25 June, 2022


Video: Yashwant Sinha Speech On The Plights Of Tamil In Sri Lanka

Loksabha :  BJP leader Shri Yashwant Sinha’s speech on the plights of Tamil in Sri Lanka : 07.03.2013


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    If the Tamils stood up to the Tamils being persecuted in Sri Lanka without conniving with the world forces and MR himself, where even Karunanidhi’s daughter commended the post war efforts of MR, when the stark reality was otherwise, is a damn shame and things could have been put to right much before. In that sense we Sinhalese have stretched ourselves in defense of the Tamils more than some of these Tamils running the risk of being branded as TRAITORS, when our effort was only to recognize all as Humans.

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    If the military is withdrawn from the north and east as suggested,and a FREE and FAIR election conducted,there will be peace with justice.
    But,there is severe opposition to this and the 13th amendment which established provincial councils for all regions except in the north where it was most needed.
    Now the Elections Commissioner says that the president must first ‘establish’ the PC by gazette notification.
    This was not known to many until now.
    The BJP suggestions are good and just.
    But,will the extremists among the majority allow these to be implemented?

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      You don’t have any rights to state where the military should have their camps. It should be left to the Government. If we civilians try to dictate to the Government where they should have their camps then I don’t thing the military will be accommodated anywhere. Free and fair elections is a must and the government should ensure that it is conducted in a proper manner. BJP is not Sri Lankan party. Please leave the Sri Lankans to mind their own business as BJP should look at solving their own problems in India like kasmir. “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. Solve your own problems before trying to solve problems of others! Remember too many cooks will spoil the broth! Provincial Councils have proven to be white elephants in Sri Lanka. The problem with you guys are you think what is suitable for India is also good for Sri Lanka!

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        Sri Lanka Military is under MARA/GTOTA partnership. Military do not have any power to decide on it’s own. The only General in military was Jailed on Political issues. Military cannpt mingle with civilian lives during peace times. It should be only Police that shoulb take control on civil matters.

        Military cannot build camps in land belong to civilians or closer civilian settlements. These are against international rules.

        MARA/GOTA cannot politicise country’s civilian minority population.

        Also JR played the same game until got the Air Parippu drop.


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        The military are to prevent aggression from other countries – not to terrorise citizens.
        As Yashwant Sinha says,the military must be sent to barracks along with the illegal paramilitary of the EPDP.
        Military men should NOT be governers and diplomats.
        This does not happen in any democracy.
        In India,military does not interfere in civil administration and,political parties do not have paramilitary personnel.

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    It seems that in the aftermath of Geneva 2013 there will be a whole new volume of evidence against Sri Lanka from the Indian side. This will be substantial and from the Indian military intelligence itself.

    Especially if the BJP wins the coming election they will be more forthcoming of what happened uder the Congress Govt. This will be also a hot topic and issue during the indian elections. It looks like action will be taken by India even before the rest of the IC.

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      Indian Politics will unleash major blow to Sri Lanka all because President Rajapakse’s blundar.

      International community already planning for LLRC full implementation or repurcassions will hit all areas of Government and civilian life, with CHOGM in sight.

      Rajapakses hide behind BBS will not help the family of the country.

      A bud that would have remover with a nip, now grown to be a Giant tree.

      Too little too late.

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    Safa…. why bother about those volumes …. They are all history.
    Look forward to the future…….

    Jayantha… Indian politics will unleash a major blow to themselves. They will score an own goal……….
    IC is pulling the wool over our faces with this that and the other. In which country in the world have their talking type of Human Rights??
    All this crap is to get rid of the Rajapakshes & China.

    The west has got hysterical and jitters & pushing India…
    India will burn on this issue.

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