10 August, 2022


UNP Unanimously Backs Ranil As Nominee For PM Post: Letters Sent To Sirisena And Sampanthan

The United National Party has formally informed President Maithripala Sirisena that the UNP nominates its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe for the Prime Minister’s position.

This comes after the Tamil National Alliance informed President Sirisena that the party will support the United National Party’s nominee for the Prime Minister’s post. The same letter has been sent to TNA Leader R. Sampanthan.

The letter, signed by UNP Chairman Kabir Hashim, has been sent to both parties yesterday.

With 14 TNA MPs pledging support to UNP’s nominee for the Prime Minister’s position, Wickremesinghe now officially commands the support of 117 MPs in Parliament. All UNP MPs, at the parliamentary group meeting earlier this week, unanimously decided to back Wickremesinghe as the party’s nominee for the Prime Ministerial post.

Sirisena, at a meeting with United National Front party leaders last night at the Presidential Secretariat, reiterated that he will not reappoint UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister. He said he was willing to appoint any other MP of the UNP in the position. It is not immediately clear if Sirisena was aware of the UNP’s letter to him at the time he addressed the meeting with the UNF party leaders.

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    People selected president, Judiciary must be two pillars of the Democracy. In the final equation the President is answerable to the people. Why electoral district representing PM, Speaker and the representatives try to power peoples’ direct representative the prewident. If you can not agree let us go to an election. Now, Dollar kaakkas, Inter national community, NGO/INGOs think they ate too voters ane they are the pillars of the democracy. LEt us elect the representatives that we want.

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    Here, Ranil and his gang is fighting for their lives as they lose the electorate and the Minister post. Dollar Kaakkas had asked their pay master about their employment. TRUMP had said not to worry, even if Mahinda Rajapakse comes he will do what we want. So you have your job. So, people have to worry expect what we got since 1948. Day by day we are losing. Finally we will be working for foreign companies.

    • 6

      You and Sirisena must be put in the same padded cell at the Mental Hospital.

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    My mate Native Vedda, who seems to have some idea of the Big Picture has raised a very important and pertinent point regarding this Kabir’s UNP notification to TNA Sampathar.

    “Why Kabir wites to Sampathar only” asks Native “.

    We all know Dr Ranil absorbed ( or is it Adsorbed) Hakeem and his whole Wahabi Congress in to the UNP at the last election.
    Thereby destroying what ever little influence the Sinhala Buddhists who love country had in their UNP Faction…

    Other Whabis who have their own little Wahabi political outfits will never leave Dr Ranil after the Santhosam filled ” Thanks Giving” which they have received from Dr Ranil.
    This letter now confirms that the whole Muslim population in Lankawe are with Dr Ranil .

    TNA which Mr Sampathar claimed to have full support of the Tamil population in fact does not have the support even of his own mate, the North CM’ and his new TMP Party. now
    Dalit Party Boss Doughie was never a part of the TNA.
    Mano Ganeshan, Thonda man I don’t think ever had drinks with Sampathar and Abraham in Colombo.
    So despite the claims of the TNA, Sampathar is not the representative of all Tamils in Lankawe.

    Another interesting point which comes up is why Mr Kabir didn’t t write to the President which in fact is the Native Vaddas Question.?.
    Does Kabir think Mr Sampathar has got the power now?.

    Even if Mr Sampathar has the :Power” to appoint Dr Ranil under that “Westminister System” which Dr Ranil’s suckers are harping about ,does Mr Sampathar have the one hundred percent support of the inhabitant Tamils in Lankawe?.

    When Mr Sampathar sent his TNA letter to the President demanding that Dr Ranil must be given his job back, all Vellala MPs in the TNA signed it.

    • 39

      Sampanthan is the leader of the opposition…..whether you like it or not…..in that capacity he was sent the letter…

      ..your mate Mahinda in neither the PM nor the leader of the opposition

      • 2

        MR is the currently functioning PM whether you like it or not. RW the former PM is in the background churning his muddy pool. Whatever MS has requested UNPers to do, to bring a NCM the proper way has not been actioned. CT and its kopi kade crowd only slinging mud, as they have nothing positive to offer or to do other than to admit that UNP would have to face an election, which they are reluctant to do. I am glad UNP has selected RW as their PM NOMINEE which substantiates the point that he is not the PM at present. Moreover, this nomination, no doubt made under duress, is a sure way to lose an election, and certainly MR should have a smile on his face.

