10 August, 2022


UNP Washes Hands Off 100-Days Programme

Spokesperson for the United National Party (UNP) and head of the party’s publicity unit Harin Fernando said today that the 100-day Programme was prepared and marketed by those who supported Maithripala Sirisena’s presidential bid, adding that it was not part of the UNP’s manifesto.


While acknowledging that the UNP along with other parties and groups had supported Sirisena’s candidacy, Fernando refuted a statement made by former UNP Secretary Kabir Hashim who said on May 31st that the UNP was responsible for the 100-day programme.

Fernando made these comments addressing the media at the party headquarters, Sirikotha, while introducing the media operation unit of the UNP.

The controversy over who authored the 100-day programme first arose when President Maithripala Sirisena claimed he had no idea who had drafted the document.

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    Why the UNP is disowning the 100 Day programme is puzzling.. That is the only achievement the Yahapalanaya government can boast of, Example the enactment of 19A.

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      The programme is a disaster; it was a political stunt which has failed miserably.
      The party is full of cheap thieves and succeeded in bankrupting the country.
      The present UNP lot are expert pickpockets at taking the gullible public for a grand old ride.

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    The hundred day program is a commitment given to the people promising a time bound delivery given items. Even if one does not read the document in to-to it is the symbol championing the election of the candidate. Since both the President and the spokesperson from the UNP now disown the 100 day program, which in my view both of them must collectively accept the responsibility for it, these guys might turn round and say I do not know who caused our election to respective offices. It only makes everyone who voted for this lot to look a fool of himself or herself.

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    Okanda, they are Kandyans. We Venurapolonnowitas are a unique clan, from Saliyapura, Anuradhapura

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    Prez MS and PM RW were sworn in on 09th January 2015 and business of Bond “Scam” were concluded on 27th February 2015. When did the 100-day program begin? Was it on 10th January 2015 or 1st March 2015? Whatever the date it may be, the Bond “Scam” happened within 100-days of 10th January or 1st March 2015. If the UNP wants to wash its hands off from the 100-day program that means they do not want to be labeled as perpetrators of Bond “Scam”.

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    The 100 days Hype was a stunt that did not impress me at the least, that is why I did not vote for a back door Ranil. President Sirisena was not the UPFA candidate. He was an UNP front man, and the UNP voted in droves for their fall guy.

    I am saddened that the Civil Society were such fools to trust these people, so this time hopefully people will know whom to vote for and not say “We did not know this man would turn out like this”

    Ranil, or Sajith, there’s an honest choice for the people, against Gota. If you all have the guts to let Democracy work its charm, then let it be thus. Otherwise, never mind Democracy or whats good for the country vote with your block prejudices, we know who you are, especially separatist hopefuls.

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