14 June, 2024


UNP Submits Motion Seeking To Restrict MR’s Secretary From Accessing Public Funds

The UNP submitted a draft motion seeking to restrict S. Amarasekera, secretary to the purported Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa from accessing state funds.

UNP MPs Navin Dissanayake, Ravi Karunanayake, Kavinda Jayawardena, Nalaka Kolonne, Hector Appuhamy and Chathura Senaratne signed the motion.

The motion will be submitted in the order paper and will be taken up for debate on November 29. A vote on the motion is also expected to be taken on the same day.

The motion has been presented on the basis that Parliament exercises full control over public finance as mandated in Article 148 of the constitution.

The UNF said all parties representing the UNF and other political parties in the opposition, namely the JVP and the TNA, will vote in favour of the motion.

“The motion cuts off budgetary allocations to the Office of the Purported Prime Minister. Rajapaksa has been comprehensively defeated in a No Confidence Motion and he has no moral, legal, or ethical right to continue in office. This motion will ensure his illegal occupation of the Office of Prime Minister illegal,” a UNP Parliamentarian told Colombo Telegraph.

Addressing a press conference in Parliament this afternoon, SLFP Leader Rauff Hakeem said the motion was only a symbol of Parliament’s power over public finance.

He said the UNF, and the other political parties supporting the NCM, are of the strong view that the Cabinet of Ministers is dissolved and Rajapaksa had no right to access public funds using the Office of Prime Minister.

Karu held a party leaders meeting and did not attend sessions as it was going to be very short session lasted only five-six minutes.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Well, well, Bondscam Ranil who should have been Sacked long ago by clown Sira, when the PCOI report came out, for looting Central Bank and destroying confidence in the most important financial institution in the county on behest of his Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) Washington’s and IMF economic hit men who were getting ready to asset strip Lanka’s Lands, transport and energy infrastructure, has woken up!

    IMF turned a blind eye to the bondscam at CBSL tho it is supposed to be in charge of global financial governance because RW was following its advice!
    Let us be clear that at At the root of the current political crisis in the is the Cold war in Indian Ocean at this time. Washington wants to own and operate Lanka’s government and the US (now controls Bondscam Ranil) against China perceived as a friend of MR. Let us be clear about the fact that it is geopolitics in the Indian Ocean region that is at the root of the political-economic crisis and Lanka’s .
    Sri Lanka was put in a debt trap by US bond market operators ADB, JICA and WB who are own the debt and are crashing Lanka’s rupee in order to asset strip the country of strategic lands, transport and energy security infrastructure. Bondscam Ranil was getting ready to sell off Lanka to his western backers without due deligence and transparent global bidding, when Sira stepped in to sack Ranil and stop the looting of Lanka by Bondscam Ranil and his royal college mafia.

    • 7

      Don: Right on! Sirisena should have sacked bondscam RW long ago, but Better late than never?
      Sira could have prevented further mischief like the “Land Bank” with Trimble and Co and Mckinsey to sell off Lanka’s strategic assets by Bondscam Ranil, Malik , Harsha, Eran , Mangala Yapa and their US funded Agency for Development (aka. Agency for Fake Development) with a super ministry that abrogated powers of Provincial Councils. Also, Bondscam is why no FDI came to Lanka and debt trap magnified, because no investor with a brain would invest in a country where the Central Bank was looted by the Prime Minister.
      Lanka’s economic policy was operated from Washington DC to benefit America First and Global 1 percent when Bond scam Ranil was PM, but now maybe Jarapassa will revert to China???

      • 14

        Can you explain what this bond scam is .

        1 you offer bonds which the government pays back in 30 year. Some bands were purchased at a premium say 105 and is what the guverment gets but pays back 100 in 30:years

        2 Only loss if any is interest say 1% more .

        3. Present 1 year intereston Binds are 11% or more . How do you compare this with ab30 year bond.
        4= yes there is an issue on the secondary market sale to EPF . That is on the question of why did EPF not buy. This has been a inside job for a few years.

