4 December, 2023


Uduvil Girls’ College, Politics Of Education & The Challenges Facing Private Schools

By Niyanthini Kadirgamar and Esther Surenthiraraj

Images of the week-long protest held by the Students of Uduvil Girls’ College (UGC), filling the news last week, have spread beyond the community of Uduvil. The issue is now of wider social concern and has led to a debate about the role of private schools and future of education in Sri Lanka.

The students’ protest and demands received support from parents, and UGC alumni, although they were disregarded by the school’s Management Board. As tension mounted, other groups including the Ceylon Teachers Union expressed concern and condemned violent actions to suppress student dissent. Subsequently, the students appealed to various actors including President Sirisena himself, while he was on a visit to Jaffna. uduvil-girls-school-crisis

In the highly politicised and sensationalised reporting of the events, the concerns of the parents and students who are most impacted by the school were drowned out. Parents and students are concerned about the quality of education, of accountability for abuses against students, curtailing the interference of church politics, and democratising the management of the school.

At a time during which the reports of the event involve a focus on factional Tamil politics and political groups attempted to use these incidents for their own gain, we would like to bring into the discussion the demands of the students and parents, and situate the UGC students’ act of resistance amidst broader social concerns. The students’ courageous protests have created a moment for public reflection on the politics of education, privatisation, and the challenges of women’s education.

Uduvil Girls’ College and the church

Many Christian missionary schools were established in Jaffna in the 19th century. Among them, the American Ceylon Mission (AMC) was the first to establish missionary schools and an institution for higher studies in Jaffna. Such institutions became the centres from which individuals and communities emerged with strong institutional loyalties and commitment to communities. They served as educationists, government servants, priests and medical officers, as well as scholars and writers in the Tamil and English languages.

Stories of unforgettable personalities and admirable leaders are often recalled by the generations who have passed through these institutions. Although battered by the war, migration and multiple displacements, many of these institutions continue to survive, adapting themselves to socioeconomic and political conditions.

UGC was established in 1824 by the AMC, and became the first boarding school for girls in Asia. Institutions set up by the AMC later became affiliated with the Church of South India. Currently, both Jaffna College and UGC are managed by separate Boards of Directors that include members of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India (JD CSI), although funding for the school is provided by the parent body of the AMC in Boston.

The split within the church which occurred due to conflicts over the appointment of the present Bishop and the formation of another church (Church of the American Ceylon Mission), further complicates the structure and management of the school. Indeed, the history of missionary schools has had its share of strife and controversies. This is the context for the current crisis at UGC.

The issue has emerged in the public eye as one of disagreement over the decision to appoint a new Principal by the Board which argues that the current Principal has reached her retirement age, and a plea to reappoint her by those who are protesting this decision. However, the real problems of the school are deeply rooted in the structure and management of the institution. Behind the request for the extension of the term of the former Principal, in addition to acknowledging her valuable contribution, is the fear of a further deterioration of the school.

Private Schools and Accountability

Sri Lanka is at a crucial stage in deciding the future trajectory of its education system. While the present Government has promised a steady increase in spending on public education, efforts are being made for further privatisation of education. Student-led struggles to safeguard ‘free’ education are continuing to be waged. However, the larger push is for establishing private educational institutions. In this context, the protests at UGC have highlighted some of the challenges faced by private schools.

The management board is vested with the responsibility of running the school without disruptions and ensuring the safety of students. However, when the Board is incapable of dealing with the situation or unconcerned about students’ wellbeing, parents and students are left in a predicament.

When the management of the school is left in the hands of a few, mere personal interests can stifle the future of the school community, and the students in particular. Corruption and mismanagement of educational funds can also easily creep into the institution. Further, raising sufficient funds for private institutions is an important challenge. As the burden of paying teacher salaries is also borne by these schools, their long-term development is restricted.

It is evident that there is a need for greater accountability and for external oversight of private schools. However, it is unclear as to who has the authority to intervene in a crisis, as with the situation in that emerged at the UGC. Is there an interim role for the Government to ensure the functioning of the school, until a permanent solution can be implemented?

As to whether issues relating to private schools can be more efficiently handled at the provincial or State levels has to be carefully explored. The Private Schools Branch within the Ministry of Education has a limited mandate to ensuring the quality of education. Perhaps Provincial Governments can play a more active role in private schools. The assisted schools provision allows for more State oversight of these schools, although some have complained about excessive Government interference. All such concerns require further investigation and discussion in order to ensure greater accountability of existing private schools.

A place for women’s education

Missionary schools in Jaffna established during colonial times, especially for girls, have been reshaped by the sociocultural, political and economic influences of war. UGC too has undergone transformation, both in terms of the focus of education and socio-economic make-up of the student population. The school now serves a broader community with a higher percentage of lower middle-class and Hindu students. The ethos of women’s education in these Christian missionary institutions was centred mainly on grooming women to be ‘respectable’ and ‘efficient’ homemakers. However, they have had to rework themselves and their educational outcomes in the face of significant social change.

UGC students’ recent protest differs from the actions of the stereotypical woman produced through missionary education, as we see schoolgirls descending to the streets, lying in front of the school gate, challenging teachers who attempted to enter the school, and being vociferous in their demands. The very discourses that emerge against these actions (i.e. first learn to obey your teachers, get up off the street, behave yourselves) testify to the protest’s challenging of social norms.

Jaffna society and its leaders were ill-equipped to deal with the resistance by school girls and are forced to question the conditioning of women and their role in society. The protests have even gone beyond challenging the status quo in traditional Jaffna society. There seems to be a reworking of previously-held norms by these students, whose protest demand the inclusion of their voice into decisions made by the school’s management.

The incident goes so far as to make us challenge our own notions about children and their representation on the governing body of private educational institutions. The students’ protest at the retirement of their Principal could be read as a demand to recognise and give due place to them as key members not only in education, but in the management of their education as well.

A private Christian school in the Central District of Sri Lanka has included student representation in the board. It reflects the global ecumenical trend to give a bigger role and importance to children in churches and church affiliated institutions. If a school is run primarily for the purpose of educating children, why should they not be included in a democratic process of running school affairs? The political awareness with which the girls at UGC have reacted challenges us to rethink our own assumptions about children’s agency.

When ‘tuition syndrome’ took over schools in Jaffna, and focused only on attaining higher results in exams, UGC has stood out for providing an all-round education. The girls have excelled in sports and aesthetics, and music in particular is embedded in the tradition of the school. Even when the usually laidback, charming campus of Uduvil was shaken up last week, music filled the air. The girls resorted to singing familiar Tamil lyrics along with slogans of protest in spite of the violent verbal and physical abuse endured at the hands of teachers and others.

Hope for the future

The prolonged war did not only create polarisation between ethnic groups. It resulted in a complete disintegration of society and trust within the Tamil community. Living under the shadow of the gun and authoritarian politics, there was very little room for dissent or non-violent protests.

It is remarkable that in this backdrop, students of UGC have demonstrated the value of non-violent collective action, giving us hope for a different future. The sense of community, dedication towards the educational institution, and rejection of authoritarianism was visible in their protests and parents’ expression of solidarity for these actions. Therefore, the challenges in UGC require serious attention and a deeper reflection of social institutions and their relationship to democratisation.

Parents, teachers, alumni, churches and the community must rally around the students to ensure their education and future is not only secure, but also transformative. The leadership of a generation of girls with a progressive social outlook is at stake here.

*Niyanthini Kadirgamar and Esther Surenthiraraj are researchers with an interest in education

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  • 2

    AMC is a very old and a financially rich corporation in the USA, probably attached to the church. It looks AMC have handed the school over to the South Indian Church.

    School children had to be this rebellious means a sad situation. What happened to parents ?. why they are not active in the school management.

    I cannot believe if the Parent in boston is funding this school, why the School has to be a private school.

    For me, it looks it is fishy there. there may be lot of unexplained things here. Probably, parents and students are being exploited.

    Still, you guys did not give a detailed account about your needs.

    • 10

      I have been living in Jaffna for the last 12 months. Uduvil Girls’ College is a perfect example for Tamils’ collapsed leadership and management skills. Thirty years of brutal civil war made Tamils bankrupt in leadership and management skills. At this stage we can’t think about the devolution of power; if do, it will be a suicidal move.

    • 5

      Dear “jim softy”,

      The points made by you are mostly excellent, but they unfortunately come from a man who can be expected to find fault with everything coming fro Jaffna or from a Tamil source.

      However, I don’t find what you say about “Boston funding” at all amusing. Do you think that rich Americans exist only to be exploited by us? If you look at the much longer comment by me that has already appeared before this, you will find that I have detailed a quite horrendous situation that prevails in our areas. I have given very clear and accurate details. I’ve repeatedly sent text messages and emails to the personal address of the Bishop of Colombo, but he just doesn’t respond. I want to meet him, and discuss the situation in four schools that are considered very important by many people. He just won’t respond. Why?

