2 June, 2023


This Presidential Election Is Unique; Tamils Should Vote For The Survival Of Democracy: GTF

This presidential election is unique in that it does not even speak a word about the decades of conflict or war or the post-war atrocities but only about failure of democracy and rule of law in the country, says Rev Father S J Emmanuel, President of Global Tamil Forum.

Rev. Dr S.J. Emmanuel

Rev. Dr S.J. Emmanuel

Issuing a statement today he said; “I prefer to give only one answer as to why Tamils are asked by GTF to vote and that for the survival of democracy and rule of law.

“We Tamils of Sri Lanka are unfortunately caught up in a pseudo democracy bequeathed by the British colonials to the then Ceylon, namely a a Sinhala-Buddhist-majoritarian democracy, which from the beginning was an exclusive sinhala buddhist nationalism detrimental to all minorities.

“For the last 66 years we have been victims of the worst human right violations and our democratic protests as well as our militant struggle have been crushed and even today we are labeled as separatists and terrorists and considered scape-goats for all evils in the Country.

“This presidential election is unique in that it does not even speak a word about the decades of conflict or war or the post-war atrocities but only about failure of democracy and rule of law in the country.

“Hence Tamils, though victimised for decades and even marginalised in this election, still have the good of the country and of all peoples at heart and wish the triumph of democracy and rule of law. It is in this spirit that Tamils have been called to exercise their franchise for the survival of democracy and rule of law.”

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    Hear.. Hear..

    Reverend Emmanuel endorses CC Sira and CBK ‘s Holy Alliance .

    It must be good for the great majority, who now live in peace and harmony without LTTE bombs and suicide cadres..


    Wonder whether CC Sira invites the Reverend to welcome our Holy See in Madhu , which the Reverend had leased to Prabakran with all the chattels including the Holy Statue…

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      K.A Sumanasekera

      “the Reverend had leased to Prabakran with all the chattels including the Holy Statue…”

      By definition women and slaves are part of Chattels in the old days. Are you sure the Reverend had a harem of women slaves? Were you the castrated guard at the front door?

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        the traitors of Tamil eleam should not take this temporary hiatus of Great Eelam course for granted. Keep in mind the fate of traitor Mahattaya. Any traitor who sold the course will be dealt accordingly. Emmanuel is not god, he is a servant to Eelam and to the great thalaivar Pirabaharan. He seems to have told the Eelam course for the genocidal Sihalese and Indians, after getting fat on our hard earned money. This man is a traitor. I wish Pottu is alive

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          Eelam is not dead

          “Any traitor who sold the course will be dealt accordingly.”

          The biggest traitor ever to live among Tamil speaking people was dealt with by the the Sri Lankan army, his one time financier and arms supplier.

          The biggest traitor was also a psychopath VP, who shamelessly surrendered, had his posterior explored with hot iron rod and was hacked to death.

          “I wish Pottu is alive”

          Check Gota’s bedroom, Pottu may be sharing a bed with him or ask those Pottu’s boys who now work for the Gota-father.

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        Rev Father S J Emmanuel, President of Global Tamil Forum.

        RE: This Presidential Election Is Unique; Tamils Should Vote For The Survival Of Democracy: GTF

        Good. There are still some Tamils with some Common sense Left to see the forest and not be confused by the trees.

        Let’s hoe all the Tamil Mootals, Madus, Fools and Modayas have disappeared…

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      It seems this Emmanuel chap and GTF have forgotten what their role is or have been bought over by genocidal collaborator India. Our great Thalaivar has set a precedent as to how Tamils should react to a Sinhala election by his well though out decision to boycott in 2005. That is the only way Tamils should act and not on the advise of some good for nothing pastor. Our great Thalaivar has made the thinking for us Tamils and made the decision. We should be grateful for that and follow him even in his death. In the meantime we the patriotic Eelam Tamils should weed out traitors in our midst like this so called Emmanuel.
      GTF is created to foster the Tamil Eelam course and our Great Thalaivar has given blessing for GTF only for that and not to collaborate with genocidal Sinhala state.

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        Wasn’t your “great thalaivar” the one who helped Rajapakse win the last election by taking the money he offered to get the people there to boycott the election??

        “Follow him even in his death” sounds like good advice for yourself?

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          Tamils who question our Great Thalaivar is not Tamils. I guess you are one on genocidal Sinhalese.

          • 4

            Eellam Patriot – that’s pretty strange logic???

          • 1

            Well dont question give a free hand and destroy everything that you have.

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          Do you think who contributed more to elect Rajapkse? Is it Sinhalese or Tamils? Can you tell me why Sinhalese voted for Mahinda?

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            “Do you think who contributed more to elect Rajapkse?”

            VP won the first elections for MR

            VP won the war for MR.

            Winning war won him the second elections.

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            Ajith – sorry, I have no access to the collective consciousness. Your guess is as good as mine.

