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Threats To Sri Lanka After Ending Insurgency & Terrorism

By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera

Asanga Abeygoonasekera

Asanga Abeygoonasekera

The terrorist organization LTTE for nearly three decades disturbed our society with many assassinations of innocent civilians including our Presidents R. Premadasa who was killed by a suicide attack on 1st of May along with many innocent civilians gathered for the international labour day, Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam a Sri Lankan tamil and a distinguished scholar loved by many from Harvard University was brutally assassinated outside his residence by a suicide attack, national security Minister Lalith Athulathmudali another popular politician who studied in this University Harvard, our late foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar who tirelessly worked to declare LTTE as a terrorist group was brutally assassinated and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi are few among the brutal assassinations carried by the terror group. With great assistance from many international nations including United States we finally managed to defeat LTTE in 2009. A great achievement for the entire nation and for all communities who lived in fear everyday.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world to have defeated a fully blown terrorist campaign and an insurgency. For this terrorist group LTTE most of its support infrastructure was located in the West notably in Canada and in the UK, countries hosting large Tamil communities. After the LTTE was dismantled in Sri Lanka in May of 2009, the government stabilized the conflict affected areas by investing in humanitarian assistance, socioeconomic development and in political engagement.

Tamil DiasporaThe LTTE leaders who fled Sri Lanka attempted to revive the LTTE network overseas five years after the defeat. However,the Government of Sri Lanka under UN Security Council Resolution 1373 proscribed 15 LTTE fronts with effect from 1st April 2014. The order enabled funds, assets, economic resources belonging to or owned by the designated persons and entities to remain frozen until the removal of their names from the designated list. The designated persons and entities were identified by reviewing documents recovered from LTTE archives. They were the facilitators, propagandists, recruiters, fundraisers, procurement officers and shipping managers of the LTTE. Today, they are prohibited from moving, transferring or dealing with frozen assets without the permission of the Competent Authority. The seriousness of the Order was conveyed to nations where these foreign terrorist organizations and persons are now domiciled.

In early 2005, with the formation of a new Sri Lankan government under President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, the relations with India and west dramatically improved. Nonetheless, the LTTE is continuing to mount pressure on the government to deproscribe its fronts overseas. A segment of the Tamil National Alliance, the defacto political wing of the LTTE that politically recognized the LTTE as the sole representatives of the Tamils, electorally supported Sirisena to come to power and wanted Rajapaksa to be defeated. The hardline elements within TNA benefitted from the LTTE fronts and was influenced by the fronts overseas that is calling for separatism. Some members of the TNA receive funds from LTTE fronts overseas. Today, the LTTE front support the TNA hardliners campaign of Tamil nationalism and not reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

In April 2015, under political pressure the new government announced that they will review the ban on the LTTE fronts but the Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera announced that the ban on the LTTE will continue. The LTTE personalities and entities listed project themselves as activists and diaspora organizations. But it is they that supported three decades of violence and now propagate an ideology of revenge and not reconciliation. The LTTE fronts call for war crimes investigations of the security forces that ended terrorism when they supported the LTTE that perpetrated atrocities, war crimes and terrorism. These organizations largely located in the west are:

The Foreign Terrorist Organizations with the gazette notification numbers are:

01. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a.k.a LTTE a.k.a Tamil Tigers – EN/CA/2013/01
02. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization a.k.a TRO. – EN/CA/2013/02 (Sri Lanka & Overseas)
03. Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a TCC – EN/CA/2013/03
04. British Tamil Forum a.k.a BTF – EN/CA/2013/04 (Operating from London, UK)
05. World Tamil Movement a.k.a WTM – EN/CA/2013/05 (Operating from Canada)
06. Canadian Tamil Congress a.k.a CTC – EN/CA/2013/06 (Operating from Canada)
07. Australian Tamil Congress a.k.a ATC – EN/CA/2013/07 (Operating from Australia)
08. Global Tamil Forum a.k.a GTF – EN/CA/2013/08 (Operating from UK)
09. National Council Of Canadian Tamils a.k.a NCCT a.k.a Makkal Avai – EN/CA/2013/09 (Operating from Canada)
10. Tamil National Council a.k.a TNC – EN/CA/2013/10 (Operating from Norway, Italy , Switzerland, France, Canada.)
11. Tamil Youth Organization a.k.a TYO – EN/CA/2013/11 (Operating from Australia)
12. World Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a WTCC. – EN/CA/2013/12
13. Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam a.k.a TGTE – EN/CA/2013/13
14. Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly a.k.a TEPA – EN/CA/2013/14
15. World Tamil Relief Fund a.k.a WTRF – EN/CA/2013/15
16. Headquarters Group a.k.a HQ Group – EN/CA/2013/16