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      K A Sumanasekera

      “Thereby destroying what ever little influence the Sinhala Buddhists who love country had in their UNP Faction…”

      Firstly I can see you are a bigot and racist.

      People other than Sinhala Buddhist have no place in this country and they are no citizens of Sri Lanka. I know your deep down wish is to do to every non Sinhala Buddhist what was done to the Indian Tamils in the immediate post ‘independence era (note the word ‘independence’ is within quotes).

      You can have what you want and that is simple. Give so called ‘minorities’ their land in the N&E in the same way Malaysia did to Singapore and then you can say and do what you mentioned.

    • 1

      Give up your Vellala Da;it Bullshit. We are sick of it. Goto Medamulana and beg for a job at Lake House.

    • 6

      KAS s and his usual garbage nonsense ! Nothing new folks !! Just Yarning and glorifying the Pakshe story and insult any other religion ,cast or creed, Sad really.

      • 5

        KAS the village idiot , Punnakku eating Modaya , hates any other Religion ,caste or Creed.
        SLanka is Multicultural ,Multi Religious , which he can’t accept , just throws insult!!
        The country is in a diabolical state because of these narrow minded idiots.
        I wonder how he respects anyone alien to him and alien to his upbringing outside Apeh Aanduwe??
        Pure evil. If every one is pure evil like this KAS who only worships the Cursed Parasitic family there’s no hope for Srilanka to be respected in the world.
        Law abiding citizens are not in favour of these sanctions and Travel bans.
        International sanctions and Travel bans ? No worries to KAS.
        He can continue worshipping the Evils who are hell bent in Looting the state and enjoys the luxuries themselves from the state. How PATRIOTIC IS THAT??
        Even multi million SLRs had been spent by this ” His Master ” recently for his Royal Entry to the Parliament as FAKE PM! No shame to spend the state wealth while pretending to the world that SLanka is middle Income country.
        Srilankans in the villages and far corners are hidden from this pompousness while Srilanka had been proved in world surveys as ” worst child malnourishment and poverty among these hidden Srilankan people.
        Well ” Ignorance is Bliss”. KAS ! Don’t you think??

        Pompous Moda mullahs enjoying the state wealth like nobody’s business.
        Shameless Parasites.
        No wonder the country is cursed and no return ,from the Political Parasites and Political Wilderness
        The country is crying out for true Patriots.
        This Fake Medamullana Family are not Patriots , just lining their pockets pretending to be Saving the country to the gullible Srilankans.
        That’s Cheating or Not !? the Gullibles??
        God save Srilanka .

    • 4

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      You have raised the same old non issues with your usual candour and paranoid self.
      Do you think Mahinda/Gota clan should have found the “final solution” for persistent Vellala/Wahabi problem in 2009 or after?

      What does your Vellala Guru HLD M think about the “final solution” for persistent Vellala/Wahabi problem? Or for that matter Channa Masala guy …….?

  • 3

    This letter seems to be not fitting anywhere. Sampanthar has not asked UNF for a person to be selected and informed him of it. The EP had asked a different recommendation, one selected in Parliament. (The candidate supported by majority. It is a similar circumstance like Ranil’s NCM- not Old King’s NCM.) We need to make couple of left and right turns to see if this letter makes any sense. Some Media might have found the meaning of this, but may not want to rush, before it is released by concerned parties.
    TNA wrote letter to EP that it is supporting the restoration of pre Oct, 26 2018 position, that was a government under Ranil, him as PM. It also said in that letter that it supports any candidate UNF selecting to be new PM. This seems to be starting inverse branches. 1). TNA may want to support the UNF government as coalition partner. Yesterday Sumanthiran denied it in parliament. So, new more developments on that branch are meaningless.
    2). TNA assuming the EP may appoint a new PM (not Ranil) to restore the pre Oct, 26, 2018 position. We can see below the effect of that assumption.
    The Mass has a wish and they would express whether they want Ranil or not. TNA is neither appointing nor selecting party. So it has nothing to say in what has to be done.

    TNA have had couple of meeting with EP on this in different angles. EP is having a position of not appointing Rail as PM again. It had a meeting yesterday, too. After that UNF also had a meeting. TNA agreed with EP on two points. 1) Support UNF’s (as the majoritarian in the parliament and the legal ruling party) PM. 2). Not to entertain any NCM on New King.

