26 June, 2022


UN Internal Review Reinforces The Need For An Int’l Commission Of Investigation – TGTE

By Colombo Telegraph

“In the aftermath of the release of the Report of the UN Secretary-General’s Internal Review Panel on United Nations Action In Sri Lanka on November 14, 2012, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), has reiterated its call for the creation of an International Commission of investigation on Sri Lanka by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, under Article 99, as recommended by his own legal team.” says Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran - Prime Minister TGTE

Issuing a statement TGTE says; “We question if the conduct of Ambassador Francis Deng was an act of “quiet diplomacy” or an act of appeasement. If the quiet diplomacy did not save the lives of tens of thousands of Tamils at the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka, then it clearly is time for a public and robust diplomacy.”

We publish CPA statement in full;

In the aftermath of the release of the Report of the UN Secretary-General’s Internal Review Panel on United Nations Action In Sri Lanka on November 14, 2012, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), has reiterated its call for the creation of an International Commission of investigation on Sri Lanka by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, under Article 99, as recommended by his own legal team

TGTE called on the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, Mr. Adama Dieng, to make public its report on Tamil Genocide.

TGTE also called for prosecutions should not be limited to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity but should also include Genocide.

Given the constraint mandate of the LLRC coupled with the “lack of an enabling environment for a judicial follow up” as stated in the UN Internal Review Report, the Secretary-General need not wait till the exhaustion of the domestic remedies. Justice delayed is justice denied.

According to this Internal Review Report, Ban Ki Moon‘s own legal advisors recommended that he has the authority under UN’s Article 99 to appoint an International Commission of Inquiry on Sri Lanka to investigate the killing of over 100,000 Tamil civilians in the final five months of the war that ended in May 2009.

“We are urging the UN Secretary General to implement his own legal advisors’ recommendation on the creation of an International Commission of Inquiry under Article 99 and we are also urging Mr. Deng to make public his report on Tamil Genocide” said Mr. Deluxon Morris, TGTE’s Minister for investigation of Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“We hope that the Review Panel Report will put an end to the blaming the victims syndrome that we have seen for so long. We have been repeatedly saying that there is no moral equivalence between the aggressor and the aggressed, between the persecutor and persecuted.”

The Review Panel Report clearly demonstrates with facts that there was no equivalence between the Sinhala Buddhist aggression and the victimization of the Tamils. He continued, “We are appalled to see the Sri Lankan Government’s obstructions and manipulations of the UN Personnel”

The Internal Review Panel in its report stated that “according to the UN data most casualties are caused by government fire.” It went on to state “Some UN staff in Colombo expressed to the UN Country Team leadership that they are dismayed that the UN was placing primary emphasis on LTTE responsibility when the fact suggested otherwise”.

TGTE wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General as far back as April 29, 2011 following the report of the Panel of Experts, stating that the acts mentioned in the Panel of Experts report clearly constituted an act of Genocide.

It is stated in the Review Panel Report that:

“The Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, who also has an international Human Rights and humanitarian law mandate, raised concern with the Government and the Secretary-General over the situation but favored quiet diplomacy and told the Government he would “not speak out.” When his office later tried to issue a public statement this was not supported by UNHQ”

We question if the conduct of Ambassador Francis Deng was an act of “quiet diplomacy” or an act of appeasement. If the quiet diplomacy did not save the lives of tens of thousands of Tamils at the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka, then it clearly is time for a public and robust diplomacy.

We urge that Mr. Adama Dieng who replaced Ambassador Deng to make public the report on Tamil Genocide in the island of Sri Lanka.

We also repeat our demand for an independent international investigation on Sri Lanka under Article 99; and we call for prosecutions which should not be limited to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity but should also include Genocide.

For Info Contact: Deluxon Morris (UK): Tel: +(44)794-002-0758 or Email: warcrime@tgte.org


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    Do Not wary big LTTE fellow. We will get you as the same way we got KP. No need to talk about UN. You were party to war crimes as a member of the LTTE. What all SL have to do is to smooth out its relations with the Washington and (they are working on it) the big cat is in the bag. The Washington needs SL more than a terrorist hiding behind a bogus law degree. Don’t be too cocky like the other big cat. It is believed that your name is very high on the list.

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      Take care Big Brother is watching!
      The assassination in France is getting hotter by the day and the finger is pointing inwards to SL.

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      KAPUTA —-“we will get you as the same way we got KP ”

      NOTHING TO WORRY. look where KP is now???? All charges

      dropped after all that fuss and bother.” Big LTTE fellow”

      now with the Government.

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      TGTE propaganda should not be taken seriously. The ordinary common northern and eastern Tamils may not know of the existence of such an entity. Hence we should not give any attention to their insanity statements which is a voice in the wilderness.

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        Well observed. The Sri Lankans in north and the east have a totally different agenda. They want peace and prosperrity.

        These TTD kingpins responsible for Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka should be shown the justice, regardless of their whereabouts.