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            Ajith – sorry can’t help you out as I don’t have access to the collective consciousness of the electorate.

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        CAn anyone tell me how many times the so called New Bandaranayike the Common Candidate went to the North to Canvas for votes???? ZERO.. The president Went to Jaffna twice and held election rallies to give his message. Now many people who crossed over to My3 were and still are against the 13th and were against the NPC election and power.. Yet the President resisted that pressure and held the election’s.. (unlike that joke the indians held with perumal). The president is the future of sri lanka, a united sri lanka.. Both hated by the Racialist on Sinhala and Tamil side who support MY3.. The facts are there for all to see.. Its when we choose not to see it.

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      Colombo Uni distances itself from poll survey

      The Colombo University yesterday distanced itself from the survey released by the Opposition Common candidate’s office which showed 53% victory for Maithripala Sirisena.

      Colombo University Registrar K.A.S.Edward in a statement said:

      “In this connection, I wish to categorically state that this survey has been conducted by a certain individual without the knowledge of the University and as such the University cannot take any responsibility for the outcome of the survey. Further I am of the view that the heading of the news item tends to mislead the general public.”
      – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/60313/colombo-uni-distances-itself-from-poll-survey#sthash.efdxyjPj.dpuf

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    Since 2009 until the end of 2014, we in sri lanka have Progress, stability, Economic Growth and Peace. The last time our nation was like this was the PRE 1956 election.. As it was during the 56 election and now 2015 the so called ‘Common Candidate or the Common Opposition’ is going to contest.. this will only bring disater as it did from 56 until 2009… History does repeat itself.. and thats why a MR victory is crucial a Leadef who has a clear policy for the nation.. The Common Candidate is no leader and has made promises that politically cannot be kept. We will see a Great disaster in sri lanka if he wins.. Broken Promises and the usual communal CArd all will be played…. God help all of Us

    • 4

      What a load of rubbish!

      “Broken Promises and the usual communal CArd all will be played…. God help all of Us”. Sounds like you are talking about your heroes!

      • 10

        idiot, when was there a election held in sri lanka for the 13A for the North and East… Not the Bogus Indian Held Rubbish where mr Perumal was elected????? (under violence and corruption, Do you know how many Members defected to the socalled common Op candidate because the President Implemented the 13th A and held elections in the North?? You F**** first learn wht is really happening in SL without your F*** BULL sHH views.. It was President Mahinda that once said ‘ my hero in politics is Mr Ponnambalam Arunachalam was one of his heroes becuase he was a national leader and not a communal leader’ until that speech many Sri Lankans did not know who Ponnambalam Arunachalam was, as Communal leaders Tamil, Sinhala muslim let him drift from history.. Why S*** are you talking about i [Edited out] JIMBO????

        • 2

          More rubbish (and profane, to boot) – can’t be dignified with a response

          • 7

            @ Jimbo [Edited out] like you who crawled out of Pus Infected W****s, only understand that kind of Language.. REMEMBER THAT ALWAYS

            • 2

              Yawwwwnnn… your poor sap, I guess all you can do is open your foul mouth and let the shit come spilling out. Get a life..

              • 3

                @Jumbu.. it deserves to go into A septic tank like you.. By the way when are you coming back to SL????

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    Have no fear Rev SJE. Ranil-Chandrika puppet master alliance will deliver the Elaam for you. Be patient and give them one year to begin from where the left.

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    Hear hear,
    Serpents are waking!

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    Appreciate the spirit of GTF and Rev Emmanuel. There are genuine grievances of the Tamils and this has to be systematically addressed by the new government. There has to be genuine and sincere
    Approach which I feel is gradually shaping up. The extremists whose only interest is to keep the conflict accelerated and naturally tag anyone with ‘tiger’ emblem and they cannot bear up when Tamil speaking people even make genuine gestures.

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      Thank you for your comments.

      I would request Rev Emmanuel to preach the contents of this article to his own people such as Ananthi Sasitharan and Sivajilingam.

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    If history has taught us one thing that is democracy in that island has been selective, only favorable to the Sinhalese. Sinhalese are desperate to get rid of MaRa and they have their own reasons for that, justice for victims of war or removal of military rule in Tamils areas is certainly not one of them.
    It’s unfortunate that the “leaders” of both Tamils and Muslims do not have the courage to think outside the box and are easily carried away by the cry for “good governance”as if it will make any difference to their communities.

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    Known Devil is better than the unknown angel.
    One thing is for sure, with JHU being a part of the common camp as far as funding is concerned north will not get what it would have under MR.

    Mahinda Rajapakshe talks in Tamil

    This is not the NPC election, this time the TNA will be able to deliver even 50% of the Tamil votes for My3. Yesterday the Tamil people Booed at the opposition. My3 is seen more as a Sinhala Buddhist racist than MR.

  • 3

    Jonny comes late.

    Sorry Father S.J.

