10 June, 2023


UK Listed Sri Lanka As A ‘Country Of Concern’, But Attending The CHOGM Is The Right Thing To Do – David Cameron

“I agree with much of your your analysis of the situation in Sri Lanka, including the Sri Lankan Government’s failure to make progress on accountability and reconciliation or adequately implement the recommendations of the LLRC. Because of the lack of progress on post-conflict reconciliation, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has included Sri Lanka as a ‘Country of Concern’ in its 2012 Human Rights Report. The UK has also co-sponsored the Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka which passed with increased support in March 2013.” The UK Prime Minister David Cameron wrote to Lee Scott of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPGT).

David Cameron

In response to the letter from APPGT Cameron said; “ I appreciate the reasons why you and the members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils disagree with my decision to attend and I’m pleased to learn that you had the opportunity to discuss this with Alistair Burt.

However, I believe that attending the summit is the right thing to do for Commonwealth and the best way to draw the world’s attention to the situation in Sri Lanka.”

We publish below the letter in full;


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    Dear Prime Minister Cameron
    You fail to heed the more valid reasons given by many people before APPGT gave its reasons:

    ”…. The point here is that it would be unfortunate if the misleading impression gained ground that the Secretariat is powerless to act because the matter is one for heads of government. The precedent of Brisbane suggests that the Secretary General might have a constructive role to play in taking soundings among member states and to form a view about whether a CHOGM in Colombo would be in the best interests of the Commonwealth” – Sri Lanka CHOGM 2013: With Whom Does the Decision Lie?, 26 April 2013,

    ‘’We urge CMAG to put Sri Lanka on its formal agenda at the earliest and lay down clear benchmarks that the country needs to fulfil before it can host CHOGM in November’’ – Joint Civil Society Submission on Sri Lanka to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), 24 April 2013, https://civicus.org/images/Joint_Civil_Society_Submission_to_CMAG_on_Sri_Lanka__April_2013.pdf

    ‘’CMAG should recommend the organization shift the venue of its November 2013 Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) from Sri Lanka unless the government makes prompt, measurable, and meaningful progress on human rights’’ – Sri Lanka: Commonwealth Should Relocate November Meeting, Human Rights Watch, 23 April 2013, http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/04/24/sri-lanka-commonwealth-should-relocate-november-meeting

    ”Call upon the Members of the Commonwealth, through the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group to place Sri Lanka on the agenda of its next meeting on 26 April 2013 and suspend it from the Councils of the Commonwealth for serious and persistent violations of the Commonwealth fundamental values, RESOLUTION ON THE RULE OF LAW AND JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE IN SRI LANKA, 17 April 2013, http://cmja.org/downloads/news/srilankaresolutionfinal.pdf

    ‘’ The Law Society of England and Wales today added its voice to those calling for the suspension of Sri Lanka from the Councils of the Commonwealth, following reports of serious breaches of the rule of law and judicial independence’’ – Law Society supports CLA call for suspension of Sri Lanka from Commonwealth, 17 April 2013, http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/news/press-releases/law-society-supports-cla-call-for-suspension-of-sri-lanka-from-commonwealth/

    ‘’THE Law Society of South Africa on Tuesday came out in support of a resolution by Commonwealth lawyers calling for the suspension of Sri Lanka, which is due to host the 54-nation body’s next summit meeting, in November’’ – Lawyers back Sri Lanka suspension, 24 April 2013, http://www.bdlive.co.za/national/law/2013/04/24/lawyers-back-sri-lanka-suspension

    ‘’Malcolm Fraser, the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia has endorsed the petition: ‘’…. They can do this by following the Canadian Prime Minister’s example and announcing that if the summit goes ahead in Sri Lanka, without an improvement in the human rights situation there, then they will not attend. ….’’ – 22nd Prime Minister Of Aussie Wants Julia To Reconsider CHOGM 2013 In Sri Lanka, 14 April 2013, https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/22nd-prime-minister-of-aussie-wants-julia-to-reconsider-chogm-2013-in-sri-lanka/

    ‘’The clarity Sir Ronald Sanders has provided serves as a striking rod on the purpose for its future existence. His immensely enriching response has come out at a time when the movement is at crossroads degenerated by the forces of undemocratic countries outside the movement and the willful forces against the principles of the movement, within’’ – Interview: Sri Lanka Has Not Only Crossed The Line, But Trying To Set A Precedent – Sir Ronald, 10 April 2013, https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/interview-sri-lanka-has-not-only-crossed-the-line-but-trying-to-set-a-precedent-sir-ronald/

    ‘’What’s at stake is the reputation of the Commonwealth – a diverse group of nations united by shared values. Soon it will be led by a country that committed war crimes on a scale that the UN says, “represented a grave assault on the entire regime of international law” – Commonwealth struggles for unity amid Sri Lanka HR concerns, Frances Harrison, 15 March 2013, http://asiancorrespondent.com/102156/commonwealth-sri-lanka-human-rights/

    ‘’ Perhaps emboldened by getting away with murder – the army’s slaughter of 40,000 Tamil civilians in 2008 and 2009 – Rajapaksa’s government has now moved to destroy a pillar of the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary. It has sacked Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake for daring to make a decision that it finds inconvenient’’ – How Britain can avert a human rights disaster, Geoffrey Robertson, 14 March 2013,

    ‘’ An important clause in the Charter reads: “We are committed to equality and respect for the protection and promotion of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights including the right to development, for all without discrimination on any grounds as the foundations of peaceful, just and stable societies”. Unless the Sri Lanka government demonstrates that it upholds that commitment through actions that have been urged upon it by the UN, many Commonwealth Governments, and a myriad number of international legal and judicial organisations, it is not qualified to host the CHOGM. Attendance by other Heads of Government would sully the Commonwealth by validating the Rajapaksa government.’’ – The Commonwealth Charter, Human Rights and Sri Lanka, Sir Ronald Sanders, 14 March 2013, http://www.huntingtonnews.net/57528

