9 August, 2022


UNP LG Polls Kick-Off Rally – Live

United National Party’s local government election rally in Kandy:

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  • 8

    Mendis Gal label is a perfect match for the UNP colour .
    PT boss Aloysious is a genius ..
    Keselwatta Kid is already putting it into good use in our Dutugamunu country in Thissamaharama. according to the Colombo Media……

    • 6

      UNP has a big problem with Tamil gangsters and shady nominations in this municipal council elections!!

  • 18

    Oh what a massive crowd looks like its going to be a landslide victory for the You N P. It took me almost 45 minutes to get into the venue. I have never seen a gigantic crowd in kandy.

  • 12

    Kalu Albert.

    Why not join as a marketing coordinator at Mendis special arrack.
    Are you the BS carrier of MR and Sira

    • 5

      Are you related to Native Vedda or just a Yahaplana friend ?…

    • 6

      Chamuditha Senanayake: “Senanayake” says all. rob the country and live. for you people, “MR and SIRA are the only “satan Paatha”.
      Ranil is a leader of a gang of thieves. that is irrelevant.

    • 2

      Chamuditha Senanayaka

      “Are you the BS carrier of MR and Sira”

      Being the new avatar of KASmaalam K A Sumnasekere, Kalu Albert does not carry BS of MR or Sira, but he provides services exclusively to Dr Mahinda Rajapaksa (LLD, PhD X 3) carrying his b***s.

      I was bid worried about KASmaalam K A Sumnasekere as he didn’t appear in this forum for quite sometime. He loves free malt whisky if he could manage to con a few Middle east returnees.

  • 11

    Gigantic crowd come to support the Looting Rulers.
    Mmmmm…………… still there are punnakku eating human beings ?

    • 1

      Ever heard that vox populi always is with the least bad? May be they are not as dumb as you think they are !! They may toss some punnakku at you if you ask – probably be more nutritious than whatever you are eating.

  • 6

    Kiriella: One who abandoned SLFP and became filthy rich. Now promoting the family. who was going behind, The son and the Daughter.

  • 7

    UNP has a leader who went to parliament one year ago and said that no body understands the intricate business of bonds except himself and Arjun Mahendran and that according to that incredible knowledge and wisdom no fraud has been committed by Mahendran/alloysius.

    Whatever frauds committed were committed by Rajapakses before 2015.

    The UNP even objected to the COPE report and put a foot note dissenting,

    Today that same man is saying that there was a fraud and he will punish those who committed such crimes against the nation !

    May be this massive crowd came to see this unique man !

  • 2

    Was it really such a massive crowd? Does not seem to be so from these two videos.
    Women can’t get hold of Green Label Gal thanks to a bigoted humbug of a president and a moron of a Health Minister. The Rajapaksas are rogues and murderers.
    Aiiya, so how to vote?

  • 2

    As if Kandy doesn’t have enough worries, the great unwashed thronged the centre and made a right old nuisance of themselves. Traffic backed up Rajapihilla holding my small entourage up as we went into town to dinner. Afterwards, we watched the fireworks from the Delight Skylounge and wondered if enough had been done to declare success. Methinks not. Many looked like they were from out-of-town and were only in for the beer.By the way, was it really necessary to have the bomb squad in the park? All we got from the platform were damp squibs; or should I say pus-weddilla.
    More work to be done guys.

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