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      It is now becoming evident that KP drama has been stage managed. KP was increasingly becoming sidelined by the LTTE elements abroad, and he felt that there may be a threat to his life. He thought the best way is to get protection in Srilanka where LTTE is incapable of getting rid of him physically. He contacted Srilanka Government (SLG) and told them that he can get LTTE funds abroad to be invested in Srilanka. The SLG was fooled to believe it and staged this event of apparent capture. Now they have realized that KP has no clout among the Tamil diaspora, but they cannot admit it openly. A recent attempt by KP to mobilize Tamil diaspora has failed with only hangers on getting into his sinking boat.
      LTTE was banned only for their acts of violence killing non-combatants and dissidents using unacceptable methods of suicide bombings and child recruitment. Western countries have accepted the struggle of Tamils for autonomy to their lands of historic habitation within an undivided Srilanka. Who knows in time to come if the Sinhala racists refuse to give the Tamils any meaningful autonomy, they may support independence.

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    Are people daft to believe the UN being presented with this Interim Report, the SEC. General was unaware of it’s contents untill now? Aw! Come on!, what does the SG of the UN or the UN itself believe that the public are fools? The scheming that went on with the unseen hands directing the Drama, should be exposed at least now. These buggers are and have been playing with lives of thousands of people, with no remorse at all. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

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    PM of what? What a clown making ends meet, chasing ambulances and immigration cases in US.

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    This whole thing is a drama of an investigation like the Iraq affair by UK- no big gun gets fixed because they are all in it.
    It’s when the kavum kanna crowd keeps bumping folk in the west that SL gets jolted then the tables turn slowly but surely.

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    The UN Report will be persued to its end – the Resignation of the UNSG
    I guess. The underhand scenes are not revealed yet, viz the part played
    by a Nambiyar – Chief-of-Staff and the UNSG son-in-law in the Indian
    Army who was a Presidential Defence Consultant during the war-without-
    witnesses, sorry Humanitarian Operation.
    The intellectuals amongst the Tamil diaspora cannot rest until the
    community is free of Genocide by hidden means, in the name of geo-politics.

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    Veddah Diaspora

    “The intellectuals amongst the Tamil diaspora cannot rest until the
    community is free of Genocide by hidden means, in the name of geo-politics.”

    Where can I find “the intellectuals amongst the Tamil diaspora”. Is there a special breed that I never heard of?

    Do the Tamils and Sinhalese have intellectual traditions?

    What were they doing in the past 30 years? Did they go on an extended sabatical?

    • 0

      “Management Team: ( C J P D )

      Mr Anton Ponrajah, Director, Administration and Finance, Founder Member – Switzerland
      Mr. Ponrajah has been associated with peace activities at UN Human Rights sessions in Geneva for the last 20 years. In his quest to bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sri Lanka, he has been lobbying in the corridors of the UN Secretariat in Geneva year after year, and has built up a personal rapport with diplomats and INGOs from all over the world. He is a graduate from the School of Drama & Theatre, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, and is presently the Principal, Swiss-Tamil Drama School, functioning in Lucerne since 1999. He is the Co-founder (with mainstream Swiss Theatre Professionals) of MARALAM Theatre in Zurich, and the Swiss-Tamil Theatre group, producing Swiss-Tamil intercultural programmes and Theatre activities for the last twenty years. He is an artiste in a number of Swiss TV serials. He has also conducted a number of Self Exploration courses in Swiss Schools and Community centres at the invitation of Swiss authorities.

      Mr A.C. Tarcisius, Director. Academic, Founder Member – UK

      Mr. Tarcisius, is a graduate from the Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka, subsequently did three Post Graduate Diplomas, in Education and in Administration at the University of Colombo and at the University of Sri Lanka. He was an Education Officer attached to the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. He was a member of the National Cultural Council, Sri Lanka. He has won Presidential and National Awards for his academic and professional achievements in Sri Lanka. Seeking asylum in the UK, he was registered for PhD at the SOAS, University of London, doing his research in Tamil Education and Theatre Arts and went up to M.Phil level. Mr Tarcisius was attached to the BBC, World Service, London, as a journalist. He was also attached to the Research Department (Audience) of the BBC. Mr Tarcisius was the founder of the IBC, a 24-hour Tamil Radio, broadcasting to Europe, Middle East and Asia and was the Managing-Director for the first three years. Subsequently, he served as the Director-Programme, in a Tamil Television Station in Europe.
      As an eminent educationist and Social Reformer, Mr Tarcisius was called upon to be a member of the prestigious panel that worked on formulating the syllabus and the Tamil Language text-books for expatriate Tamil children from Australia through Europe to the US. He has conducted workshops for teachers in all major cities in Europe, in the art of teaching. As a Tamil Folklore expert, Mr Tarcisius has been travelling to almost every European country since 1985 and conducting Tamil Folklore and Cultural workshops.As a journalist, he has also been recognised as an outspoken advocate for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sri Lanka.