Sri Lanka is a case study to understand and defeat insurgency and terrorism. With international failures in Iraq and Afghanistan to restore peace and stability, the Sri Lankan case is instructive. To end politically motivated violence, political will is paramount. Without political will at the highest level, insurgency and terrorism could not have ended. Furthermore, without political will reconciliation between the communities would not be possible. For instance, Sri Lanka’s terrorist and insurgent rehabilitation program has been hailed as a global success and a model for the world. Contrary to the western narrative, there was no civil war in Sri Lanka. There was perfect harmony between the communities except when provoked by the power hungry politicians and terrorists. Today, it is paramount for Sri Lanka to learn from Afghanistan and Iraq and not to dismantle the security platform in the north and east. Similarly, the government should continue to build reconciliation programs to engage communities between north and south and east and west. Government and the international community should never take peace for granted but steadfastly work to seed and sustain peace in previous conflict zones as long as terrorist fronts still survive and linger on Western soil.

*This paper was presented at the US South Asia Leader Engagement Program organized by National Defense University Washington (NESA) and Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge Massachusetts USA, on 28th April

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  • 9

    Asanga Abeyagoonasekera –

    RE: Threats To Sri Lanka After Ending Insurgency & Terrorism

    After LTTE Threats To Sri Lanka After Ending Insurgency & Terrorism, Threats To Sri Lanka started with Mahinda Rajapaksa Family Dictatorship and robbery & Terrorism.

    Have You heard about White Vans?

    BBS, Aluthgama?

    What Happened to those Terrorists? They are still at lerge.

  • 13

    Asanga Abeyagoonasekera baby

    What is new in your typing? What is your point if there is one?

    “A great achievement for the entire nation and for all communities who lived in fear everyday.”

    It is a humangos achievement by VP, Hindia and Uncle Sam.

    Under the Foreign Terrorist Organizations please add the following:

    Conservative party
    The New Labour Party
    The Liberal Party
    Scottish National Party (for being a separatist party)
    Various Hindu Temples
    Various Tamil owned shops
    Scotland Yard (for not arresting Mrs Balasingam)
    CT (for not campaigning against democracy)


    Both A Amirthalingam (former opposition leaders of Parliament) Yogeshwaran (MP)are absent in your list. Both were assassinated by LTTE. Is it a deliberate omission on your part?

    “the government stabilized the conflict affected areas by investing in humanitarian assistance, socioeconomic development and in political engagement.”

    And people were herded into camps not fit for human habitat, many are still missing, abused by the members of armed forces ………. etc. The state still refuses to give a comprehensive list of those who surrendered to the security forces,……

    “The hardline elements within TNA benefitted from the LTTE fronts and was influenced by the fronts overseas that is calling for separatism.”

    Could we have some names, how those elements benefited from LTTE elements, which overseas front is calling for separatism, ……..?

    “The LTTE fronts call for war crimes investigations of the security forces that ended terrorism when they supported the LTTE that perpetrated atrocities, war crimes and terrorism.”

    Even MR appointed Army officers and another commission to investigate war crimes perpetrated by the armed forces. Why shouldn’t the diaspora which lost many of their kith and kin in this war demand an independent investigation.

    Any war crime investigation should cover period from 5th April 1971 to date.

    “Contrary to the western narrative, there was no civil war in Sri Lanka.”

    If it was not civil war what was it?

    “There was perfect harmony between the communities except when provoked by the power hungry politicians and terrorists.”

    When did this harmony end? Year 1956, 1958, 1961, 1974, 1977, 1981, 1983, …. By whom? Who were those power hungry politicians?

  • 11

    Can you please prove that,
    1) TNA is receiving funds from LTTE front organisations
    2) Sri lankan forces never committed mass war crimes against Tamil civilians (UN says sri lankan forces are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Tamil civilians during the last phase of civil war)
    3) All listed Tamil organisations are engaged in terrorism related activities (Current Sri Lankan foreign minister have talked about removing the ban on many of these organisations)
    This is a garbage written by a modern sinhala chauvinist who intentionally avoid the causes for Tamil struggle such as government sponsored pogroms on Tamil people since 1956, alleged bombing and shelling, white van disappearances etc etc
    Cant believe this fake bullshit that represents racist sinhala agenda was presented in a conference.