      And why don’t you comment on what is happening so much closer to you? Don’t do it for me, do it for the future of your country, and mine. If you want to check on me, you could find out my address from the last comment on my last article. The Anglican Establishment is so powerful that even this independent website has stopped displaying comments that you may put in there. Try it and find out for yourself!

      May I seriously suggest that you post comments that make a difference, and that will make people think anew? I hope you don’t mind my saying that you too often shoot at sitting ducks.

      Best wishes for the long week-end!

      • 5

        And why don’t you comment on what is happening so much closer to you?

        For me what they saying are vague accounts of what is going on there.

      • 2

        Dear “jim softy”

        We both comment a good deal on various articles, and your very polite and decent response has put me in a spot, I must confess!

        The reason is that you have indicated that if you are given a clear case of dishonesty in some public institution “closer to you” then you would make some constructive comment on it. The problem is that I don’t know where you reside – but I’m not asking you to reveal that in specific terms! However, may I assume that you, like most of those who comment on CT, you reside somewhere in the suburbs of Colombo? Once I know that, we could even exchange e-mails so that we don’t go public without knowing exactly what we are handling. AND do look again at that long comment below to see what sort of guy that reveals me to be.

        Like most “English-speaking-Sri Lankans”, I can’t avoid getting to Colombo pretty often, but I live in Uva, and most of the specific things that I talk about are what I know pretty well. However, I too range further afield, but try NOT to talk about foreign countries. When I talk about a place like Jaffna, which I don’t know too well, it is usually about either ethnic affairs or education (I’m a retired teacher). On ethnic affairs, I usually call myself “Sinhala_Man” trying to send a very definite message: ALL of us Sri Lankans must work constructively to put our country right.

        When I write about “Education”, I’m always very specific, and I usually write under my real name. I have also written some articles on Education, and there you will see my photograph as well. I’m a pretty poor and humble guy, but I have been taking on some quite powerful forces. It would certainly help if a person with your wide knowledge and interests were to focus on some of the problems that I have dealt with.

        Now, having talked even more “vaguely”, and at great length, I will stop until I hear from you whether it is the Western Province that you live in. As I’ve already said, I appreciate your polite response to what may have been a rather irritating criticism of you. I hope that you recognise that now I have written ALMOST apologetically! So, please respond again – positively!

        • 2


          Where I am living is irrelevant here.

          What It stuck me is These are students and it looks they have some serious concerns about their education. These girls have so many issues. You can make a long list out of that. They simply summarize it by saying socio-economic issues as well as the present microculture in Jaffna.

          Certain things, I can not understand. It is funded by a rich church. Unlike Jaffna where the population is small both AMC and South Indian Church should have money. Then somewhere else, they say, there are financial concerns too when paying salaries.

          So, I really did not follow the article.

          • 0

            “”It is funded by a rich church. Unlike Jaffna where the population is small both AMC and South Indian Church should have money. “”

            “”So, I really did not follow the article. “”

            and you have the Gaul to pass a comment exposing Thannava pure greed??

            Mahabodhi you are still in your animal being why So??

            You are displaying you are a bigot by not seeing what is in front of you just like school teacher DJ. You don’t have courage to even come up with an article.

            HDI in southern states is high and the economy has undergone growth at a faster rate than most northern states. Literacy rates in southern states is higher than the national average with approximately 80% of the population capable of reading and writing. The fertility rate in South India is 1.9, the lowest of all regions in India.
            The staff and families at these colleges are not very rich but low middle class and highly qualified.

            The population of south india is what the church serves. 253,051,953 (253 million)and a density of 397/km2 equal to Lanka at 332/km2 and 20.8 million.
            you understand the significance of jesus feeding a multitude of people with just 2 fish?

            do you understand what is rich and the mouths to feed and bringing out the best in any nation it operates.

            I do know you are govi,
            but then it seems neither your parents/or guardian or teachers ever taught you never comment about matters you are not aware of.In this age of communication we never say i don’t know but always I will know soon.
            cut short the pavement hawker style replies and comments and chew what you can with reason only-

            Those who will not reason, are bigots,
            those who cannot, are fools, and
            those who dare not, are slaves.- Lord Byron.

            “Honest, efficient and effective governance – Are you talking about Tamilnadu where you are living.”
            you don’t read LKY who says Indians can never do it??
            You can never see straight . a retina can only see 2 dimension and the mind works it out for you to see the picture. what the f have you studied?? just mantara gurukam at mahabodhi USA?

            pol buruva I have no race there but you are nosing in others compound cabron.- and that is trouble water. they your masters for 1000’s of years sneeze you would shudder like what happened to gota even after getting his MSc from Nadu- he just associated anti nadu folk not knowing what new delhi and iron pillar mean because he like you did not try to learn the language to get by. you speak sinhala i respond in sinhala you speak hindi i respond in hindi you speak tamil i respond in tamil- i can get by anywhere in this world because i am a nomad. i would rather bomb both north and south and let there be peace for the rest of the folk to live and prosper.

            you are the limit though you sound a very decent person.
            Read the link and if you don’t understand you can ask please because I have traveled India 10 years and china 10 years i am a lucky man in this birth so i will not hurt you.
            If you cannot explode yourself in a tamil centre and be happy than exposing you private parts.

          • 0

            What is a “Rich Church”? Where does it get its money from? Why would they spend it on another society? Wouldn’t the motivations be different today from what they were in the 19th Century?

            If our society is to accept assistance should it be for an indefinitely long period? Just to get a start (i.e. for infrastructure) of for recurrent expenditure (i.e. for teachers’ salaries etc) as well?

            How much do we identify with the people of Jaffna? Most Sinhalese seem to think of Tamils as being not “us”: if so should we concern ourselves with issues faced by “them”? These are questions that we must ask ourselves.

            Jim, this was why I asked roughly where you live. It is the stakeholders in the school who have to decide on so many of the issues that have been raised. If we just don’t care, then we will merely be interfering with somebody else’s efforts to raise themselves up.

            Just below this “Grease Yakka” addresses you in very different terms. Isn’t this because you have not clearly spelled out who you are, and what your interest is?

    • 8

      Mahabodhi Jimsofty the sinhala speaking demala,

      “It looks AMC have handed the school over to the South Indian Church. “

      Lankwe is south indians toilet in practice and it is the size of 635,780 km²
      against 60 k of occupied territory of india,
      South India consists of the five southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as the union territories of Puducherry, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar.- they all come under the south indian church. You do not understand any of their languages so shut the F up.

      ” What happened to parents ?. why they are not active in the school management.

      Even before schools take over by SirMao and buddhist monks, there was nothing like involving students in management at even colombo schools or south india.
      Even at IIT campus we have only the best student attending seminars to discuss what students would like. But we all had several hobby clubs which made our life so interesting than involve in stupid managment- its not the job of students but staff to observe and give us the best possible within means.
      At missionary schools we learnt to be independent even when studying so that we may become professionals than salaried staff. lankawe is used to eating bath gulli fed by others.

      political interference by begging bowl buddhist monks only leads to crime as at universities. can the begging bowl monks teach all subjects? no but you are kappan kakka like BBS.Lanka government is the begging bowl nation- debt $60 billion GDP just 80 billion.

      Missionary schools have always been funded from overseas because the schools help the poor with fees, extra that no government is capable of. When the school joins south india the resources are bigger.

