23 May, 2024


Transparency International Sri Lanka Punishes Corruption Whistleblower

Following a complaint about alleged corruption by high ranking officials of Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), the organization has moved swiftly to violate the very principles of the whistleblower policy that it helped develop, Colombo Telegraph learns.

TISL Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere

TISL Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere

In this case Ananda Jayasekara, an employee of TISL (until the 31st of July 2016) who developed a whistleblower policy with the participation of 60 trade union leaders which was accepted and adopted by 60 organizations including trade unions and TISL as well in late July, charges TISL of violating the said policy.

Moves against Jayasekara had apparently begun after a petition had been submitted to TISL Chairperson by Jayasekara, Shan Wijetunge and Jagth Liyana Arachchi alleging corruption (abuse of power, nepotism, favoritism and improper recruitment) with a request for an independent investigation. The whistleblowers alleged that TISL is not transparent and violates principles of good governance.

Colombo Telegraph learns that TISL had tasked its Chairperson, Lakshan Dias, and former Chairperson and present member of TISL board J.C. Weliamuna to investigate the allegations against its Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere. Whistleblowers had then pointed out that the independence of the investigation is compromised by the fact that Dias himself is a witness to the said allegations.

Jayasekara, who has worked for TISL for ten years continuously although under several contracts renewed periodically, was informed that he could continue to work for TISL in a different position if he wished or else be terminated with a ‘golden handshake’ of Rs 350,000. Jayasakera had demanded Rs 700,000, to which Dias had responded with a request that he lower the demand. Jayasekara had said he’s agreeable to reducing it by Rs 5,000.

On the night of Sunday the 31st of July, the day his contract expired, Jayasekera was summoned to TISL around 10.00 pm and given Rs 700,000. The contracts of Wijetunge and Liyanaar Achchi expire on the 31st of December 2016.

Read victim Jayasekara’s letter here

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Latest comments

  • 14

    Looks like TISL is ‘anything but’ transparent the way it is supposed to be.

    It does succeed, however, in being transparent about its own lack of transparency.

    • 0

      AS always, they don’t like it up ’em, do they?

  • 16

    Sri Lankans know how to muddle up,twist and turn any good system upside down once it enters our hands.

    We have done that with Buddhism, Democracy, Judiciary, Police and almost everything that involves fair play.

    So I am not in the least surprised about Transparency International Sri Lanka Chapter.
    We think that as long as the majority don’t mind it’s fine.

    No wonder the idea of having foreign Judges appeals to most with regard to having a credible investigation into war crimes.

    The fact is that when we have self-serving narrow minded bigots in charge of organizations, what else would you expect? Do you think such people have scruples? All they have is a smoke screen around them selves to protect their true beastly nature.

  • 4

    OMG !! Lakshan Dias is the Chairman of the TISL……….
    God help……..

    Was TISL so desperate that they could not find a better Chair Person for TISL.

  • 2

    The country is so full of bigots and beasts, that it is difficult to find decent humble individuals without skeletons rattling in their cupboards to head such impartial organizations demanding transparency.

  • 0

    having a wolf to look after the sheep it seems.

    get rid of the senior management.What results did they produce during the rajapakshe era.how transparent was the plunder taking place.How transparent are thay now?If they were doing their job,why is the coal fisco only coming out after a private citizen went to courts.

  • 0

    I am very proud of CT. When it means “without fear or favour” it just means that. Many cases, including that on Pakiasothy Saravamuthu, has given us a fair take on each of the cases CT has exposed or rather enlightened us. Thanks god that the lid on TI is off. It (TI) should change its name to Cover-up International. Real scums.

  • 1

    The actions of TSIL are commonplace in the world of NGOs. It’s very much a case of do as I say, not as I do.

    It is significant that a previous director, Welliamuna was a favourite of the AHRC.

  • 0

    What is Asoka Obeysekere doing at TSIL? Does not he live in the UK, a British Citizen.

  • 0

    I am becoming very suspicious of Mr. Weliamuna after he has appeared for one of the suspects in the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunga.

  • 1

    I recently watched a program (Face the Nation) where this particular person talked highly about the whistleblower clause that they have incorporated on the OMP act. Now they violate what they preach.

    Cannot trust these NGOs

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