    ‘’ The next Commonwealth heads of government meeting in November is scheduled for Sri Lanka where an abusive government has committed multiple outrages. If that meeting is not moved elsewhere, the Commonwealth will abandon its enlightened commitments. …. If the Commonwealth holds its heads of government meeting in Sri Lanka, the island’s leaders will coordinate the work of Commonwealth agencies for the next two years — including those that concern themselves with human rights and democracy’’ – A message to Colombo, James Manor, 7 March 2013, http://www.indianexpress.com/news/a-message-to-colombo/1084072/0

    ”Let us as a nation stand up for the Latimer House Principles which were adopted here in Nigeria in 2003 and unequivocally condemn the actions of the government of Sri Lanka” – Why Nigeria should boycott CHOGM? Boma Ozobia, President, Commonwealth Lawyers Association, 5 March 2013

    ”Relocate, should the government fail to make these changes, the November 2013 heads of government meeting away from Colombo, or downgrade representation to ministerial level” – Sri Lanka’s Authoritarian Turn: The Need for International Action, International Crisis Group, 20 February 2013, http://www.crisisgroup.org/en/regions/asia/south-asia/sri-lanka/243-sri-lankas-authoritarian-turn-the-need-for-international-action.aspx

    ‘’ In the present climate, allowing Sri Lanka to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in November 2013 would raise serious questions about the Commonwealth’s commitment to democracy, the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law’’ – Open letter: Sri Lanka should not host the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, International Commission of Jurists, 12 February 2013, http://www.icj.org/open-letter-sri-lanka-should-not-host-the-2013-commonwealth-heads-of-government-meeting/

    ‘’The Commonwealth should shift the venue of its November 2013 Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) from Sri Lanka unless its government makes prompt, measurable, and meaningful progress on human rights,’’ – Sri Lanka: Move Commonwealth Summit, 6 February 2013, http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/02/06/sri-lanka-move-commonwealth-summit

    ‘’ It is time for the Commonwealth of Nations to suspend Sri Lanka from its councils. In doing so, the Commonwealth would restore confidence in its 2.1 billion people that it is not a hypocritical association that claims to stand for values, including democracy, human rights and the rule of law but fails to act to discipline governments that violate these values’’ – Save the Commonwealth Brand: Tell Sri Lanka ‘Enough’, Sir Ronald Sanders, 17 January 2013, http://www.huntingtonnews.net/53873

    ‘’The Secretary General of the Commonwealth should take urgent action to request the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) to evaluate the present situation in Sri Lanka and report if the actions of the Sri Lankan Government are in keeping with its declared commitment to the Harare Principles of Democracy and the Rule of Law’’ – Secretary General Of The Commonwealth Should Take Urgent Action, Mangala Samaraweera MP, Former Foreign Minister, 8 December 2012,
    ”Harper had initially made the threat in September last year to boycott the meeting and one year on the Canadian government feels that there is still no progress on the human rights issue on the ground” – Canada Renews CHOGM Threat, 1 December 2012, http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2012/12/01/canada-renews-c-h-o-g-m-threat/

    ‘’To the Secretariat and Member States of the Commonwealth: Insist that the Sri Lankan government take the actions listed in recommendation 14 above, and agree that in the event it fails to do so, the October 2013 Commonwealth heads of government meeting will be moved from Colombo to an alternative location” – Sri Lanka: Tamil Politics and the Quest for a Political Solution, International Crisis Group, 20 November 2012, http://www.crisisgroup.org/en/regions/asia/south-asia/sri-lanka/239-sri-lanka-tamil-politics-and-the-quest-for-a-political-solution.aspx

    ‘’We conclude that continuing evidence of serious human rights abuses in Sri Lanka shows that the Commonwealth’s decision to hold the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo was wrong. We are impressed by the clear and forthright stance taken by the Canadian Prime Minister, who has said he would attend the Meeting only if human rights were improved. The UK Prime Minister should publicly state his unwillingness to attend the meeting unless he receives convincing and independently-verified evidence of substantial and sustainable improvements in human and political rights in Sri Lanka. …. Sir Malcolm Rifkind was among those who expressed concern at the actions of a number of countries that had opposed the idea of a Commissioner for Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights. He said that Sri Lanka was “the obvious case in point’’ – UK Foreign Affairs Committee: The role and future of the Commonwealth, 15 November 2012,

    ‘’We urge the Commonwealth Secretariat to require that Sri Lanka must demonstrate the ‘spirit of democracy’ with practical steps to tackle patent gaps in human rights, democracy and governance which have repeatedly attracted international concern’’ – *Open Letter (*From Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Law Centre, Civicus, Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, Forum-Asia and UNAUK) to the Commonwealth Secretary-General, 21 September 2012, http://www.humanrightsinitiative.org/pressrelease/OpenLettertotheCommonwealthSecretaryGeneral_21_09_2012.pdf

    ‘’The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2013 is currently scheduled to take place in Sri Lanka. That is dangerously ill advised. The government of that country has committed a succession of gross abuses against the humane values which lie at the heart of the Commonwealth’s mission ‘’ – Sri Lanka: Human rights violations and CHOGM2013: To Sustain the Commonwealth Commitment to Human Dignity: Reconsider the Award of the 2013 CHOGM to Sri Lanka, Professor James Manor, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, October 2011, http://www.commonwealthadvisorybureau.org/uploads/media/Opinion_Oct11_James.pdf


