26 May, 2022


Unravelling Of A Don(ald Trump); A Bizarre Turn Of US Elections

By Vishwamithra1984

The world keeps ending but new people too dumb to know it keep showing up as if the fun’s just started.” ~John Updike, Rabbit Is Rich


trump“This is not something we can ignore…this is not something that we can sweep under the rug…the shameful comments of our bodies…it’s cruel and it’s frightening…and the truth is it hurts”, no person has articulated the disgust, danger and degradation of one candidate of the United States Presidential Elections more accurately and so succinctly than Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the nation. A telling indictment of a man who pretends to be the lover of all women, the speech Michele Obama delivered in Manchester, New Hampshire, one of the so-called swing States in the upcoming US elections, has moved many a mind, swayed many a heart and sure to galvanize many a voter. A political oration with an apolitical theme, appealing to the very core of every woman, girl, man and boy, was indeed a fresh wind in a desert of barren ideas and infertile rhetoric.

Evisceration of the phenomenon called Donald Trump without mentioning his name even once was a masterful craftsmanship on the part of the speechwriter who they say is the First Lady herself. America, an allegedly sophisticated democracy, has fallen into the gutters; the defenders of world’s freedom and liberty have been exposed as mortal sinners of the worst kind and gutter-politics has taken over the psyche of the media and punditry of America. By every measure Donald Trump has declared himself unqualified to lead America in the 21st century but his worthiness as a temperamentally fit person to lead a nation that is arguably the sole super power in the world has been bared open. This is where the reasonableness of the American voter counts. With all conventional wisdom and traditional values thrown out the door, Donald Trump is running a campaign of a radical bigot. His bigotry has exceeded the frontiers of the reasonable thinking of reasonable men and women.

Although one might attribute a more than deserving judgment to the latest revelations and indiscretions on the part of the ‘Don’ some years ago, if there is any one single reason for the Republican Party to lose in the upcoming elections is the party itself. The Republican brand has been damaged beyond redemption long year ago. In an increasingly diversified demographic dynamic, the Republican Party, instead of embracing the fast-multiplying numbers of the non-white ethnic groups in the United States of America, by choosing Trump, it has dug itself in a bottomless pit from which any extrication seems impossible. The core of the Republican Party is white; its core economic principles are of anti-social justice genre, its base is fundamentally archaic and appealing to the base instincts of those pilgrims who arrived at the ‘Brave New World’ two and a half centuries ago and with his slogan “Make America Great Again” the Don is essentially making a patently discriminatory political thought process which means ‘Make America White Again’.

Donald Trump is not a product of the great American Dream; on the contrary, he is a reflection of the great American Nightmare, reflecting each and every nasty piece of greedy (b)millionaires who have made enormous profits by circumventing a sophisticated, nuanced tax system and exploiting a gullible galaxy of customers in the country. Whether it be the Trump University, beef steaks, six personal bankruptcies, making nearly a billion dollar loss on casinos in New Jersey city, the bragging that does not stand any intellectual inquiry has inflated his ego to such a nauseating height, he is refusing to step down from that self-made pedestal of inner self-adulation. In the Republican Primaries, he managed to get away with all his pseudo-achievements as a one in a generation. But in the face of genuine tax-paying billionaires such as Warren Buffet and Michael Bloomberg, Trump’s apparent evasion of taxes has made en extremely negative impression on the millions of tax-paying working people, it would be an impossible task for him to stand as a spokesman for them. The temporary illusion that he is indulging in now will disappear and the delusional world that was created by the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O’Reillys and Savages and the likes over the last two decades will once again collapse. The rut that Mitt Romney fell into in 2012 is awaiting the Trump bandwagon.

American voter has to be utterly insensitive to the basic decencies of human values to elect a man who questioned the birth place of the first Black President of the United States of America. However, given the massive dislike shown by the American electorate, at least according to the recent polls, towards Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton, the so-called pundits of the conservative end of the political spectrum in the United States are hallucinating a Republican-led Executive branch in the coming four years. Predictions in a volatile political market is foolhardy. Predictions belong in the gloomy arena of astrology. Political thinkers however can make a calculated and educated forecast. It is extremely difficult to forecast a Trump victory at the forthcoming Presidential Elections. The fundamentals of political campaigning are against Trump. Unity of the Party that Trump represents, popularity of the incumbent President, the ground game of each Party and clarity of one centrally focused message are all working against Trump and his Party. What will be the real surprise is the collapse of the Republican Party at the Senate and House of

Representative levels, the incoming Democratic President might enjoy a majority of both Houses.