  • 10

    Nice effort.
    But your starting line would have attracted many readers many, many years ago. Today that song does not work.

    Today there maybe a few among the Sinhala masses who would like to read what you’ve written further. But then again, they cannot read unless it is in Sinhala.

    Guess what, those masses who were deceitfully and deliberately denied the education understand that very well and will rise against the people who denied them that. That will look really bad.

    Anyway, continue with your work. I can enjoy the comments.

  • 7

    Lets talk about reconciliation an integration now.

    Quite a bit has been done to ensure this by MS.

    1 civilian governor appointed in North
    2 visiting North and having discussions with CM
    3 releasing land in Sampur
    4 reducing service personnel in the North
    5 appointment of a Tamil national as Chief Justice

    A lot more should be done.

  • 6

    What a disappointment to those who wants real reconcilliation among all the different communities in Sri Lanka. A scholar of Asanga’s calibre writing a biased article in support of MR and his policies and his regime . He never talks about the plight of the civilians who were displaced or their lands taken forcefully under the pre -text of maintaing security and territorial integrity.

    Keeping the armed forces is one thing but at what scale is another thing . It is 6 years since the war was over, Why the Armed Forces need so much land to keep the armed forces in the NE which are almost 99 % or predominantly Sinhalese. ? Why the armed forces are involved in medium to large scale farming, fishing and other businesses ? Why can’t the owners of these farmlands get them back ? Why can’t they earn a living through their tradional farming ? Why are they not allowed to go back to their broken or demolished houses so that they can rebuild their homes and bring up their kids and families with self respect and economically independent from the armed forces or the state and thus contributing to the national economy ?

    All these are basic or fundamental needs for reconcilliation. Why these did not happen from 2010 to 2015 ? If such things have happened why International Observers or media were allowed to go and see and report to rest of Sri Lanka and the world.

    What Asanga is advocating is only through large scale occupation of the armed forces in the North & East, a reconcilliation under the major Italian rule can be imposed.

  • 1

    It will be interesting to see how much abuse this article will attract.

    • 9


      “It will be interesting to see how much abuse this article will attract.”

      Abuse, where abuse is due. This article should receive a lots of it.

      Have we learnt any new knowledge from this writer?

      • 0


        “Have we learnt any new knowledge from this writer?”

        Actually we have not but it is intended for people abroad who know less than we do or know nothing. This is the reason it is dangerous.

  • 6

    lol.. i think this guy wanted to take the role of our so called expert and prof in terrorism who is in singapore. He blundered previous gov with his imagination and this guy trying to take.. nothing new in this article as mahinda and co. was telling in last presidential election campaign…

  • 11

    Lakshman Kadirgamar was not killed by LTTE. But an insider job to stop him becoming Prime Minister.

    Who killed Maheswaran, Fernandopulle, Sivaram, aEditor of the Sunday Leader and many other journalis, VP’eleve year old son, Isai Priya , scores of LTTE leaders who surrendered, tens of thousands of civilians who were cornered in to the NFZ. Kethis Loganathan etc etc why are these killings missing from you list

    Are these killing not terrorist activities.

    What is the point of your article!

  • 6

    Asanga Abeygoonasekera

    Keep your bullshit to yourself. It is no great qualification to gloat “This paper was presented at the US South Asia Leader Engagement Program organized by National Defense University Washington (NESA) and Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge Massachusetts USA, on 28th April”.

    LTTE terrorism was born (really it started as a struggle for human rights) only as a reaction to the genocidal policies followed by the Sinhala Buddhist dominated Governments from 1948. You may be aware of the number of pogroms executed against Tamils, the worst being that of 1983. By the way I am no Tamil, and I have no sympathy for the separatist cause of some of them. I dare say however that many holders of Office in every Sinhala Buddhist Government enormously benefited politically and FINANCIALLY by the resistance of the Tamil People. Every innocent bus commuter, the farmer and school teacher getting violently killed was a small price that the politicians were WILLING to pay.