      Consider also the dramatic impact on Silicon Valley, where Indians are involved in more start-ups than any other immigrant group and play high-profile roles in venture capital. According to a 2012 Kauffman Foundation report, Indian immigrants established one-third of Silicon Valley start-ups in 2006-2012, up from about 7 percent in 2005. Indeed, Indians founded a markedly greater number of engineering and technology firms than did immigrants from other countries, including those from China and the United Kingdom.
      Although the Indian community remains relatively small – about one percent of the overall U.S. population – its rapid development as one of the nation’s most successful communities gives it an influence wholly disproportionate to its size. A number of studies have found that Indian-Americans rank higher in educational attainment and income levels than the national average and substantially higher than other immigrant groups. As one analyst puts it, “Indians in America are emerging as the new Jews: disproportionately well-educated, well paid, and increasingly well connected politically.”
      According to a new Pew Research Center report, 77 percent of Indian immigrants to the United States have at least a college degree, compared to the national average of 27 percent. AnotherPew study finds that Indian Americans lead all other Asian sub-groups in income and education levels. And a 2010 RAND Corporation study reports that Indian-American entrepreneurs have business income that is substantially higher than the national average and higher than any other immigrant group.
      The evident success and prosperity of the Indian community has had a real impact on U.S. foreign policy. First, it has helped change public opinion on India in relatively short order, since it is difficult to dismiss or disparage a country that has produced immigrants who have so rapidly become respected and prominent in U.S. society.
      Second, the community’s growing impact catalyzed stronger interest about India in Washington beginning in the mid-1990s, helping in turn to reverse America’s traditional disregard of the country – recall, for instance, how the U.S. ambassador’s post in New Delhi was vacant for the Clinton administration’s first year. This interest played an important role in the lifting of U.S. economic sanctions levied against India in the wake of its 1998 nuclear tests, and in securing the ratification of the landmark U.S.-India civil nuclear agreement a decade later.
      Third, the Indian-American community has been at the forefront in building critical societal linkages between its native and adoptive countries. Consider, for example, the dynamics operating at the turn of the millennium. At the same time as Washington was imposing sanctions in response to the 1998 nuclear tests, concerns about the “Y2K” programming glitch led businesses on both sides to set the foundation for today’s strong technology partnership.
      The significant role played by these societal bonds leads Fareed Zakaria to compare U.S.-India ties to the special relationships the United States has with Great Britain and Israel.

      For the past decade the winners of all spelling Bee USA are south indians.
      maths is their strength Ramanujan showed it first time and the Z score at lanka goes to them. while Sinhalese do well at medicine.

      “”I cannot believe if the Parent in boston is funding this school, why the School has to be a private school.””

      you got your borrowed ambude in a twist – pls reread the article.

      “”For me, it looks it is fishy there. there may be lot of unexplained things here. Probably, parents and students are being exploited.””

      so finally you admit you are SC/ST like Ramone who did never know mouth wash till 3 years of being an american illegal.

      “”Still, you guys did not give a detailed account about your needs. “”

      Freedom and democracy are European concepts- for nomadic way of life.
      honest, efficient and effective governance is what Asians of settled and rooted need..

      • 0

        Grease Yakka the Kallathoni:

        You have written some good stuff for Mr. Ranil wickramsinghe who wants to makes Sri lankan education system is one like that of the USA. Mr. Ranil wickramsinghe should understand most of the educated people contributing to the country’s development are foreign srudents who migrated to there.

        Other than, you people talk every thing Sri lankan but it is South Indian, middle eastern philosophy or from the west. Now, even your problems are western. BNOthing at least Indian and not Sri lankan at all.

        • 0

          USA was built by british pirates starting with Raleigh.
          When Ford built cars everyone follows. the same like johnsons makers of batteries- they suffered but invented.
          Sony stared by buying patent right of radio from anglo american.
          Yet the maximum number of inventions and discoveries in the world are british- the mother why because English have the highest Wisdom in the
          and no one can match that. their beauty is tolerance.

          If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireworld

          USA is the land of opportunity provided you go there in the proper way.
          From 1947 at India almost all books comics etc were American like at Ceylon till Kussi Amma dynasty destroyed because she liked the postman’s son terrorist President Nasser.He died of a heart attack just after signing agreement because he underestimated the strength of the american resolve. what has that relationship produced hot sinhala women being transported to medieval middle east- unfortunately they don’t have enough gays or you too would be there.
          Even during Indira reign the books even at railway station, philosophy of America The magnificent idler to other novels were american so indians never found difficulty going there. Of course 100 years ago Nadu brahmin engineers were invited to Detorit. Even today we can see Austin, morris Ford factories built by Brits with jungle grown over it because of stupid north south difference. But nadu is not jaffna because the Brahmans built their own auto spares industry without centre TVS is brahmin family.
          You fight from your backside without understanding the strength of the enemy within. because you are bigot.
          Sinhalese done the same cruelty to north- education standardisation, then chillie and onion imports because bath guli lazy south was jelous

      • 0

        Grease Yakka the Kallathoni.

        Freedom and democracy are European concepts- for nomadic way of life. honest, efficient and effective governance is what Asians of settled and rooted need..

        You people are just tax payers in those countries where you say freedom and democracy reigns.

        Honest, efficient and effective governance – Are you talking about Tamilnadu where you are living.

        Anyway, rebuttling your comments make it out of topic here.

        • 0

          “”Anyway, rebuttling your comments make it out of topic here. “”

          hora oru mahabodhi jimsofty,

          Say HeeHaw, HeeHaw you sound natural according to portugese in the EU.

          escapist- shape shape of the 2 legged cheater in 4 legged cheetah island Indians open sewer.

          “Now, even your problems are western. BNOthing at least Indian and not Sri lankan at all. “

          i don’t have your imagined problems because my way life is different and I have a unique way of solving my problems- thanks to late Rinpoche (Bhutanese royalty) who taught me the importance of 7th path and 4th Gem of Mahayana Buddhism.there is no Buddha God or even touching money.

          Higanno Ehema Thama,

  • 3

    This is a wonderfully refreshing article, which has succeeded in taking the issues beyond the parochial, and hats off to you Northerners. On the other hand, although what Niyanthini Kadirgamar and Esther Surenthiraraj have written is of immense significance to ALL Sri Lankans, since the areas of discussion are Education, Society, Culture, and the Political Rights of a large group of people (well over a million) to protect their way of life from intruders, I have to be circumspect in what I write.

    There can be no doubt that the authors of this article have carefully read a very great deal of what I have written, and we have to be very grateful to Colombo Telegraph for allowing these sensitive subjects to be discussed with responsibility.

    The human child, and its ability to learn, and the time taken to learn, are such that if there is to be meaningful education, then that education has to be in smallish groups, with close interaction between the teachers, and the children. The smaller the child, the more important this is. Higher Education can only be built on a firm foundation. The authors have referred to a Private School in the Central District having “included student representation in the board”. Let me guess, Mowbray (Tamil Medium Girls in Kanday), or it could be Hillwood which is located cheek by jowl with Mowbray – and I wish there were more interaction between the Tamil and the Sinhalese Schools. Let us work towards that. My own daughters were educated at Hillwood.

    Changes have to be gradual, and even more important to these Boards of Management would be Parent Representation and Teacher Representation. Past pupils, are, to my thinking less significant, but safer for the administrators. And, like it or lump it, administration is important. “Every innovation carries its own dangers.” Parent representation in our ruthless competitive society could result in favouritism for the children of Board Members. Teacher Representation carries the dangers of selfish Trade Unionism. Effective Education must see Professionals rising above mere agitation for Rights; Responsibilities often get overlooked.

    The problem with State Education is that it has no “soul”. I don’t know whether within me there is a nebulous entity referred to as the soul; what I’m referring to here is the ethos (or identity may be a simpler word) of the school community. When schools are described as “Prestigious” and “posh” (see what the Doctors are demanding), you can be sure that a huge albatross has been hung on the school. Theoretically, the best schools have to be village schools.

    And so, I’ve been taking a close interest in my “village school”. In my home I hear the happy sounds from the school; go out to my gate, and I can see the school that I was born in, and had my early education in, nestling in the valley below. It was idyllic, but now this area has got all built up, and that is partly because of the once little school that I attended. It is now a “Prestigious Anglican Private School” in the Uva Province. I’ve been a teacher all my life, but never in that school. The schools that I taught in catered to less well off students – but those schools are the ones that nurture the children who grow in to adults who keep our local customs, culture, and economy going. Also, most of the teachers currently serving in the S. Thomas’ school have been produced by those village schools. We have to make those latest “mudalalis”, the doctors, to understand this.

    I have written three articles on the subject, and I would advise “new” readers to start with the SECOND – which was written for the General Public to understand; so you won’t waste time:


    The LAST article was written in time for the Annual General Meeting of the Old Boys’ Association, so unless you know the background, you will be a little puzzled by what is being discussed. However, you will find my email address there without any difficulty. It is at the end of the last comment which was made three weeks ago.


    It is still the last of fifty-eight comments. I was told by CT that since nobody reads old articles, no more comments will be published. I hope that they will re-open the discussion at some future date, but for now, please ponder upon the fact that the Establishment anywhere, in any situation, is able to stifle the free expression of ideas for a time.

    Sustaining human activity is possible only if there is optimism. So, they say, that the Truth will finally be known, and will triumph. I think that it is good to be more realistic: the Truth does often emerge, but all too often it is too late. I’m not sure that the world, and the humans on it are improving. Asserting THAT has to be an act of faith.

  • 2

    Why are these girl students protesting? is this the biggest problem Tamils have? Tamils should not get distracted from the eternal goal set by our eternal leader Velupillai Prabakaran. Tamils’ quest is for Eelam, all Tamils should campaign for it. These protests show how misguided Tamils without our great leader. After all, our leader showed us Tamils freedom and dignity will only come from Tamil Eelam. All others are secondary ,heroic fighters of eelam did not die for nothing. Eelam or death!!!!!