America has not fallen to an abyss for the realization of a Trump revolution, neither economically nor socio-politically. The scorched-earth policy adopted by Trump in the final weeks of a campaign is not a sign of a winning candidate. People would be best advised that Hitler too adopted one such last-hour policy. Near the end of World War II, Gen. Dietrich von Choltitz (Gert Froebe) received orders to burn down Paris if it becomes clear the Allies are going to invade, or if he cannot maintain control of the city. Trump’s perpetuation of ‘rigged election-cry’ reminds one of this somewhat similar phrase during the last days of World War ll. Is the proverbial Paris burning? Not yet, and may never will.

One would ask, how is this relevant to the local Sri Lankan scene? Let us relate the story of Donald Trump to the realities of Sri Lankan politics. Trump’s appeal to populism and the ‘forgotten working man’ would naturally remind one of another populist leader of yesteryear- R Premadasa. One of the greatest stories of Sri Lankan politics is the phenomenon of R Premadasa. Whatever his policies and execution of those policies and his nasty political philosophy which was more on the strain of Stalinism, were, the rise of a man born in the lowest stratum of society and climbing up to the pinnacle of leadership of his political party and later the country, is a remarkable story by itself. When Premadasa preached policies and principles of populist genre, one would not argue the authenticity of those policies as the messenger of those policies suited the message. This is where Trump fails. He is the last person to pontificate as to how to safeguard the rights of a class of people whose very rights were suppressed and exploited by a cunningly manipulating businessman like Donald Trump. When Premadasa was elected President of Sri Lanka, he defeated a Kandyan, Govigama, Buddhist aristocrat. When compared to Premadasa, Donald Trump‘s story is glaringly deficient in character and perception. Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his tongue, Trump was a warped product of the American Dream that drew its inspiration from those who exploited each and every economic dynamic that went wrong with the free market economy. He greeted the collapse of the housing market; his Trump University was exposed as a scam school that imparted nothing to its students and extracted everything from them including their dignity.

There is no moral or political equivalent to Donald Trump in Sri Lanka. While preaching ‘law and order’, he is not spared by those discerning voters that his ‘law and order’ is without law and only order- a sure signal of an autocratic leader exploiting the gullibility of an unhappy faction of an electorate which is mistaken for the whole. The humbling part of this miserable saga would be the total collapse of a once great political entity, Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party. Unravelling of the ‘Don’ has begun. The tragedy is, with that beginning, a political party which was once held in high esteem by its supporters as well as its antagonists, is going through some irreparable fissures that have begun to appear, caused mainly by the bigoted campaign conducted by Trump and his cohorts. And it would take a long time to heal.

The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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    YOur Artciel is crap. YOu have read only the propaganda. People know how amaxingly lie the american media is. You need to read every news published. that does not include only NewYOrk times, CNN, ABA, NBC and prominent new uploaded in google etc. Read both sides. Even bill clinton was a heavy womanizer but those news were not published until his last term last part. Obama has his own bagge in a closet.

    Trump is not the best guy but Hilary clinton is worse.

    that political campaign is fully pre-programmed by the time they started it. Womanizing and treating women as objects or as garbage is common in the western society. The Strange thing is Sri lankan women are also asking it. Once males start bashing them they will now have explanations.

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    There is very good chance of Trump winning.

    That is if the American people endorse
    a) Americans first (in America)
    b) Reject Free Trade and endorse protection of local companies
    c) Reject open borders
    d) No longer want to play global policeman, e.g Bomb/Destroy Libya

    Pretty much the same points that the enabled Brexit. The pundits and polls of course said Brexit would not happen.

    The “Deplorables” voted otherwise, as they will in the uS.

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      Nonsense. Going into Brexit, the polls showed it was very close and hard to predict.
      But in the US, polls show a very clear advantage to Hillary. 7–11% margin. Then there is the electoral college arithmetic, which hasn’t favored Trump from the start. All in all, there is a greater than 90% chance of a Hillary win.

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    “America, an allegedly sophisticated democracy, has fallen into the gutters; the defenders of world’s freedom and liberty have been exposed as mortal sinners of the worst kind and gutter-politics has taken over the psyche of the media and punditry of America.”

    ‘life has not been devised by morality: it wants deception, it lives on deception — but wouldn’t you know it?’

    In truth, America was never out of the gutter, but good old Donald’s “relative” honesty puts more focus on it; brings it out in to the open.

    “Morally” they – and we too – are all the same, only some know to hide it better. Hilary is better at hiding than Donald. Simply that.

    Anyone who thinks, morally, Hillary is better than Donald please put their hands up! That proves the point!!! We are just using our emotions to judge the relative abilities of two actors.

    But there is one aspect of America that is brutally honest; they measure everything by money and they don’t hide it, there’s no pretence to the contrary.