  • 3

    TNA is temporarily having a make or break tool with it. So this promise is lot for UNF and EP to protect them, but not to walk over the other one. TNA treated its last meeting with EP was successful, but UNF was not satisfied. We know all useful matters negotiated in EP and TNA meeting, but we nothing to guess why EP and UNF met stalemate. The recent media portrayal is EP is ready to roll back. That is one happy news for UNF. But he is adamant on refusing to reappoint Ranil. We can reasonably assume it could be the roadblock to the progress in the UNF and EP’s meeting. In that meeting, EP might have taken a position that he had already told TNA that he would not appoint Ranil. UNF at this time, it seems, to be having only one choice. So the purpose this letter seems to be bend TNA position of it would support anybody of UNF’s selection as UNF selection is “Ranil only”. So this letter is making though TNA philosophically supporting any UNF selection, but it is practically supporting Ranil. UNF may be thinking that this way they publicly informing TNA that their candidate is Ranil, they want the EP to accept that TNA is supporting Ranil. (TNA would not revoke its letter after seeing this letter.)
    This could be the matter for Dec 5th Parliament sitting too. EP wanted a candidate selected in parliament and informed him. So somebody may propose Ranil as the PM and voting would there on that. We know Old King didn’t go for that. 14th & 16th NCMs were only for rejecting Old King. This type of parliament selecting a PM is going to be a precedent in 1978 Constitution and 19A. But if any stalemate hit there too, Dec, 7th will be reached.

  • 24

    .. I see some write here that Ranil is fighting for his life. But I don’t see him worried. His party has fallen 100% behind him, his ratings have gone better, and the international community is solidly behind his viewpoint. I prefer to see him worried. But he isn’t.

    About the Bondscam. Why doesn’t the government release the report – in whatever the language it is available – while proceeding with the translations? I suspect there is nothing in it that can do further harm to UNP. Given the intensity of malice that Sira showed towards RW, the report would have been converted to poetry by now if it carried any more accusations.

    • 8

      Janaka from Matara

      Some people at the moment are unable to stomach what ever is happening to the Fakest of the Fake disgraced Fake government.
      So they’re Just Throwing the Kitchen Sink. All they could do. Sad really.
      They want the country to Sink under their Big Fat Cess Pit.
      Look at their faces! Says it all.

  • 3

    All these happening are SAVING PRIVATE RANIL. I mean the bond scam and his affiliation with MCC. He was waiting to legalize the federal constitution part and to go to WAshington to report. The way the president did it, many got trouble. Because, they are playing politics. Voters have no where to go.

  • 1

    TNA is Tamil Terrorist political Party had been support of Gun Rule political since very beginning even before 1970tees.They are working against ours establishment of democracy Parliamentary system of Governances.
    The Current two policemen were killed in Eastern Province behind by Tamil Terrorist of Separatism of political road map of TNA set of policies. We have reasonable doubt that TNA core leadership want support for UNP of RW to be regain -power of Govt. destabilization country political chaos in coming days
    We have to have peace and stability in nation wide go general Election soon.
    That is only solution of political crisis to be address by all parties.
    The People are motive force of democratize driven to elected their new govt, NOT that TNA is back to UNP corrupted leadership?

  • 1

    Of cause that TNA is outfit of LTTE and Tamil Diasporas are politically aliened with UNP leadership ?
    This is that join new alliance needed People mandate of general election, not by UNO or USA or UK or EU countries or Japanese consent .
    We are democracy nation and that Parliament FRESH Mandate that decided by general Elections by voters of citizens of Sri Lankan. Which is real form of democracy of Island?
    We urge that New UNP+ TNA want People Will? Asking for Fresh Election ?

    That is norms of People Democracy?

  • 11

    This is the correct line of action. UNP and all other parties seeking justice must ensure Ranil as the Prime minister. All internal problems within the UNP must be solved internally. But for now Ranil should be reinstated as the proper PM. Play the cards correctly and UNP has a very good chance. Please do not mistake now if not UNP is lost for ever.

    The fool, idiot, ungrateful backstabber, liar Maithripala Sirisena has no choice but to appoint Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe as the PM if all other MPs in the UNP refuses PM status.