    Government Response to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Report HC114 of Session 2012-13: THE ROLE AND FUTURE OF THE COMMONWEALTH, January 2013:
    11. We conclude that continuing evidence of serious human rights abuses in Sri Lanka shows that the Commonwealth’s decision to hold the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo was wrong. We are impressed by the clear and forthright stance taken by the Canadian Prime Minister, who has said he would attend the Meeting only if human rights were improved. The UK Prime Minister should publicly state his unwillingness to attend the meeting unless he receives convincing and independently-verified evidence of substantial and sustainable improvements in human and political rights in Sri Lanka. (Recommendation 2, Paragraph 32)
    12. We note the Committee’s recommendation on the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2013. We recognise, and share, the concerns of the Committee about the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, particularly in light of the recent dismissal of the Chief Justice following an impeachment process the Sri Lankan Supreme Court ruled illegal. We look to Sri Lanka, as with any other CHOGM host, to demonstrate its commitment to upholding Commonwealth values of good governance and respect for human rights as we have stated publicly. It will also be important that delegations, civil society and media are able to travel and report freely. The concerns of the UK and the wider international community on human rights are regularly relayed to the Government of Sri Lanka. These include issues of media freedom, the need to address longstanding issues of accountability and reconciliation after the war, and the importance of judicial independence. These messages will be reiterated by Alistair Burt, FCO Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, when he next visits Sri Lanka, and in the context of our expectations for CHOGM. It is, however, too early to make decisions about UK attendance at CHOGM. Decisions on attendance are for each Commonwealth member government to take for itself.

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    there are several things that are at once ironic and nauseating about this request and response, and this article.

    first 2 facts
    1/the country, uk, is guilty, solely or partly, to worst human rights violations ever committed, in the form of invasions, exploitations, bombings, killings of innocents, torture of unarmed, rape, genocide, ethnic cleansing, spying, subversion of democracy and legitimate governments, funding for terrorists, spying, etc, etc, (all of them ongoing, as well as historical, and all substantiated). in terms of its human right record its is the most barbaric country on earth.

    2/ sri lanka is accused(and not proven or substantiated)of human rights violations(though all rights are sacred, they are great deal minor in comparison uk). and also suffered from western(particularly british) human rights violations.

    only blind racist scum can disagree with these facts.

    now lets look at the article.

    so called “All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils” is shamelessly asking that barbaric state of uk should sit in judgement on sri lanka and punish it with boycott of chogm. what can be more hypocritical, nauseating, and racist?
    if they really care about human right they should be asking that everyone in the past uk cabinets be jailed.
    no they don’t care about human rights, they just want votes of tamil racists living in uk.

    response is no better in its self righteous hypocrisy. this leader of barbaric uk, instead of humbly disclaiming any right to judge(let alone punish or boycott) others and pointing out the absurdity of anyone from britian preaching to anyone from former british empire, he agrees with blatant racists who made the request. and in return for not boycotting a meeting with better men at chogm, he promises to preach and “press” to them! only the original request can be more hypocritical, nauseating, and racist!

    [btw i am not saying sri lanka should ignore human rights violations, if real, but we should not let barbaric scum from uk, or any other place to hypocritically preach to us and unjustly pressure us. that itself is a violation of our rights. we are no slaves of uk].

    notice how this website published all this blatant racism and hypocrisy in the article without comment! contrast that with articles here attacking sri lanka based on far from blatant grounds.

    maybe they were afraid to criticize the leader of one the countries funding them.

    may be for that reason they will censor this comment, as they have done with over 25 of my previous comments.

    *Don’t lie here sittingnut, we have never censored any of your comments, if we rejected you can still prove that we are wrong by sending us a screenshot of unapproved comments. And please note, we are not funded by any Government/Organisation or individual – CT

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      Facts 1

      My elders have known this for many years. What you have just mentioned in facts 1 is known to all of us.

      The question is as a little people from a stupid island what are you going to do about it? Why don’t you take the UK to ICC and seek justice?

      Fact 2

      Sinhala/Buddhist state does not acknowledge that its armed forces had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity hence it would be difficult to compare its abuses with UK’s crimes against humanity.

      Before you accuse others check your own closet for skeletons that you may have forgotten, putting there from 5th April 1971.

      Only blind Sinhala/Buddhist racist scums can disagree with what others have witnessed over the past 42 years.

      Your only criteria for judging humanity is based on Sinhala/Buddhist nationalism therefore the best organs are Daily News…… and assorted
      gutter press where you would feel comfortable, fit in very well and could earn accolades for being a patriot.

      However Colombo Telegraph is a media where people who are concerned and with diverse opinions can express their stupidity.

      Please do contribute.

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        “Native Vedda” insulting sri lanka’s indigenous vedda community:

        so you agree with me and are well in formed on uk having the worst human rights record on earth and being a barbaric country.
        btw your ‘elders’ couldn’t have known the still continuing babaric human rights violations of uk around the world.

        you like a slave coward hiding behind a bully mockingly ask what i am going to do about bully boy uk’s human rights violations ?

        you are right, barbaric bully uk wont get convicted at icc now because of the double standards at icc.

        so as citizens of a non stupid but powerless country we can do very little.

        but we can at least(thank god) stand up to them when they try to bully us here as in this case.

        you can check my long standing once very active and popular blog and know that i am no Buddhist
        so your empty silly retoric against “Sinhala/Buddhist” is wasted and in the process proven wrong.

        unless you are able to prove your allegations by producing credible evidence demonstrating sri lanka deliberately violated human rights, you are only spouting hate & propaganda .

        compare that to uk’s human rights violations with volumes of such evidence. or to uk supported tmail tigers killing and maiming our children deliberately by bombing buses and trains.

        before asking me why i am here accusing others, kindly read the article above(if you have brain capable of independent thought as opposed to slavishly spouting your western masters’ hate propaganda).

        see who is accusing whom . sri lanka did not preach to uk, even now we only point the racist hypocrisy on the part of barbaric british when they try to unjustly punish and pressure us.

        if colombotelegraph is a place where concerned people can express diverse opinions(stupid or not), why do they censor me? as they did 25+ times? why do they edit their text in to my comments, as above?

        why don’t colombotelegraph, who are paid by a foreign funded ngo, attack the unjust pressure put on sri lanka, and point out the racist hypocrisy of the western countries like uk?

        as i said compare the above article with no, No, criticism of babaric uk, in-spite of the blatant racist hypocrisy displayed by those making the request and uk pm , with articles here attacking sri lanka on far from such blatant grounds.

        only a bottom licker will defend colombotelegraph’s slavish unethical conduct.