        Now can you explain what this loss is of .

        • 2

          CIA or peace corp Sanipa, r u playing social media in Lanka.
          Lanka’s economy is small and is being played by US Bondmarkets to benefit Trumpland, which also targetted Venezuela for a cyberwar and destabilization
          Bondscam Ranil has given the go ahead for CIA bots to launch their social media cyberwar in Lanka to reinstall RW. Game plan is to blame China with Fake News on Facebook re. debt trap, so RW can get back his PM post back in order to sell Lanka cheap to Washington economic hit men.
          CIA Bots are now protecting bondscam Ranil while some claim that Bondscam never happened and Mahendran was a figment of our imagination!

        • 18

          Bond scam is nothing when compared to over 4000 billions that Rajakashee deliberately made as losses.

          Ranil- s hand are thousand times cleaner than that of ballige putha Rajakashes for sure.

          I am not a party sympathiser, but the current struggle, I support CIVILIZED Ranil than uncivilized crime friendy uneducated Rajapakshe.

        • 15

          Current disaster is based on TWO CULTURAL groups.

          1) Uneducated, unethical uncivilized Rajapakshe camp

          For these men any thing that would have been from the west is an invasion or anything similar to that. But ones living on the west we know SRILANKAs issues are not even captured as news items on the west if not for the CIVIL war issues.
          But last week the manner, Ballige putha Rajapakshe led BRAWAL in the parliment was telecasted here, as saying that is beyond all ethics and morals.
          THey questioned if Rajapakshe is aborn buddhist, I added, he is, bu tballige putha abuses buddhism for his political surivival.

          2) Educated, liberal thinking, pro democratic Ranil Camp

          Almost everyone would join had with him either form India, China or from WEST.
          He is to respect all world standards.
          His is more civilized to me and th eworld. for one good reason, he is respect human values.

        • 0

          According to what I read, Perpetual Treasuries had borrowed money from Central Bank, and the Bank of Ceylon,and later purchased Bonds using at least part of these funds.
          Is this irregular or not.
          Why did CB sell bonds to a firm in debt to CB and Bank of Ceylon.

          • 0


            If the bank which is in commercial operation lends it is in their course of business and they earn a profit .

            Bank need security and that is in the form of a sovereign bond. The risk is almost zero .

            How can business be irregular and perpetual treasuries was smart to use the leverage . Selling to EPF is an issue

        • 0

          Sanipa: Is this for Face book

        • 0

          are you fr real?

    • 3

      Don Stanley

      What is this Bondscam?
      How the scam works, worked and will work?

    • 2

      Don Stanley,

      “Well, well, Bondscam Ranil who should have been Sacked long ago by clown Sira, when the PCOI report came out, for looting Central Bank and destroying confidence in the most important financial institution in the county..”

      1. Yes, should have sacked Ranil then, and replaced with somebody else.
      2. Sira interfered with FCID and protected the crooks.
      3. Per Anura of JVP, there are elements of the MaRa crooks being brought to justice, in the courts, that has precipitated this crisis.
      4. Sira is going along with itas MaRa has promised that he is can be President again, but MaRa has to be prime minister with the current and future set of crooks.
      5. Bondscam, yes, did cost additional money, and that additional money was used to pay off scammers like Alosious who distributed it to the scam team, because the bonds interest rate was above the competitive market rate, when the amount of bonds being auctioned increased.

      Nevertheless, what Sira has done is unconstitutional.

    • 3

      Is Rabukwalla part of the Royal collage mafia? He joined the other regime to save himself from a 40 million tax fraud.

  • 6

    Why UNP monkeys in parliament cannot do business according to Standing Orders ? by handing over a NCM & allowing 05 days to debate & vote ? Why Karu the UNP monkey cannot accept PM & cabinet appointed by Executive ? Does that monkey think he is the Executive elected by people directly.