    99.9% of people judge by money/wealth – including the Pope and the Mahanayake Priests ….. – but in many other places there is a pretence as if other things are more important. This is more so in places like Scandinavia. Although I try not to get duped, even for me, the pretence is mighty alluring. The “feeling good” of an elusive “moral anchor/compass.”

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    RE: Unravelling Of A Don(ald Trump); A Bizarre Turn Of US Elections

    “Donald Trump is not a product of the great American Dream; on the contrary, he is a reflection of the great American Nightmare, reflecting each and every nasty piece of greedy (b)millionaires who have made enormous profits by circumventing a sophisticated, nuanced tax system and exploiting a gullible galaxy of customers in the country. Whether it be the Trump University, beef steaks, six personal bankruptcies, making nearly a billion dollar loss on casinos in New Jersey city, the bragging that does not stand any intellectual inquiry has inflated his ego to such a nauseating height, he is refusing to step down from that self-made pedestal of inner self-adulation”

    He said it succinctly, when he said that only the Stupid Paid taxes. In the US 41% pays taxes, and by his definition 41% are stupid.

    However, despite all what he says, he is quite racist, and the red necks love him. Furthermore, for him women are toys one can play with, even if they belong to someone else, based on his comments on grouping women.

    The latest election polls, National Polling Average, say Hillary Clinton 46% and Donald J. Trump 40%.

    Donald J. Trump seems to be running out of red necks.

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    For those who are keen on following the US elections, please note that the most reliable place for data in the past 12 years is FiveThirtyEight.com

    Here is the latest figure from them


    Barring some really shocking Wikileaks it seems at this point, as I predicted in two opinion columns, Hillary Clinton is ahead. This election was the GOP’s to lose and if they had a bright and respected man like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, or even Marco Rubio, they would have swept the polls. As it stands now, with polls or polls and average of polls adjusted for bias Nate Silver predicts Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning are at 86%.

    This does not mean you should just attack Trump. Reality is Clinton is an ultimate insider and is corrupt to the core too like a lot of top level Democrats and Republicans. She claimed poverty when her husband left office and now they are millionaires. How and why? And do not ignore the scandals that plagued Bill Clinton even though he is well liked by the Democrats and he was the last President to have a budget surplus. Do not forget he was impeached for a blow job lie when he lied under oath about a question he should never have been asked. All men like about sex outside marriage when they are caught. Republicans looked for dirt on him and spent 37 million dollars of tax payer money with the Ken Starr commission and all they could come up with was the blow job. Now has Clinton been a Sadhu? Hell no. Bill has priapism I think. He settled out of court with Paula Jones; who took the money and got a nose job to fix her nose. And there was the affair with Gennifer Flowers and countless Bimbo eruptions and Hillary moving to demean them too.

    But I think it was dumb for Trump to make the Presidential election like a god damned Reality show. This man did not even know what the Nuclear Triad was. What the fuck man ; I knew that when I was 12 years old and living in Sri Lanka by reading news magazines.

    Trump and Bernie Sanders appealed to a different set of people with core beliefs. Bernie lost because of the Democratic apparatus which wanted to anoint Hillary as the presumptive leader long before the primaries were over. Wikileaks has revealed this.

    Now there is indeed a concerted effort by some to cloud the outcome of the election by claiming it will be rigged perhaps like JR’s referendum when he did away with Parliamentary elections. That is a dangerous lie to propagate. Barring a close election like in 2000 when Al Gore finally conceded when the Supreme Court interceded, this election now looks like a runaway for Clinton. I am still thinking of voting for Gary Johnson on principle after voting for Bernie in the primaries. Poor GOP had to go find a demagogue buffoonish who is ignorant to face Clinton.