        @sittingnut, we not funded by any and we haven’t censored your comment, as we asked you, please prove it – CT

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          in the 1st place saying you are not ” funded by any” is absurd.

          you have to pay for people, and url, webspace, servers etc. and content.

          so why don’t you publish your audited(by a reputed firm) accounts and prove you claim that you are not funded by foreigners through an ngo.
          i know your funding sources, that is why i am asking you to publish your audited accounts.

          that will be my proof. and it will be conclusive.

          you did censor 25+ my past comments , you edited, and continue to edit, text in to my comments, and you mockingly asked me to post screenshots of comment that are no longer visible.

          if i lie. i ask you in the same way you asked me to post screenshots, prove it with similar evidence.

          @sittingnut – We are not funded by any, are you funded for your Lanka libertarian? If yes, why don’t you publish your audited accounts? If you know our so-called funder please expose us – CT

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            why are you running from publishing your accounts?
            you know that is all the evidence i need to prove you are funded by foreigners through an ngo .

            you then lamely try to divert the accusation by asking for funding sources for my blog Lanka libertarian.

            that only proves you are desperate.

            1st notice the differences in cost-

            my blog is on a free blogging site with free sub url;
            cost = 0.

            yours has a rented url, and require paid webpace and servers;
            cost >0

            only i write at my site, and very rarely more than 1once a week. my investment is only time;

            yours has variety of content by many,and dedicated people who maintain and edit it all day;
            cost >0

            given that, for you to claim you are “not funded by any” is absurd.

            furthermore you are free to claim i am funded by foreigners, if you want.
            you are free to point to my posts attacking foreign bullying of sri lanka, on foreign funded ngos, or mon foreign funded tamil racists and terrorists killing and maiming our children, etc, as my earning my bread. lol
            (btw you know how my near relatives got maimed, right? )

            in contrast, where are any such posts on your site?

            there are many(majority of sri lankans) who feel like me. where are expressions of that on your site?

            instead you have a definite anti sri lanka bias, why is that?

            my bias and its reasons for it are clear to all who read my blog.
            but why do you deny your obvious bias? same way your deny your funding?

            for example,
            if i write a blog post on the same subject as above it will be like my 1st comment here.
            yours is totally uncritical about uk’s blatant racist hypocrisy and it is unjust attempt to pressure sri lanka. in contrast, as i already pointed out, you attack sri lanka based on far less blatant grounds in other articles.
            why is that?

            “not funded by any”!
            yea right!

            1. we are not funded by any and we use our money and google ad income to run this web.

            2. you say; “yours has variety of content by many,and dedicated people who maintain and edit it all day;cost >0 ” yes we have dedicated people who work voluntarily and we have a cost, partially covered by our google ads like your web. We will write a detail account about us in coming September for our 2nd anniversary.

            3. You said; “i know your funding sources” so why don’t you tell us?

            4. We are not bias,but given the current Sri Lankan situation we only cover/publish censored stories when time permitted. And also our contributors articles. If we have money or a funder we do more!!!

            5. This is the last comment we allow you to post re this matter under this specific post. Read our comment policy for more info;

            * Keep it relevant. We know that some conversations can be wide-ranging, but if you post something which is unrelated to the original topic (“off-topic”) then it may be removed, in order to keep the thread on track. This also applies to queries or comments about moderation, which should not be posted as comments.

            * We acknowledge criticism of the articles we publish, but will not allow persistent misrepresentation of the Colombo Telegraph and our journalists/contributors to be published on our website. For the sake of robust debate, we will distinguish between constructive, focused argument and smear tactics.

            But, alternatively you can continue this discussion under the post below;

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              you threaten me with censorship for speaking about censorship.
              and you say this site does not practice censorship. lol.

              if i was censored, i was censored . and i will say that. i can’t lie on that.
              truth is not “misrepresentation”. but you seem to think otherwise.

              you say my replies from now on will be censored because it is “off topic” to main post, even while you ask me direct questions on that “off topic”. in other words i am prevented by force from answering your questions.

              i did not drive this “off topic” thread, you did by editing your bold text into my comments. i replied to yours in detail.
              but you find me guilty and punish me!

              why shouldn’t i call you scum?

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      colombotelegraph lies with highlighted text, unethically editing themselves in to my comment, once again showing they can’t accept truth about their own base behavior even while they engage in similar behavior.

      not only did they censor 25+ of my comments in this site , but when i complained they mockingly asked me to post screen shots of my old comments when they are unpublished and are no longer available in the moderation queue(they have the ability to delete the queue same way they have teh ability to edit their worsd in to my comment)
      in any case as anyone can see such unmoderated comments can only be seen if my browser has the cookie given by this site when i post the comment

      will the foreign funded ngo paid slaves (all substantiated ask for the accounts )running this site publish this comment? or censor it?
      will they edit it as they did with above comment?

      nothing from scum who ruin this site surprise me. they are capable all kinds of despicable behavior.

