29 January, 2022


TNA’s Two Bonus Seats: To A Muslim And To A Woman And Not To Anandasangari

The Tamil National Alliance that won a historic mandate in Saturday’s provincial poll is mulling granting its two bonus seats on the Council to one of its unsuccessful Muslim candidates from Mannar and a female nominee, bypassing TULF Leader Anandasangaree, Colombo Telegraph learns.

V. Anandasangaree

It is reported that V. Anandasangaree who had unsuccessfully contested the elections from Kilinochchi where he was once MP, has sent feelers to the TNA about the option of entering the council on a bonus seat.

However it is unlikely the Tamil veteran politician will be successful in that endeavour, sources say.

“Other reports say that there is now a tussle for the 4 ministerships. The Health portfolio, it seems decided, will go to Dr. Sathiamoorthy who was elected from Vavuniya. Others hope to be appointed to one of the nominated seats and from that to the ministership. However some have offered the opinion that only those who contested and failed could be so appointed while others point to there being no such restriction for central ministerships. It should be a simple matter to resolve and one wonders if these are excuses to stall aspirants and buy time.” a TNA source told Colombo Telegraph.

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    Assumed Name Shankar-Mahadevan ( real name Soma Rama Thero)

    Bikku Machan Vanakam for your information ” Mahinthain Kalam Mudinchuthu”.

    Let us now try and dismantle you bit by bit and find out who you really are.

    You claim to be a Tamil and use a Tamils name to advance your racist propaganda but you are a Coward hiding behind a Tamil Name. Although you use a Tamil Name your message is Sinhalese and let me break it down.

    1)mportant thing is where is the budget for the NPC (MONEY)”
    Pluck it from the trees.
    alternatively print it like Bernanke.

    The above shows how ignorant you are you don’t know how a system under devolved power works. But who can blame you for not knowing this.

    2) Then why are some women having to sell their bodies to keep the home fires burning for their children.?

    I have already give you an answer for the above.

    3) Agree with you a muslim should be given at least one seat or even both.
    What the LTTE did to the muslims was a vile and shameful.
    I accept that you have a lot of Sympathies for the Muslims and I don’t criticise you for that.
    But I disagree with you when you say What the LTTE did to the muslims was a vile and shameful for the following reason.
    It was unfortunate that the Muslims were driven out. But it was a Freedom Struggle ( as a Sinhalese Racist you are not going to agree)and they brought it upon themselves by spying on the LTTE for the army. It was a question of you or me.

    4)kali,diaspora gave lavishly to the LTTE and no returns at all for it because it went up in a puff in nanthikadal,but from what i heard nothing much being given for the humanitarian needs after the war for which the diaspora also must take some responsibility.

    From the above two things are obvious:
    a) nanthikadal,
    The above word sounds similar to what Fat “Mama ” Fuk U Shima often utters and I have feeling that you are the Husband of the Smelly Fat ” Mama”. No harm done people fall in love even with mad women out of sympathy.
    b) A true Tamil will never utter those words. One of the recipients of the Money Given to LTTE was Karuna ( who killed thousands of your lot single handedly) with whom you are in bed now. So cut this crap.

    5) As for my identity which you sherlock kali has found out,yes i have to admit now,i am a homosapien.I have kept it hidden for so long now i feel much better to get it off my chest.I don’t know whether sinhalese also fall into that category,but if you want to call me a sinhalese,i am more than happy to accept it,or if you want to i don’t mind if you call me a tamil or a muslim.

    You have an identity crisis and as I said before a lot your countrymen have assumed Tamil Names for Tamil Bashing and it has become a fashion.
    6) and i have unmasked a madwoman.
    Yes you are right and that is none other than your wife Fat “Mama ” Fuk U Shima

    7) I heard that most of the early TULF were all lawyers because they were forced to enter politics because when they asked for the payment the got the fruits.

    The above doesn’t make any sense which raises the question about your intelligence.

    8) Piss off to israel if you love jews so much.We tamils consider the muslims a part of our dravidian family.Go to tamilnadu and see how the muslims are living there without any problems unlike in aryan north.

    The above is a sign of your undying love for your Fat “Mama” Fuk U Shima.

    But if you really are a Tamil the above revelations tell a different story

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      “Let us now try and dismantle you bit by bit and find out who you really are.”

      Since you are kali the goddess you should know who i’am.

      I’am who i am.

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    Foreign Vedda,

    You are an ostrich like the rest of your countrymen and see you after March 2014 and we would have parted company.

    Three months ago you said the same thing that there wont be any elections. Elections have come and gone


    You are confusing yourself with what the rules on FDI in India and your perception of it.

    Sri Lanka is not India. Hence it has its own weird idea of devolution, decentralisation and development.

    “We will get what we want in the end with International Help.”

    What you want to get with newly discovered International help? Why didn’t you get International help to protect your innocent people who were mercilessly killed by your Sinhala/Buddhist brethren?

    I am reliably told the International Community was in existence in 2009 too.

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      “Three months ago you said the same thing that there wont be any elections. Elections have come and gone”

      Did I?

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        Yes you did you have a very short memory.

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          Please quote me,

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