    It so happened that 2009 saw the defeat of LTTE, because Rajapaksa made a tactical error by thinking he could become a hero by defeating Prabakaran, and calculating that the country will be so grateful to him personally and that he will be the Maharajano for ever, if he terminated Prabakaran. Terminating Prabarakaran was seen by Rajapaksa as sacrificing small benefits like collecting commission on weapons purchases, in exchange for the Big Prize – the Coronation of Rajapakse as Ruler for Life. Just like the 2015 election gamble, Rajapaksa lost the Coronation gamble too.

    Before you make stupid suggestions like Sri Lanka should learn from the case history of Iraq and Afghanistan I ask you to educate yourself about the role of the Government of USA from 1982 onwards up to now, in furtherance of the Project for New American Century (PNAC). The Youtube is full of it. For starters read Susan Lindaur, a CIA asset, who was mentally tortured, imprisoned, and accused for crimes under Patriot Act, solely because she spoke the truth about PNAC – the truth being that 9/11 was done by the gang led by Dick Cheney, Vice President. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G43zl4fzDQg.

    • 9


      Asanga Abeygoonasekera baby has the full potential to grow into another Dayan (war monger, war crime denier,….).

      Please don’t stop him.

      • 0

        If the writer is a son or close relative of the late Ossie A please let him know Ossie held far more liberal views on the Tamil
        National Question. He came from cosmopolitan Kotahena (Cbo North) and had many friends in the minority communities. He was in a way sympathetic to the Tamil cause although, like many, he did not subscribe to their violence that followed. Sadly, he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time at Thotalanga in those meaningless and dangerous days.

        R. Varathan

    • 2

      So Asanga, this essay you submitted to the universities did it achieve the results you expected. Sweet heart, have you heard of balanced reporting?
      Why don’t you start all over again by researching the things pointed out by the commenters to your thread. Trust me, there is a well of knowledge here.
      Forget your contribution to the political arena in Sri Lanka. In my opinion, you don’t have the potential. Look at MS. He did not go to the places you have been. But he is brilliant in his moves, though I am not sure how dedicated he is in bringing in ethnic harmony. You following the path of MR and the like, audaciously coming out with nasty stuff are far from making a good name for your self. Why don’t you get the second opinion of some professors? By the way, there are some excellent researchers in the same institutions you have mentioned. Your material will support their studies on the fear psychosis of one race in a multi-ethnic, multi-racial people of Sri Lanka.

    • 1

      ” It is no great qualification to gloat “

      I agree, but there is still a concerted effort by the likes of this author to attempt to silence the Tamil Diaspora by trying to associate legitimate Diaspora organisations with terrorism. This so-called ‘presentation’ has to be seen in that light. It is not targeted at an informed audience but propaganda material in an attempt to convert the less informed in the west. Let him gloat to the easily impressed Sri Lankans about presenting papers to American Universities, but this false rubbish to naive Americans can be dangerous.

  • 2

    Asanga Baby….

    Sri Lanka is not the only nation to beat separatists.

    India got rid of Khalistan rebels, Russians beat Chechnya separatists,………


    • 1


      Nigerians beat the hell out of Biafrans brought the civil war to conclusion in 1970 with immense cost to the people..

  • 4

    TERROIST is beautiful name invented by Big Nose Emperor J R Jayawardena…..

    Every May Day rally J R barked next year there will be no more terrorism …he he he

    When he finished his term he told his own Sinhalese ..state can not protect you ..you have to protect yourself… he he he

    The biggest joke of this JR at his death bed was …if I am in power today I will fight for Tamils rights..he he he (Late Colvin R.D.Silva …N.M.Perera also told the same at their death bed)…..

    Today Terrorism is a popular political brand for Sinhala leaders and Buddhist Ayatullahs…..

    So when they will attack..kill..loot and rape …Tamils must accept …if they react Terrorists……

    Unfortunately this T today has grown up to a big monster…….it is your creation….

    Remember the story Wolf and Shepard ?????


  • 1

    The biggest threat to developing countries today is ‘economic terrorism’ carried out by politically connected fraudsters who rob and plunder state resources which would otherwise have gone towards poverty alleviation and infrastructure development .

  • 3

    “””Threats to Srilanka after ending Terrorism & Insurgency””
    I don’t know how you defind Terrorism but the State Terrorism and Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism are two main causes for Terrorism and Insurgency in Srilanka. The destuction and the number of people murdered or assainated or massacred by the State Terrorism & Insurgency are paramount. The international community clearly pointed out that war crimes are committed by State Terrorism. Unless there is an end to State Terrorism and Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism, there is no end to Terrorism.

