12 August, 2022


PM’s Special Address On Bond Scam: Ranil Paints Damning ‘Bond Report’ As A Victory

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in a special address to the nation portrayed the entire saga over investigating the Central Bank bond scam as a victory for the Government.

He has claimed that the process has confirmed that ‘the government is acting in a transparent manner.’ He further claimed that the Central Bank, which comes under his purview in his capacity as the Minister of National Policy, already holds Rs 12 billion belonging to Perpetual Treasuries and that therefore the Rs 9.2 billion the company made illegally can be recovered without any cost to the government.

Wickremesinghe also said that while all officials associated with the scam would be punished according to the law and insisted that he had lent all necessary support to all investigations into the matter. This, he claims, proves the government’s discipline, civility and integrity.

Colombo Telegraph notes however that Wickremesinghe continued to place faith in the then Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran even after it became apparent that the bond issue transactions were suspicious. In fact Wickremesinghe offered Mahendran an advisory post after the latter resigned as Governor.

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    But there are many sincere registered honest Evangelicals and in no way My comments are directed to them.

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    It is important for JVP to give a special mandate to The people and of cause they better fulfil the same.
    1) Bring the main group of people together ,Sinhalese ,Tamils and Muslims ( Ceylon ,Indian,Malay &others) .
    2) Bring in death penalty for drugs and contract killing.
    3) appoint public trustees on all Tender boards and dispersion of IMF & other grants and national housing to all people transparently.
    4) only concentrate to make the railway no (1) in whole of Asia.
    5) Life sentence for those guilty of Racism ,Religious & other bigotries.

    If they refuse ,don’t vote, period.

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    The 16 dreams: King Kosol of Kosala Desha had 16 dreams in one night and highly disturbed, went to Buddha for an interpretation, who interpreted them as premonitions to the future world.
    The second 16 dreams of King Kosol: Recently discovered Buddhist scriptures show that the King had another series of 16 dreams hither to unknown. Here is one.

    The 17th dream of King Kosala :
    King: Lord, I saw a treasury (Bhandagaraya) filled with gold. Then, several suspicious looking characters (SLC) go in and ransack the treasury and take all the gold away in sacks.
    People: Why are you taking our gold like this?
    SLC: The previous king looted the country and now we must pay the loans that he took.
    People: How will you pay the loans when there is no gold?
    SLC: We will buy new gold with the money we make by selling this old gold and pay the loans. Don’t worry. We will all be rich in 2025.
    The People, who look like morons, do nothing to stop them.
    Buddha’s Remarks: Noble King, there is nothing for you to worry about. This is not going to happen during your reign of Kosala or during the reign of your son. Anyway, do you not see that there is a difference between this and the previous 16 dreams? This is stark reality while all the other dreams were analogies. This is exactly what is going to happen in Lankadweepa in the future. The treasury will be ransacked by some people in power. The ordinary people will be helpless and can only watch with open mouths and will lose all their money.

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    (No offence meant to anyone ,a true story told to make a general point )

    There was a young western man who wanted to adopt the south Asian and middle eastern way of cleaning himself after using the toilet ,so after getting advice from a few of his Asian and middle eastern friends ,he tried it out and since then found to have many health and mental benefits. So the man decided to keep the practice ,no matter where he is &what climate it is ..cont….

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    The evil illness that is hard to die …Prejudice.. Cont.

    So as the story goes ,the young man ,let’s call him jimmy , had a problem maintaining it in his parental home ,so he had to carry with him a plastic can every time he used the toilet .,seeing this The father knowing well what was going on, kept bugging the young man ,Jimmy what are you doing with that can in the toilet ?
    The young man lost it , he said you know dad ,the bowl you use in the toilet ,how many gallons of water you flush down to clean it,but sad not a drop for your poor self. So The old man tells his wife ,He has a perfect point ,he is right ,but death come over me ,I will never agree .that is how it is with Lanka today.

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    Dear Sir . Your Excellency ,pardon me for saying this ,if you can not reshuffle the cabinet by handing over the key Portfolios to true at heart young men like, Hon
    Buddika Pathirenna ,Navin Dissanayake , and daringly even bring in new members via Nationalist (if
    constituency permits) , like Imtiaz Bakeer Maccar , Azath Sally , Ranga ,,even Ranjan is worthy of a position ,st least we know he is honest, And only if Anura kumara would just take a position for this one year he can show people Hands on ,
    No point doing anything without the cabinet reshuffle &Ranil and his clans holding the steering of the government.
    Please consider before the elections .and hope Late Hon .LKY’s son will share some dynamic experience thought by his dad ,we he meets you.

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      “…Ranil paint ‘Damning Bond Report’ as a victory”.

      Ranil has long since suffered from hallucinations. He is turning … albeit slowly, round the bend.

      Not a bad fellow but gets run out each time. This can happen two-ways. Either your calling is bad, or, your partners are ‘yes, no, may-be’ men.

      Either way, it is happening… he’ll be back in the pavilion soon.

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    How safe is the Country ,with all the contract killers back in ?

    I think The president should confide in Hon Sarath Fonseka and appoint him.Minister of interior and clean up the entire MOD ,and replace with complete new staff ,am sure HE –knows exactly what am trying to tell him.,he knows what unthinkable havoc is happening inside ,MOD has become a joke .

    And high profile people’s life is at risk with contract killers freely roaming the streets. Even Mahinda’s life matters to us citizens ,no matter what he may be guilty of or not. For reasons we citizens are in debted to him in someway or other

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    Satsth Fonseka may still be a immature in
    politics sill learning and he will learn well one day.,but he will not mix dirty politics in to his conviction. He has military discipline in him.
    He will never resort to revenge and betrayal ,that is the very reason HE The president must appoint him the Minister. Or deputy More Mister of Interior and give him the job to clean up the country .

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