1 December, 2022


UNP Sets Course For Solo Government, Shrugs Off Karu-Killi-Maithri Spoiler Efforts

The rank and file of the United National Party (UNP) and parliamentary back-benchers have pledged support to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and urged him to form a new UNP government in the midst of moves by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to position himself to take over the premiership with the support of President Maithripala Sirisena.

Sirisena, who had earlier pushed for Wickremesinghe’s resignation, had told a group of UNP MPs that he was willing to replace Wickremesinghe with Jayasuriya as the Prime Minister. Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that the attempt to foist Jayasuriya in the Prime Minister’s seat was pushed by his son-in-law and UNP MP Navin Dissanayake and Killi Rajamahendran, the owner of the Capital Maharaja Organization and a close confidante of President Sirisena. According to sources they had told Sirisena that Jayasuriya could muster the support of around 30 UNP MPs.

Rajamahendran has used his television stations to continuously attack Wickremesinghe. Even as the results of the recently concluded local government elections were being released Sirasa TV devoted a panel discussion to blame Wickremesinghe for the by then obvious defeat of the UNP.

UNP stalwarts as well as back-benchers and loyalists who agitated outside Temple Trees have argued that Sirisena has no right to talk about the UNP and its leadership since his party received just over 12% of the total votes cast. Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that the overwhelming majority of Parliamentary group and Working Committee members of the party concur with this position.

​This is not the first time that Jayasuriya has tried to oust Wickremesinghe. Various coup attempts against Wickremesinghe over the years have resulted in inglorious defeats.

One such attempt saw him bribe news websites to get political milage and position himself as the Common Candidate of the Opposition at the last Presidential Election.

On October 23, 2014, Karu Jayasuriya telephoned the Colombo Telegraph editor and offered him a monthly payment of Rs. 50,000 ‘in appreciation of the work that Colombo Telegraph does’. Jayasuriya did not state for how long this payment was to be made. The issue did not arise because the editor politely declined the offer. Furthermore, the editor reminded Jayasuriya that it was he who interviewed Jayasuriya when the latter first came into politics in 1995. At that point, Jayasuriya told the journalist that he hoped to work towards strengthening independent media. The Colombo Telegraph editor pointed out to Jayasuriya that his media entity functioned as an independent one and said he did not need any money.

One week after the aforementioned phone call, Karu jayasuriya was given a lot of prominence in several websites. They even ran fake opinion polls to show that Jayasuriya was more popular than Ranil Wickremesinghe, who was then the Opposition Leader. They suggested that Jayasuriya was a ‘better choice’ than Wickremesinghe to run for Presidency in 2015.

These developments compelled Colombo Telegraph to question whether he made similar offers to those websites in appreciation of the work they do or for any other reason.

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    When an incentive /reward is offered to a practicing, professional journalist and an editor at that, the purpose is clear. It is either to recruit or to neutralise the journalist. Karu was wrong and his exposure is justified . He deserves condemnation. Both were done when the incident occurred.

    The resurrection of the event in the context of the current political tug of war is not only unfortunate but is a partisan tilt towards Ranil Wikremesinghe. Ranil is a maestro in intimidating , coercing , buying over journalists. Why should we hold Karu J to a benchmark higher than that we are ready to apply to either Ranil or even MR who excelled in the business .

    • 0

      Sarath de Alwis:
      That’s interesting “inside information,” except that you provide no proof of Ranil’s ability in the matters of “intimidating, coercing, buying over journalists” etc. I would suggest that little purpose is served by what amounts to this unsubstantiated smear.
      You might have noticed that I am not exactly the President of the Ranil Wickremesinghe fan club (and have never been at any time!)

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    That is great, no one should forced Ranil W out until the UNP succumb to a NATURAL DEATH.

    • 15

      Nagananda, I know you mean well when you ask for Ranils removal but remember doing the wrong thing at the wrong time might put our country back under a Fascist Dictatorships. So please tread carefully and responsibly. If you Replaces Ranil with someone better who is less likely to be manipulated by external forces propose the names of these people to the public.

      Can you spend some time telling us how we can expedite all the Rajapaksas Criminal Networks cases. Now the fresh Bond Scam is being investigated.
      Why nothing about the old Rajapaksas cases!?
      Bond scam case seems to be moving along faster!?

      You are a Lawyer who can advise the government how to conduct the investigations into the Rajapaksas…

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    It is Dangerous to give political prominence to a wealthy businessman who owns TV and Radio stations. I think that is the objective of this article. They can simply sell the country for money. Other than that, shameless Ranul supported thieves, murderers, rapists and all kind of Criminals. Whuy RAvi the LIar is still outside. Ranil is unbelievable. He can not talk one which he can say I finished it or I did it. that country is very unfortunate to have this kind of politicians.

