16 August, 2022


UNP Is Not A Party Of Thieves – Ranil

“The UNP is not a party of thieves. If there are thieves in the party we will expel them. Allow us to carry out a transparent and investigation,” Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

Speaking at a event organised by UNP members in Hatton to celebrate his 40 years of continuous service as a legislator, Wickremesinghe said: “We are now like America. There are so many investigations against President Trump by the media, Congress and so on. Upon receipt of reports, wrongdoers step down. It is same in England. That is what happening in Sri Lanka, this is not a new thing. We have created an open society. Don’t involve in corruption, they will get caught. Even President Trump and his family is under investigation, If someone done any wrong they will get punished.”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

“There was an allegation regarding issuance of Treasury Bonds treasury bond transaction. First, I appointed an interim committee comprising our lawyers. Then, it was referred to the COPE. Though we won the election, we gave the COPE Chairmanship to an opposition MP. We opened it to all. Thereafter, decided to appointed a Presidential Commission. Nobody objected it,” the Prime Minister said.

“Today, the Attorney General summons Ministers and questions them. At that time, the Attorney General was a yes-man of the President. I will tell one thing. We will not cover up fraudsters in the government. This is not a party of fraudsters. If there is any, we will expel him. Yet, let us have a transparent probe.

“Today there are so many investigations that ministers are brought before the Attorney General and are questioned. Was there a situation as such before? Those days, the Attorney General was an acolyte of the president. The Attorney General who questioned was removed from the department or else taken in a white van. Now there is room to question anyone. I’ll tell you one thing, this government will not protect thieves. If anyone found committing frauds, we will act according to probe reports. The UNP is not a party of thieves. If there are thieves in the party we will expel them. Allow us to carry out a transparent and investigation. That’s it,” he said.

The Prime Minister said: “The media in Sri Lanka don’t have any moral right to say that such and such things have happened. Why is that? They had covered up corruption of the previous government. They all went for shopping (Kade). Lankadeepa wen kade, Divaina went kade, Ada paper went kade, Lankbima went kade, Dinamina went kade, Silumina went kade, Derana went kade, tell me who did not went ‘kade’? I can even tell who ate from Temple Trees. Sirasa TV is attacking me every day, but I’ve never gone to burn it. 

“Lasantha Wickrematunge who has been trying to expose corruption was killed. What happened to Ekneligoda? He also exposed corruption. At the end he was abducted and killed. What they say now? Not to investigate on the killings of journalists now because it is a threat to the National Security. To coverup their frauds and corruptions, they are attacking us. There wasn’t an open society before. People voted us, because they wanted good governance. We can’ even get the votes of thieves. We have done everything we can. Do not have a doubt about that. We will not shout about what we have done. I have named some media institutions today. I can also name those who are in them but will not do it now.”

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    Okay..RW is not an appropriate PM, even though he’s not a thief and asking him to resign is a reasonable request under the circumstances , but who is going to fill his position ? Do anyone has anybody in mind ? Who will do an honest, sincere job today, under the prevailing state of the political set up ? You cannot find anyone with that capacity and resolve against all the odds…so be quiet until things change politically…it’s going to take a very long time to see any change in our “blessed land” of Buddha. (The fact remains, we do not have a single honest Buddhist here) Not expecting changes from our political rascals..but something from probably outside. Possibilities are ;
    .India and China are going to lock horns re ‘Hang-bang-tota’ white elephant port affair and SL is in trouble. India & China having border trespass issue near Bhutan..& .anything can flareup sooner or later. India will realize the blunder she made in the so called ‘war against terror’ in Lanka.
    India is already feeling that it has no one to support or safeguard their interest in Lanka. It really has no power in Lanka and cannot dictate anything to any SL Governments.. Yes, they have lost their power play pawn LTTE to play games with SL. China will teach unforgettable lessons to India & SL and most probably take over Lanka and make Silly Lanka a ‘yellow’ nation as some sage predicted. Then only our racist, narrow minded, filthy politicians may change for the better. Until then …suffering will be the daily menu for ordinary folks ! It will be okay for the robbers and looters of the nation. They & the fake patriots just don’t care about others..so long as they are well ‘oiled’ & equipped with the stolen criminal wealth.

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    UNP is full of thieves………Did RK resigned from the party membership?

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    Power is blind.The Prime Minister of a Country is also a criminal for protecting well known criminals and obstructing justice! Your time is coming up if you further delay owning up and rounding up your friends!

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