1 December, 2022


Vote To Save Democracy: Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Association

Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Association today urges the Tamil people to get the value of their ballot by enabling the victory of the candidate who shows a markedly better prospect of placing democracy in this country on a healthy footing.

Issuing a statement JUSTA said; “Default in not casting our vote would strengthen dictatorship that would lead the country towards irreversible destruction. This is the lesson we learn from the history of nations that went down the path of dictatorship.”

Tamil Vote Photo CREDIT- REUTERS:DINUKA LIYANAWATTE“Even if our numbers are small they may be the determining factor in the choice between democracy and dictatorship. Had the Tamils used the power of their ballot at the 2005 presidential election rather than boycott it; we may have secured a happier and less destructive course of events.” JUSTA further said.

We publish below the statement in full;

The forthcoming Presidential Election is the last chance to save democracy in Sri Lanka. This is the time to prevent the country sliding into the mire where the ordinary people endure huge privations for the benefit of a band of rulers.

Development projects are planned to secure fat commissions rather than to benefit the people. The money spent on development and the money the ruling clique gets as commissions is money that lawfully belongs to the people.

The rulers’ boast that they have carried out huge development projects, while in reality taking an inordinate share of the money as commissions, is an ongoing farce that is enacted to fool the masses.

Tax money belonging to the people is spent on luxurious living by a small powerful group. Interference in the administration of justice, destruction of law and order, corruption and complete misuse of power has reached unprecedented heights. Those who are paid by the people to serve them have virtually become parasites with scant intention of service.

This can be seen from the fact that the peoples’ representatives in the North elected by popular vote are powerless and cash-strapped, while those who have minuscule support enjoy limitless power, cash and privilege.

It is true that the minorities’ question has been placed on the back burner against the need to protect and revive democracy that is in imminent danger of being lost forever.

Neither of the two major candidates nor their strongest supporters showed any indication that they understood the national question. It is thus clear that they have no answer to this question that has sapped, misdirected and wasted the energies of generations since independence and not just of Tamils. However, it is a great blunder to ask Tamils to boycott the presidential election for this reason. Democracy should first be saved for the Tamils to have a voice to demand and fight for their rights. When a democratic dispensation dawns on the entire country, the Tamils too can enjoy its benefits. We must exercise this opportunity that is our right and duty as citizens to cast our ballot at the forthcoming election to secure broader options for the future.

Therefore the Tamils should cast their vote without fail to demonstrate our intention to prevent misuse of our tax money, and to secure justice, law and order and, above all, democracy in this our country.

Default in not casting our vote would strengthen dictatorship that would lead the country towards irreversible destruction. This is the lesson we learn from the history of nations that went down the path of dictatorship.

Even if our numbers are small they may be the determining factor in the choice between democracy and dictatorship. Had the Tamils used the power of their ballot at the 2005 presidential election rather than boycott it; we may have secured a happier and less destructive course of events.

We therefore urge the Tamil people to get the value of their ballot by enabling the victory of the candidate who shows a markedly better prospect of placing democracy in this country on a healthy footing.

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    This is a bold move, it is paramount that all Sri Lankans save this country from giving in to the hands of a Dictator officially. Still a vast majority will vote for MR, this is unavoidable as unfortunately this is the nature of our voters. A nation wide television station has the audacity to carry out a falls news item blaming the opposition presidential candidate as holding a boys mother.

    This only shows the respect (lack of it) the regime has for it’s citizens. This is the level of grading regime puts on its citizens. Unfortunately majority does not understand regime does not respect them and count them to be foolish.

    We have proved over and over again we are indeed foolish. (UVA election is not too long back)
    This is going to be an uphill task in a land full of ignorant people. Every vote will make a different. If we don’t make that difference now then we will have to wait till 2022. Rather than spilling blood ballot is a more convincing way of getting rid of despotic ruler.

    Lets hope for the best, maybe our voters will come of age this time around. We prove to ourselves and to the world we have become politically mature even through a slim margin.

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      Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Association,

      Good to know there are Tamils with Common sense still Left.

      Do not let the Tamil Mootal, Madus, Modayas and Fools overwhelm you.

      Do the right things, the Common sense thing.

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      If MR wins we know that in Sri Lanka there are idiots still exists. Otherwise, they will vote for MY3. I don’t think “majority” will vote for him because the cost of living and among of other issues are rising every day.

      The Sinhala Buddhist majority is unable to cover their cost expenses and there is the rise of anti-government which is taking place now. In an event if MR wins the people will overthrow the incumbent President by bringing a lot of Arab-Style uprising against the Government.

      The country cannot stand for long term under this administration, I think the Sinhala Buddhist majority will carefully think of it before putting them on the ballot box.

      If they are nincompoops they would still sing the old war story again and again. Later the day they’ll realise that they voted for wrong President.

      Remember this is a “do or die election” and not a fun game. Long standing President means this will lead the country to dictatorial way, Not democracy.