    Your spokesperson has already let you down.

    He came first had more publicity than you.

    You are very late.

    What you in the GTF want is publicity.

    What was your GTF achievement in the last 1 year.

    Publishing photographs taken with important personalities and publishing in the websites.

    Sorry you are late, your Spokesperson let you down.

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    It is reported that the President has promised to restore the “honour and dignity” of tamils – only now, when his very existence as ipso facto dictater of the ‘dharmadwipa’ is under serious challenge.


    What price hypocrisy ?

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    I disagree with Rev.Dr Emmanuel of the GTF on one point. He has requested the Tamils to exercise their franchise for the survival of Democracy and Rule of law. There is no Democracy and Rule of Law Then , Now or in the Future in Sri Lanka. The only reason why the Tamil people should cast their votes is to get rid of a thin skinned, bad tempered and ruthless head of state. Another point I wish to make is that in the GTF who decides for the Tamil people to vote in the first instance? Do they get the people’s view?

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    It is a very wise call by Rev Emmanuel to the tamil community to help save democracy in Sri Lanka. The tamils are well aware of this responsibility and they will do the needful. As already established the tamil vote determined the outcome of presidential elections in the past.

    I hope Mr Sirisena will reciprocate the help the tamil people gave in electing him president unlike Rajapaksa who “liberated” the tamils and then trampled on them. The bas***d must be vanquished and I am sure the tamils will do the deed.

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    This election is to be held in a very important day, i.e. at the beginning of 2015. It is a New Year and why not all of us in this country make a RESOLUTION to HEAL THE WOUNDS and NOT TO SCRATCH THE OLD WOUNDS and take the country to another cycle of DISINTEGRATION. I see a ray of hope in these statements by both the TNA and GTF. To recap:

    TNA: “The TNA has been committed to the evolution of a just, reasonable, workable and durable political solution withing the framework of an UNDIVIDED SRI LANKA”(highlighted by me)

    GTF: ” I prefer to give only one answer as to why Tamils are asked by GTF to vote and that is for the SURVIVAL OF DEMOCRACY AND RULE OF LAW” (again highlighted by me).

    As I said above, should we not make the above two statements the beginning of a NEW ERA from 2015 onwards? Let us not allow these “BEGGAR” politicians of all shades to “scratch the wound” and rule us by way of a “transfer” of power from one to the other. It must be resolved in 2015 to STOP that “TRANSFER” from one to the other and let the “Governing” – (meaning management) affairs in the hands of a team of “National Leaders” who are to be called only “GUARDIANS” and not the “MASTER SIRS”.

  • 2


    What GTF got to do with democracy?

    You are the President and Suren S is the Spokesperson of Gloomy Tamil Federation – GTF for the last 5 years.

    No neither meeting nor election within the last 5 years in the GTF.

    Your GTF brought thugs to hit the fellow Tamils in London.

    You dismissed many members who asked questions in GTF.

    Now you talk of democracy? This what your Church thought you.

  • 4

    I do not think the word “Tamils have been called to exercise their franchise for the survival of democracy and rule of law.” is contextual here.

    First thing, “survival” is not appropriate word, especially for the crowd who has been called upon to vote. The part of Tamils’ franchise has been taken off by UNP at very start of the drama. From that day, as far as Tamils concerned, the democracy is not excising. The call by SJV in 1976 for to establish the right of self-determination is because the reason of he failed to see the democracy and justice in Sinhala governments. Those who claim that by voting in this election the democracy will be stored is having something (evil or graceful their mind is) else in their mind and talking something else. So they are not talking the truth.

    As we do not know for what in grace these peoples acting like this, we can put our argument only out from their talk.

    So we are limited, without these callers to vote for Tamils are not being open in their talk and nothing new is coming for comment, we can only restate what we did in the past. Restoring the democracy in the island can only come from the destroyer of it that is Sinhala Intellectuals. This is what Kalyanasuntharam wrote in his song “Thirudaraai paarththu thirunthaaviddaal thiruddai oilikka vali illai”, that is unless the thief is ready for to stop stealing, there is no way to stop the theft. Human being is a living thing. Everybody makes mistake on protecting themselves. When the thief keeps vigilance on the people, he always can steal. So as long as Sinhala Intellectuals’ mentality is well and alive, it is not possible of restoring the lost democracy, or in the Fathers’ Language, there is no survival of democracy.

    The Sinhala Intellectual destroyed Tamils first. Now, father wants to save the democracy in Lanka. What is father’s theory on secretly asking Tamils to vote for MY3 is, Sinhalese are ruining themselves, in the name of saving them, and you too ruin yourself? This blind is guiding the one with the eyesight-ed one. If Sinhala intellectuals want to restore the democracy they are in much, much more strong position than Tamils to do that. Further, even if the Tamils are accidentally successful in restoring the democracy, it is like eating a Banana for the Sinhala Intellectuals to bring back the country where it is. So, it does not make sense for the Tamils to risk on this election their safety.

