17 May, 2022


UK Newspapers Reject Blair’s Iraq War ‘Apology’

Did Tony Blair’s statements about taking Britain to war in Iraq constitute an apology? As far as Britain’s national newspapers were concerned, they certainly did not.

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Tony Blair in London

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    Mr. Blair did not apologise for taking Britain into Iraq War but he did admit that the war and the removal of Saddam Hussein had given rise to ISIS, which is proving a greater danger to the area. Fortunately, lessons had been learnt and despite US’s eagerness to regime change Bashar al Assad in Syria, David Cameron had firmly declined and has been proven right.

  • 16

    This was no apology from Tony Blair but a confession that Tony B_LIAR is indeed a WAR CRIMINAL. Now burn in HELL you inglorious bastard with no flair for the thousands and thousands you murdered and maimed in several continents without any repentance or shame.
    I leave this animal Tony Blair and all other war mongers these words of wisdom from Edward Young.
    “One to destroy, is murder by the law;
    and gibbets keep the lifted hand in awe;
    to murder thousands,
    takes a specious name, ‘War’s glorious art’,
    and gives immortal fame.”

    I like to ask Mr. Mangala Samaraweera as to when can we expect our next guest lecture and speech from these type of WAR CRIMINALS at our tax payers expense?

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      Yes I was horrified Blair has started appearing in Sri Lanka. He is the most disliked man in the UK and the worst Prime Minister ever. A complete humbug of a socialist. Yes and war criminal.

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    This lap dog of G.W. Bush is a war criminal along with his handlers, DICK Chaney, Wolfowitsz and Condy Rice.. They have blood of thousands if not millions in their hands.. get them by their balls and throw them in jail…

    They collectively killed and maimed millions of Men Women and KIDS… This loser was sent as a special envoy to the Middle east..namely Gaza… its like handing a chicken to a vixen….for safe keeping…

    kick this Ass in his balls and torture him to death..not just kill him with a lone bullet…

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      This man and George Bush also responsible for killing of innocent unarmed civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan. Where is UNITED NATION HUMAN RIGHT ORGANIZATION NOW? These types of Organization Puppet of USA and UK. Bring these two to electric chair. They deserve.

  • 9

    He is a born again Catholic. So a bit of Catholic consciousness must have permeated his Anglican war criminal brain finally. Both Pope John Paul II and the current Pope Francis have been very outspoken in their criticism of the Iraq war and lies. So he must be preparing for a heavenly visit. He converted to Catholicism because of his wife Cherie. He is a war criminal liar.

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      His wife is no better, and still unrepentant!

      Imagine her giving legal advice to Yameen of the Maldives!

      Just incredible!!

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    Blair was a liar throughout. Dont waste time. He is an a**h*le.

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    20th Century, number one and number two human butchers of the world. Why? world still blind. What is the use of UNO, Amnesty International and other world’s organizations? All are these organizations are PUPPET OF USA and UK? Very soon nature will punish these two countries wait and see

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      Amnesty International and the others of their ilk consist of depraved people who make money out of the misery of others. The men of AI beat their wives and kick their dogs just like other degenerates. The women are just trollops who will not be employed by any respectable organization.

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    Blair was fined fifty pounds at Bow street magistrates court 1983 for soliciting sex in a gents public toilet.
    On becoming PM Blair removed the toilet cops in order to allow homosexual cottaging and dogging, not a whimper of protest from normal members of parliament?

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