  • 1

    Quite impressive the abuse. Not up to the level dished out to Dayan however. But keep writing otherwise, Sri Lankans have short memories and will soon forget the 26 years of terror and leave the door open for a repeat.

    • 1


      “But keep writing otherwise, Sri Lankans have short memories and will soon forget the 26 years of terror and leave the door open for a repeat.”

      It appears Sri Lankans have no memory at all about the terror which people had suffered didn’t start 32 years ago but continued since 5th April 1971.

      Leave the door to Hindians.

  • 0

    Without political will at the highest level …… Hmmm! If only the politicos had it, insurgency and terrorism (politically motivated violence) would not have visited the Paradise. The young author would greatly benefit from studying the country’s political history at least from 1949 to 1977. The greatest threat to Sri Lanka does not come from outside but from within – the fear of the ‘other’. Accepting that Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society will eliminate entrenched inequalities, help deal with the past and lead to unimaginable prosperity for all its peoples.

    • 1

      The Tamil and Sinhala politicians have to share the blame equally.

      Sinhala politicians wanted to insult humiliate and degrade the Tamils, to appear as “heroes” to their electorates.

      Tamil politicians wanted to do everything possible to appear as the brave warriors of days gone past.

      Both sides were committed to their ‘vote hunt’, and did not want to take the common sense approach to talk to each other and find accommodation.

      Muslim leaders too have been no better. I watched a recent video where Rauf Hakeem was delivering his histrionics with appropriate body language to a Muslim audience, that he is a King Maker in Sri Lanka. He is not an idiot, but was on a determined Muslim Vote hunt, and he didn’t have an iota of concern for the interest of his voters.

      Sinhala, Muslim, Tamil politicians are all the same. The presence of clergy on their stage says it all. Kotelawala said ‘unge oluwe thara gaanna oney’.

      Only if the likes of D.S.Senanayaka and Solomon Bandaranike and their Tamil counterparts were not born, Sir Lanka would have today been 10 times more prosperous than Singapore.

  • 1

    Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, Where do you come from with this new discovery. There is other side of the coin you missed to see theother side. It is clear you became a messanger for someone. Remember;
    Two wrongs cannot make one Right.

  • 3

    Hi Asanga Abeygoonasekera Please get your facts right before writing such rubbish. Do you people or the Srilanka government that, still needs sympathy from International community? Will you with an open mind analyse why and who had created the LTTE? “Every act has an equal and opposite reaction. State terrorism was the cause, any doubt? ” Newton’s 3rd law” gravitational sequence. It seems that you have had a myopic view and biased perception on these events. 30 years for you but for the Tamils it is 67 years of terror. 30 years prior to your 30 years and 6+ years after the so called brutal war ended in 2009. Moreover your content in this article seemed to be flawed, it appears as if you have cribbed from Rohan Gunaratne’s so called research papers that were used by M R’s government propaganda. They were used just before the war stared in April 2006 to get the sympathy and help from 20 odd countries who did help to defeat the weakened LTTE. LTTE did not have the ‘will to fight’ after 2001. That was why the CFA was called in December 2001 and again in December 2002. Defection of Karuna and his 6000 strong men made LTTE vulnerable on the battle field. Also many senior men were decommissioned by 2002. Many as 5000 Karuna’s men infiltrated in March 2009 on MR’S request to his minister Karuna. These men acted as spy’s reporting all moves by LTTE to corner the Sinhala army. Finally shooting at Tamil civilians to disgrace LTTE.

  • 2

    Asanka needs to grow up. He has presented the paper laced with lies and half truths.

    Asanka cannot eat the cake and have the cake simultaneously. If it is true that Mahinda Rajapaksa has eliminated LTTE terrorism, then why ban Tamil Diaspora Orgs And 424 individuals? If a baby in politics know that you cannot destroy terrorism by issuing gazette notifications. If that is so the LTTE should have been eliminated or banished after the Anti-Terrorism law enacted by J.R. Jayewardene in 1979. For terrorism to raise its head there must be concrete political, economical and social conditions. It cannot be created in the vacuum. The systematic and deliberate discrimination of Thamils in the sphere of employment, language rights, admission to schools of higher learning, the series of pogroms in 1956, 1958, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983 gave birth to the LTTE. LTTE was countering state terrorism with violence since all non-violent protests and demonstrations failed. Asanka claims “After the LTTE was dismantled in Sri Lanka in May of 2009, the government stabilized the conflict affected areas by investing in humanitarian assistance, socioeconomic development and in political engagement.” Can he tell us the nature of the political engagement after May 18 and up to January 08, 2015? Asanka also lists the names of individuals assassinated by the LTTE conveniently omitting those killed by the army during the war years.
    On the evening of May 18th the following top ranking LTTE cadres surrendered to the army.