    Minimum basic requirement for the survival of democracy is not everybody voting. The democracy is well and thriving in the western world. There the voting percentage just above 50%. But the Sinhalese vote about 75%. They are exercising their franchise to the survival of the democracy in the way they wanted. But the implied meaning of Father’s hidden request here is beating the Sinhala decision in the election is the only will make the democracy survive. I do not think that he is right on that. There are so many math has been put forward in the past by the Tamil Intellectual that it is possible by Tamils to beat the Sinhala decision. These people always have asked to vote against the incumbent on the power as all Sinhala Governments has been adversaries to Tamils. But the Tamils votes did not change the course of the path of the Lankave.

    The paramount is voters’ knowledge of democracy which ensures the survival of the democracy. Otherwise, as we have been experiencing for the past sixty five years, the vote is a knife in the hand of a monkey. In orders to increase the voters’ knowledge, the voter education is the only tool available. The Sinhala Intellectuals, the gurus of the Sinhala Buddhist are not ready for that. So far other than some invalid left candidates, no body ready for talk with Sinhalese about a secular government. This election is unique only in the way the Sinhala Intellectual playing the double game, not in any way Father Emmanuel struggled to establish. The first part of the game is, in the south they are promising no internal-external investigation on the war crime, no change in EP system, no withdrawal of Army from Tamil Eelam, the status of the Mahanama Buddhism will be straightened. This is not what you call voter education for the survival of democracy. When GTF’ Suren Surendren said that MY3 coming to power means that the King was losing the cover of the “State Head – Immunity” and will be open for the international prosecution. Harsha, MY3 and Mangala immediately denied that is or will be possible and MY3 said that he will be protecting all the Political Leaders and the Army commanders who were in the war. Further, Rajeeva Wijeyasignke, who is a party in the MY3 group and a participant on the BBC program with Surendren, in the CT, has written a thundering essay describing how he beat down Surendren and pushed him to corner without not being able to talk. Sirisena, as the deference minister, so far has not come out and explained how the child Balachandren, TV actress Isai, the white Flag surrenders were murdered so cruelly in his time. So it has become that Surendren’s suggestion of MY3 will relax the block for investigation in only a day dream. The net result is, to come to power, only a war criminal against Tamils can compete is the situation from 2009. That is why Ranil is not there and Fonseka, MY3 and king are in the ring. Without voter education, with no change in the Sinhala Intellectuals’ crooked mentality, if father secretly suggest that the war criminal King going out and the war criminal MY3 coming in will improve the chance of survival of democracy, he is committing the same mistake Surendren committed in the BBC TV program. Father, rather than being sheer blind like Surendren, here, like a male spider which goes to impregnate a Black-widow, being a little bit alert, by not mentioning any name or any action. This is unlikely to bring, or at least so far not brought, any harsh criticism from MY3’s Camp, whom he is trying to please. This will save the father only, but not the Tamil voters.

    In the north, it is not just the army is destroying the democracy, even TNA is doing that. It is not just Army is manipulating the voters, even TNA doing it by issuing harsh penalty for its members to use their freedom to speak. Father has to understand, if everywhere this conditions surface to collect votes for the war criminal MY3, it is not the survival of democracy. Even, if somebody goes into peel, the Father’s subliminal message to vote to MY3 is doing that. Father expects the Tamil voters not to abstain. He is expecting not to vote to any other candidate. Just for the reason of saving the democracy, he is limiting their freedom to choose; he is insisting the Tamils to vote only to MY3. He is recognizing that Sinhalese will split within themselves and vote for anybody, but mostly to King. So, this is neither voter education nor democracy. Instead of calling Tamils to destroy their safety and voting for MY3, he could have appealed to the IC community to undertake their duty of R2P, provide the protection with their guards and further he select Sirituga as Tamils’ candidate and he should have declared if the Tamils vote to Siritunga more than 50% then the IC has to treat it as referendum to “Self-determination”. If he had done these, the democracy in Lanka will survive.

  • 20

    Myself and my associates sometimes give more credence to statements issued by Tamil diaspora orgs, over those made by the TNA. One reason being that the TNA has to be cautious when making statements, because of the danger of murder, assault or arson by the GOSL, Sinhala military or Sinhala racists.

    But, in this case, I feel that the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka, will pay more attention to the TNA’s statement, than to those made by diaspora orgs.

    The TNA took a fairly good stance. I realise that the TNA cannot more openly support Maithripala, because a few million Sinhala Buddhist voters will be easily persuaded by Mahinda, that Maithripala has sold out Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka to the Tamils!

    I am pleased that the more extreme and irrational members of the Tamil diaspora have been persuaded by Tamil leaders inside the island as well as outside, to keep quiet until the election is over.