  • 2

    That guy came to pay 50k. That is true, he expected services for that. If he wanted why can he but advertisement pages. Why he wanted to manipulate underhand?

    Where would he get money just to pay? Certainly that money also seems to just came.

    One guy used the government Television. Not ready to pay for that or go to prison for that.

    They all same.

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    Mahinda Rajapakshe is a very good actor/humbug. Even though he is genuinely not patriotic/nationalist (we have seen how he, his close relatives and his cohorts abused the country’s wealth), he knows very well how to act like one (very crooked). He is also known as the people’s president/leader because he knows the art of fooling the masses (carrying the children, extending both hands to appease the old people, etc.), he is extremely good at acting like a real father of the nation and an expert in hoodwinking not only the masses but to all those whom he gives promises (false promises). He is a double tonged leader who can never be trusted.

    On the other hand, Ranil Wickramasinghe is straight forward (not an actor) and does not know anything about public relations or rather, he does not know how to fool the masses. Even on a stage, he will wear his western attire and sit with the legs crossed (don’t care type) showing disrespect to the public (not intentionally). He may be cunning at politics but he does not know how to appease/attract the people. Even after losing around 30 odd times, Ranil has never learned how to hoodwink the masses. UNP desperately needs not only cunning but also a crooked leader who knows how to be a good actor in front of the masses (an expert in fooling the masses).

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    “UNP Sets Course For Solo Government, Shrugs Off Karu-Killi-Maithri Spoiler Efforts”

    My dear Karu J, You must continue with your effort to build the economy and lift the standard of life of the poor hardworking taxpayers in Sri Lanka. You were praised when you joined hands with the previous dictators not because of anything but the intention then was clear, destroy terrorism. If you carry on that path (‘ Samma Ditti’), you will be a very happy man in your dying seconds. The UNP never hated you for doing that move then, and expected you back ASAP. So, my sincere advice to you is, do not get deluded by the great fetters, of mara, ‘Thanha,Rathi & Raga’ but work with the wise with ‘Sathara Brahma Viharas’ in mind. You are old and wise enough to know who the ‘Kalyana Mitthas’ are. May you be well and happy. Metta!
    PS. This is from someone whom you do not know but know you from Dudley Senanayaka days.

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    A crisis situation for Ranil.W.
    ……….Save me from my Enemies and deliver me from my friends….is the present scenario for him.

  • 6

    Karu Jayasuriya is a self serving Speaker. He is only interested in becoming the PM and he has proved numerous times that he has no control over the Parliament. The first error he did was to recognize Joint Opposition, when there was a Legal Opposition in the Parliament. This he did so that one day he can get their support. What Karu should do, if he is a Honest Speaker is to open all Parliamentary and Committee stage discussions to the public live via live television. Only then the voters can see which MP is honest and who is not. Most of the time the same MPs who oppose progressive proposals come out in the public and attack saying that the progressive proposal was not approved because others opposed it. Will the Speaker at least now have the guts to open up all Parliamentary and Committee stage discussions to the public via LIVE TV?

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    K.J is an unreliable politician that we knew when he jumped out of the UNP and came back to secure a place at a right time. RW is a straight forward person and he looks like a ‘moda’ fellow. In the formation of the Govt. and as to who should become the PM only the UNP parliamentary group should decide not the chairman of the SLFP. We should not allow a TV station to determine the fate of the country. Let them create a genuine opinion among the people who will look after the direction of their political journey.

  • 2

    I still can not understand how a man who was such a perfect gentlemen like Ranil ,remembering him from.the time he took over from DB The PM post and the way he quickly packed his bags and left to give way to Chandrika ,when he lost , , how could such a man have opted to behave in this manner ?

    I can’t remember the name of the Police officer or the exact contents he wrote, he was Ranil’s personal security then , a well educated man excellent in English who went as far as writing about Ranil’s noble qualities and the way he left the Temple Trees with complete humility and without keeping in waiting the new PM coming in even a minute longer than he should.

    Today he has tarnished his image and being blamed only for trying to protect his friends ,that was worse than the crime committed, because it amounted to betrayal of the trust people had placed on him,

    If he has any of his past qualities left in him , then let him shun his ego and apologise to the people .