    (1) K.V. Balakumar and his son Sooriyatheepan
    (2) V. Ilankumaran (alias Baby Subramanian) Head of the Thamil Eelam Education Department. His wife Vettrichchelvi and daughter Arivumathy.
    (3) Yogaratnam Yogi in charge of ’Institute for Conflict Research’ in Vanni
    (4) Poet Puthuvai Ratnadurai, Coordinator of LTTE Arts and Cultural Department
    (5) K. Paappa, Coordinator LTTE Sports Department
    (6) Rajah (Chempiyan) Assistant Coordinator LTTE Sports Department and his 3 children
    (7) Ilanthirayan, LTTE Military spokesman
    (8) Veerathevan, Coordinator LTTE Bank
    (9) S.Thangkan, Political Wing Deputy Chief
    (10) Aruna, Thamil Eela Education Department
    (11) S. Naren, Asst. Executive Head of TRO
    (12) Kuddy, Head of the LTTE Transport Department
    (12) Piriyan, Head of Administrative Service Department and his family
    (13) V. Poovannan, Head of the Administrative Service Division of the LTTE
    (14) Thangaiah, Administrative Service Department
    (15) Malaravan, Administrative Service Department
    (16) Pakirathan, Administrative Service Department
    (17) Reha, Head of LTTE Medical Division
    (18) Selvarajah, Commander Manal Aru Head Quarters
    (19) Bhaskaran, Commander Manal Aru Head Quarters
    (20) Major Lawrance
    (21) Major Kumaran
    (22) Prabha, Batticaloa District Commander
    (24) Rupan, Coordinator of Supplies
    (25) Babu, Coordinator of Jewellery Business
    (26) Ilamparithy, Executive Head of Political Wing
    (27) Elilan, Head of Trincomalee Political Wing
    (28) Vijitharan, Executive Secretary, Political Wing
    (29) Major Veeman
    (30) Sakthy, Coordinator Forestry Division and his family
    (31) E.Ravi, Charge of Houses
    (32) Sanjai, Mulliyavalai Divisional Political Wing Coordinator
    (33) Para Ratha, Coordinator Justice Department
    (34) Kumaravel, Coordinator Air Force Security
    (35) Chithrankan Malathy, Commander Manal Aru District
    (36) Suhi, Commander
    (37) Arunan, Major Sea Tigers
    (38) Manoj – Medical Department
    (39) Lawrance, Finance Department
    (40) Lawrance Thilakar, Coordinator TRO Planning Department
    (41) Karikalan, former Commander, Eastern Province
    They were taken by the army in vehicles after telling their spouses and relatives they are being taken for an inquiry and they will be released. How soon? Up to now there whereabouts are not known. Both the foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe say there are no secret camps/detention centres holding LTTE surrendees. If this is a fact then the conclusion is irresistible they are not among the living. They have been murdered by the army in cold blood. Their bodies have been dumped in secret graves!

    • 0

      Your response deserves to be sent to the US South Asia Leader Engagement Program, National Defense University Washington (NESA) and Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge Massachusetts USA,
      adding the study captioned- ‘Sinhala Buddhist Nationalist Ideology ‘-published in 2007 by the East-West Centre in Washington,

      ‘This study argues that political Buddhism and Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism have contributed to a nationalist ideology that has been used to expand and perpetuate Sinhalese Buddhist supremacy within a unitary Sri Lankan state; create laws, rules, and structures that institutionalize such supremacy; and attack those who disagree with this agenda as enemies of the state.
      The nationalist ideology is influenced by Sinhalese Buddhist mytho-history that was deployed by monks and politicians in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries to assert that Sri Lanka is the designated sanctuary for Theravada Buddhism, belongs to Sinhalese Buddhists, and Tamils and others live there only due to Sinhalese Buddhist sufferance. This ideology has enabled majority superordination, minority subordination, and a separatist war waged by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

      The study suggests both LTTE terrorism and the ethnocentric nature of the Sri Lankan state, which resorts to its own forms of terrorism when fighting the civil war, need to be overcome if the island is to become a liberal democracy…..’