    We should not forget the hundreds of stooges and sycophants of Mahinda Rajapaksa, who churned out blatantly false propaganda on his behalf. History will never forget them, and the internet has huge archives.

    Shown below is a slick young woman with a Tamil name, who was one such person. She had studied for 12 years at an expensive international school in Colombo, and then obtained from Staffordshire University (UK), an LLB (Hons) – Bachelor of Law degree. Thus, she nor her handlers in Mahinda’s regime nor her associates, ***cannot*** claim that she ***did not*** have much of an idea of what she had been trained to parrot out, in this short video interview.


    Short video – only 3:43 minutes

    Sharanya Sekaram is Research Analyst at Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka and is affiliated with the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies (LKIIRSS).


    Published on Nov 18, 2013

    Live interview via Skype with Sky News London’s Lorna Dunkley during the CHOGM 2013 Summit held in Colombo Sri Lanka.


  • 1

    Brother “Ealam Patriot”, you have addressed Emanuel chap- very good, very good Tamil culture if you are Tamil, otherwise I have no worriers (vaalha thamil inam and EPDP/Douglas culture). We desperately wanted our North culture back – clean north after removing MR.

    • 1


  • 1


    There is a strong point on your writing , but it is too late to make all the tamils to understand. Diaspora can try their level best. May be making a deal with MR is a save bet.

  • 1

    Tamils should vote to save Roman Catholism faith you Emmanuel destroyed.

    [Edited out]

    Take with you Rayappu and other Tamil & Sinhala clergy who silently supported your terrorism at the expence of our Innocent youth & Children.

    Where are the martyers?????????
    You betrayed your faith and ours for a piece of Land?

    Tamils & Roman catholism have the good of the country without [Edited out] clergies like you?
    Of the 66 years, for 30 years your created Martyrs & God’s figters the LTTE at the expence of out youth & children. Where are they? where is that piece of land?
    We grieve & you with diaspora enjoy elsewhere.

    Your [Edited out]priest leave us alone. [Edited out]

  • 12

    I wish to quote a comment made by Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam, (the 80 year old former Ceylon high jump champion and US citizen who has been living and working in Jaffna for more than a year), in the following CT article by Laksiri Fernando:


    Why Not A MoU With The TNA? | Colombo Telegraph
    By Laksiri Fernando – Dr. Laksiri Fernando Nominations for the premature presidential elections closed three days back and less than a month is left for the dec…


    Excerpt from comment by Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam:

    “That fundamental problem is that more than two-thirds of the Sinhala Buddhist is the Genie. It is lead by the thoughts and preaching of the Buddhist clergy that the island belongs to the Sinhala Buddhists and other religious and linguistic communities are immigrants who are welcomed as residents who can live and earn a living as long as they accept the rule of the Sinhala Buddhist – the Genie. Those who accept and pay obeisance will be appropriately rewarded in name and wealth.”


    Complete comment by Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam:

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando.
    Thank you for your valuable analysis of the current election. We need to learn from the historical issues that Tamils and Sinhalese have fought before and after the Colonial Period of our history.

    I would like to start my comment on your article with a passage from ‘All Experience – Essays and reflections’ by Sam Wijeyasinghe (2001 p.147). It gives a glimpse of the fundamental problem of the ethnic conflict in a premature democracy. A ‘democracy’ that was draped over the pre-existing religion based feudal rule. It shows how rival Sinhala political parties manipulate this ‘democracy’ to seek power so as to rule over the Island while the Tamil feudalists wait to catch the falling crumbs.

    SWRD Bandaranaike “faced the election with a broad-based group that included the Sangha, Veda, Guru, Govi and Kamkaru acting in concert. This unprecedented nationwide alliance, which combined Buddhist clergy, ayurvedic doctors, teachers, farmers and workers (all Sinhalese) may have owed something to the pioneering campaign of DM Rajapakse from Hambantota (‘who was the only member of parliament who followed Bandaranaike across the floor of the house in 1951’)…

    ”In an election rally in Polannaruwa in 1956 he unleashed a vibrant tirade that dug deep into the issues of race and language. When he was returning to Colombo that night in M W H de Silva’s car, MWH (‘He became the Minister of Justice in the Bandaranaike’s government.’) said to him, ‘You have sowed the wind, our people have to reap the whirlwind.’ Pat came the reply from the master of the mixed metaphor, ‘We will cross that bridge when we come to it.’ “

    SWRD Bandaranaike, like Aladdin, found the lamp with the Genie inside. He rubbed it and the Genie granted his wish to be Prime Minister. SWRD thought he could put the Genie back in lamp. The Genie had other things in his mind. Chelva and SWRD and Chelva and Dudley could not bargain with the Genie. The Genie ruled by lay proxy leaders. Pirapakaran tried to slay the Genie by slaying the Proxy leaders and the Proxy armed forces. He and the Tamils paid the price.