    • 1

      [Edited out]

  • 2

    I have no problem with your dreaming of Eelam. I don’t support your quest, but I will let you enjoy it, if you somehow get it.

    And then what are you going to do? Education is going to be very important for you in the long term.

    You may have seen this article by Chief Minister, Wiggie. But have you listened to this discussion on the possibility of attaining Eelam.


    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran has had this to say on September 12, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

    “Native Veddah.

    Thanks for the YouTube link.

    It is this type of debate that is required, to understand the underbelly of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.”

    Click here:


    You will hear Sumanthiran, Ali Sabry, and Dr Dewasiri seriously discussing the subject – and Gamampila actually being forced to acknowledge that he has to be reasonable. It is a pretty long and detailed discussion, but I think that you, too, will like it.

    • 0

      Hi Sinhala_Man,

      You are aware I am not for eelam peelam we have lived at peace without their crap. I do not go by race/ethinic as I am “one-man melting pot” and have enjoyed my stay with the majority to the full before I left when i was very young.

      Why I write is you quote :Dr.Rajasingham Narendran has had this to say on September 12, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

      He is like Hussein barking and barking because IPKF missed him(sic) and he interferes in every professional subject that he is not qualified –

      Did he not say he was pera graduate too?

      Would appreciate if you simply say y/n Thanks

  • 0

    Do these “church schools” admit “low caste” children too?

    • 1

      lanaka church has always been free for the low cast refugees who did not mind being baptized. very big men at SL have done it (tamils from Jaffna and batti) and once they became older and rich they reconverted to Buddhism for further prosperity
      Why folk got to cling onto a faith I do not understand.- you need edu or faith??
      if parents have money one can have both.
      There are many buddhist monks who do it.

      • 2

        St. John’s admitted a large number of students who survived Mulluvaikal. It was on full scholarship and baptism was not required. I am proud of my school for this and it’s Principal.

        • 0

          Congratulations! St John the apostle known for benevolence. St Patrick’s tough like the Irish (stupid LTTE followed them- gun and justice)
          Three theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity for all (caritas)
          I am talking of the period from partition where low class Hindus by birth did not know much about their faith because the pusari was chanting Sanskrit. They had only the clothes they wore so the next best practical thing was to go to the church and ask for help. It’s a case of survival nothing wrong with it after all religion is an emotion, as opposed to a rational thought process. ANS Kulasingha, with a photographic memory received more than full scholarship from kindergarten right up to New York State University only JR finally pleaded of him to convert to Buddhism like him but his heart was with his alma-mater and church which was taken over by baldies.
          Times have changed parents don’t have time.UK has the largest number of charities in the world. The pews are empty and 50% of the whites have no religion but have faith in themselves and prefer to send their kids to a missionary school because it inculcates human dignity and all round development.
          In the UK the government offers full scholarship to the needy.Rich foreign students foot part of the bill because they want to be London Qualified. The American Foundation Ivy leagues buy the best brains from IIT every year but most don’t go because of cultural shock.
          I am not for free education for all because then the value is lost like we see at Lanka.

    • 2

      Do these “church schools” admit “low caste” children too? Anyone?

      Don’t you feel shame to ask that question.

      children are children, why they should be categorized.

      Feel shame about Tamils.

  • 3

    As a retired Human Resource manager I could say, in any institution, if employee contracts are discontinued few of them try to fight back through legal means, and some try various other methods to continue in their positions and majority gracefully accept management decision.

    In this case the outgoing principal should have gracefully accepted the management decision. Management would have had various factors for not selecting her, one of them could be to introduce new blood with more energy with modern teaching techniques. For example, Obama and Cameron were appointed as leaders in their 40’s. And current Canadian and Italian leaders were appointed much younger. So trends are changing.

    We cannot expect students to understand how institutions functions. While electing a leader for an institution, candidates requirements are defined considering the institutions objectives, strategies of achieving those, its operating methodologies, and many more factors. And thus a board is formed with members who are qualified enough to perform this duty better.

    This is what happens in any institution.

    • 3


      I call the Human Resource Department
      “The Human Remains Department”

      they remain until everyone else is gone.

      then they finally go!

      • 0

        ha ha ha, very true, and i had to go too.

  • 2

    This is an interesting article with respect to reforms in education.It shows lack of legislation to deal with private education, especially maintaining the quality of education and regulation. This needs to be well thought out. Otherwise education will end up like public transport.

  • 1

    The many comments that have come in deal with the infighting within the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India. However, the more general issues have not been getting discussed.

    The authors have said:

    “It is evident that there is a need for greater accountability and for external oversight of private schools. . . . Is there an interim role for the Government to ensure the functioning of the school, until a permanent solution can be implemented?”

    There are an unknown number of “International Schools” which are accountable to no one. And there are eighty “recognised private schools” like this one. How “accountable” are the schools discussed here?


    The comments kept coming in for four months.

    What sinister forces stopped comments after only two weeks to this blog? Why?


    Even a liberal and intelligent site like this stopped accepting comments after only two weeks. It looks as though there are certain people who can “get things done”. Obviously they are a very different group from those offering protection to the Rajapaksas, but they are more powerful, and better concealed.

    In ensuring that this article confronts “The Challenges Facing Private Schools” in a wider sense, what we have NOT been told is how many members does “The Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India” have? Since it is granted that “Bishop Daniel_Thiagarajah” presides over a divided church, how many followers does he have?


    This tells of an acrimonious election:


    This gets very political:


    This tells us about the “rival bishop”:


    However, what is surely relevant for us is what Rules apply to constituting the Board of Governors of this school. It would be good if the authors could give us these. Unless these matters are cleared up, how can Sri Lanka move forward?

  • 1

    Half the problem is Church of South India Jaffna Diocese was ruled by a few royal families. Kadirgamars, Millses, Hitchcockss. They got Bishops, Vellore medical Scholarships, Madras Christian College and Women’s Christian College admissions, American scholarships, everything. They are well connected to American funders.

    When Rev. Subramanaim Jebanesan became Bishop, it was one step outside royal control. When Thiagarajah became bishop, fully out. The royals did not like it.

    These royal families all against Bishop Daniel. The American funders working with Thiagarajah competition and working for man wanting to be Bishop but was put in prison for abusing girls in church orphanage. Shameless crowd.

    That is half the problem now. The other half problem, Thiagarajah is a dictator. Never decides by constitution. Says Board Decision but no Board meeting. Excessive spending. Properties given to church are sold. Board decision he tells! No friends, so no support.

    Church is the loser.

    Finally, the Niyanthini Kadirgamar author should make disclosure of her family working hard against Thiagarajah and working for relation Mills. Then it is honest journalism accepting conflict of interest as writer.

    Also the crying picture looks not real, looks pretended for camera. sorry if I am wrong.

    • 1

      Rev. Charles P.

      I dislike Saints without Sin.

      What is your Sin?

      (I am conversant with all these places: Vellore medical Scholarships, Madras Christian College and Women’s Christian College admissions,)

    • 0

      Exactly, Rev. Charles P.

      I was so concerned about the alma mater that I sat in on the opening address of “Dhiloraj, Colombo” to his first Diocesan Council Gathering. He wanted to be a People’s Bishop, a Listening Bishop, NOT a “Confirmation Bishop” (if he reads this, he will surely remember), but now he’s a Dictator. For months I’ve asked to meet him; no way! He holidays Down Under.

      And mark you this: he orders Headmasters of Branch Schools of S. Thomas, the Apostle to elect “Staff Representative for Branch Schools”. So, nothing wrong, this time round, employee-Headmasters electing BoG Member.

      Enthusiastic Evangelist, now Master of Casuistry.

  • 1

    It’s time to end these all-girls or all-boys schools. That was a purely Western (Victorian) idea. Women in this country have been free here for more than 2000 years. More importantly, in the modern world, one cannot interact with only men or only women, unless one is in a prison.

    • 1

      Lester, you are right but are looking at one side of the picture.

      There are advantages to girls studying with boys — a more academically aggressive, competitive environment where they will do well.

      However, if you read the NECUSE guidelines on teaching a mixed class (which I have asked my staff to follow in my time), you will see many disadvantages women in a mixed environment face.

      To mention just one, when a teacher asks a question of a class, it has been found that boys who think they know the answer raise their hands promptly and then frame the answer in their heads. Women on the other hand are more cautious and frame the answer first before raising their hands. As a result boys are called to answer and the women are made to feel lacking. The NECUSE advice therefore is to discuss the question, giving women and men the time to frame the answer and then ask for a show of hands.