  • 0

    The reality of threats to Sri Lanka since defeating the LTTE is a hard fact. The previous government did not publish these incidences to prevent the loss of investor confidence, and to enhance economic development. Those that want to do an Ostrich – head in the sand will live in a permanently deluded state. As much as the chappie that says Kadiragarmar was not killed by LTTE (lol). If people have even a basic knowledge of the security issues and threats to Sri Lanka since May 2009 – would know of the attempts on the life of the president at the time, and the assassination conducted in the East by the LTTE network in India in 2010, and the 3 networks that were dismantled in the run up to 2014. If you dont go find out – without displaying your pathetic ignorance.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    [Edited out] Please write instead of posting blog links – CT

  • 0

    A few LTTE fan boys, like ISIS fan boys have written criticizing Asanga’s contribution. We must never allow the LTTE to reemerge as they took Sri Lanka thirty years back. If Mangala Samaraweera, our Minister of Foreign Affairs deproscribe LTTE fronts overseas, the LTTE will reemerge in Sri Lanka – I am 100 percent sure. The Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum, Australian Tamil Congress, Canadian Tamil Congress and others proscribed under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 consist of members who supported terror in my beautiful Sri Lanka. This terror killed 100,000 Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. The LTTE cannot operate as LTTE – the LTTE always operate through fronts! Why do you want to legalize these terrorist fronts? Why? I beg of you, KEEP THEM WHERE THEY ARE, Mr Minister!

  • 0

    The Government of Sri Lanka is planning to delist LTTE fronts NOT Diaspora organizations! Are you sure? As a Canadian Tamil, I celebrated the death of the LTTE – we were forced to fund terrorism. Today I am shocked and surprised why Chandrika Kumaratunge-Mangala Samaraweera want to de-list the LTTE fronts [Edited out]

  • 0

    Is it true that the Sirisena-Wickramasinghe Government was elected with the support of the TNA-LTTE? is that why, they must please their electoral partner – TNA-LTTE by delisting the LTTE fronts masquerading as “diaspora organizations”? I thank Asanga Abeygunasekera for bringing to our attention the threat of reemergence of the LTTE, LTTE-TNA link and why Maithripala Sirisena, Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunge, Mangala Samaraweera must not create the conditions for the reemerge of the LTTE. TNA has already replaced all the senior administrators and government officers with LTTE, TNA and other ultra Tamil nationalist supporters. With delisting of LTTE fronts, terrorism will take off with a bang!

  • 0

    Are you the son of the late Mr Ossie Abeygoonasekera? Mr Abeygoonasekera, like your father, you are a paragon of peace! As Executive Director of LKI you promoted reconciliation but you knew the insidious threat posed by the LTTE. The LTTE murdered your father but you are committed both to long term stability and security unlike some of politicians who will sell the country to stay in power. You must spearhead the campaign to educate Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe, Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, and Mr Mangala Samaraweera who do not understand the LTTE. They are playing with fire and fire will not only burn them but burn the whole country again!

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    My entire family living in Jaffna suffered from LTTE and later by IPKF in the 1980s. We migrated to the UK but we suffered from intimidation and extortion by LTTE fronts – the so called diaspora organizations. After LTTE UK leader Shanthan was arrested by New Scotland Yard for terrorist fund raising and procurement, the British Tamil Association that he led was renamed British Tamil Forum (BTF). The BTA and BTF operated out of LTTE HQ UK called Eelam House. When the war ended in 2009, BTF gave birth to Global Tamil Forum under Father SJ Emmanuel who worked at Eelam House and was an associate of Castro, LTTE international chief. I appeal to Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera not to delist the fronts that supported terror and sought to revive the LTTE. GTF show the face of human rights and talk of Tamil rights but they are terrorists in suits seeking political power and revenge for Sri Lanka ending the LTTE! The same way LTTE hoodwinked Madam Chandrika Kumaratunge, they will cheat and trick you into believing that they are diaspora organizations. They are not – they are simply LTTE!

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    Blimy ! If anybody wants proof that LTTE is alive and thriving just read the comments above. [Edited out]

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