      @sittingnut, don’t lie here. our readers know well that we don’t do it. By the way put your worst comment here. – CT

      • 0

        what did i lie about ?

        did i lie about your unethically editing highlighted text in to my comment?
        and repeating that again now.

        did i lie about your censoring 25+ comments on this site ?

        did lie about your mockingly asking me to post sceenshots of my censored comments after you have rejected them and they are no longer visible on queue?

        did lie about your having power to delete moderation queue comments, same way you have power to edit text in to my comments?

        did i lie about my unmoderated comments being only visible if my browser has the same cookie as it had when i posted the comment? anybody can check this btw.

        why don’t you be more specific about about what i lied about instead of hiding behind vague claims.

        and since you mockingly asked me to prove your censorship by posting screenshots of my past censored comments, i ask you to prove with similar evidence whatever i lie about.

        so you think criticizing you for censorship makes my comments “worse”?

        and you already prejudge this is my “worst comment”?! lol

        and will you censor it too because of that, as you did with 25+ comment before today?

        @sittingnut, You are lying about censoring comments, that’s it – CT

        • 0

          a mere assertion!
          no proof of my alleged lie!
          same scum asked i produce proof of their censorship as screenshots after they deleted my unmoderated comments.

          this is typical arrogance of the despicable foreign paid slaves who run this site trying to pass on the abuse they suffer from their pay masters on us .

          and no apology for all the other unethical things they did? such as editing text in to my comments, same way they deleted my censored comments to prevent me from taking screenshots after you mockingly asked me to prove i got censored.


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            If you believe the people who provide this forum are “scum” & “despicable foreign paid slaves”, just dont waste your time communicating with them.

            It puzzles me that so many Sri Lankans (presumably u ARE a Sri Lankan nut and not a Brazil one, & prefer to squat behind a pseudonym) cant understand that there are actually people who work for things they feel strongly about as volunteers, unpaid and even contributing to the expenses of. Not everyone who works for a non-governmental body is paid. I my self have worked in various voluntary, unpaid capacities for many years in several countries, incl England and Sri Lanka. I England, even when i had a fulltime job or was at university I worked in the weekend for bodies like Vietnam Medical Aid (giving blood not)not only time and energy, for several years.

            In Sri Lanka I joined a human rights organization over 30 years ago which had existed & worked for many years on its members’ subscriptions and donations, long before it ever looked for financial assistance from outside its membership. Members provided free time, re intellectual and manual work, as well as free “office” space. Meetings circulated among members’ homes, etc. As the work expanded, prompted by external interest and demand, greater awareness of growing HR violations, and readership growing far beyond its original urban base, far out in the countryside, contributions from members and well-wishers could not meet expectations. It was only then that other funds were sought, very slowly, and in a limited way, for special projects. However, all intellectual input continued and still continues to be unpaid. This work that many people receive high fees for in other situations.

            I can well believe (Tho I do not know who they are) that the kind of people running CT do so because, in the first place they are CONCERNED and CARING and have certain ideals and principles. And also, perhaps, have fairly decently paid jobs which give them either time to hire others, or time to work on CT themselves. Maybe they receive contributions from well-wishers.

            But sittingnut, just because you have no experience of such activity yourself, dont show your selfish-mindedness by slandering others who have, at least, provided you a blank sheet to write “to the world” on!

            • 0

              I wish to join Manel Fonseka’s comments on the usefulness of CT and regret the uncalled for attacks on a blog that serves us so well – gratis too. There are many deranged characters also participating in these pages – some slandering and threatening blackmail, insulting others instead of being more objective to the subject. That, one supposes, is the negative side of democracy and pluralism.

              Thank you Manel for the article on Narendra Modi elsewhere. It was a non-partisan piece I learnt more from. I tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to trace your piece to offer my gratitude. Modi, remains both loved and feared simultaneously within India. But he still has to gain the BJP nomination before he makes his major plunge. Milinda Moragoda may be very pleased if he (NM) makes it – as they seem to have built up a friendship.


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              lets see whether scum who run this site will censor and suppress my right to reply to questions asked directly from me.

              when i see hate mongering, and hypocritical racist attacks on sri lanka i counter it.
              even when it is (and it usually is) “scum” & “despicable foreign paid slaves”,who do it.

              if we,ie everyone who hate racism and hate mongering, do not confront racists & hate mongers they will be emboldened to kill us and our children again, as they did for 3 years.

              but you ask me, not to confront racists & hatemongers. why?

              you a “human rights activist” has not questioned the blatant racist hypocrisy, and unjust pressure vs sri lanka, advocated in the above article.
              i did.
              but you want me to shut up. why?

              why is that racists and foreign paid ngo scum who run this site and their friends are unable to tolerate dissent? and want to shut me up?
              either through telling me to go away , censorship, or editing of my comments.

              you ask me to be silent in the face of despicable censorship?
              what kind of “human right activist” are you?

              bias in this site is plain, nor have they published their accounts.
              all of which contradict your claims about disinterested nature of those who run this site.

              “CONCERNED and CARING ” (btw why SHOUTING wont make the true words?) people do not censor dissent.
              but scum with a foreign paid racist agenda do

              btw members of my family were attacked and maimed by foreign funded tamil tiger racists.
              and you speak to me about not being sri lankan!

              what right do you have to engage in slanderous insnuations on me like that?

          • 0

            Sittingnut says (apparently in answer to my earlier post):

            —‘you a “human rights activist” has not questioned the blatant racist hypocrisy, & unjust pressure vs sri lanka, advocated in the above article. i did. but you want me to shut up. why?’


            —‘you ask me to be silent in the face of despicable censorship?
            what kind of “human right activist” are you?’

            RESPONSE: I’m afraid that I long ago lost the health & energy to be “ACTIVE”.

            —‘btw members of my family were attacked & maimed by foreign funded tamil tiger racists.’

            RESPONSE: My sympathies to yr family members who were attacked & maimed. Can you plse say when & where this happened? (BTW I can immediately give you date, & place of one of the occasions when I was in a dangerous situation, with a gun pointing right at my face. Not something one easily forgets.)

            —‘and you speak to me about not being sri lankan!’

            RESPONSE: WHERE HAVE I DONE THIS? You have misunderstood something, obviously. Please quote the relevant words.