    Laksiri’s article and many others’ articles on the subject of Tamils and the elections skirt around the fundamental cause of the problem – the Genie. Everyone pretend that there is no Genie. Under one person one vote the Genie is the King of the Island. There is no one in the Island who can rehabilitate the Genie.

    That fundamental problem is that more than two-thirds of the Sinhala Buddhist is the Genie. It is lead by the thoughts and preaching of the Buddhist clergy that the island belongs to the Sinhala Buddhists and other religious and linguistic communities are immigrants who are welcomed as residents who can live and earn a living as long as they accept the rule of the Sinhala Buddhist – the Genie. Those who accept and pay obeisance will be appropriately rewarded in name and wealth.

    Now there are two of the Genie’s Proxies – one from Hambantota and the other from Polannaruwa vying for the chance to be in power and do the bidding of the Genie. Both are trying to get the support of the support of the Tamils without antagonizing the Genie. Both proxies remember Kotalawela’s strategy to get Tamil votes. It backfired. Both pretend silence on the Tamil rights is what will get them elected, not MOU.


    On the other hand, Mano Sekaram, wealthy CEO of a software firm in Colombo (who is a nice person at a personal level) and father of Sharanya Sekaram wrote the following on 22 August 2011:


    If military commander Gen Hathurusinha contests he would get more votes than Minister Devananda in Jaffna
    22 August 2011, 8:49 pm

    by Mano Sekaram

    Dear Friends,

    Having spent many holiday’s of my childhood in Jaffna the trip last week was a particularly nostalgic trip down memory lane for me. After 30 years we drove down the A9, passing the towns Omanthai, Mankulam Murukandi Paranthan Pallai.

    Gen Hathurusinha at Vayavilan school in the High Secuity Zone – Sep 2010 – pic: np.gov.lk

    Kodikamam and Meesalai …these names echo in my memory never forgotten. Then almost like an old friend rising to greet you, we approached Jaffna, it is astonishing how most things are still the same

    You can see small lanes with fences, Palmyra trees nestling in the red soil, and the sweltering heat. Looking around it is almost as though time has stood still as you see young girls on bicycles, men with vetti attending to their business, temples and schools every hundred meters and old charming houses.

    We were lucky enough to be able to travel the length and breadth of the Jaffna peninsula. But words feel inadequate to describe it thoroughly. It is definitely something that you need to visit and see for yourself. It’s safe, secure and peace is real

    Gen Mahinda Hathurusinghe

    The war has taken a toll in certain parts of Jaffna, but Jaffna still retains the quaint charm that it had over 30 years ago – there is absolutely no denying that infrastructure is been developed at a rapid pace. Government institutions have been strengthened and people have started to rebuild their damaged properties, business is catching up making Jaffna a buzzing hive.

    Security forces are doing a tremendous job and one of the most wonderful things to see is the relationship that the security forces have built with the people. They are working side by side to restore the North. I witnessed and experienced the commitment from the forces to help the people rebuild their lives.

    Indeed the relationship is such that in my opinion General Hathurusinghe (Jaffna Commander) would have got more votes than Minster Douglas Devananda if he had contested the last LG election in Jaffna.

    Of the many encounters I had during my trip, the most touching one was a conversation my wife and I had with a 15-year-old boy, (who has never travelled out of Jaffna) about cricket. As we spoke, he was surprised to hear that we, along with the rest of the country watched the World Cup Cricket Finals against India with our family and friends that we stayed up all night together as a nation. He told us that he watched the match alone at his house, while the rest of the brood was asleep. And when the dreaded result came to pass he went to bed crying all night. This young boy cried that night for a different reason he cried for his country.

    We need to forget and forgive and focus on the future Our challenge is to integrate people in the north into the Sri Lankan society and make the Northern Economy a vibrant contributor like the old days….. but more over its to help the people of Jaffna embrace the Sri Lankan identity they have been denied for so long. It is our duty as Sri Lankan’s to help our people and let them know that they are just as Sri Lankans as we are and move forward as one people and one nation.


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    Mohan Sekaram, Australian citizen and brother of Colombo based IT company CEO Mano Sekaram, wrote this item with good intentions on 31 May, 2009:

    Sinhala and Tamil: Let’s get together and reconcile



    Subject: Lets Get Together and Reconcile

    Hi Friends,

    I write this with a lot of sadness, relief and hope, form what has happened in the past few months. As a Tamil, (and proud to be one) I deeply feel that together, we can build the burnt bridges and pave a path to peace, happiness, equality and prosperity for us and for the future generations to come.

    We cannot forget what happened for the past three decades, however we need to put aside our emotions, despair and remember those lives, which were lost in bloody war in the name of “equality”. We (Tamils) have to now reconcile and win the trust of the nation. For decades, we have been secretive, unpredictable and uncompromising. Sure enough, we were discriminated in the past, deprived of our equal rights and treated unfairly. Now we have to give the nation a chance to prove that, it is not the case.