    If there was any monkey Ranil / Karu / Sajith capable of winning the presidency did not contest in 2015 instead of Sirisena from SLFP ? Were they mad ? or they knew they could never win.??
    They should be thankful to Sirisena for handing them victory, they could never have & further for appointing Ranil with only 42 seats in parliament ( pin agamathi ) . By that time Ranil’s record as leader of UNP was 18 years in opposition & 02 years as PM under Chandrika’s presidency. Now UNP thinks Sirisena owes them for getting job of President , perhaps it’s other way round, if not for Sirisena , UNP would have still been in opposition

    • 0

      Simple fact is if you do so you accept there is a prime minister and he holds office till the debate which the way things are done will take months .

  • 15

    Oh my god!
    Shameless thief, Ravi K who lived in Aloysius Penthouse on funds looted from Central bank of Sri Lanka now wants to stop the Jarapassa looters?!!!
    Miracle of Modayas indeed!

  • 4

    What a formidable bunch of heavy hitters in the UNP..
    Colombo Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas ( who still vote UNP) are a blessed bunch to have such an array of talent, morals, and patriotism to lead them to the future….

    Will they now all get at least rent free Apartments in Kollupitiya from Aloysious and -his mates Family trusts?….

    Don’t know why Mr Karunanayaka didn’t take the rest to the same Tailor in Fort t for a Fit Out…
    To make them at least look the part….

    • 1

      Sumanaya – where are the Anglicans and Vellas in [UNP MPs Navin Dissanayake, Ravi Karunanayake, Kavinda Jayawardena, Nalaka Kolonne, Hector Appuhamy and Chathura Senaratne]? I never knew there were Vellalas among the Sinhalese. Also buggers in sarongs cannot rule the country you idiot!!!!

  • 2

    Not only prevent them from misusing public funds they should prevented from squandering our dollar reserves in USA. Already millions have been wasted on defending the rupee and giving un affordable relief to people.

  • 4

    Go further and prevent this illegal govt from squandering our Dollar reserves.

  • 2

    This another game by UNP conspirators.
    What appearing to be behind the curtain play before the play on the stage is:
    All Three conspirators (Ranil, Old King and New King) got together and changed the scripts once more. The fourth one, Speaker Karu, strayed from them too far so he was not there in the parliament. Western Diplomats refused to recognize the Old King. Sunday, they conveyed this to Ranil. Ranil passed this to other two. So they all decided to appoint Old King as the PM officially, instead illegally. Ranil did not want to resign until now because PM position may go Vaalaiththodam Jr. Vaalaiththodam Jr doesn’t have capacity to play with other two like Ranil in conspirations. Ranil may resign now, after confirming Old King. Sumanthiran, Anura Kumara and all other Modayas are now out of the show. Now, the Supreme Court will be informed to cook up a verdict to much the new script. They played in this direction up to this level only make Western to believe that there was a real power struggle and Old King won it with people support.

    “Ok, the truth is coming out now. It seems to be was not really an all party leaders meeting. So they didn’t talk any useful matter or agree on anything.

    During the day, Ranil was talking to the Western Diplomats. He had to pass that to the other twos.

    So, it seems to be they wanted to have all the three to meet, but without making any rustling. So they set up a larger noise of all party meeting and shadowed by it the three meeting.

    So, again, rest of the 8th graders are going to throw the Chili Water Bombs on each other, tomorrow. I don’t how much the commission China is paying for Old Royals for purchasing these Chili Water Bombs from them. “

  • 3

    KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

    “Will they now all get at least rent free Apartments in Kollupitiya from Aloysious and -his mates Family trusts?….”

    You must be joking.
    In fact Dr Mahinda/Basil will buy them
    each an one bedroom Apartment $5,395,000 a piece in 15 Central Park West, New York, NY if these men are willing to switch sides.

    They could practise Tantric Yoga close to heaven.

  • 3

    Ade Derana giving coverage to Muslim villages not covered by gam – madde. By MTV.

    MTV gammadde never cover Muslim villages.


    But Faraz with a Muslim name sits and huffs and puffs Pol kudu, how stressful it must be for him to huff and puff so much of pol kudu. ?

