25 May, 2022


UNHRC Resolution: TNA Rejects Rumours, No Agreement With US And GOSL

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has today rejected the rumours that have been appearing in the public media stating that the TNA, Government of Sri Lanka and the United States have come to an agreement with regard to the implementation of the UN resolution 30/1, especially with regard to the accountability processes.

R. Sampanthan - The TNA Leader

R. Sampanthan – The TNA Leader

“The Tamil National Alliance has always held the position that the resolution must be implemented both in letter and spirit and there has been no change in this position. We will remain committed and take all necessary steps to ensure that the resolution is implemented fully in the future.” the TNA has said in a statement.

“The TNA wishes to urge all Sri Lankans not to get carried away by these rumors and to remain united in restoring justice and equality among all citizens and to work towards reconciliation and building a united undivided Sri Lanka.”the TNA further said.

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    Is Rt Hon Lesder of the TNA Party Leader trying to ” degrade ” the Vellala Kid Abraham?.

    I thought the Agreement was signed even before Mr Mahendran became the CB Boss?.

    • 2

      Why the caste, Velala has to do with agreement? Somebody’s caste Govigama or Hakuru from Kandy, Karava, Durava, Salagama from the south, or Velala from the north has to do with the alleged agreement signed?

  • 6

    Any deal with the government must be on the basis of what it has done and not on what has been promised.

    The wise learns lessons without any bitter experience but fools keep on experiencing. The military still run hotels and does agriculture in the grabbed lands and keep or occupy private houses while the poor owners languish in tin huts or rough out with friends/relatives’ families. In many cases not even compensation or rents paid to the owners. How can running hotels come under defence? This is surely committing offence.

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    That is one of the hundreds of the Gospel Truth Mr.Clean has come out with.Let us take it seriously to begin with.

  • 8

    Sri Lanka does not want to keep the UNHRC resolution on war crimes trials that it co-sponsored with the US:

    As it does with the international agreement with India on 1987, it wants to renege on this agreement with the UNHRC this time too.

    The Sri Lankan rulers and the state are proving to the world to be untrustworthy!

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      They are proving to the world that they are good politicians. You are so naive as to trust them? ha ha ha more fool you.

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        “They are proving to the world that they are good politicians.”

        Good politicians do not plead mercy at the UNHRC. Wise politicians would have avoided all war-related crimes.

        Because of the earlier smart ass patriots, Mangala is begging for mercy.

        “ou are so naive as to trust them?”

        Yes, they are, however, the war crime investigation will continue despite the efforts of Mangala and others.

        Everything is Tiketty Boo.

        Now you can go back to sleep.

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