            —‘what right do you have to engage in slanderous insnuations on me like that?’

            RESPONSE: Ditto: I am not aware of engaging in slanderous insinuations about you. I don’t even know who u are. Have only your strident, aggressive blogs to go by.

          • 0


            Haven’t seen you commenting here before. Could you please tell us how much the Rajapaksas’ are paying you? All you need to do to show that CT is lying is to post some screen shots of your comments. Ha ha…maybe this is an international conspiracy to tarnish your good name and that of your paymasters the Rajapaksas’? ;)

  • 0

    Well Done Mr Cameron

    We are looking forward to see you in Sri Lanka

    Now Tamil (LTTE) Diaspora will cry for their wasted money

    BTF -why don’t you send Suren Surendran and Fr Emmanual to SL at least for a holiday in GHOGM summit time to enjoy sunny weather in SL we know how harsh the winter time in UK.

  • 0

    Cameron wants President Rajapakse to appoint his viceroy as an adviser.

  • 0

    It’s all too late, dear Mr Cameron for Commonwealth Heads of Government to wait till they get into SriLanka for CHOGM2013 to tell the President (how many will bother to do so is a question) in the most polite form that he could give a spoonful of sugar to the ethnic minorities.

    Leave alone the political, economic, social and cultural damages.

    There are irreversible environmental damages done by the army and navy occupying the North and the East.

    CMAG couldn’t open its mouth on Sri Lanka two months ago. CHOGM are going to do wonders when they VISIT Sri Lanka in three months??????

    Shameless Heads of Government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 0

      There are irreversible environmental damages done by the army and navy occupying the North and the East.

      Yes yes , in 2009 nandicadal lagoon SL army mixed terrorist blood to lagoon water that is irreversible environmental damage

  • 0

    Sri Lanka cannot afford it, and the people will have to pay dearly for this extravaganza. Take a leaf from the riots in Brazil, where the country has been burdened with FIFA world cup and also Olympics in 2 years following. What benefit would this CHOGM accrue to the host nation and its people, except for heads of government rubbing shoulders with the elite? For ordinary folks, roads will be blocked, High security areas set up and the normal lives of people disrupted severely. Do we really need this sh

    • 0

      Sorry, what I meant was, Do we really need this sham party?

  • 0

    Dear Honorable Prime Minister Cameron,

    ABSOLUTELY. You should attend. Here are the reasons why?

    Forget about the Tamil Global Forum and other Tamil outfits that have practiced their own Tamil Racism and Tamil Caste Racism of their own people based on Hindu Myths, that all stood in the way of forming an Egalitarian Society.

    1. United Kingdom gave independence to Ceylon in 1948 WITHOUT PROPER CHECKS AND BALANCES. Peoples rights were trampled, if they were Not Sinhalese Buddhist, contrary to the Enlightened Buddhas Teachings.

    2. The “Lord” Souls bury omissions report for independence gave a constitution with very FEEBLE, yes feeble Checks and Balances, that resulted in Sinhala Buddhist Racism, and Subsequently Tamil Hindu and Tamil Christian Racism to raise in ugly head, for survival and dignity.

    3. The 2/3 majority protection was a joke. Millions of Tamil Citizens of Indian origin were stripped of their citizenship, die to Sinhala Buddhist Racism. The constitution was changed to give hegemony to Sinhala Buddhist, and the Sinhala Buddhist Monks, so that they can perpetuate the Indian Imported Buddhism Myths and keep their Hegemony.

    4. The United Kingdom FAILED in its duty to protect the Citizens of Ceylon from the Sinhalese Buddhist Terrorists,by making the checks and balances more strong, for example making it 4/5 majority or 9/10th majority for changing certain fundamental rights and provisions.The result was riots, more riots, 1958, 1983, civil war, over 100,000 dead and now a pseudo democracy with life at risk. Mr. Cameron,Current Prime Minister of UK, as the successor, are RESPONSIBLE, towards fixing this PROBLEM.

    5. We ALL have memories of Mr. Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of UK, the father of the Appeasement Policy, who handed over Sudetenland to the Racist Nazis in 1938 or 1939. The question is are you going to hand over the human rights of non-Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankans to the current batch of racist Sinhala Buddhist Nazis, who are against an Egalitarian Society?

    6. Are you following a policy of appeasement like the notorious appeaser Neville Chamberlain? Are you going to do a lousy job like Lord Soul-bury who was a CORE CAUSE of over 100,000 lost and buried souls in Sri Lanka aka Ceylon ?

    7. Do you have the GUTS of Sir Winston Churchill? Is UK a permanent member of the UN security council? Is UK a nuclear power? We say, it is YOUR Responsibility as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom to fix it.
    How you do it, is your problem. India tried and came up the 13th Amendment, for a problem United Kingdom should have fixed in the 1940’s. Shame on UK.

    India has more Honour that the United Kingdom.

    Don’t you have any shame, Mr. Cameron, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom?

    Do the right thing.

    Hail Sir Winston Churchill.

    Britannia Rules the Waves? Or the Souls?

    P.S. Given below is some pertinent footnotes for your edification.

    Sri Lanka had a civilization before Imported Buddhism, and Monk Hegemony.
    Buddhism is not a Religion. It is a philosophy. There are no Gods, and no need for statues.
    Buddhism grew at the expense of Hinduism. Almost all Buddhists are former Hindus.
    Well, here are the facts with support based onn data and events, and reason.

