27 October, 2021


Victor Ivan’s Moralistic Humbuggery: The Savior Abused And Silenced By The Saved

Ravaya strong-man Victor Ivan’s media ethics hit a new low when he prevailed upon Wimalanath Weeraratne, the newspaper’s new editor hand-picked by him to replace K.W. Janaranjana, to effectively violate Ravaya’s long-held right-of-reply policy.


It happened when a long-standing Ravaya columnist Gamini Viyangoda sought to respond to a lengthy comment by Ivan in the February 11 edition of the newspaper titled ‘‘රාවයේ අයිතිය සහ මාර යුද්ධය’’.

Viyangoda claims that Ivan’s article was libelous to all those who have supported the newspaper and struggled to keep it afloat. He has pointed out that when Ivan had attempted to sell the cash-stripped newspaper to Milinda Moragoda five years ago, many had come forward to salvage the paper, collecting funds exceeding Rs 12.8 million. He alleges that Ivan, in his article, had insulted the group that had led the effort to collect these funds.

Having decided to respond in full to Ivan, Viyangoda claims that he called Weeraratne on February 12 and informed him of this intention. Weeraratne had agreed to publish a response.

However Weeraratne had called Viyangoda at around 10 pm on Thursday (February 15) and expressed regret that he hadn’t been able to publish the letter.

Viyangoda states that he had asked how this has happened when Weeraratne was the editor and the newspaper endorses the right-to-reply principle. Viyangoda said that Weeratne had explained the situation in the following manner:

‘Athula Aiya (Victor Ivan is also referred to as ‘Athula,’ short for ‘Podi Athula’ the tag used to distinguish him from ‘Loku Athula’ when the two were part of the JVP’s first insurrection in 1971) told me not to carry it. I had even set aside space [for the letter]. I did my best to convince Athula Aiya that my position was just, but he did not agree. I believe that you would understand my situation.’

Viyangoda thereafter sent the letter to other media. Referring to Ivan’s charge that the debate over his machinations regarding Ravaya is akin to an employee of a hopper stall claiming ownership rights, Viyangoda titled his response ‘රාවයේ අයිතිය’ සහ ‘ආප්ප කඩේ අයිතිය’ ගැන සුසමාදර්ශයක්’ (A paradigm concerning ownership of Ravaya and the Ownership of a Hopper Stall).

Viyangoda has claimed that Ivan’s article contained factual inaccuracies and that even where Ivan had stated the truth the interpretations he offered were misleading.

In his letter, Viyangoda claims that the fund-raising effort was launched by several individuals including himself and that it had Ivan’s full knowledge and backing. He points out that Ivan himself in his column on November 3, 2013 fully acknowledged the efforts. Ivan in fact had heaped praise on all the key individuals involved, including Viyangoda. Ivan refers to the effort as ‘Gamini’s initiative’.

This, according to Viyangoda, is at odds with Ivan’s recent account of that initiative where he belittles and insults the effort and the relevant personalities.

Gamini Viyangoda’s full letter can be read here

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Latest comments

  • 3

    does all this matter
    victor ivan fom being a somebody is now a nobody

  • 5

    I highly respected Ravaya for a very long time for their impartial & fearless journalism. However, if the statement by the present editor is correct, it appears that the founder of the Ravaya has two different policies one for the others and one for himself and his newspaper.

    Perhaps Ravaya is consciously or unconsciously imitating the `blemished’ culture of the leaders of the country at present which `Ravaya’ kept criticizing to become so popular among the masses.

    • 4

      I also did so, but until Ravaya so called veteran brought the book – chaura raejina AND stayed afterwards partial to MR who looted and ruined this nation to the core.
      Here, I felt Viktor Iwan has been very partial.
      Why is the paradoxal nature. Who let killings and slaughters turn out to be day today agendas if not MR so called Mugabe style regime ?
      There are lot more allegations that have nowfinalzed and passed the final report to the parliament.
      Very same men that seem to be voicing stay mum in terms of Rajapakshe high crime including that broad day light murder of Rugby player and Lasantha W.

      Why why why ? I dont think we can rely on any MEDIA institution in the country since last 10 years.

      MR was made a KING by lanken highly abusive journos.
      So what people (average) hear became their perception. Today even if Rajapakshe men would have raped the average families, nothing would rise up agains tthem.
      This is aboslutely wrong. 4
      Some portion only sees it right.
      I am so sad when thinking of lanken future.
      THere is no future for our people in that part of world so long media would see it right.
      Daily mirror and TV senders such as SIRASA, Hiru of DRUG traffickers and Derana of black money holders ALMOST abuse the gullible folks in this country.

      Educated folks should come to streets to protest against the rascals and thugs.

  • 0

    CAESAR (To the Soothsayer) The ides of March are come
    Soothsayer Ay, Caesar; but not gone.

  • 3

    All said and done there will be a lot or recriminations when thieves fall out. While it is a well known fact that Ivan is ever ready to push the envelope to close a deal involving biased reporting, Viyangoda is corrupt to his eyeballs. It does not need any imagination to conclude why Viyangoda is doing his damndest toprotect bond thieves and Yahapalana racketeers.Viyangoda is a man without any principles. His latest outburst against the people’s verdict at the LG polls proves beyond doubt.He is well looked after by Malik, Aloysius, and the LTTE.

  • 2

    Reporters are of the same feather as the reported. Conmen with one extreme of human nature. Burn in Hell you lot, along with the Reported.

  • 2

    Ha ha
    NGO funded crooks are falling out and blame each other. Truth is being revealed.

  • 3

    You are a brave journalist.
    You stood for justice, universal brotherhood and equality of all race and religions in Sri Lanka.
    You are still stand for these values .do not worry what some politicians say 90% Sri Lanka people with you ..

  • 0

    This is what happen when one armed
    bandits masquerade as moghuls of the
    media preaching good governance and
    rule of law.

    The other day he was on TV preaching
    about how there would be anarchy in
    this country. Victor Ivan has been badly
    exposed by the recent events. He is essential
    a social climber. He hung on to Mahinda
    Rajapaksa drinking his brandy. The he
    shifted to Ranil Wickremesinghe drinking
    Black Label whisky.

    Why do people take such fakes so seriously?

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