23 April, 2024


Video: Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne On 20th Amendment:

Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne on 20th Amendment:

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    TNA, SJB & JVP, at party level, already expressed their opposition for the 20A. JVP can deliver what it says. But with others’ individual members cannot be guaranteed; especially SJB has the worst groups and easy targets for donkey trading. SLFP is in chaos. They may vote with government but for the time being they are trying to use this for extract a good position the Appakara Judas.

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      Dear Friends,
      If you would kill a cow – you will be put in jail.
      But if you kill a human being, you will be put in the PARLIAMENT under the rule of current leaders.

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      Dear Friends,

      Please watch the video below:

      That can help you all as to why we should stand against 20A

      We perfectly know that not many among POHOTTUWA supporters would see it right even if their lovely ones would have been raped and murdered on broad day light by Rajapkashes and their henchmen.
      Rajakashes are well aware of the facts that PEOPLE in this island are born stupid.
      That is why they dont care much about the people s future, but their family rule.
      Not even today s ETHIOPIA would react the way our people act with the elections today.
      This is very sad buy we dont have chances until PEOPLE see it right.

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    Dr Jayampathy Wicramaratnae had articulated calmly, confidently in a professional manner the dangers facing the nation once 20A become part of our constitution.

    Thank You Dr Jayampathy for this timely intervention.

    Could any reasonable man refute at least one point uttered by Dr Jayampathy

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    A bill of such National importance should attract a secret vote in Parliament, in addition to a Referendum.
    In fact it would be beneficial to Mahinda Rajapakse who could then continue as P.M. with powers and not be reduced to that of a Peon!

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      20A, while letting down Old King, giving a hand to Younger Brother Prince to come up and become, a MP, a minister, PM and even as President, without the competition from his elder brothers, by 2030. So it is his responsibility sidelining Old King and make sure that this amendment is going through. Lets wait for the end of the game.

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    The only justification for 20A is possible Tamil terrorism and Muslim terrorism. Otherwise it is useless.

    With fake homeland claims made again there is merit in having 20A. The president should be able to instruct the army to do whatever to exterminate terrorists.

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    Salia PC (Standing for BASL election) says that BASL need to review this carefully because 20A is going to weaken the judiciary system- structure. Sumanthiran PC says 20A is destroying the checks and balances of the constitution established by 19A, so needs to let to people’s opinion. He too rejecting the explanation that 20A is not doing anything other than reversing 19A which didn’t needed referendum. Sumanthiran argument is the democratic constitution is a living document, it grows on progressive side depending on people’s democratic needs grows. 20A is reversing the growth of 19A. 19A did not get born out of the blue. JR’s constitution was felt as too heavy onus by the people. So, from 1994 people asked in every election for a remedy for JR’s prescription of changing man to woman & woman to man. He had earlier argued that in September 2015 election, 99 % of the people asked for JR’s constitution changed. In that JVP, TNA, UNP & SLFP explicitly promised for a constitution without executive president. Interesting part on this is that election took place after 19A came into operation. Only way to interpret this is the people were not happy about the progress achieved by 19A; they wanted more.

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    In 2019 & 2020 elections, the 4/21, an organized drama by criminal election manipulators, was used to argue that President need be to stronger to counter the terrorism. But why that incumbent President, who was a defense minister, Chief of three forces, kept under him the police department, he personally chose the law and order minister and received personally all the Indian warnings , failed to stop the 4/21. The truth there was, even after 19A, New King had too much of power so he controlled all administrative systems to the extent that their automatic vales in that system function and prevent the blasts. So expanding the EP authority will choke more automatic vales and create more mishaps. The inquiry still going and people did not make their decision in 2019&2020 based on the inquiry. That means 20A cannot arbitrarily alter the 19A, which has met a people opinion and in that higher percentage of people expressed that they needed more freedom than 19A. So the 2020 election decision is not a replacement of their September 2015 decision. This is telling MPs should ask in parliament & Lawyers should ask in SC to let 20A to people decision. Like in November 2018, coup Sinhala Majority need to be quickly informed for them stands up and question the motive of 20A.

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      The president when 4/21 happened came to power with Tamil and Muslim votes. So he didn’t stop them. 19A clipped his powers too making his answerable to parliament. A double weakness.

      The same man stopped short of giving the order to kill on May 16, 2009 when he was the acting defence minister. Remember?

      The president should have full powers and total impunity to order the killing of all terrorists. No one should be able to question him over that. Top terrorist killers including STF, SF, SL Marines, LRRP and DPU are answerable to the president only. President can bring them under the impunity umbrella only if he is not answerable to anyone.

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    The contents of this amendment reveals corrupt intent. It also reveals unconstitutional powers being granted to a president. Therefore it has to be subject to a referendum. This is the least confrontational method the supreme court can adopt to save its self from abuse and harrasment at the hands of the goon squad now in power. I wish Dr Jayampathy well and hope he is allowed to live in peace. I also hope the members of the suprem court survive unmolested but still doing their job upholding the constitution and the Country. But I know from the past record and conduct of the goon squad that both these wishes may not come true.

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    Dr Jayampathi W.

    Q1. Why do we need President
    Counsel System in Sri lanksa
    None of the Asian Cointries
    Practicing this system.
    In 1972 Constitution Dr Colvin
    Dr NM Perera abolishef this with
    a purpose.
    JR Jayawardena unilaterally brought
    in back in 8th amendment
    Did the people ask for it?

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