      These differences are the reason why we have had girls’ schools.

      The best model is to have both systems and give students choice,

      • 0

        S.R.H. Hoole,

        The result as in practice is middle class upwards would want girls only schools after that they would not mind even in the UK.

        India: At campus mixed- all the girls always occupy the front rows and are the first to answer and diligently take notes.
        Engineering they are good at theory but practice they are left out in a mans world made for man.

      • 6

        The NECUSE advice therefore is to discuss the question, giving women and men the time to frame the answer and then ask for a show of hands. These differences are the reason why we have had girls’ schools.”

        Come on Mr.Hoole. Get some education on gender equality for yourself. It is absolute stupidity of yours to bring a rotten proof for your imbecile argument. Where did your brain went when you failed to think on your own about it and write a protest to NECUSE. It is not the NECUSE’s recommendation, it is only only your excuse for your partiality.

        First thing your talk is not answering to the problem Lester raising. You are telling the NECUSE is recommending so many things to keep Girls and Boys separately in the school. That is not true. NECUSE is not writing an argument to keep boys separately from girls. Your imbecile head is twisting it out of context. Physically or mentally challenged students, not in processes of standardized blindly like that, but depending on the circumstances may receive separate education. All others should be in the same room.

        There is no problem in the West as you are describing. I would like to see the source data NECUSE used for their recommendation. There is no need to force any girls to answer after boys. An experienced teacher always select his/her picks randomly, not based on any behaviour or dominance. Any Other modified behaviour in girls is culturally induced by looking at them differently.

        Giving time to students to think is only to induce to improve their thinking process. This needed for both boys and girls. As a man, I am still a slow thinker. In the meetings I always tell others that I will take it to my table, think it over and reply to them.

        You need to be punished for advising teachers to follow an unrecommended procedure. You attempted some black art experiments on your own on the children. You and your gangs are standardising unwanted things to keep running a backward Catholic School. After all UGHC is no longer a Catholic school.

        You did not show one reason why the boys and girls should be kept separated and why both system should be kept limping while almost all civilised Western democracies have gone to co-education.

        Lester’s talk make sense. But it has to be after sorting out this problem. The police has to taken into custody for filming the girls. There are so many Tamils died in the police custody in the recent days. This is happening in Yahapalanaya time, but did not happen in this scale even in Old Royal time.

        • 1

          Mallaiyuran, I completely disagree and you are sadly only proving that when men and women are in the same class women have no space in academia and lose out – mostly because men fail to recognize the challenges women face in academic (and general) spheres. As basic Education courses highlight, socialized gender norms are subtly manifest in the classroom and teachers should be cautious in ensuring classrooms are inclusive spaces. What S.R.H. Hoole says is right in this respect.

          Anecdotally, I earned my B.Sc. in an all women’s university, but took numerous courses in co-ed schools and completed my M.Sc. in a co-ed institute. In my undergraduate all women environment, I was taught to value my opinion, not be afraid to make mistakes and to be the best in my field. Sadly, despite strides in gender equality, what I see in co-ed classrooms is what SRH Hoole describes. Societal norms for women to take the back seat in deference to males. In contrast, men are quite comfortable owning public spaces, monopolizing or riding over shared dialogues. These behaviours are taught from childhood. Teachers should be aware and cautious when facilitating co-ed classrooms. I think it’s good for teachers to do what they can to allow strong participation of all students.

          Hence, Hoole is right. other countries recognize his argument for the need for women institutions to ensure equal learning opportunities. It is an argument for having women’s schools in this world, but he is not saying desegregate all schools!

          Personally, I found your insulting comment to be an overreaction in poor taste and not very well informed by existing studies. Many women from patriarchal cultures would not comfortably speak up against an angry or loud male. Perhaps this is again reinforcing Hoole’s comment!

          • 4

            Kampan Veeddu tharium kavi paadum. Everybody is a writer at Mr.Hoolie’s house. .

            If you not one of Hoolies,you are displaying the defect of the segregated education.

            Here it goes:

            Competition is a pillar for democracy. If you argue, standing front in competitions is a trait of boys that has to nurtured and brought up. It should not be suppressed by any techniques. Never a boy should come to know that he was denied the chance of answering the question only because he was a boy and Hoolie putting forward a theory that boys without knowing the answer raise the hand. He is one in few fool living in the 21 century and standardizing people like that. This will make boys’ young minds to grow with prejudice as you have developed enmity against men. Further in all Western schools, there are talented classes also available. There are schools too, in government sector. If one students is dominant and doing well in one area, he/she will be given the opportunity to go ahead, leaving behind others.(It is not denying the right to education to other students). There is no point in tying a talented boy and force him to take turn after a weak girl.

            You failed to read my answer. I did not agree with Hoolie that girls’ nature is cunning and cautious. I will not accept Mr.Hoolie’s standardization. When parents bring them up, if they wrap one in pink and another in blue, that how it has to grow up.In your undergraduate all women environment, you wre not taught to value your opinion, but to from antipathy towards men. That is the single proof needed to close down the male only or female only schools.

            What you are talking is all hypocrisy.Look at this example. There was a woman dressed in Vetti and went to Nallur Temple. Some Tamil media launched their attack on her as infusing Western culture. But all the women these days wearing jeans in Jaffna too. That did not go into the eyes of the those media, because they all are eager to copycat Western jean. The main morning food in Jaffna is puttu and idiyappam. That food neither original for Jaffna nor did come from Tamil Nadu. It came from Kerala. Kerala women are wearing Vetti to all occasion and even as house dress too. Why these medias could not see that woman copied from Kerala women, not from Western feminists? Which Western feminist when was wearing a vetti? If the Kerala people eat Puttu and we have to eat that too but their women wear vetti and Jaffna women wear then it is Western ostensible behavior? Wrapping in pink and teaching at catholic convent is good for to bring one like you and the media men prejudiced against others. We looked at West and learned it. But West had its painful path of civilization. They had fed their women to the gallows as blackart witches. Then we were reminded when the boy Tholkappian was studying Tamil from his legendary Guru, two more girls were sitting next to him, reading the same lessons he did. Tamils did not have segregated education in their history. Its is Western Catholic culture. That is where the Tamils are blindly copycatting centuries old Western mistakes which West have given up .

            Even with their raping record, still Lankaweyans hold a better record in gender equality than India or pakistan or Bangladesh or Maldives. Our New King said those who organise Western style music concert should be whipped with stingray’s tail, because he is a Buddhist.(I do not know much of Buddhism so, I don’t know which Sasana is talking about Stingray’s tail) But when he was asked to ban Burqini, he refused saying that will amount as religious prejudice. I can not agree with him on anything but, I agree with him on that. I personally hate that dress. But there is nothing serious has happened in Lankawe to ban Burqini. So people should have freedom to wrap in pink.

            But the education is the one to point out the defects of the Pink, Catholic Convent and Burqini. It has to be taught through school education to see and think equally, not the Aryan’s varna difference of Pink and blue. Your parents have done a serious damage to you putting you in girls school and allowing you to grow up with the prejudice towards men. It appears like it has gone through a tremendous self processed brainwash. (I guess now time for you buy your first Burqini too and get down on the business of Sharia.)

            But Lester’s question still outstanding; neither you nor Mr. Hoolie has answered it. You are just showing your prejudice because me and Lester are men, Hoolie sneakily tried to up hold his proud hereditary by saving UGS. He need not to show once in awhile like this who he is, we know he is out there there.

            • 1

              Mallaiyuran has written another long essay which is a model of clarity in writing and sound logic.
              Please keep writing…

      • 1

        S.R.H. Hoole:

        As you have stated, a mixed environment is more likely to be academically aggressive and competitive. These two considerations alone outweigh by far any disadvantages. Furthermore, in the real world, women will face gender inequality irrespective of their background, whether it be by way of denial of a promotion or less pay than their male colleagues. Learning various coping mechanisms at a young age will mean fewer surprises in the future. It is also to the advantage of society as a whole if men are able to freely intermingle with women from a young age. In Germany, there are signs next to the swimming pool that advise migrants not to molest women. These migrants from conservative Islamic societies have had limited interactions with “independent” or free-thinking women and thus engage in all sorts of degenerate behavior.

        • 0

          “”In Germany, there are signs next to the swimming pool that advise migrants not to molest women.”

          It happens in the west with eastern European men too trying to molest western European girls. I seen my friends (they are chick Belgians from Leuven university) kick men in the pool while the attendant is watching yet having a good time. They get 2/3 kicks on the face from girls who study Taekwondo at school they run with broken nose.

        • 0

          Thank you Lester for debating the issues.