    We have to let go of the past and not react to our feelings in an irrational and selfish way. We talk about the 1953 era, of the riots and how the Tamils were discriminated and treated badly. In 1953, the whole world was a different place and had a different attitude. In America blacks could not go in to a restaurant or a supermarket or attend a white school, the aborigines in Australia did not have any rights. Now America has a black president, and the Aborigines have equal rights; we Tamils now have to give it a chance for change to happen in our motherland. We are hanging on to views and ideologies, which formed thirty years ago, which are not appropriate anymore. I think that, in the past 20 years we have created a doubt in the minds of the Sinhalese and the nation, making them wonder weather every other Tamil is a Tamil Tiger or not.

    Prior, to 1988, before I left to Australia, I remember after a rugby game at Longden Place and a few (in my context) drinks at the club, going home in the early hours of the morning, my only fear was whether I will be stopped and breathalysed and charged for DUI. In the later years in my many trips to SL, the fear was whether I would be subject to harassment because of my Tamil name. Why do you think it is so? Is it not because of the war, the suicide bombings? All of this distrust of Tamils started after the war began. So, did we not create this for ourselves? This is not only happening to the Tamils, in fact if you send money to the US or visit the US bearing an Arabic name, you are scrutinised vigorously, which began after “9/11″. The Arabic world calls it “discrimination”.

    In 1983, the news of the death of 13 soldiers sparked an organised riot, and over 2000 Tamils lost their lives and over 100,000 Tamils were displaced. The nation soon realised that it should not have let it happen, and the wider community shared the same sentiment.

    In 1996 a raid on a Military camp in Mullaitivu by the Tigers, 1,500 soldiers were killed, yet there was no repeat of 1983, or for that matter since 1983 several thousands soldiers have lost their lives and we did not see a repeat of 1983.

    We talk about “Genocide”, which is a very powerful and compelling word. No doubt, that many women and children have lost their lives, but one has to remember in every war, innocent people loose their lives. There is blame on both the armed forces and the Tigers.

    Let’s not be the judge of that, let the appropriate organisations investigate and report the findings.

    The Tamil Diaspora and number of organisations are having protest marches and their websites are relentlessly publishing calls for the IC to intervene about the mistreatment and harassment of the civilians.

    However much we are angry and anxious, we must have patients and let the government, UN and the other aid organisation to embark on the huge task ahead of them to relocate, resettle and reconcile the civilian casualties.

    We have been having protest marches for decades around the world. Has one head of state or a member of a parliament took a flight and gone to Sri Lanka and discussed the problem with the authorities? I do not think so. The IC will mention our plea in their speeches, or talk about it when the next election comes around.

    Does the IC know the differences between Jayasinghe and Jayasingham? It is up to us reconcile and rebuild friendships.

    What has happened in the past has happened; we cannot turn back the clock. The truth of what happened in the battle zones will only surface, if the victims have no fear in revealing the truth. From this point, onwards it is up to us to make sure that this is possible. We should regain the trust and the sympathy of the grater community.

    We Tamils started this war his was never an option. For thirty years, we have fought a bloody war with no results. Are we going to continue this for another thirty years? No. We, have lost too much, the nation has lost too much. It is time to take a step back and think sensibly putting aside our emotions and pride.

    The Tamil Diaspora and community leaders, spokespersons and organisations are calling for the Tamil community to “re-group and realise our leaders dream”, after three decades of war, is it not the time now to wake up from that dream? They say now that the Tigers are defeated that we will be systematically eradicated, as there is no one to protect us. We should stop speculating of what the future holds for the Tamils in Sri Lanka and need to get these myths out of our heads and win the trust of the nation we should responsibly publish and circulate articles and news items, or even refrain from doing so until the displaced civilians are settled. Now we need to concentrate and work closely with those who are in SL to help the refugees.

    In the past, few days there are reports that, during the celebrations following the government’s victory over the Tigers, that many Tamil businesses were forced to give money towards the celebrations, and this news is from “Reliable sources”. This may be true may not be true, however when we hear such news we need to think rationally and responsibly before we spread it around, Sometimes, in times of sadness, desperation and anxiety the, truth is often exaggerated and taken out of context. We all remember, back in SL at a big match we generally have a “hat collection” to pay for our celebrations. This has been a culture. Every Christmas, New-year, Vesak or during Vel Festival, the garbage collectors, the postal workers etc go house-to-house collecting money for celebrations. It is not an unusually thing to happen. The people who have not experience this should not be alarmed and portrait such incidents as “discrimination and harassment”.

    I ask those who receive this mail, to support me in achieving a united and equal Sri Lanka for all who were born there. One day I wish to return to the country of my birth and live as an equal citizen in peace and harmony.

    How can you help? Tamils should reach out to the Sinhalese and speak about the grievance you have, and ask them to help you achieve security and equality. My, Sinhalese friends should reach out to a Tamil and unconditionally trust them and help them achieve security and equality. We, Tamils have to realise that this is the only nation that Sinhalese is spoken, and we should respect that, win their trust and respect in return.


