5 July, 2022


UN Report Says Sri Lanka Bloodbath Was A ‘Grave Failure’ For World Body – Washington Post

A United Nations report released Wednesday said inadequate efforts by the world body to protect civilians during the bloody final months of Sri Lanka’s civil war marked a “grave failure” that led to suffering for hundreds of thousands of people. The report was unusually scathing for an official U.N. critique. Read more in the Washington Post

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    There was much UNSG/BKM could have done when he personally visited the battle zones during the intensity of the conflict. But he ran away. He was even afraid to face a Press Conference he had originally agreed to addess. It was a clear dereliction of duty by BKM. If he had done his part efficiently and effectively, he could have saved multiple thousands of lives;he could have helped both the Tamils and the MR regime. That was the purpose of this VVIP official coming here. But he dissappointed. I note the present report also focuses on the failure of the UN officials but, more interestingly, speaks of “trade-offs” ????

    I am afraid the present regime takes an ostrich sort of attitude of this particular incident. It can ricochet on their face causing them immense harm in the future unless they consult the right people and protect themselves. The BBC and the world networks alloting so much of space in their World Service alone is an indication the world community is not going to let this event pass without serious strictures- and, even possibly, accompanying action.


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      I believe Ban K Moon should be asked to resign and dealt with. He came to Sri Lanka at the height of the War but never imposed conditions on the MR regime of upholding Human Rights. The very fact that the UN meekly complied by leaving the North when the citizens in the North needed the UN most, because the schemers were not wanting the UN anywhere in the North as they were to commit what they committed. Therefore the action of the UN and Ban K Moon in particular tantamounts to aiding and abbetting the massacre. I only hope these buggers are not allowed to go scot free for their complicity.The inaction of the UN is due to the pressure from the Americans and the Indians who wanted VP and part of the LTTE decimated, so they could retain KP and the balance for further negotiations as is seen. Even the recent killing in France is removing balance obstacles for KP and crowd to continue as the present heirs of the LTTE.

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    The UN and the World must not fail Sri Lanka again.Effective steps
    to catch the War Criminals who came to power by sacrificing thousands
    of human lives to achieve their evil ends MUST BE TAKEN to end further
    violation of human rights and crimes against humanity.

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