          But please check on the German swimming pool signs being addressed to migrants. Germany’s commitment to human rights would allow such signs but only when they are directed at everyone. If there really are such signs, they would be in violation of EU rules.

      • 3

        S.R.H. Hoole , the elusive follow up poster says-

        `”you are right but are looking at one side of the picture””

        Don’t you too?? There are phrases we hear so often that they begin to lose their meaning. The words become part of a series, like `bite the dust` or `have a blast`.

        How many sides does a picture have? Like a sculpture 6 sides.

        Remember you are not the only engineer with follow up post on CT. Apart from your caste hate politics. As a structures qualified person what have you built at Lanka or USA for it to come on television as a smart design?

        USA: Spelling Bee is won by South Indians for the past several years and they are all Brahmin’s while your faith has the upper hand at USA. Some Brahmin Professors kids have received full scholarships to Foundation Ivy for engineering and sciences because they scored the elusive above 98%. That is the grade that American Embassy Chennai looks for from B. Tech IIT and offer full scholarships.

        Professor’s son Sri “Sri” Srinivasan (Chandigarh) of Enron fame will be appointed as the first Asian SC Judge if Hillary loses- as District Court Judge he had 97 and non against at Congress GOP, Dem voting. None of these Brahmin professors are into politics because they know who they are. Your son could not get even an ivy league but a religious institution like Loyola Chennai at USA.

        You folk need a couple of generations without politics to come close to them. Please, do not spoil the island.

        • 2


          Please check your facts. Hoole is not a structurel engineer. His son is not at a Christian university.

          While comment is free, facts are sacred. When you make mistakes on your basic facts, your comments are devalued. That is the first rule in writing.

          Second rule, do not personalize an argument. When you show anger, we readers wonder if you are driven by some personal animosity rather than the need to establish the truth.

          Thank you Trunket if you can help make CT a place where we can really learn rather than judge your personal fights and dislikes of other writers.

          Thank you Hoole for teaching us something of addressing gender disparities in a classroom and doing something about them.

          Naren, Pera Graduate

          • 1

            “Naren, Pera Graduate “

            “Please check your facts. Hoole is not a structurel engineer. His son is not at a Christian university.”
            I am aware of the other Hoole the maths guy whose stories we have heard.
            In one instance the grandson of GG asked him please give me the hansard as proof that my granddad- he said he heard it and never got back- profs can be slippery- moron.
            Whatever, engineer his articles have centered on casteism and he has nothing to prove like our professors had something to prove and they were non political.

            Before you try to espouse etiquette always look within and you would find something is wrong at your end.

            Go read his own article on CT where he says where his son is studying too.
            Then you pass your comments-

            i am no ones underdog i have always been equal with my professors at campus and don’t begging yet we score merit at industrial engineering.

            • 0

              I checked that GG Ponnambalam story with an aged Jaffna man. He said that these were well known stories in his youth.

              Apparently, when voting time came, GGP was (un)fortunate enough to have a great coughing fit descend on him, and he coughed his way out of the chamber, so that he didn’t have to vote on that particular occasion. Something like – there was some other vote later, and GG did do his bit to disfranchise the “Up-country Tamils”.

              And the elder Hoole, saintly, ascetic, vegan, “maths guy”, does take a lot of trouble over his stories. Please READ them, and note how fair and objective.

              Reading Herodotus we forget that History must always have this element of sifting; after all the now elderly man may have been born at the moment GG coughed; how could he have personal knowledge?

              My aged friend also told me, Velupillai Kandasamy, the striker who was killed by British firing in 1947: his coffin arrived 3rd class. GGP alighted from the 1st Class compartment of the same train from Colombo and made a thundering speech at Jaffna station!

              The country mourned for simple Kandasamy, as just an innocent Ceylonese, NOT as a Tamil. How times have changed.

              • 0

                Sinhala_Man are you evading me??
                please don’t spread hearsay unless you are paid and like it.
                I met Chandra Hassan perhaps he is still alive (SJV.C) and the DIG Gunawardena in Dec 82 at a private function. The DIG was Colombo Magistrate then- my info from CH was opposite of the rumour about GG and DIG was assisting CH with his clients who were terror suspects- they were all released.
                GG was a R.Vellaha and landlord of vast coco estates at Malaysia much richer than SJV Hydrocele – so I assure you its jealousy. I also know many Ceylonese,3rd generation Sinhalese and Tamil estate owners there and they do not blame GG.
                Remember Sao Boonwaat Burma case I met GG as kid. Village JT jealousy is well known fact so bull shit about train (his money not people’s money).
                This is why they don’t have a king to resolve issues like at Belgium as and King George told Adams. They now only kill the mocking bird though it sings.
                I am not a politician and have no interest in the land I was born and left I am no toad to come there to lay eggs but truth must prevail. Their info is like Hitler spreading propaganda. You know how issues are settled at pubs and coffee shops so these guys have to say yes to the big fist it’s a human tragedy for when the next big fist comes in they Aye you are right every one else is wrong.
                What you got from me was what I got from the horse’s mouth not stories from poor or interested parties.If you want to believe the poor because they are poor it’s natural. I don’t need to enter trouble politics. But 2nd time You did not answer my only question about village dog trying to teach me etiquette because he was tiger. I remember passing glance he told you he studied at Pera now I am clear it’s him (I can picture it in my mind’s eye)

                • 0

                  Dear “trunket”,

                  I have no choice but to “evade” you! Not because I’m being dishonest, but because you are talking about people and places that you know well. It looks as though you disagree with certain others (Naren, Dr Rajan Hoole etc) who are also more knowledgeable than I. Yes, it looks as though we are all Peradeniya graduates, but what has that got to do with the subject of the political leaders of Jaffna? And I can’t at all understand the last bit of your comment.

                  I know almost nothing of Jaffna, and don’t know the language of the area. However, I hope I have not been irresponsible. We, Sinhalese, have made enough of a mess of your area. Certainly the perception that many of us have of GGP is that he was one of the most brilliant of lawyers, who almost always won his cases. However, as a politician, my perception is that he sought short term victories. What I have said is anecdotal; you may term it hearsay.

                  I make no claim to anything that I say being absolutely accurate. However, I hope you understand that nothing that I have said stems from a desire to create mischief.

                  Lastly, I am from Uva, and there we are conscious of two evil happenings in the past: the massacres by the Second British Governor, Robert Brownrigg was one. The other was the disfranchisement of Tamils living and working on estates; I’ve always had the impression that GGP could have adopted a more constructive policy in that regard. Am I very wrong? And even in relation to the Northern Province isn’t it true that his dynastic party has always made it difficult for us to have a peaceful and united Sri Lanka?

                  I should be glad to learn the answers.

                  • 0

                    “”I have no choice but to “evade” you! Not because I’m being dishonest, but because you are talking about people and places that you know well. It looks as though you disagree with certain others (Naren, Dr Rajan Hoole etc) who are also more knowledgeable than I. “

                    I do not disagree with Native Veddha because he is the only follow up poster with 99% accurate responses because he gets his info from source. you don’t have that class neither the 2 you mention.
                    Naren On CT -said Tamil women get paid by the army for sex but tamil men don’t pay My response was >do you make tea in your pajamas He promptly said the GA woman told me…the he goes crying to Anpu qualified engineer cut and paset artist from Jaffna working for TGTE at USA- you came onto this site yesterday- you do not read full threads on CT but try to meet up- that is cheap shot for follow up comments- we are into a new world of thinking thanks to bill G. you need to study how it operates than click for joy like a monkey
                    You are fit for the zoo like izath hussain whom you promoted- i don’t waste my time with scumbags who have been suspended from head master post by St Thomas college On CT You beg of everyone in this news room to support your 2 articles- Jim softy gave you the right reply. you seduce people with cheap talk.
                    CT cut you short with your number post on it (as per regulation)now you complain about as if the news room is your personal scrapbook.
                    you are like a monkey with a hand grenade.

                    palayan yakoo to talawekelle your home base- even the 2 JT profs at Manchester from Talawakelle තලවාකැලේ, have no regard for you.

                    • 0

                      Dear “timbuttu”,

                      There are certain things that I know, and for those I vouch for personally. When I say that “I make no claim to anything that I say being absolutely accurate”, isn’t it obvious that I say it in relation to what happened in Jaffna politics either before I was born, or when I was a child? I have surely made it clear that I am just reporting what I have heard.

                      I have read what you have written above; I suspend judgement on whether I believe you, or not. I don’t even have any clear recollection of “Naren”. Dr Rajan Hoole I know. However, what is all this reference to Talawakelle? I’m pretty sure that I have said nothing about Talawakelle, or Professors from there. What are “JT professors”? And lastly who are you?