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    This is very encouraging. This is how the intellectuals of the country have to get involved with the people to bring back the country to its lost glory. All citizens, irrespective of their ethnic background must participate in the process of electing our representatives who are entrusted to administer our resources and it is very important to understand that it does not stop at elections. It must be made a continuing process. The other day I spoke to a young voter who is voting for the first time at this Presidential election. I asked him of this “developmental work” carried out by the President. He without hesitation told me that: “That is what is expected of the elected people and if they don’t do it, we have a right to demand of them. After all,the elected people are not going to spend their money, it is “OUR MONEY” and we have a RIGHT to know what they are doing and how they are doing it”. The most interesting and very encouraging statement he made, in my opinion was:

    “When the development work has been done with our money, on our demand, no one can or must be allowed to say: I NOW HAND OVER THIS FINISHED PROJECT TO THE “OWNERSHIP OF THE PEOPLE”. Only a fool will say it. He said this thinking has to be done away with and if any Leader comes to us and say he has done any project with our money, we have the RIGHT to QUESTION whether that project was a NECESSITY and WHY he undertook it. He said in Sinhala: “Me “JATHIYA SANTHAKA KARANAWA” talk must be ended soon.

    This is the “THINKING” we have to develop and encourage. Isn’t it a GOOD SIGN and writing on the wall?

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    But how well are these “Educated Sri Lankans” aware of the global political dynamics and geopolitics at play?

    The moment examples of how regime change, how the West has toppled nations and the very same nations are at play is shown with examples… it is too much for most so called “Educated Sri Lankans” to comprehend…. they just want to be happy within their own comfort zones… nevertheless elections are about electing a person who can hold the country together and if The so called “Educated Sri Lankans” had read the history they would realize that Sri Lanka has been a target for over 500 years.

    Sometimes keeping abreast of what goes on around the world will help people to think clearer…

    We have MahindaRajapakse – became President in 2005 ended the war LTTE in 2009, became President again in 2010 and is now contesting for the 3rd time.

    Since Ranil can’t win without the Sinhala Buddhist votes, the General Secretrary of the SLFA was hired for the role contesting for 100 days and PROMISING to hand over power to Ranil through the backdoor.

    The Opposition is made up of TNA, Vickramabahu, Rajitha, Sarath Fonseka, Sobitha thero, Rathana thero, Champaka R… quite a cocktail of people with wild views and ideologies….all held together by CBK with Ranil looking on.

    The Colombo chorus says CHANGE… but CHANGE is to bring back the same proven rogues once more to power.

    If Rajapakse is the Devil … the Opposition are certainly no angels …. WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS CHANGE WE ARE TO GET?

    CORRUPTION IN SRI LANKA? Yes it happens….

    Are only politicians guilty? NO…

    Individuals, companies, members of the private sector, employees in the state sector are all guilty. The level of corruption varies but corruption is corruption.

    Nevertheless, to end corruption the buck does not stop with the politician.

    Where does it start? Who are connected in between and who does it end with?


    Who sold State assets?

    1. Airlanka? – CBK
    2. Lanka Shell Gas? – CBK
    3. Sri Lanka Telecom – CBK
    4. Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation – CBK
    5. Bogala Minerals – CBK
    6. State Distilleries – CBK
    7. Asia Hotels – CBK

    Who sold State assets?
    1. CWE – Ranil
    2. Lanka Milk Foods – Ranil
    3. Pelawatte Sugar – Ranil
    4. Sevanagala Sugar – Ranil
    5. Ceylon Oxygen – Ranil

    Yahapalanaya via privatization… in store… for all

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      Ranil would be the prime minister only first 100 days then he will resign as Prime Minister after 100 days as he knows to set the goals for the economics properly and democracy way.

      There is nothing to believe that Maithripala is puppet of Ranil and if he is the puppet of Ranil then he don’t need to leave SLFP and join the opposition and he can still be the puppet of MR throughout these years.

      Maithripala stepped out of SLFP to save the country from dictatorial role and do you even know that dictatorship is dangerous?

    • 2

      CBK and Ranil privatised these previously state owned entities and Jarapassa managed to put his kith and kin in charge of them and plundered their profits.

    • 0

      Howdy NT from Rajapaksha’s Lankaweb. Where is your buddy Lorenzo? Banned for telling the truth? Typical Rajapaksha style!


      This is how Mahinda had crowd at the Jaffna rally.


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    Mr. Thayabharan: I understand your references to what took place during the tenure of all these leaders who are on both sides. Also your “scepticism ” of the “change” that the people are talking about in 2015. The question before us today, in 2015, is: Are we going to reflect on the past doings and continue to live in a cycle of repetitions OR get out of that “Syndrome” and make our country a liveable, pleasant country for us and to those generations to follow. I agree that your scepticism is well founded; because of the personalities involved in this movement for the “Change”. These personalities, over the years have become an “evil of necessity” without which no change could be achieved. So, in my opinion, for obvious political reasons, it is necessary to make use of them as the “ladder” to that “change” and afterwards, let the people organize to take them by the horns and get them to do what the people want and NOT WHAT THEY WANT.

