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Tiran Alles And Emil Kanthan Faces Charges For Financing LTTE

Former Parliamentarian Tiran Alles and ex-LTTEer Emil Kanthan are to be indicted over the massive financial fraud at the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA).

Tiran Alles

Attorney General has recommended that a total of four persons, including Alles and Kanthan be indicted in the case. The recommendation was filed on Friday at the Colombo Fort Magistrate on the charges of misappropriating state funds.

RADA under the Chairmanship of Alles is alleged to have obtained Rs. 645 million from the Treasury to build houses for tsunami victims. However no houses were constructed.

In 2015, the Police confirmed that the funds collected by the organization were credited to Oomps textiles Ltd. – a fake company formed by three individuals identified as Shanthi Kumar, Gajan Kumar and their mother Anandi Shanthi Kumar. The Court was informed that through this company and two other bogus companies, a total of Rs. 125 million has been misappropriated. It was also mentioned that the State funds paid to Oomps Textiles Ltd. had been taken over by Alles and former LTTE-er Emil Kanthan.

The Court last year banned Alles from leaving the country, along with five other suspects for their alleged involvement in the fraud. However, in June this year, considering Alles’s medical reports, the Colombo High Court granted him permission to travel to Singapore for medical treatment for a maximum of two weeks. However, when Alles travelled to Singapore for medical treatment later in June, he was refused entry by immigration authorities, and was compelled to take a return flight back to Sri Lanka.

In 2012, through a US diplomatic cable it came to light that Alles had executed an affidavit detailing Basil Rajapaksa, Jayasundera and Weeratunga’s involvement in the arrangements with Emil Kanthan, who was a prominent Tamil businessman and suspected LTTE intelligence officer. Alles has deposited the original in a secure place accessible to his attorney. Further, Alles had recorded at least one of the meetings between Kanthan and Rajapaksa’s election team (Basil Rajapaksa, Jayasundera and Weeratunga) with his mobile phone’s video camera.

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