                      You speak of S. Thomas’. I have written three, not two, articles on what has happened there, and is still happening. I stand by every word that I have said there. You seem to have read most of that. I challenge you to find any inaccuracy there which has not been satisfactorily explained by me. I hope that other readers, too, will note the differences in what I say about the contents and comments on the S. Thomas’ articles, and about other matters.

                      About S. Thomas’: what does this mean, “scumbags who have been suspended from head master post by St Thomas college” ? I was never a Headmaster at S. Thomas’, so obviously never suspended. I worked in the Gurutalawa school as a very young man – almost a boy – in 1967 & 1978, less than a year in all. And then in 2007 and 2008, I taught English in the same school, and in the process a Belgian neighbour and I saved the school from closure. Gurutalawa is different from Bandarawela, where there is another S. Thomas’ school. My father was a teacher there, and I was born there. My entire school education was at three S. Thomas’ schools: Bandarawela, Gurutalawa and Mt Lavinia. There is a fourth S. Thomas’ School at Kollupitiya (written “Colpetty” by the Anglicised). I have visited the school on numerous occasions, but have I not made it clear that I have no personal knowledge of what happens/ happened there? However, I have learnt quite a lot about the school, a good deal of it through what appears here on Colombo Telegraph as comments on my three articles.

                      I will not comment on Colombo Telegraph policy or regulations. That is for them to decide. I will only say that the issues raised regarding what has happened at S. Thomas’ have not been answered at all. Why?

                      I have accepted without reservation the fact that I will not enter in to any dispute regarding Tamil politics. I will continue to say what I honestly feel about issues there, but without pretending to have first hand knowledge. I will do so constructively, hoping that what I say helps heal wounds. You seem to imply that about S. Thomas’ you know something. Please correct me on ANY details given about those schools; you will find me quite willing to respond.

                  • 0

                    “”Certainly the perception that many of us have of GGP is that he was one of the most brilliant of lawyers, who almost always won his cases. However, as a politician, my perception is that he sought short term victories. What I have said is anecdotal; you may term it hearsay. “”

                    His integrity ran in his genes politics or as Queens Counsel.
                    In the 60’s his minimum charge was Rs 100,000/00 and he was known never to accept a brief if he considered he could not win.

                    How many can boast but they all have mussel like tiger and lion and their favorite game is of the rats- hide and squeak like you.

                    [Edited out]

              • 0

                //his coffin arrived 3rd class. GGP alighted from the 1st Class compartment of the same train from Colombo//

                What is the issue here — should the coffin have been transported first class? :-)

          • 1


            Second rule, rules, and rules that hit your bum but never mine.

            BTW aren’t you the balu dosthara Naren qualified at Pera who wanted folk to live in tin sheds meant for European beach?

            son of government servant and you retired a government `servant`.

  • 2

    I am forced to respond to Mallaiyuran and trunket [who is so ignorant and full of hate that he would call any non-Ivy school (like MIT, Stanford or Rice) not good enough and Christian]. Both seem to write out of sheer malice and interject their communalism into what should be a healthy debate on teaching methods to include women in SME (science, mathematics and engineering). While on principle I would not respond to hate-mongers and dignify them, this response is directed at other readers who may be confused by Mallaiyuran’s claim that I am cooking up data on women and his challenge that I produce data. I am therefore limiting myself to this by quoting the following on how women respond differently in classrooms. I have used these methods and raised women in my department to ten out of thirty while the rest of the faculty had 10-15%. My experience in raising women in SME, which my wife and I worked on, was published by the Society of Women Engineers (Dushyanthi Hoole and S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole, “Women Engineers in Sri Lanka”, Society of Women Engineers, Volume 47, No. 6, pp. 51-57, Oct./Nov. 2001).

    Here is the literature from others giving the NECUSE guidelines that we followed

    Extract from a Handbook from Brown University, sponsored by the New England Consortium for Science Education (NECUSE).

    Achieving Gender Equity in Science – U.S. Department of Education

    Studies have shown that there are gender differences in communication styles in the classroom (Hall, Roberta M. 1982. The Classroom Climate: A Chilly One for Women. Project on the Status of Education of Women, Association of American Colleges. Washington, D.C.). In general, men tend to respond to questions more confidently, aggressively, and quickly, regardless of the quality of their responses; they tend to speak more freely and spontaneously in class, formulating their answers as they speak. Women, on the other hand, tend to wait longer to respond to a question in class, choosing their words carefully, reflecting on the question and constructing an answer before they speak. These studies have also shown that women tend to be interrupted more frequently than men; when this happens, they get the message that their contributions are not as valuable, and they may hesitate to join discussions in the future.

    1) Encourage class participation: Allow a wait time before choosing someone to answer a question. Studies have shown that by waiting another two or three seconds, uncomfortable though it seems at first, it is possible to encourage more students to participate in questions and answers.

    2) Whom do you call upon? Be aware of whom you are calling upon, and how you respond to their questions and answers. Studies have shown that lecturers tend to call on men more frequently than they call on women, and that they react more positively to the responses of men, including coaching their answers. Self monitor, or have someone else monitor the number of men, women, and people of color who speak in your class. The results are often startling, even for lecturers who are aware of gender (and race) biases.

    3) Seek outside feedback: Ask someone from your college’s education, communication, speech, or theater departments or the college teaching center to observe your class and give you feedback about lecture style and the dynamics of the classroom. It is difficult when lecturing to concentrate on the content, delivery and patterns of interactions with students. A trained observer can give you valuable feedback about ways to include and encourage all students. Some institutions have found it useful to train undergraduates to act as classroom observers. Another way to monitor your teaching is to videotape yourself during class and then review the tape later.

    4) Monitor language and materials: Use gender neutral language, refer to female as well as male scientists, and attempt to learn students’ names. Include material that reinforces your support of women in science, whether it is a journal, a magazine or a book on gender and science research. This may provide female students with a greater feeling of connection and inclusion.

    5) Pose a question: Some faculty pose a question at the end of a class, announcing that this question will start the next class discussion. This technique extends the time for reflection by those students who are willing to capitalize on the opportunity.

    • 0

      Small correction. In expanding NECUSE, I left out the word Undergraduate. So it is
      New England Consortium for Undergraduate Science Education.

      • 1

        S.R.H. Hoole ,

        “trunket [who is so ignorant and full of hate that he would call any non-Ivy school (like MIT, Stanford or Rice) not good enough and Christian]”

        `Hoole Hate` comes in your vocabulary but never mine because hate boomerangs- you are pathetic hate!I dislike lies and counter lies. we hear enough of it.

        `Ignorant` so you are wise man sage?
        then please give me the concept of wisdom in algebraic form. In 5 words. X+y+Z+a+b. because you are an engineer?
        Please don’t run away but answer like a gentleman if you are one. if you need time say so.

        I am I professional and don’t work for others but ourselves no one else. I read most of your articles on CT and i am aware where your son is studying from you. The comments you made about caste also from your article on CT.
        I am an industrial engineer from IIT, I don’t need to boast about family members etc. but exception only, 1 is at Cornell full scholarship 98%, another topped the state and GEC picked him up at 500k per annum.

        We don’t talk about caste or enter politics for you to feel cheesed that you never even became a don. I am sufficient as I am.(W.W.)

        I also know more about Christian Mission Schools than your dream. i am neither christian/catholic nor JT nor Sinhalese etc but they have consulted us against the backdrop of protest of christian boards and the lay because we have delivered beyond anyone’s expectations.- truth,efficiency,effectiveness.

        When you do politics you should expect insults when you sandwich with lies as much as accolades when you perform. its the same for celebrities made by media. That is the challenge one has to take and media in the west is clear about it all celebrities- you can’t have both ways and be honest.
        Humility like the story of the Chinese monkey is good for health because you too then can be a cheerful person you ought to be.
        You get peppered because you always think you are `panditiyas`
        Pride comes before a fall- nandikadal 1.

    • 3

      //…forced to respond to Mallaiyuran//

      No need — some are best ignored!

      • 3

        The High Class Iyengar-Brahmin, Mr. Appe Aandu coolie wanted to ignore me. Hoolie cannot write himself. Unfortunately wants to show his all family has been singing songs. He is such and idiot. So he sent one of his family member. That was where he ended up pulled back again. I, the ordinary farmer, saw an “Ahazhaan”(Paddy Field Rat) wags its tail from a hall. I did know that means the snake was hiding deep in the hole. I pumped some hot smoke. That is how I got the snake out of the hole. I may be an ordinary farmer in front of the Iyengar Brahmin, Appe Aandu’s coolie. But I walk around with my own tools “Erupeddi Thalarnaar” to do my job. If he is ready to take, I can give him. But he should think before call me communalist.

