26 June, 2022


Video: ‘Legitimate CJ’ Shirani Leaves Official Residence

By Colombo Telegraph

“I am compelled to move out of my official residence and chambers particularly because the violence  is directed at innocent people including judges, lawyers and committed members of the public” the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake told media before she leaves her Official Residence. 

Read the full speech in English  here

Read the speech in Tamil here

Read the speech in Sinhala here


Video courtesy Ceylon Today

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    Prabakaran must be laughing in his grave. What he could not do to Sri Lanka Idi Mahin is doing to the country.

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    Observe a police officer shouting Ganda, Ganda, Ganda like a mad buffalo and trying to push the vehicle. Maybe from Medamulana, Hambantota.

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    Mark my words countrymen.

    The Supreme/Court of Appeal Judges will shamelessly sit with this rogue Mohan Peiris ignoring their own verdict.
    They might even claim that they were misled by Judge so and so.

    There will be a que of lawyers at Mohan Peiris’ chamber wishing him well and also claiming ” I was always with you” or “I was misled by so and so. sorry sir.”

    Life will go on in this beautiful land inhabited by the shittiest people on this planet

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      very, very true.

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      This the very reason that Sri Lanka will never progress and socially develop. 65 years of independence, we are way way behind those commonwealth countries who became independent long long after Sri Lanka. Yet, politicians always going back to history to quote and requote the achievements of Dutugemunu, Maha Parakum, Vijayaba, Mahasen: all these, altogether only about 200years of our 26-centuries of recorded history, a mere speck. The remainder of the time, it was just betrayal, backstabbing, sibling killing the siblings (dont forget wicked Gothabaya, looking for the head of his master, the King) wives slaughtering the husbands, sons slaughtering the fathers; this is our national heritage of rulers, do read the Mahavansa carefully and objectively without emotion and that’s what we see in our rulers from the past. The same nature has permeated into the remainder of the society, higher their status, worse this quality.

      Sinhala nation has a problem with its DNA. So some judges will creep to the new crooked CJ.

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    These police goons wearing western uniforms are a disgrace to the whole world. I saw to my eyes how Moratuwa Police station these Police goons drinking Kasippu while on duty at 6.30 pm. They smell and behaved drunk…but nobody bothered to tell to anybody.
    Also one Poya Day my friend took me to Police Head quarters at Hevelock Town to get a bottle of GOOD KASIPPU from his Police friend who gave it from his wooden Box. These goons work only if Bribe is given and make around 20,000 rupees per day as Traffic Cops.
    Sri Lanka now is Corrupt upto the bone and MARA want it that way for him to survive. This is the way MARA supress his opponents.\
    Hambantota uneducated villege paka….a brought his whole marauder clan to Colombo and Ruined it.
    My father has told me not even bring a Blind Cat from that area. It is so Rowdy, pigs live there.
    These incidents show the truth of it.
    King Val Gemunu’s Buffalo sanctuary lunatic generation.

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    Bonaparte you are so right.

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