  • 4

    WHERE IS DOUBLE CROSSING KING WIJEYADASA RAJAFUCKSA long time he has not opened his mouth with his two cents comments.IS HE MISSING IN ACTION

  • 1

    I repeat, for the sake of the silent SB Voters and the Country, the Army Commander should put in a word
    or two in Mithiripala`s ears that he should bring about the status-quo to 25-10-2018, without messing
    things further, as otherwise unpredictable affairs could happen to the Presidency etc. The Commander
    should show some patriotism at a time as this.

  • 2

    It is interesting that Ravi Karunanayakem is demanding that funds be stopped!
    Is he directing the government to Karola Aloysius’s grandson or Mendis Breweries to collect money?

    Who is giving legal advice to these half wits (like Chatura Senaratne and Hirunika’s Kavindu)/

    That Thambi legal genius perakadoruwa Hakim has given that ” the Cabinet of Ministers is dissolved” as the reason. So he accepts it now because the thoppiya has turned? He should withdraw court action then.

    These buggers are behaving like chooks with heads cut-off, unable to accept loss of power. Get used to it Chatura, get your finger straightened and learn to speak with articulating with lips you lying moron.

  • 3

    Look at the stature of the man Ranil; can anyone even come closer to him. Ranil can stand tall with Trump can your Sirisena and MR? Bond scam – only Rs 10 billion value. Mahendran and son in law proffited themselves, nil profit to Ranil. Hedging was Rs 7 billion loss. Show me any proof that say Ranil pocketed out himself from bond scam, unlike your Rajapakses from hedging. People blame Royal College for everything eh? stupid ones.

    • 1

      I wonder if Ranil had profited from the bond scam?

  • 0

    So, RAVI, chathrua Senarathne are trudt worthy

  • 1

    the tsunami hora has to be stopped from putting his paws into our money again.people are still waiting for their houses from 2004 after their money got drained away into helping hambantota fund and then was used to bribe prabhaharan to stop the tamils from voting for ranil.

  • 1

    “UNP MPs Navin Dissanayake, Ravi Karunanayake, Kavinda Jayawardena, Nalaka Kolonne, Hector Appuhamy and Chathura Senaratne signed the motion.”
    Sinhala voters please take note of these traitors and take the broom stick when they come to ask for your vote at the next election. Do the same to Jathiya Vinashakarana Peramuna (JVP) traitors.

  • 0

    People gave parliament a term of five years and parliament made law that
    enables the president dissolve it in four and half years ! Why ? Was it not
    an effort to put the president above the parliament even a millimetre higher ?
    You gave a wrong man a little and he took it to serve himself as much as he
    wants ? If he can run a government that people didn’t elect to , what else will
    he not hesitate to do and undo ?

  • 0

    Our constitution has many leaks you can play games with . Getting elected from
    one party and serving to another party without giving up the exiting membership
    is one such leak that is quite comfortably and regularly exploited and at the same
    time all governments allow it to go on while allowing electricity suppliers to cut off
    supply of customers who fail to pay bills ! Law makers deliberately separate
    themselves from the laws applied to their electors by the laws they make wherever
    possible . Cross over is one such issue . IT IS A HUGE ISSUE THAT REQUIRE STERN
    how this country has gone to dogs ! WHEN YOU DECIDE TO EAT , WATER MONITOR
    BECOMES LAND MONITOR ? And you eat to your full until you throw back
    FROM WRONG . As long as they remain painted in colours , they are going to be
    exploited to their death by all parties including the J V P . The J V P didn’t object to
    SIRISENA standing as a candidate without giving up party membership , as a party
    who explains country’s situation in black and white to the people , failed here !
    Muslims didn’t question and Tamils didn’t question ! INTELLECTUALS DIDN’T
    QUESTION ! The law didn’t allow it , simply there was no law against it !

  • 1

    Lol ! Ravi Karunanayake , Mr. I cant rememeber ! in blocking public funds ! The biggest rogue of public funds.

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