    Clinton has many flaws but she is very well informed. Her judgement was flawed. Look at Libya and Syria and look at what they did in Ukraine. So it is not a shock that Putin is trying to get even. And last night again Trump blew a chance to be looked at as Presidential and respectable with his crass behavior. Clinton came well prepared. So people do not like nastiness. Indeed not even the most clownish Lankan politician or politicians who said things like “india chased the cow and calf and so will sri lanka or if we elect a woman we will have to wash the throne once a month” matches the absurd theatrics and insanity in this election cycle in the USA. It is sad because for the first time I am afraid of post election violence. Remember there are more than 300 million guns in the hands of civilians here in the US and 2nd amendment is viewed as sacred. Looks like ( I will repeat my caveat again BARRING some revelation that is far more shocking than what is leaked so far) Clinton will win with 19 days to the polls. Trump is doing his best to undermine the process and the sacred traditions of the oldest constitutional democracy in the world. Those who are backing him are ones with a visceral hatred of clinton and also those who are probably afraid of Clinton and the Tamil Tiger lobby connection. I simply cannot vote for either if I want to sleep at night. I rather vote for a decent proven Governor like Gary Johnson even though he is clueless about foreign affairs. Reality is Putin is probably loving to create problems but do not forget how the US actively encouraged violent protests in Kiev; Victoria Nuland went and distributed bread to protestors there. Keep in mind, the Pro Russian President was democratically elected albeit corrupt. US is no virgin when it comes to intefering in other nations in their elections. Honduras Coup that led to ouster of Manuel Zelaya; Sri Lankan Elections with UNP allegedly getting 50 million USD and now the Ambassador strutting around like Dixit did trying to pontificate. Syria and of course Libya: So Trump was right about Libya; but sadly he is not the guy most people will like; only a few sexist men who love their women to stay at home and worship them will think he is great the way he demeans women now. He has insulted so many groups of people. So unless there is a Wikileak shock, advantage Hillary. And this election should have been the GOP’s to win hands down going against someone like Hillary. Dislike rates for both are at unprecedented highs and Hillary trust factor is so low and so is Trump’s but in Trump’s case his downfall so far is self made because he is a mini mussolini in a great many ways. I would have cheered and voted for a smart informed man like Kasich, Jeb or Rubio but they lost so badly in the primaries. Only success story in Asia for the Obama administration is Sri Lanka in the sense they got the outcome they wanted in the election and Sri Lanka took a rapid pivot to join the Indian camp to be US allies. Now Philippines is going the opposite way and pivoting towards China. I am very afraid of violence in this election cycle. But do not put Hillary and DNC on a Murunga Aththa at all please. This is a no quarters asked no quarters given election.

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    Like the STANDARD American administrative profile Hillary is corrupt! The standard American Drem to reign over the world although short sighted is the corrupt American dream aided by the Jewish dream of dominating the ME, through paronoia! It is the divide and rule by the West that created ISIS, and so did most other conflicts in proxy wars including the LTTE in Sri Lanka!

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    And please see the new development in the Philippines as reported by the CNN today:
    “America has lost now,” Duterte said at a business forum Thursday during a four-day state visit to Beijing. “I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world — China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way.”

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    Happy about one thing though. Our DR Mervyn Silva looks good when compared to Trump.

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    You also may want to analyze voter participation rates in SL and USA and you can see SL comes out far ahead. Even this semester, I am giving extra credit for my students to go vote and I told them vote anyway you want as long as you are informed. I cannot and will not discuss partisan politics in class lest I get fired and lest the rightwing starts agitating like the leftwing too.

    So SL comes way ahead on voter participation rates.

    But you make a mistake by comparing the 1988 controversial Presidential election to the US election. That is a mistake. There was JVP and UNP violence back in SL then. Those who worked for the losing candidate had to go into hiding. Their phones were tapped. And fact is the South and Kalutara districts you declared results with very abysmal voter participation rates in a country and regions where typical voter participation rates were in the 75 to 85 percent rates. So your article is a misdirected article in that context. Go study election results. Here are few examples.

    Matara district only about 23.9% voter participation. In traditional leftist areas of Galle, Matara, Hambantota, Kalutara (64% ) areas voter participation was very low in 1988. Galle was 49% in 1988. Matara like I said was 23%. Anuradhapura 53%. Polonnaruwa was a terrible 29%.

    So what are you trying to say here? There was terrible violence and intimidation unleashed by RW’s party; everyone knows it including Mangala Samaraweera and Chandrika K. Their lives were in danger. JVP also unleashed mayhem.

    Now compare those rates with the 1994 election. I will not go to the war and post war elections because you cannot compare the ground conditions and the false bumps MR got.

    So in 1994 Galle was 79%; Matara was 75%; Kalutara 79%; Anuradhapura was 77% ; Polonnaruwa 79%

    Here are the sources


    You should try to use real data when you make arguments. Now I will be shocked if the polls are completely off here in the USA but they tend to be very scientific.

    But Trump still has a path if he captures Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania via the white blue collar vote and if the Governments in those states which are Republican controlled(well except PA) sabotages election machines and “run out of ballots” as they did in 2004 in black and hispanic areas. Also there is a lot of electoral purging and news now of DEAD PEOPLE still in the registers. This is not over yet and I FEAR violence and the right to bear arms crowd carrying guns openly in open carry states like Texas to intimidate people.

    But if it is a clear win then Trump will have to stop acting like a petulant prehormonal Richie Rich arrogant teenager and concede gracefully. If it is tight in some states, It may got to the 2000 like scenario. Early polling shows Iowa is not going to Clinton so far; it went to Obama both times. PA is tightening up and so is Ohio with early voting.

    So your comparison of 1988 to this is a non-event. You should go back to reading data to make pronouncements. Either way as we say here we are *ucked. We have a dickhead and a dishonest lady running to be the most powerful person on Earth. Putin is laughing all the way to the Ruble bank.

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