opposition that is TECHNICALLY COMPETENT to challenge the Jarapassa regime.

      1, The UNP report on Hambantota White elephants is far too late! In fact a technically competant UNP would have challenge the Hambantota White elephant port and airport projects BEFORE they started –IN COURT for failure to do proper social and impact assessments as well as financial reviews. Now it is too late to cry about spilt milk – the opposition was ASLEEP when it should have challenge the Huge waste on Hambantota and what of the moron Sajith Premadasa who should have spoken out about the compelete absurdity of the Hambantota development plan given the lack of human capital and resources..
      2, THe JVP has challenged the Health Ministry to put its house in order the WRONG WAY by setting up all party parliamentary select committee. The fact is that the MINISTRY needs to have competant Professionals in the sector to solve the problem and it is NOT the job of parliamentary Committees which is any case accomplish nothing to sort the health sector. The Minister MUST RESIGN and competent persons appointed to address the problems in the Health Sector. The politician MORONs in the Diyawenna Parliament of corrupt clowns DO NOT HAVE THE TECHNICAL EXPERTIZE and setting up committees is not the solution to BAD GOVERNANCE in every Ministry and Sector!

  • 0

    I believe business tycoons like Harry Jayawardena hire only the super talented lawyers. If lawyers do badly, tycoons lose billions. So he must be a very talented PC. Bar association objected to Sriyani Bandaranayake when she was nominated.

  • 1

    Now we have a “justice” who the President will call “putha”, Namal will call “aiya” , Basil will say ” come here” and Harry will call in the night ! From his face we can say that he will be delighted by their calls.

  • 1

    The Egyptian judiciary better watch out, our judiciary is in competition mode with it.

  • 1

    Don’t worry about Harry. He delivered bags of cash to the Rajapakse bretheren before the last set of elections. He has bought adequate insurance!

    • 0

      I heard that you were there when Harry gave that money to Rajapaksas. How much was it? LOL. Did you count the money?

  • 1

    This new SCJ is an ex employee of a well know business tycoon… Right…

    There is no allegations s of corruption, inefficiency or other funny businesses like what we hear from some of the leaders in Good Governance places in the West, these writers always worship.

    Is it only Mahawansa who makes this dude ineligible to serve his country.?…

  • 1

    I don’t think the voters’ of this Country care even two hoots for good governance !

    why else do they keep voting these people in again and again ?

    Democracy doesn’t work in the 3rd world with people who simply follow and have no ability to think for them selves.

  • 0

    Mr Sumanasekera there are many other unknown lawyers and senior judges who also like to serve their country.That is not the way to examine this issue. The question is why was this person selected over so many senior judges and better known lawyers? As I see it, the best way the supreme court can serve our country is by being transparent and independent.
    If you think there is no good governance in the West or that Sri Lankan family governance is a better model , then I have nothing to say except saying that Namal ( and all our students and public servants who go to the West to study)wasted a lot of time studying in UK. He should have learnt good governance at a sri lankan institute. Maybe could consider China or an African country or why not even an Arab country. These countries are experts at good governance.Thank you for your broad and enlightened view Mr Sumanasekera.

  • 1

    Mr Hatton,

    Don’t the Republican’s and Democrats appoint their own when they get into power?.

    Don’t your beloved British do the same?.

    Didn’t the so called independent ex CJ nearly give our inhabitants a Libya type “Spring”?..

    Don’t your fellow British , who are on 30,000 pounds on average and even the dole recipients on at least half of that ,occasionally go on rampage thrashing public laces and looting businesses in major cities?.

    Aaren’t they all educated in the UK?..

    Our inhabitants who are not even on 1000 pounds a year with a day job and even the fellows who don’t have a dole payment haven’t caused any such damage to the public properties or looted businesses, although our Elite Opposition parties have been trying hard to get them on the streets for the last 5 years since 2009?.

    Our inhabitants need governance and judiciary to fulfil their needs and wishes,not the wishes of the ex inhabitants and their new found mates in the West…

  • 0

    Mr Sumanasekera your logic is hard to follow. You go on about some incidents in UK without being specific. But what has that got to do with good governance ?

    In all countries the executive finally appoints judges. But as we know in the US they have to face a very public inquiry before confirmation. As to the British system, if we take a vote around the world from all those who have really studied the two countries ( UK and Sri Lanka-i know it is ridiculous to even compare)I am sure most will agree in UK there is an acceptable system in place. In Sri Lanka the system is just a meaningless pretense with no understanding of the finer principles or the spirit behind the judicial function.

    People like Justice Priyantha who was made a PC by this President and now a supreme court judge over so many others will not be able to even become a magistrate in the UK.
    Do you think he will ever give a single judgment against the government ?

    As to UK being a rich country I must agree with you. I cannot see Sri Lanka ever becoming a rich country with all the money lost in the air ports and harbours in Hambantota and also air lanka and mihin air. I think you honour the former chief justice too much when you call her a a person who could have launched an arab spring . After all just like justice priyantha , justice Shirani also went behind this president to get personal benefits.Arab springs and other revolutions were started by very different types of human beings !

  • 0


    So you think Sri Lanka would be a rich country if MR didn’t build Hambantota harbor and air port. They also initiated 50 other mega projects.

    If you don’t want president to appoint PC & Judges whom do you select to do that? Ex-President or BAR association?

    If you say Justice Priyantha will not be a magistrate in the UK , I can also say that he could have been chief justice in the UK had he studied there from childhood. Who knows? What made you think that he can’t go against the government just because he was appointed by president? Then all other Judges appointed by MR had similar issues?

  • 0

    Bandara you seem to know justice Priyantha well, you even think he can be chief justice of UK ! That must be a very objective and intelligent assessment by Mr Bandra! As you seem to know the new judge so well can you please tell the public the basis on which he was made a PC two years ago? Who are judges and senior lawyers who recommended him to be a PC? what are the famous cases and law points he has argued ? Please don’t give various government appointments as qualifications.

    This president appointed his brother in law as chairman air lanka and cousin as ambassador to USA. There are many such appointments. So dont talk about the quality of his appointments. Idi amin, hitler and other heads of states have also appointed judges. Hitler was elected by the people. There are other qualifications for a good government, decency, honesty, good governance , not abusing power, not appointing family members etc etc which are needed for political legitimacy.

    Yes judges who went up on seniority and performance although appointed by MR can be independent because they got their appointments on merit. But take a person like CJ Mohan Pieris who was made AG from out side the department and then CJ also from outside the judiciary. Pieris owes so much to the President. What about the new judge Aluvihare who also jumped over so many. Now Justice Priyatha. These are people who have to be grateful. they also know that the rest of the society look down on them.The have to swim with president for rest of their lives for their career benefits.

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