7 December, 2023


UN Is Planning An Inquiry Into Sri Lankan War Crimes Run By GoSL: Channel 4 Reveals A Leaked Document

Channel 4 News reveals a leaked document suggesting the UN is planning an inquiry into Sri Lankan war crimes run by the Sri Lankan government.

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller

According to Channel 4 News, it has been supplied with the leaked document which critics claim could pre-empt and undermine September’s Human Rights Council discussion on a UN’s long-awaited investigation into crimes committed at the end of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war.

“The leaked UN plan claims that the ‘implementing partners’ for the scheme would include, along with the Sri Lankan government, the Tamil-dominated Northern Provincial Council, widely seen as representing the popular voice of the Tamils.” says the Channel 4 News’ foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Miller.

NPC’s Chief Minister, C. V. Wigneswaran, told Channel 4 News that the UN had not even consulted them on the plan.



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    Nothing wrong with having an inquiry but just goes to show the double standards of the UN and the west. Oh and how is that Chilcot inquiry going Britain?

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      This Clearly Shows that there are VESTED INTEREST that are working in a INT BODY such as the UNHCR. So much for independence. It clearly shows that when the UNHCR has taken a decision these interest at the VERY UNHCR who are clearly against Sri Lanka and want a different outcome ‘leaked’ the document to ‘CH4′ . So Much for independent investigation. This clearly shows that certain characters at the UNHCR are working against Sri Lanka or a Independent probe. and have colluded with CH4 and similar to give FILTERED information to a independent body. THIS MUST BE INVESTIGATED. A Int Body Must be Independent and no person or Group must be able to influence. This also must highlight why ‘Transparency’ is important and not Hidden witness who are so called fear for their live (that old false argument).. I mean we all know CH4 stance on SL issue.. They could not even bring themselves to class the LTTE Death Cult a ‘Terrorist ORG’ Let alone say that the Civilians were taken as a Human Shield by Gun point. That Death cult similar to today’s ISIL. It is the Leak that shows how vested interest working with Biased parties who have leaked information that should be investigated. So much for independence.

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      “Oh and how is that Chilcot inquiry going Britain?”

      I thought Ramuuuuuuuuu is the only one who is interested in Chilcot.

      Do you think Chilcot is the only person who should be relied upon to delay any investigation into war crimes that had been committed since 5th April 1971?

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    ‘We have firmly stood by the premise that no international probe can be initiated since we are not a signatory to the Rome Statute and so we will have our own domestic mechanism instead’ – PM Ranil

    Realpolitik will win.

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      There is a way to bring Srilankan war criminals to international court though Srilanka is not a signatory to Rome statute. After all Srilanka is a member of the United Nations organisation which upholds that any war has to be conducted by member states according to rules laid by them. You cannot have double standards like Sierra leonne, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Cambodia etc on one side and Srilanka on the other side. If the internal investigation by Srilanka is not credible, then they could take the next step. The leaked paper by UN states that Srilanka government alone cannot conduct that inquiry, but in partnership with Northern Provincial council with technical support from UN. Therefore the sovereignty that Sinhala racists are talking of has been kicked out by this procedure. Inquiry should be by a panel not to the liking of the Sihalses only, but acceptable to international standards and having confidence of the Tamils. Witness protection has to be given so that the affected Tamils can give their statements without any fear of repercussions from the Srilanka government or security forces. If this fails to bring perpertrators to justice, then they could take the matter to security council and pass a resolution to have an inquiry conducted by the international court of justice. Unfortunately for this all the permanent members should agree, as even one of them can veto it. Whether these permanent members will rise to the occassion to grant justice to the Tamils or not, we have to wait and see.

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      @Taraki, when SL is a member country of the UN, you need to abide by those laws. Rome statute? What does that got to do with the UN? If SL is a UN member then they have to abide, or else SL gets kicked out. Simple!!!!!!!!

      Also are you mad? What probe has ever been done not only based on the 2009 related war crimes, but every murder and assassination that has taken place in this country orchestrated by the government of SL? 1989 Premadasa, Ranjan Wijeyaratne, Ronnie Gunasinghe, Ranchagoda, Sirisena Cooray and all these hoodlums slaughtered so many innocent Sinhala youths, did any investigation take place?