    All those listed activities you have mentioned and most of what have been done up to now were and are WHAT THEY WANTED(sometimes individually and at times collectively) and NOT WHAT PEOPLE WANTED. So to prevent these leaders doing WHAT THEY WANT and NOT WHAT PEOPLE WANT; let us open a new leaf in the books of our “PEOPLES’ JUDICIARY” to make them ANSWERABLE and ACCOUNTABLE, individually and collectively to all what they are doing from 2015 onwards. To do that the people have to be informed, organized and directed to take those who are handling public affairs to task if they do any wrong. They must not be treated as “MASTER SIRS” but paid employees entrusted to do a JOB for the country and the people. That is where the INTELLECTUALS of all walks of lives must come together to provide the leadership to the people. As explained in my encounter with that new voter of 2015, the required “environment” to establish that “PEOPLES’ JUDICIARY” is already in the offing. Let it begin in 2015.

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    Very encouraging to see some sensible views being articulated here from the North amidst some views emerging from a few like Sivajilingam, Ananthy, etc. who argue the decision TNA took backing the common candidate was a historical blunder, and accusing the leadership of TNA being high jacked by Colombo based elites. However, the ones blaming TNA have stopped short of saying what Tamils should do, comes to the Election Day. Unfortunately we have a few of them. It is therefore obvious that the aim of publishing confusing messages contriving that doing so would portray them as a champion of the Tamil cause for Eelam is only to keep winning the elections. These type of people, who were big time beneficiaries while, LTTE was in control of NE and had been complicit in suppressing the entire Tamil community in the name of liberation, would have been easily turfed by Tamils living in the Island, had MR’s Government resolved the vexed National Question immediately aftermath of the war as there was a golden opportunity. Fittingly, what these LTTE’s inclined ones are doing is return the favor at a time of need. Ironically, MR saw the situation aftermath of the war as an opportunity to perpetuate their political fortune and build a family empire, lets the National issue for which a number of lives lost fester forever, though shrewdly. However, the GoSL at some stage had to reluctantly relent to hold an election for Northern PC amidst the pressure from IC. Ironically, this situation has opened up for these LTTE’s lackeys with an opportunity to be able to get some protest votes from the emotionally charged North voter, who felt they were harshly dealt with by GoSL even after the war is ended. Ensuing result was, it allowed an opening for these mushrooms saw their ugly heads again as champions of Tamil cause. The situation has the potential to steer Tamil destiny yet again to the abyss.

    And one can wonder how hard it could be for the CM of the Provincial Council, on the one hand he had to manage these people, and on the other, running an administration which had virtually been made powerless by MR’s Govt by-passing all the funds allocated for development activities of this area through the Governor to reach his %brother, again with dual purposes: a, not to lose getting the handsome commissions; b, to portray a bad picture on the minds of the Northern Voter about the their own Council and its CM. Couldn’t Sivaji and Ananthy pick a better opportunity than this to show voters that they are still harboring ideals of VP and better members than others?. The other day we witnessed Sivaji created a furor at the council meeting demanding the motion he tabled should be passed without any further deferrals. To pass such motion while presidential election about to be held is tantamount to paying into MR hands. Such was his stupidity, and it is a worrying aspect that these people were able to get into this administration and messed up things. TNA should take some stern actions against these type of drama queens and kings who have no regards for the well-being of those who have affected by the war. Do not they realize what would be the results of their actions; can they able to have a provincial governor who should rationally be a civil servant than from the military to their NPC? If the current GoSL cannot accommodate a reasonable request that is to provide an acceptable person for the position of Governor, what else would you able to get by aiding and abetting this government for holding on to its position by your actions? Indications are these people have been bought by MR.

    We, Tamils, should be more pragmatic, and when take decisions of this significant and it should be taken having given regards to reasonable aspirations of our people and such decision should be acceptable for a neutral person, not based on sympathy but on sound rationales. For example TNA supporting MS is not arguable, although we do not exactly know how MS could handle the main issue, we knew how MR will handle it as we have seen how he handled all these years. So statistically 50% probability better than 0%. And, there is no reason for MR to get upset after he did all the nasty things to the Northern voters, and indications are he didn’t all that surprised by the position TNA took and appears to be taken on his stride. If he were to upset, it should be with Muslim parties, or Karuna or Pillian if they change the sides, as they were likely to be considered as opportunists, not TNA. Even if MR govt were to retain the power going forward, there should not be anything worse than what has been already we experienced. But, I hope the situation would turn to better having learnt a lesson from this election. Therefore there was nothing to lose by not supporting MR.
    On the other hand, just imagine a situation that not supporting MS and facing an antagonized MS’s Government going forward. Do we need any more enemies at the top level even from the outset than already we have had? I am sure if not 13 amendment, at least we would be able to get a Governor, who is a civil servant and, hopefully we will have a say on how the budget allocated for NPC get to be spent. Is not it better than what we would be fighting for under MR’s?. With some luck, our CM able to have some says in the nomination of a secretary for him. Some tangible outcomes, however smaller they are. I am not saying everything going to be honky dory under CBK, MS and RW, combined with JHU and etc. but there is a better hope than what would be expected of MR’s. Do we have a better alternative than supporting MS.

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