    1. BBS, goal is for Sinhala Buddhist Racism to continue the Monk-Ruler Hegemony using Monk Mahanama Myths and Buddhist Myths.
    2.They prevent an Egalitarian Sri Lankan society being formed.
    3. It was the Sinhala Buddhist Racism, the core cause of conflict in Sri Lanka.
    4. Sinhala Buddhist Racist Monk Somarama killed the late Prime Minister SWRD B in 1959, and converted to Christianity, before dying.
    5. What they practice is not Buddhism.
    6. It is called Mara-ism, the Buddhism of the Devil.
    7. Lanka was originally, Animist, Jain and Hindu.
    8. The original Natives were Veddah, Yakka, Naga and Raksha.
    9. King Ravana was Hindu, and civilized. Did not rape or kill Sita. On the other hand, the Sinhala Buddhist Politicians, Raped an Englishwoman,a UK Citizen, and killed her boyfriend recently.
    10.There was an advanced civilization before Buddhism.
    11, Bali, Indonesia 94% Hindu and is peaceful.
    12, Unfortunately, Lanka became Buddhist and violent with Buddhist Monks and they infected some Sinhala people. The Curse.
    13. Buddhism is the core curse of Lanka, which Bali Indonesia escaped.
    14. It is NOT the Sinhala people, the problem. It is Theravada Buddhism and the Buddhist Monks,the Monk Hegemony is the PROBLEM. Read Burma, Read Thailand.

    Must See:

    Buddhism The Great — Part 1


    Buddhism The Great — Part 2


    • 0


      What a stupid idiot you are.

      Indonesia is not Bali alone ?

      How come Borobudur (have you heard that word ?) became a part of Indonesia. It was not because of Monk Mahanama.

      It is buddhists were buddhists and Allowed Muslims to do what ever they wanted.

      Think a little bit you chimpanzee.

      • 0

        Jim Softy and Other Avtars,

        Look in the mirror, you will see one idiot.

        “13. Buddhism is the core curse of Lanka, which Bali Indonesia escaped.”

        Here is the explanation for your edification.

        Bali Indonesia was an Animist Island, then became a Hindu Island. Now 94% Hindu and generally peaceful, unlike Sri Lanka.

        Sri Lanka was an Animist, Jain and Hindu Island and generally peaceful. Had an advanced agricultural civilization.

        King Ravana was Hindu, if you believe Ramayana is a true account.

        Then Buddhism was introduced, with its Monk Hegemony. That was the curse of Lanka. Myths were introduced by Racist Monk Mahanama to Mahawansa 1,400 years ago.

        Suppose, Buddhism was NEVER introduced to Lanka. Lanka would have remained Hindu and the Sinhala People Hindu and peaceful.

        So, I am using reason to point to the Core Problem in Lanka. It is NOT the Sinhala People. It is Buddhism and the Monk Hegemony.

        Want to know more about Buddhism?

        What is Buddhism? Given below is a Summary.

        Introduction to Buddhism. A violent Religion? Monk Hegemony?

        In Sri Lanka, they do the same.

        The 4 noble truths.

        Part 1
        Buddhism The Great — Part 1


        Buddhism The Great — Part 2


  • 0


    Also, unlike my own country Sri Lankans do not lesten to all phone conversations and read emails of their citizens. They have not given arms to murderers in Syria either, or joined Obama in drone killings.

    We have to give credit where credit is due,and I am definitely going to attend the CHOGM meeting. Otherwise who else will come?

    F£££ you, son.

    • 0

      Your name let you down in a big way !

  • 0

    Those who vote for the PM and his party in UK should take the following into account when they vote for him and his party next time:
    1. He is supporting a regime which illegally against the court ruling removed the Chief Justice and appointed a Cheap Justice.
    2. He is supporting a regime which did not conduct but is doing an eye wash in inquiring on killing of a UK citizen.
    3. He is supporting a regime which did not give visa to a UK politician to visit SL.
    4. He is supporting a regime which conducted a war in an illegal manner and killed civilians.
    5. He is supporting a regime which does not respect womens rights – good example the private members bill of Rosie Senanayake.
    6. He is supporting a regime which promotes communal violence.
    7. He is supporting a regime which attacks media personnel.
    8. He is supporting a regime which helps Ravana Balaya and Bodu Bala Sena who are religious fanatics who are attacking churches, mosques and temples.
    9. he is supporing a regime which does not care for the world opinion and rule of law or even democratic rights of the people.

    • 0

      He also supports a regime which ignores ‘extrajudicial killings’ – eg. recent shooting of a citizen arrested and transported by police in a jeep on the pretext that he attempted to strangle a policeman.
      The ‘reasons’ for deaths in police custody which have happened regularly are many.
      Killings in police stations are labelled ‘heart attacks’. So are ‘prisoners hanging themselves’ in police cells. So are prisoners shot ‘when they attempt to shoot police with a gun from a place it was hidden earlier,when taken there by police’.So are deaths of prisoners jumping out of jeeps while being taken somewhere.
      Recently 27 prisoners were shot dead by STF & police – the inquiry report is not made public as it would have exposed ‘officially sanctioned/covered up’ killings.
      Human rights organisations – Asian Human Rights Commission,Anesty International etc., and US Human rights reports have highlighted many & ongoing human rights violations.

  • 0

    The Vaddukoddai Resolution had a profound effect on Tamil politics—the parliamentary system was soon to be replaced by guns. TULF tried to refashion itself as the political division, negotiating an agreement with the executive president of Sri Lanka at that time, J.R. Jayewardene . This agreement, known as the District Development Councils’ Scheme, was passed in 1980, but TULF rejected it because J.R. Jayewardene had not agreed to let TULF have the five District Ministerships in the five Tamil districts where TULF received the most votes.

  • 0

    Doing business with pleasure. GB needs business partners. Very good opportunity to sell the fleet of RR which are going to be used to ferry the dignitories.Prime minister is clever.

  • 0

    In a civilized, lawful, law respecting country, crime doers are subjected to proper investigations.