    Then only the fun begins! Demand that shameful My3 to resign as he promised saying if Ranil becomes PM again he will resign within two hours.

    Let Mahinda Rajapakse also realize he also had been made to look a fool. He was actually rising in popularity when people realized the folly in electing the backboneless My3 trusting his damn lies. But with this incident of making Rajapakse as a ‘FAKE’ PM, the people have lost faith in him as well. We can see that in Colombo telegraph and other forums when diehard Rajapakse supporters have openly disagreed for Rajapakse having accepted the PM offer and swallowed the bait.

    Now UNP is strong and they must not lose the god given chance to recover. Rajapakse should also realize and learnt a bad lesson that My3 is a liability, and untrustworthy and should be thrown into the garbage bin for ever.

    • 2

      Shrikharan ,

      Mahinda has only one thing in his mind . He and and his family are the
      owners of the property called “Srilanka ! ” For him , Srilanka is a piece of
      land belonging to Rajapakshas ! It is easy if we put everything in right
      order and so simple . Who are these guys Vasu , Dinesh , Wimal and Gamm ?
      They get oxygen supply from Mahinda for a life and in return , bark for
      Mahinda at the sight of anything that moves ! It is this circus that is in
      town now and there are some TVs with vested interests that blow the
      trumpet for kickbacks . It is very hard to believe that Mahinda stormed in
      to depart on the next flight ! In this game , one side is buying time and the
      other side is selling time and people are kept in suspense . Ranil has been
      made to look the scapegoat here with a purpose . Whoever loses the battle ,
      loses the general or any other election . So this is do or die .

  • 2

    Some thought for food to tonight, (if too late for lunch)
    1). Veerakuddy Wansa has said Tamil Eelam coming before Feb, 4th. (Just the usual talk of Lemon Puff Veeraya)
    2). After Ranil went to TTH and promised to save Old in the early morning of election defeat date of Jan 9th, he and Old King met again in Parliament Library on the news of Old King will have to leave PM post which he hopefully grabbed to save him , his family and other acolytes. Ranil is back again on the job?
    3). Parliament has to pass a motion to appoint a new PM, on the 5th. New King will put that in Cabinet. Then New King will remove Old King. (What about the cabinet? Where is Media spokesperson Rambo?)
    4). Today Old King has a special message to tell to the mass and Tuesday New King is going to tell a special message.
    5). Old Son Prince has invented Nishantha Silva is Tamil. May I know who that Karawa family is? From where did his forefathers come to Ceylon? When did his forefathers come to Ceylon? Is that synthetic lawyer really dreaming that he is real royal decent?

  • 2

    While CT focus on the political circus, it has not informed their readers of the murder of two policemen by Tamil Terrorists.

    • 1

      Lal loo

      CT also didn’t report other murders as well, for instance lynching of a policeman in Puttalam in August 2011.

      CT also didn’t report the story which appeared in media elsewhere:
      Sri Lanka arrests alleged cop killer monk
      10 July 2018 – 15:53
      BY AFP.COM
      Sri Lankan police on Tuesday arrested a Buddhist monk who allegedly strangled a police officer investigating a paedophilia charge against him at a remote temple in the island’s south.

      The 53-year-old unarmed police officer was killed by the 37-year-old monk who resisted arrest at Ratnapura, 100 kilometres south-east of Colombo, police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said.

      In Nov 1984 “40 policemen killed in Sri Lanka guerrilla attack”.
      CT didn’t report this attack on police by Tamil Terrorists.

      Would you like to hang the entire CT staff/team at Galle Face Green?

  • 2

    ranil may win the battle but will he win the war?

  • 1

    Like Alice in Wonderland this whole issue is getting curiouser and curiouser!
    President Sirisena says he will never appoint Ranil as PM: He has been constantly repeating this like a Parrot.This has been his only consistency for quite awhile.But he gives hope to the UNP by asking them to nominate another instead of Ranil; The verdict of the SC IS EXPECTED BY END OF NEXT WEEK.President Sirisena is apparently buying time: Perhaps he has the gut feeling that the SC will rule in favour of his action of oct:26th.
    Anyway Sirisena has anxious moments to both MaRa and Ranil for almost 6weeks.
    Has he hit two birds with one stone?