    • 4

      Why I asked for the original data for that conclusion from Mr. Appe Aandu’s coolie, is now satisfied. The information I asked is not there. Nonetheless it can be a useful handbook for the people in education, other than Mr. Appe Aandu’s coolie, who always have a habit of intentionally misinterpreting facts. But many cases presented about in that are nothing but mythology. In the Original Article above, the author, another Goverment Coolie, Ms Kathirgamar disagreeing with those finding of that handbook.

      This is how the the handbook presents its first case: “Studies have shown that there are gender differences in communication styles in the classroom (Hall 1982).” I asked for original study to verify what was the purpose of the study. As I said, it is not available. Still we can start on the summary presented. It is a study conducted about 35 years ago by a one man project. The Handbook specifically trying to focus and fix the problem of why the girls above highschool backoff from science subjects. It had a very specific and narrow object. Two things – First, above teenage a person starts to show one’s original systles. It is a precious situations girls as a gender group backing off from science at that stage(we did not have the data, but we accept the conclusion only for an argument purpose that it is a good study). Second is, at college level studying science start to take its toll on students. So pushing girls through this experience can be hard on professors too. The study turned be a narrow objected as there a feeling of acuteness from both party.

      Further, about twenty years ago the handbook was put out by Brown University. Neither Brown university nor NECUSE were a part in the field study or on the arrival of conclusions. Most of the fixing or solutions are from Brown University study group. I looked for NECUSE recommendation of the handbook. I did not see one. I might have missed it.

      So, it is an absolute cookup of Mr. Appe Aandu Coolie all what he is ploughing through above and it is a deliberate attempt to mislead readers.

      1. Data collected on the Original study of the part Mr.Goverment Collie presented above is not there. We have no alternative other than just to accept what said there in the handbook.

      2. The Data is outdated, Lankawe and US have faced many drastic changes. In the Original Article the author Coolie, Ms Kathirgamar has very strongly argued the the peninsula’s culture is tremendously modified after war( or her disliked freedom fight) and she has pointed out the girls at the UGD has evolved enough to demand for their shere in the administration. It is only Chandrababu, Nagesh’s period comedy when Mr. Appe Aandu’s coolie presents here that old study.

      3. Nowhere the Handbook is recommending, even at college girls’ status, a segregation is better, good, or even tolerable.

      4. In Fact the Book’s many other case studies and recommendation are very basic, and absolute necessity for the girls only school rather than co-ed school(rather co-ed college- let’s not confuse the purpose of the handbook – that where Mr.Appe Aandu coolie thrive and fool others.)
      5. Further the Handbook is upholding our comment. -that is experienced is the paramount of the solution. Here it goes:
      “When students were asked what they disliked about large classes, women
      tended to respond that such courses were impersonal, that the professor didn’t
      know who they were, and that they felt isolated. In a study of “Student Perceptions of Problems In Undergraduate Teaching Methods by Sex” (Hewitt 1991), thirty percent of women surveyed listed “professors don’t care about you” as a problem, but no men listed this as a problem.”

      “Many women replied that a good professor was approachable, friendly, and wanted to know the students. Often, because women are used to direct encouragement and personal feedback from high school teachers, upon reaching college they feel that learning is more difficult as a result of a lack of close contact with faculty (Seymour 1992b).” This problem is mostly occurring only by the leftover of the Girls only high schools.

      6. Unlike the one Mr. Appe Andu coolie cited, here is one real problem encountered by girls in co-ed classes. The study openly classifying the the cause for the problem as wrapping one child in pink and other in blue. But be careful, there no where it is suggested to transfer the girls doing poor in lab to Girls only college so that there they will do better.

      Here that one: “Women tend to be more passive in labs at coed colleges. This may be due to gender differences in socialization (whereby boys are more exposed to mechanical toys than girls). Observations of women at women’s colleges indicate that they become more engaged in labs than their counterparts at coed colleges, suggesting that greater encouragement by faculty and careful planning of lab teams can increase engagement by women in labs.”

      Another example of wrapping in Pink: Students are deterred from considering science as a career because of negative or narrowly defined images of scientists presented by the media and society in general. When hundreds of ninth and tenth graders were asked to draw a scientist, almost all drew pictures of a “nerdy” white male with a beard and glasses wearing a white lab coat (Gardner et al. 1989). With limited images of women as scientists,it is hard for young girls and women to imagine themselves in the field. On the other hand, knowing a scientist personally may make a woman much more likely to pursue her interests in the sciences: in an informal survey by the GISP at Brown University, the most important factor determining whether a woman will pursue science as a career was the vocation of her mother and or father.” This is just girls problem. We too have it. We just can’t able to form the picture of the qualities of a PhD because in CT if it is PhD it can be only crook, liar, biased, Pantham, convoluter of facts-studies-reports …. not worthy enough even to be brother of Douggie.

      7. “There are advantages to girls studying with boys — a more academically aggressive, competitive environment where they will do well.” This is what Mr. Appe Aandu collie said.

      Here is something from the book: (Please note the study is talking about “students”, not “female students”) In fact, studies have repeatedly shown (Astin et al. 1987, 1988.11 12 Green 1989. Seymour 1992a.) that many students who leave the sciencesare intelligent and strongly motivated, but are discouraged by the competitive atmosphere and the belief that the department is trying to judge their abilities at an early stage. Although many classes are designed to set students in competition, students often respond more positively to an atmosphere of cooperative learning. In her research, Elaine Seymour found that over a third of the students switching out of a science, math or engineering field indicated that one of their primary reasons for leaving was that their “morale was undermined by competitive culture” (Seymour 1993). Cooperative learning is an approach to learning which uses small groups of students working together to solve problems, complete a task or accomplish a common goal. “Small groups provide a forum in which students ask questions, discuss ideas, make mistakes, learn to listen to others’ ideas, offer constructive criticism, and summarize their discoveries in writing” (NCTM 1989).

      Mr.Appe Andu coolie unjustifiable inserted this to claim that he has been recommending a different cause of action for the teachers. Further Appe Aandu Coolie stated “However, if you read the NECUSE guidelines on teaching a mixed class (which I have asked my staff to follow in my time), you will see many disadvantages women in a mixed environment face. To mention just one,..” this only mentions his fame of misdirecting staff for that he needs to be punished.

      He called me that I am a communalist. I challenged this PhD stealler to prove it if he has really got his PhD.

      • 1

        Mallaiyuran wants to show off his caste by claiming he is a Vellala (a simple farmer he says but I see only an egotistical male chauvinist).

        Trunket wants to claim Cornell-IIT pedigree but if true, his disconnected writing and his approach to debate are a disgrace to these great institutions.

        This debate began as a debate about girls’ schools. To writers like Mallaiyurn and Trunket it has become a forum to make unverifiable claims about their personal greatness.

        They are pathetic. If they had been to a girls’ school, their natural caution from their training (and genetic makeup) would make them better specimens of humanity.

        • 1

          “Trunket wants to claim Cornell-IIT pedigree but if true, his disconnected writing and his approach to debate are a disgrace to these great institutions.”
          village kalede in in borrowed ambude.

          How slime flies.

        • 1

          35 countries see as you rump that is your village culture-fit for Soylent green
          Drugs for Guns or you could never make it- proof is with EU which is networked when the donkey gets caught anywhere in Europe
          the donkey does not speak English so the British Embassy enters- did you have friends on day of nadikadal protest at London??
          none you are sub human. you never understand human dignity.

          You are sub human.

        • 2

          “Mallaiyuran wants to show off his caste by claiming he is a Vellala

          That is a nice try, but without proof. I described me in two different jobs, but you picked the one you liked. It is not you didn’t read. But stopping at where you stopped can only open you up a baseless accusation.

          Your naive attack doesn’t hold me back from apologizing for the fellow readers if had written anything wrong. When one thinking and writing on the fly, it is not strange to make a mistake and it will not hurt to apologize for that either. This time I do not believe there is anything for me to apologize.

          Mallaiyurn ………it has become a forum to make unverifiable claims about their personal greatness.

          You don’t have to verify it. Let me tell you about the metaphors I used and you claim to it is reveling my castes. I never saw a Paddy Field Rat by my eyes. I never walked into a field in Jaffna(I do home gardening where I live now) for the purpose of any cultivation. Neither me nor my mother never owned a land until I was there. When I was kid, of cause it was my hobby climbing trees. But never stepped on a tree to trap toddy. What you can guess is only limited by your ability to guess abstract matters or conceive theories or configure theorems.

          They are pathetic. If they had been to a girls’ school,….. You don’t have any idea of where did I study, whether at St. Jhons or Uduvil. You are biased, so you like Uduvil…. and hates males schools. I hate the segregation. That is already telling I am a better specimen of humanity than you are.

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