      Mr Nadarajah Elango, Diaspora Coordinator, Founder Member – France

      Mr Ana Pararajasingham, Head of Research – Australia

      Mr.Pararajasingham holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Technology, Sydney, and works as a Management Consultant. He is also a Fellow Member of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants (FCPA) and Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMAUK). He worked with the World Bank (as a Consultant) to assess the needs of the war-torn NorthEast on behalf of multilateral donor agencies in 2003 and to help assess the needs arising from the damage caused by the tsunami in 2005. He appeared before the Australian Parliament’s Joint Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Defence on several occasions to present the case for international action in the conflict in the island of Sri Lanka.In 2002/03 he developed and delivered a course on Project Management for personnel working for Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the North East of Sri Lanka, a project funded by UNICEF. He has served on the Editorial Board of the ‘Tamil Nation’ fortnightly and has written extensively on the conflict in the island of Sri Lanka and on related human rights issues, and has presented papers and participated at several conferences on the conflict in Sri Lanka.

      Mr Prasanna Chandrakumar, Programme Coordinator – Australia

      Ms Christina Williams, Programme Officer – USA
      Ms David Demani, Office Administrator – Switzerland

      Mr Nadesan Satyendra, Adviser – UK

      Advisory Board:

      Dr Rev A.J.V. Chandrakanthan – Canada
      Mr Balasingham Basharan – Norway
      Ms Verena Graf – Switzerland
      Ms Vinothini Kanapathipillai – Australia
      Mr Viraj Mendis – Germany
      Mr Suthaharan Nadarajah – UK
      Prof John P. Neelsan – Germany
      Mr Gill Piquis – France
      Mr Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – USA
      Prof M. Sornarajah – Singapore

      Institutional Support:

      Dr Norbert Ropers, Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies – Sri Lanka
      Ms Luxshi Vimalarajah, Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies – Sri Lanka

      Resource Network:

      Dr Karunyan Arulanantham – USA
      Rev Prof. S.J. Emmanuel – Germany
      Mr Arjuna Ethirveerasingam – USA
      Dr Jay Maheswaran – Australia
      Ms Karen Parker – USA
      Prof P. Ramasamy – Malaysia
      Dr Sachithanandam Sathananthan – India
      Prof Peter Schalk – Sweden
      Prof N. Shanmugaratnam – Norway
      Dr. Arjuna Sittampalam – UK
      Dr Sachi Srikantha – Japan
      Prof Sri N. Sriskandarajah – Sweden
      Dr D. Sriskandarajah – UK
      Dr Rajan Sriskandarajah – USA
      Mr M. Thanapalsingam – Australia”

      • 0

        These guys should muster the other established and affluent diaspora of the community to assist their down trodden Northern brethren, who now are in a peaceful environment. It is not asking for much but is definitely better than sponsoring further division and hatred.

        • 0

          The diaspora must have a foot-hold to support their Northern
          community foremost. Knowing this basic, H.E. put a hold on “Dual citizenship” unilaterally in Jany. 2011 (Remember the Oxford debacle). MR is the subject Minister.
          This IS structured genocide by the State with a hidden agenda. The
          Legislative Act No. 18 of 1948 – Citizenship – therefore appears to be rescinded! Who cares about this aspect when they write acadamical Papers?

      • 0

        Could you elaborate the ‘vision’ of this so called C J P D. Any positive motives? Will it be another bloodbath/bloodshed of innocent community brethren.

  • 0

    Ah.. my favourite Transsexual Government of Tamil Eelam senator, Deluxon Morris Minor. Where’s his friend, Sock-in-a-lingam Yogalingam? Has he been white vanned?

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    Veddah Diaspora

    I am not impressed with your list of names.

    Where were they when VP was bent on wiping out the entire Tamil speaking people with or without the support of Sri Lankan armed forces and International community?

    Didn’t they know the Vattukkottai resolution was dead on arrival in 1976?

    All these supposed intellectuals could not do a thing to put some sanity into VP’s head.

    These so called intellectuals could not bring the people together to launch a people struggle with their “intellectual acumen”. How did they allow a psychopath to hijack the struggle for democratic rights of the Tamil speaking people. Yours must be a unique race just like your Sinhala brothers.

    Come on, I am yet to meet an intellectually honest learnered person from Sri Lanka.

    Your Sinhala brothers are yet to produce an intellectually honest learnered person from Sri Lanka. The best they could do is Dayan. Now you know the rest.

    • 0

      May I suggest you listen to this discourse?
      It also says why the Tamils were not allowed to participate in the
      2005 Presidential Elections and the Tamil State-hood recognized by
      the I/C etc.

      • 0

        Veddah Diaspora

        You have not answered my questions regarding the achievements of your intellectuals or for that matter Sinhalese ones.

        Ethnic cleansing of Muslims was conveniently not acknowledged by your supposed cream of the society nor did they condemn it.

        In Sri Lanka both the Sinhalese and Tamils have continuously produced petty Pol Pots through out its pre and post independent history.

        You talk about the citizenship act. Good lets see who did support the disfranchisement of the up country Tamils? It was your great lawyer, politician, leader and clever dick GG Ponna.

        Please go borrow a few intellectuals from International Community for you may not find one from your own community.

        Good luck, you need lot of it.

        By the way my people have a question for you. Can the Veddahs who live within the island but outside the present Veddah Land call themselves as Veddah Diaspora?

  • 0


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