  • 1

    Becket: The present constitutional crisis born out of a conspiracy in high positions, reminds me of a great movie called Becket (1964) that I had seen several times, the last being yesterday. The movie based on actual historical events (1100 AD) at a time when the Church of England was part of the Catholic Church, winds around the debauched King Henry II (portrayed by Peter O’Toole) and his friend and longtime court facilitator Thomas Becket (Richard Burton). On the death of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the King appoints Becket as the new Archbishop, assuming that his old friend would be a compliant and loyal lackey in the King’s ongoing battles with the church. But Becket unexpectedly finds his true calling on the ecclesiastical side, and aligns himself against the king’s selfish wishes, causing a rift and an eventual showdown not only between the two men, but also the institutions they represent. Refusing to go against the principles of his new position, he is finally killed by the King’s men and made a Saint. His last words were, “Oh Lord, how heavy thy honor is to bear!”
    The movie has many humorous yet serious sayings such as this: King Henry II to the Queen, Your body, madam, was a desert that duty forced me to wander in alone. But you have never been a wife to me!
    King Henry II: Am I the strongest or am I not? Thomas a Becket: You are today, but one must never drive one’s enemy to despair; it makes him strong. Gentleness is better politics, it saps virility. A good occupational force must never crush. It must corrupt. A must see movie for all serious movie goers.

  • 0

    The Politically created that platform and corridor to democracy that TNA advocated different directions of that people perspecativities of an Island nation’s sovereignty….to be surrendering to West.

    By and large an according to TNA road map is nothing else undoubtedly, it is present context politically splitters of that nation One for key demand for Tamil regime in North-eastern province.
    While Other for rest of Land for that Sinhalese Minority will loose Pro western regime in Lanka.

    Well set-out that greater Tamil State including Tamil Nadu, is that largest speaking regime in Island of Lanka.
    Second task of TNA by global of the Tamil ambition agenda purely that hidden task undertaken by LTTE ruthless outfits.
    We have been fool by TNA even after 2009 may by defeated of LTTE ruthless leaders of Prabarakan

  • 0

    Sinhalese chauvinists like KA Sumanasekera is not discussing the current political crisis. It was not created by the TNA/Tamils. The Sinhalese are fighting over power as to who should rule the island. The rot starts with the head first. Sirisena sacked Ranil and crowned his arch enemy as Prime Minister knowing well has not lost majority support of the parliament. Ranil proved his support when the JO moved a vote no-confidence was moved against him on 5th August this year. Ranil secured 122 votes to 76. After sacking Ranil on October 26, Sirisena prorogued the parliament till November 16th to facilitate horse trading by MR, Finding that horse trading did not succeed MR dissolved the Parliament on the 9th of November. To add insult to injury, MR claims he is acting unconstitutionally. Today, MR has become a laughing stock and butt end of cruel jokes. So is MR the Sinhala veeraya. The tall talk of 2,500 years of history and culture have gone with the winds. I don’t know how the likes of KA Sumanasekra stomach these historical blunders and antics of MR. How they can go out on the street!

  • 3

    It is high time RW need to step down and the UNP to elect a good leader like Champika as leader.

  • 1

    Ranil becoming PM again will help Mahinda . Mahinda should resign from this unpopular PM -ship. Mahinda should not go close to hopeless MY3.

  • 0

    Dear KAS, I read your frequently hate filled, racist comments and I must say I am totally bemused as I was not aware that the Buddhist philosophy which accepts reincarnation of the human being also states that you will always be reborn as a Sinhala Buddhist. Please do enlighten me on the source of this teaching.
    Because if there is no such guarantee in the Buddhist philosophy, a devout Sinhala Buddhist such as yourself must surely be careful when you make bigoted and racist statements as you might be sending out hate towards your dear departed parent, grandparent, sibling or other loved one who had departed this life and now been reborn as a non-Buddhist!
    And karma surely dictates that you, dear KAS, will be reborn into a Muslim, Christian or Hindu or other non-Buddhist family so that you can experience for yourself what it means to be a human being at the receiving end of hatred simply because of your race or religion.
    A strange philosophy indeed for one which preaches the values of kindness and compassion. I always assumed such kindness and compassion was to all living beings, did not realize it is limited to your fellow Sinhala Buddhists.

    May you – and ALL living beings – be well and happy. And may you learn to practice the true essence of the philosophy that you profess to follow.

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