    Mohan Sekaram


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    An avowed anti-democrat praying for ‘democracy’. How interesting.

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    Article of Mano Sekaram is interesting to read only by the people like him or me who are still alive and enjoying freedom in some other country, not by the millions of affected people living there in srilanka. MR told the same thing in North – Forget the past and start from the scratch but i will not return your Gold or lost lives. We are all humans not God. This election is only to remove MR and help poor singhalese who are struggling for daily food and pure drinking water and our usual clean air, not to get justification for the unlawfull killings. Vote for Mithiry this time.

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    Rev Fr Emmanuel’s statement has been made – I believe- to clarify to the
    Tamil speaking voters certain doubts created by the diaspora media globally, about the Press Statement released by the Global Tamil Forum
    (GTF) on 24/12 regarding the Presidential Election, Rev FR SJE being the President. The Press release basically covered the following:

    i) strongly urged that every Tamil speaking person to use every vote
    ii) the fundamental question facing the electorate is whether
    Sri Lanka should continue to steer in the same path or whether
    change sholud happen at this juncture to stop & reverse this
    iii) GTF urged every Tamil speaking person up & down the Country to
    fully participate in this decision and to vote in this Election.

    Subsequent to the release of this statement many questions have been
    riased in the Diaspora Media why GTF has not been more prescriptive
    and querried their Judgement why the Tamil speaking people must
    vote.It has befallen on the Father to respond to these questions.
    It is clear from his statement that he feels sad that the (opposing)
    Candidate and his promoters do seem to be merely concerned about the
    failiure of Democracy and rule of Law in Sri Lanka and no mention
    has been made about even the post war atrocities;however being a
    priest , he has pronounced that ” the Tamils,for the good of the
    country and all its people at heart, wish the triumph of democracy
    and rule of Law;it is with this spirit that the Tamil speaking
    people have been called to exercise their franchise for the survival
    of Democracy & Law”.

    Hence it is inconcievable why there should be so many rather unkind
    statements being made in the comments; I am more concerned about the
    foolhardy statement from “Nirmalan”- and if I am correct about his
    identity, being a responsible member of the Executive Team of the
    BTF to make such an irrelevant and shameful comment.

    Tony Francis UK

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    I may have my disagreements with Rev. Emmanuel but his call to exercise the franchise for the survival of democracy and rule of law is noteworthy. This speaks of volumes. More than the cry for separation it is still a call to exercise the civic duty in one country. I hope in that sense there would be some agreement in safeguarding the dignity of minorities in this country and the amity of all communities.

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    Some one has commented “In the north, it is not just the army is destroying the democracy, even TNA is doing that. It is not just Army is manipulating the voters, even TNA doing it by issuing harsh penalty for its members to use their freedom to speak”. I think he is referring to the disciplinary action the TNA (more precisely ITAK) has taken against two of its members who instead of resolving issues within the party, went to hold a press conference in which both accused the leadership of many sins. Such open defiance of the ITAK’s policies and actions cannot be tolerated under the cloak of freedom of speech. That is not the way organizations and political parties function. As for the preposterous claim by Mano Sekaram “Security forces are doing a tremendous job and one of the most wonderful things to see is the relationship that the security forces have built with the people. They are working side by side to restore the North. I witnessed and experienced the commitment from the forces to help the people rebuild their lives. Indeed the relationship is such that in my opinion General Hathurusinghe (Jaffna Commander) would have got more votes than Minster Douglas Devananda if he had contested the last LG election in Jaffna.” If this is a fact how come the Thamil people have voted against Mahinda Rajapaksa and his party both during the presidential and parliamentary elections? I the forces have done a tremendous job should they not voted for Rajapaksa with both hands? The fact of the matter is the Thamil people to the last man (exception Douglas Devananda) considered the army as an occupation force lording over the conquered Thamils! There were accusations against the army of sexual violence against young girls, harassment of ordinary people, arbitrary arrest and detention, summary punishment for minor offences etc.

    Fr.S.J.Emmanuel is a true Christian who loves mankind irrespective of their race, creed or language. The GTF call asking Thamil people of the North and East to vote carefully for the survival of democracy and rule of law is the most sensible appeal from any of the Thamil Diaspora organization. If we have real democracy, if every citizen of the country irrespective of his race or the language he speaks is treated equally more than half the problem faced by the Thamil people will be solved. It is lack of democracy and the rule of law under Mahinda Rajapaksa that drove 53.12% of the voters to vote against him as against only 42.12% during 2010 election. This is a difference of mimes 11%. This was a complete reversal of the 2010 elections which he won by a big margin 57.88% in favour and 41.28 % against. So let us hope the new president will keep his word and turn a new page in the fractured and acrimonious history of the Island.

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