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    ~ “UNP Sets Course For Solo Government, Shrugs Off Karu-Killi-Maithri Spoiler Efforts”
    One hopes that this is speculative.
    The coalition had some checks and balances. Too good to be abandoned without giving this an honest try.
    The former regime was a sort of coalition but members like Wimal was used and DEW (COPE report) simply ignored.

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    New King Modaya was riding on two boats, UNP and Old Royals. The result is disastrous. It brought down the UNP and is on the edge of wiping out SWRD’s Balawegaya. Chandrika Could not sees her died father, mother, brother and her husband being dragged out their resting coffins and re-hanged by New King and Old King.

    Instead of being a witness of that, she left to London.

    If, as he is pretending to public that New King wanted to establish an equitable, just, scrupulous state, he should have taken away his leg from the Criminals’ boat long ago, If he wanted the hand of UNP in the post government , he never should have opted to oppose UNP in the election. These smart idiots wanted to steal the other one’s credits and put their blames on other one, split and stood individually in the election. If they stood together like Jan, 2015 election, same would have been the result this too, though it need not to necessarily annihilate Old Royals, unlike it did in 2015.

    On the other side, he could have saved SWRD’s SLFP. He could have left the Old King to lead SLFP in the election the same way he did in September.2015. He would not have victory over UNP. He would not have been able to hold his Buddha’s Yahapalanaya mask anymore. His says in the government would have remained same. Again, He wanted the have cake and eat it too. Now the hope for Sampanthar’s 100 days secret Solution is permanently gone.

    As in Amare’s metaphor, the monkey in him, which has got the knife in his hand slashed him, SLFP, UNP, Tamils and Muslims.

    It is going to take time for everyone involved healing those wound.

  • 5

    Yes i agree the U N P has always been an independent political party stand by your leader do not put him down because you put the country down. Stand together and you will be strong.

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    Re-capitulating on diverse comments made re. Minister Mangala Samaraweera’s recent statement ” What went wrong” the cardinal cause of the UNP debacle is crystal clear, unfortunately the politicians are tying to paint a different picture to obscure the real cause of the disgraceful defeat. People including the winning party supporters are well aware of the gimmicks played by the players of this dirty game. What is hurting the UNP supporters is that they have been left on the lurch and are made to eat the humble pie. We are constrained to conclude that UNP politician is well bred but badly brought up. None of your future plans will bear fruit unless you, the entire caucus resolutely make a solemn promise that you will bring all perpetrators before the Law although you have made promises shamelessly to your political buddies. The Voters well remember what you promised at the last Presidential election and the General election that followed. You have one more opportunity to renew the promise and two more years to implement same. This may well be your only chance to make the pledge. Please don’t betray your Country and it’s people for the sake of your greedy, selfish and lawless whited sepulchres.
    We already see the writing on the wall, ” Your days are numbered”

  • 1

    What can I say except FLUMMOXED!!!!! Hope our country will be the winner and we can work towards a proud and self sufficient state where people are satisfied with their lot and are happy. All this party politicking, may get us no where all want to reign and thrive and have forgotten they will all die and leave nothing for living or future…..

    I see it as a dance bound to the hell worlds for all these guys if there is such! And we the powerless wait and see! Multitudes voted wrong too but the message was clear.

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    The UNP should throw out maitri for the following reason

    The UNP should drop the President if he does not change his policy on climate change because of his utterances as our Country’s economy is so fragile as he does not appear to trust our Engineers to get investors to our country because of our President the moment he became President made a declaration about climate change to please the west he did this twice one of them recently when our per capita carbon emissions were one of the lowest in the world of 0.67 while the per capita carbon emission of 0.61 metric tons per year is very low compare it with Malaysia a developing Country (6.7) and the US a developed Country (19.78), is 10 times and 30 times more respectively and in Singapore 30 metric tons and as such there should not be any concern regarding carbon emissions these are supported by the per capita carbon emission per year statistics from the internet .and also it can be stated from the data from internet it can be computed that even if we have 10 coal power stations the size of Norochoholai producing a total of 70 billion units per year, our per capita carbon emission per year will not exceed 70×109/21×106= 3040 Kg=3.04 metric tons assuming a population of 21 million and 1000Kg= a metric ton, as such there is no threat of carbon emission to our country by planning for accelerated coal power projects as many as required for our country. The President’s statement contravenes article 3,4,12, 27 and 33 (f) of our constitution and as such direct foreign investors are avoiding us like a plague and also his reliance on solar power can be established has the biggest fraud committed in our country’s history amounting to several hundred million US dollars which also has destabilized our country’s economy .

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