27 June, 2022


US Concerns Military Intimidation Over US Funded Digital Security Training For Jaffna Journos

The United States is deeply concerned by the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of a journalism training session in Colombo over the weekend and threats and intimidation by security forces against journalists covering the July 25 Jaffna court proceedings related to an 11-year-old victim of sexual abuse, allegedly at the hands of  Sri Lankan Navy personnel from the Karainagar Naval Base, the US Embassy Colombo said today.

journalists detained 25Jul2014Issuing a statement the US Embassy said; “The eventual cancellation of journalism training, which was focused on digital security for Jaffna-based journalists and financially supported by the U.S. government, was accompanied by a series of threats and intimidation of training participants and other journalists around the country, including threats against at least one journalist who made a statement criticizing the government over the cancellation.  This marks the third training session to be canceled in Sri Lanka since May, including others that were disrupted by well-organized protestors threatening harm to the training participants. Even when present, the police have not provided security for threatened journalists or taken action against the groups making the threats.

“Separately, we are also gravely concerned about threats and intimidation by security forces against journalists covering the July 25 Jaffna court proceedings related to an 11-year-old victim of sexual abuse, allegedly at the hands of  Sri Lankan Navy personnel from the Karainagar Naval Base.

“These events continue a troubling pattern of impunity for those who interfere with both freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in Sri Lanka.  We have raised our concerns with the Government of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington, and strongly urged the Government to take immediate steps to ensure the protection of fundamental rights for journalists and for all Sri Lankans.”

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    This is confirmation that USA is well aware of the Terror Regime run by the MR government,implemented by the armed forces and police.
    The photo above says it all – the journalists forced to sit on the road while presumably being questioned.
    The introduction of the packet of ganja into their vehicle while they watched,shows the brazenness of the army/police.
    The response of the government to the statement issued by the US Embassy should be interesting – that is,if there is a reply at all.

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      USA is narrowing down Jarapasse into a corner.
      Jarapssse and Goat’s high headed attitude definitely will irritate the big brothers. Jarapasse medumulane foriegn diplomacy oneday will land him in hot water. that day is getting closer.

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    What the US is not aware of is that the Sri Lankans are a very special race. It is a violent race given to extreme mood swings. Education does not educate this race though it has the ability to pass any earthly exam with top honours. It is capable of the most charming and disarming smile while harbouring ill intent. It is given to envy that defies sanity. It is driven by an all consuming ego and yet when the cards are down will easily fall on the ground and worship anyone or anything.

    So raising concerns with the Sri Lankan government about heavy handed action against journalists is indeed an exercise in futility. If the US is serious about getting a reaction from the Sri Lankans its requests must always be followed up with threats of some form of punitive action.

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    These American reprimands are mere bluffs, to mislead the masses. They are only theatrics, otherwise the Americans are hand in glove with the Rajapaksas. What is interesting is the other day MR has berated the Intelligence Officers that they are only gathering information for Gota of what is happening in the President’s Office and not informing MR of what is going on in the country. I hear through a reliable source that the present strategy of Gota is to allow MR to lose the upcoming Presidential Election that will pave the way for Gota to take over the country Militarily. This way Gota kills two birds with one stone. One is to see that MR exits from presidency and politics for Gota to take over. If MR is not aware of this strategy, it will not be the end of the road for MR alone but effectively for Namal as well. Sooner or later MR will realise this and he will be left with no option but to remove Gota from office. There again it entails the same consequences sans all the niceties that exist between them as brothers now. These are all American mechanizations and the Americans will not hesitate to recognize a Military Leader like Gota if he succeeds.

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      Interesting analysis

      What you say about a Military take over with Gota at the head is a distinct possibility. I agree in the unlikely event of Rajapaksa losing the Presidential election the only outcome is a blood bath with a military take over with Gota at the helm. Gota will proclaim himself president and I am sure will hand over the Prime Minister’s post to Mahinda, just to keep family peace. Indeed the US and the Chinese will recognize a military takeover and will have no qualms about doing business with war criminal Gota.