      This is like asking the LTTE to investigate their own murders. Are you people mad, really?

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    I hope the UN report (the2nd one if we include the UN SEC. GEN Panel ) would shed more light on what happened.

    The UN has stated that any action will come after this second report.

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    Mighty Iran couldn’t stand before the sanctions and nearly scrapped the Uranium enrich programme to satisfy the West.
    You don’t necessarily sign anything to stand firmly on the ground but for how long???
    one day or maximum two??

    Don’t be fooled by the politician who have no grounds stand on their own!!!

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      ??? Like the famous mythical WMD in Iraq, America believes (or says it believes) that Iran is developing Nuclear weapons. It appears that this story has as much grounding in fact as the Iraq WMD. Iran will continue to pursue nuclear energy.

      They were subject to sanctions for pretty much no real reason (except perhaps the Israelis and Saudis wanted it). What have the Iranians given up ?

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      The burden of economic sanctions will be immediately passed down to the Tamils living out side North and East. I hear that all diaspora has resolved in unison to go hungry if necessary.


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        “The burden of economic sanctions will be immediately passed down to the Tamils living out side North and East.”

        JR’s prescription repeated here.

        It would be the first step towards International Community seriously considering the Thamil Eelam option on humanitarian ground.

        It is not the stupid Thamils who are going to carve out separate state on the contrary the stupid Sinhalese are hell bent on separating themselves from North East.

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    This TCSF is a sick and rotten to the gut outfit that thinks it could buy the world opinion for a cause that has no substance to prove war crimes. Then also, Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity; So are prominent Western countries such as USA, UK that always get away after committing the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity that there is – in Vietnam, many nations in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and CIA’s clandestine operations around the world and USA’s torture centers in Diego Garcia islands near India and in other collaborative countries where they operate go without being punished. While Sri Lanka was in a legal position to deal with Tamil terrorists and a war it fought for 30 years, Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the above convention that has same status that USA, UK and their cohorts enjoy, the World is yet to see how Sri Lanka will act to such threats by the Tamils. If the United Nations have any good brains left within its organization, then now is the time to get out of this mess and be fair to respect the conditions laid down in its own Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

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    Cry baby cry :D We Thamizh just keep sending hard earned toilet cleaning money down the drain :D

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    Saddam Hussain was not hanged by the West but he was
    captured by them on a tipoff by an Iraqi. Gaddafi
    was taken by Libyans. Osama was reported gunned
    down in Pakistan again on a tipoff by a Pakistani.
    Those are ,Iraq , Libya and Pakistan or Afganistan.
    In many ways they are powerful countries compared
    to many other developing third world. With all
    necessary outside links of brotherly nations, they
    had people to get on with their life as normal
    while reaction to the West continuing with more
    damages to lives and properties caused to the
    victims by themselves. Looing at all these
    developments , is it difficult for us to imagine
    our capacity to withstand such a heavy mental,
    let alone physical pressure ? It is hard to
    believe that the West will want the good governing
    party to earn the wrath of its people by trying to
    get them punish MARA and the chorus !

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    This is outrageous and atrocious. The UNHRC Chief ‘PROMISED” that come what may, he will release the report during the Sept 2015 session. He thinks the Tamils are all sleeping. There cannot and should not be any compromises or excuses in releasing the report NOW. Hell to whatever happens or whoever wins the SL elections. The process at the UNHCR has to go on. In all these, the stoic silence R. Sampanthan is unbelievable. The present SL regime believes by oiling a few Tamils, it can have its way. If it wants it can have its own investigation but the one that has been carried out and the report prepared by UNHRC MUST COME OUT.

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      ‘This is outrageous and atrocious. The UNHRC Chief ‘PROMISED” that come what may, he will release the report during the Sept 2015 session’

      Aiyyo he promised no? Aney dont cry baba, wake up and accept reality. There will be more to come after the general election.

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        What is you version of reality, since you seem to have that in your pocket? If you want to jump like a clown in your own tub of reality, am I stopping you? Make sure you don’t doze off, or else you know what?

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        “Aney dont cry baba, wake up and accept reality. There will be more to come after the general election.”

        War criminals can run but they can’t hide, though attempts have been made. Natural justice will come after them. Remember Natural Justice is a bitch.

        Aney don’t gloat baba, wake up and accept reality.

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