    Instead of doing so, the man, former PC MP, who asked a Teacher to kneel down before him, is reported to be requested to contest for the election.
    This is the ground reality of the country, rulers have care for HR issues at all.
    SLFP invites NWC Councillor who made teacher kneel

    By Anuradha Samuel

    Former North-Western Provincial Councillor, Ananda Sarath Kumara, who forced a school teacher on her knees for disciplining his daughter, has been invited by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) to attend an interview to decide on granting nominations for him to contest the upcoming elections.Sarath Kumara has been informed in writing to attend the interview conducted by the SLFP Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee is expected to interview the prospective candidates on 19 July.

    Sarath Kumara, who was forced to resign from North-Western Provincial Council, after he infamously forced a school teacher on her knees, has requested nomination to contest the forthcoming Provincial Council elections. He has reportedly made the request on the grounds the SLFP has allowed its former Provincial Councillors to contest the election.

    Earlier, in the face of public anger over the politico, the SLFP banished him from the party.

    • 0

      CW countries should force sri lankan authorities to re enforce the law and order so that people of the country feel secure. This is what opposition leaders has called on today – but whether his suggestions would be taken serious by the rulers is more than questionable.

  • 0

    An explosion near a mosque in central England is being treated as suspected terrorism, British police say.

    No injuries have been reported in relation to the incident.

    Residents in the town of Tipton heard a loud bang and found nails near the Kanz-ul-Iman Muslim Welfare Association Central Jamia mosque, according to West Midlands Police.

    The blast appeared to have happened shortly before Friday prayers were expected to begin. The area around the mosque was evacuated as a precaution.

    This happened on the same day the British soldier killed by Muslims was buried!!!

    Actions speak louder than words. Well spoken.

    • 0


      “Actions speak louder than words. Well spoken.”

      I am bit thick as you know. Sometimes I miss your point if there is one.

      It appears that you want the Sinhala/Buddhist thugs to plant bombs in the vicinity of Mosques. Do you?

      Do you want the Sinhala/Buddhist bombs to be louder than the Jihadhi bombs which were being planted outside the Sri Lanka?

      Interesting and a cunning plan, is this one of your Neo LTTE strategy to discredit One Nation Sri Lanka?

      Are you a LTTE admirer.

  • 0

    There is a lot of misunderstanding about the nature of The Commonwealth, its rules (such as they are), and the role of the Chairperson-in-Office (CiO). To find out more, and perhaps to reduce the liklihood of misunderstanding, go to The Commonwealth’s website which is at http://www.thecommonwealth.org.

    There you will find such interesting information as the fact that the present CiO has just changed from Gillard to Rudd due to Australia having a ne prime minister.

    It should also be noted that there is no requirement for Commonwealth members to have all the trappings of Western style democracies or human right legislation. But there is a commitment to build “stronger democracies” and to “increase respect for human rights within The Commonwealth. Furthermore, the much mentioned Harare Declaration of The Commonwealth is about beliefs and aspirations, not rules (see Harare Declaration on Wikipedia).

  • 0

    – Sri Lanka is not a British crown colony any more though some still try to hang onto the glory days banished from the Earth long long ago.

    – Sri Lankan state exercised it’s legitimate right of defending it’s territorial integrity and sovereignity from a vicious terrorist outfit.

    – There is no evidence whatsoever that Sri Lanka used disproportionate force in exercising it’s legitimate rights.

    – The international network of the terrorist rump remains intact and some countries including UK govt provides political cover for their geopolitical interests.

    – However, they have been unsuccessful in influencing the nass base in Sri Lanka who are still with the govt which brought them freedom from the terrorist menace.

    – Sri Lanka is determined and confident of meeting these challenges forging ahead in realising it’s people’s full potential. APPG for Tamils or any other body cannot reverse it.

    • 0


      “Sri Lankan state exercised it’s legitimate right of defending it’s territorial integrity and sovereignity from a vicious terrorist outfit.”

      Here we go again.

      “There is no evidence whatsoever that Sri Lanka used disproportionate force in exercising it’s legitimate rights.”

      Here we go again.

      “The international network of the terrorist rump remains intact and some countries including UK govt provides political cover for their geopolitical interests”

      Here we go again and again.

      “However, they have been unsuccessful in influencing the nass base in Sri Lanka who are still with the govt which brought them freedom from the terrorist menace.”

      Here we go again again and again.

      Once upon a time the masses base was still with LTTE.

      “Sri Lanka is determined and confident of meeting these challenges forging ahead in realising it’s people’s full potential. APPG for Tamils or any other body cannot reverse it.”

      Here we go again, again, again and again.

  • 0

    The Tamil terrorists (fellow travellers) who carried the LTTE (an illegal and banned organisation) flag while creating mayhem in Cardiff recently have not been prosecuted for this crime. Justice needs to be seen to be done here.

    The present government in the UK were willing partners to the illegal invasion/occupation of Iraq with the resultant death of some 1.4 million Iraqis. How tthe Iraqis were ‘civilised’ at the hastily constructed Bush University of Torture at Abu Gharaib is held out to the whole world as the way to bahave in other parts of the world. Blair and the rest have not been charged before the ICC because as the African nations say, it is another western tool to control post-colonial Africa. This applies to Asia too. The Commonwealth must NOT be allowed become another such instrument. It is a shame that the leading lights of the so-called ‘human rights movement’ are the most vicious at denying the human rights of the peoples of the poorer nations. The gap between what they say and what they do could not be further apart.

  • 0

    Investigation into murders by Udalagama Commission was stopped soon after the war was over in May 2009. The Sri Lankan Prez has just announced investigation into one murder will take place(till November CHOGM)as a qualification to hold CHOGM2013. Have the Commonwealth Heads of Government got any shame on them?

  • 0

    Argumentation by Foreign Affairs Committee and so many learned people falls on deaf ears of British government.

  • 0

    Dear Prime minister Cameron,

    For the sake of Khurram Shaikh and his partner ( Hell in Paradise) though he may be not English but he is British. Please boycott CHOGM.

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