      With regards to Mahinda removing Gota – this is not going to happen. Gota is too powerful now and has the total backing of the military, the police and the militant clergy.

      However I am of the opinion none of this is going to happen. The opposition is weak. Ranil does not have any clout. The common candidate Sobitha will be shouted down by the militant Clergy. The hypnotic aura of MaRa the God King defeating the all powerful LTTE still holds sway in rural Sri Lanka where most of the votes are. We must also not discount the racist votes, the outcome of the dastardly acts by BBS, Ravaya and JHU. All such voles will go to the ruling Mafia family. I am of the opinion Mahinda will win another term despite the horrendous misrule and plunder of the treasury. And Gota will continue in his present posts and engage in his pet Machiavellian machinations against minorities, especially the Muslims and Christians.

      However whatever government that will replace Rajapaksa will also vie for friendship with the US – notably the UNP. There is no advantage for the US to support the Rajapaksa regime.

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    According to the inside information our Grease Piya and his Ranaviruwos has uncovered a new method of transporting bulk stock of cannabis to the South from North hidden in Drivers Pocket taking cover of Training Media programs conduct by Free Media Movement funded by USA. By this system our Journos are earning lot of money and stock in one delivery enough for whole South for couple of months as very few Training programs are conducted in a year.

    According to reliable Information MP Jagath Pushpakumara (Ganja Hutan), Mervin Silva and Duminda Silva has complained to the offence secretary that their income has gone down due this new system and this may be well planned by Wellala Vigneshwaran.

    USA should know that our Country has the Media freedom and that freedom should not use to transport Drugs.

    As for Raping/Abusing underage Girls (Year 11 and 9)in the North. USA may be not aware that our Govt. has already punished all of those who involved in the case by Transferring them to another Camp after releasing them out by our Independent Judiciary for hefty sum of Rs. 250/= cash bail for each.

    Parents who has underage Girls should should take additional precautions to protect them from Politicians and Ranaviruwos. Parents should walk them to School and Bring them back from the Schools to make sure their safety.

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    Oh yes ! I am also very much concerned about the freedom of movement of the human beings kept at Guantanamo Bay and very worried about police intimidation of citizens in USA.
    Just watch these videos:

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      In sri lanka, there are many “Guantanamo Bays” – called prisons – secret and not so secret.
      Police station ‘lock-ups’ are similar – many ‘commit suicide’ in them.
      Inmates are tortured – as reported by many UN Rapporteurs – and even beaten to death. Women are raped.
      Citizens are arrested on roads or from homes, without reasons being given and some are produced before judges who promptly remand them – in USA an attorney is allowed to advise the citizens, before being sent to be held in custody.
      In Sri Lanka,some citizens die while being taken in police vehicles, ‘by jumping out’ or, ‘shot while trying to throttle a policeman, or,’trying to grab a policeman’s gun’,some are shot dead while trying to ‘grab a gun and trying to shoot policemen, or, throw a bomb-from an ‘arms cache’ though handcuffed.
      These are never investigated fully.
      In USA the press report all such instances/unlawful acts of police promptly and are not intimidated/assaulted by army/police.
      Press freedom is sacrosanct.
      All citizens arrested can obtain an attorney to advice them, or, are assigned one by the state.
      Judiciary take prompt action in all cases of assault/torture/murder.
      The judicial process is fair – judgements are on evidence led – NOT on ‘personal knowledge’ of judges.
      These,are the big differences between Sri Lanka and USA.

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    Mr. Justice,
    You seems to a real fan of USA. Well just for your information I too lived, studied and worked in “glorious land”. If you are comparing Guantanamo Bay to SL Police cells, may be something is wrong with your vision.
    If you want to talk/discuss about police brutality in SL, first have a look at these videos.
    I can assure you that these video are NOT done by ITN & Rupavahini Sri Lanka.








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